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GOTM 199 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Major Advantage, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    Since the deadline was long ago, I chose to play a fast game, so it was OCC. The location of the city was far from perfect with all those mountains, city progress was rather slow, but the AI were suffering from poor terrain also, so the competition for the space race was slim.

    -4000 Pop hut: Archer, that's ok
    -3950 Wimbledon (at least kind of sport on grass we are still good at) founded on 4-special site, go for s-1-settler
    -3900 Research Alph
    -3800 Alph->Laws
    -3700 100g from hut! Nice! 13 shields done, will build warrior next turn for exploration, gold will ensure s1-settler
    -3450 Adv. tribe! Nah, will stick to OCC, reload results in ... Archer, supported
    -3250 Laws->Writing
    -3100 S1-sttler built, start on barracks; Nomads from hut! Best possible outcome, not that far away from home
    -2950 City reaches size 2, settler rejoines making it size 3; Bronze from hut
    -2700 Writ.->Literacy
    -2600 weeds in hut
    -2300 Lit.->Republic
    -2250 Burial from hut! Not good...
    -2200 Library built, begin Colossus; 12/63 beakers done, now getting 7 each turn, 51 left, will do 49 in 7 turns until next oedo, short of 2...no food surplus, only 1 in the box, work 2 oceans + gold for one turn, that gives 9 beakers, so it should just work out
    -2100 50g
    -1950 None horse from hut, warrior near Rome
    -1900 Republic(??? Must have been less than 63 eventually, next tech recquires 64)->Currency; REVOLUTION! T6S0L4 already gets celebration in anarchy!
    -1850 Republic established; Obviously, there is no such thing as celebrations in anarchy
    -1700 Size 5, cannot keep celebrating even with 80% Lux.
    -1600 Curr.->Myst.; 50g from hut next to mine
    -1550 Run into Madrid, they offer HBR, we risk it and take....HBR, only choice, sign peace, no alliance
    -1350 Myst.->Trade
    -1100 Trade->Mapmaking
    -975 25g from hut

    stats at -975:
    city size 5; techs: 11; units: 1 settler, 3 army; Gov: Rep; city: Library; TR:0

    -925 Spanish brag about WC...
    -900 Mapmak.->Philo, cut down science until we have found Romans
    -875 Masonry from hut, needed anyway for construction
    -850 None-horse
    -825 Why the .... did I wait for so long to disband my archer into Colossus???!!!
    -725 Colossus built, Romans aband
    -700 Celebration restarted by Elvis; Poly from hut, rather useless, barbs from hut, even more useless!!!
    (Horse killed by barbs)
    -650 Elephant from hut, still no sign of Romans
    -600 50g from hut
    (Spanish horse approaches our caravan, demands 50g, we pay, gift mm, exchange maps
    -450 Philo->Medicine->Construction
    -375 None-archer from hut
    (Meet Roman dip, gamble on techs and get mon, only choice, sign peace, exchange maps)
    -275 Hides to Sevilla (d) for 184; Barbs from hut
    (Elephant sruvives on mountain)
    -250 Constr.->Wheel
    -125 Barbs again, at least only 1 horse and archer is on mountain; hides (u)>Madrid for 104
    (Archer survives)

    stats at 1AD:
    city size 6; techs: 18; units: 1 settler, 4 army, 1 van; Gov: Rep; city: Library; Colossus; TR:2

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