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Gotm 20 Spoilers

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by el_kalkylus, Sep 1, 2002.

  1. Marlos

    Marlos Christian Soldier

    Nov 28, 2001
    Canton, MI, USA
    This is what I should've done in GOTM18. I left my slider where it was and ended the game. Live and learn. :rolleyes:
  2. ferenginar

    ferenginar Grand Nagus

    Aug 2, 2001
    Cloud ****oo Land
    They were really asking for it, and left me no choice; but more to the point, I don't agree with the tactic (gifting techs to key civ, and not deciding not to kill them), it seems like cheating to me. Just my own point of view, if its allowable then feel free to use it I won't complain.

    As for my game so far...
    Can't remember my 1AD,1000AD stats, will have to open the .sav and have a look.
    Current position, 1877, 85 cities, popualtion 90,000,000, only Zulus left, concentrating on expansion and growth, will soon have Zulus down to one city only, then drive for extra growth, SS and FT. I enjoy empire building to much to kill them off early, so high scores not guaranteed, and it does take longer.

    ferenginar 73
  3. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    As others have mentioned, yes it is allowed. But going to 100% is not necessarily going to increase your score. There is only so much happiness you can bring to a city with luxuries. My experience has been that the limit is 1/2 population+1. That is if a city has 20 citizens, no matter what you set the lux rate at you cannot make more than 11 people happy. The rest have to be made content/happy with other methods.
  4. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I decided to do an OCC this time despite the starting position. Looked hard and long at the starting position and decided that I am going to move around. Moved on to the river and as soon as I found the wheat field with a river through it, I planned my city position on a grassland with access to both the original buffalo and the wheat. Still 2 specials is not a great location for an OCC. But I took the plunge anyways.

    I played in multiple sittings till 1891. My 13s3c1m space ship is ready to launch. Now, all I have to do is keep the Russians busy for another 15-16 turns till my ship lands. I am allied with Indians and have peace or cease fire with others. No one else has started the space race yet, but Indians just discoevered Space flight and they could start next turn.
  5. ferenginar

    ferenginar Grand Nagus

    Aug 2, 2001
    Cloud ****oo Land
    Latest update...

    Population 138,860,000
    Techs 86, researching fusion power
    Zulus 1 city size 2 totally surrounded to stop it growing.

    Space ship started.

    techs were slower than hoped because I cocked up and let the Indians get Cops.

    I going to build full SS as usual and see how I feel, I amy launch and grow as much as possiblein the 11 turns or hold off the launch for a while to get extra growth, which could be a bit time consuming. I might play it out, I like maxing out my cities both on size and production.

    I'm not bothered which gives me the highest gotm score as if i were then i would have had conquest many years earlier.

    ferenginar 70
  6. Marlos

    Marlos Christian Soldier

    Nov 28, 2001
    Canton, MI, USA
    Like ferenginar, I could've ended my game long ago as well. But since it is still early in the month there is plenty of time to see how high I can get in the CivScore! :crazyeye: Let's see who scores better, ferenginar!

    Since I didn't keep my log going, here is a game breakdown from various points in time:

    Date: 1AD
    # of Cities: 7
    Population: 600,000
    # of Settlers/Engineers: 3
    Researching/Turns: Philosophy/12

    Date: 1000AD
    # of Cities: 14
    Population: 2,190,000
    # of Settlers/Engineers: 8
    Researching/Turns: Theology/10

    Date: 1500AD
    # of Cities: 32
    Population: 5,960,000
    # of Settlers/Engineers: 19
    Researching/Turns: Economics/10

    Date: 1750AD
    # of Cities: 69
    Population: 18,800,000
    # of Settlers/Engineers: 59
    Researching/Turns: Railroad/4

    Date: 1850AD
    # of Cities: 90
    Population: 50,340,000
    # of Settlers/Engineers: 123
    Researching/Turns: Communism/3

    I remained in Monarchy until after reducing the Zulu to one city (about 1760), then became a democracy to take advantage of the trade bonuses. :goodjob: There is a fair amount of land to settle, but I don't think I'll win the "Most Colonized Poles" award unless I really want to maximize population.
  7. ferenginar

    ferenginar Grand Nagus

    Aug 2, 2001
    Cloud ****oo Land

    Date 1924
    # cities, 119
    Pop approx 209,000,000 can't remember exactly
    Techs - Future Tech 15

    I doubt that I will reach max population but I think think that 270 - 280 million should be possible, it really depends on the impact of those currently maxed cities once their settlers are founded or disbanded and they can utilise the extra 2 food per settler for additional growth.

    I think i might have to aim for the 320.

    ferenginar 68
  8. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Smash, that city view is fantastic. I was trying to build a lot of cities, but again was conservative. Sometimes I would build a city before I built the road to it, othertimes I chickened out, had a Dip ready, etc. Very little Barb activity, so much defense wasted. Too many advanced tribes, but I tried to ignore them...

    Seems neck-and-neck with some of you. I got Monarchy early, built the Pyramids in 425 BC, then went on to build HG and start Celebrating a bit. Generally, whittling away at my enemies. Below is a pix of my first Caravan delivery - a big deal!

    4000 BC and Alphabet & Code Laws... jump into River.
    3950, founded Thebes, research Burial, build Warrior.
    3700, first WARRIOR, CB, choose Monarchy!
    3550, IPRB Warrior to accelerate Settler.
    3450, Hut: $50.
    3250, MONARCHY, choose Writing over Bronze Map Mason Myst Pott Warrior Code. Revolution Oedo? Yes! Formed MONARCHY! 30,00,70%
    3000 BC, Thebes produces first SETTLER. Then first ROAD.
    2800 BC, founded Memphis.
    2700 Writing, choose Bronze/Trade over Mason Myst Pott Warr HBR.
    2400 BC, second Settler, Road, Dip soon, one Warrior exploring.
    60,000 pop in 2 cities, $2 -0, Sci 4/9, F11 Mfg=7 FS=6.8
    2300, Warrior pops hut, a Settler from None! First DIPLOMAT
    2200, Bronze, choose Currency over Lit Map Horse=HBR
    2100, Hut: Scrolls of Mysticism. IRRIGATION, then Heliopolis.
    2000, 100,000 pop in 3, $3 -0, Sci 8/8 7T, F11 Mfg=11 FS=7.7
    1750, Currency, choose Trade over Mason Archers Pot HBR, No Lit. Dip approaches Hut, finds Horsemen who join us!
    1650, Amer capital moved> New York, Zulu cap> Ulundi. Guard Dip.
    1650, Livy writes Epic, that We Egyptians are Most Advanced.
    1500, Founded Elephantine, plan Hill Mine City, next Alexandria.
    100,000 pop in 4, $3 -0, Sci 9/9 8T, Mfg=12 FS=10!
    1300, Trade, Choose Lit over Map HBR, No Masonry. Last turn, fdd Alexandria, Horse Hut: the advanced tribe Pi-Ramesses!
    180,000 pop in 6, $5 -0, Sci 10/10 9T, Mfg=20 FS=8.3 Hut: $50.
    1200, Hut: Horse Back Riding! Later, Hut: Iron wielding Legion.
    200,000 pop in 6, $6 -0, Sci 10/11 10T, Mfg=21 FS=8.1
    1100, completed Mine under Alexandria, Hill City.
    1000, Dip notices Viking Horse, signs peace treaty, we demand gold and get $100. Buy the Horse for $85, None.
    975, located Uppsala! 00,40,60 to Celebrate the Great Pharoah!
    950, 30,00,70% is better, bribe Vik Warrior $72, None. $9-0 18/6
    925, Hut: an odd ball, a Chariot! $7 -0, Sci 13/10 10T.
    900, Literacy, choose Masonry over Phil Warrior Wheel Map Pot Repub.
    875, cheeky Viking Horse expelled our Diplomat! Founded Giza.
    825, we renounce worthless Treaty over Uppsala. Built first TEMPLE, of Thebes. Legion kills Viking Archer, Horse razes, got $11 & Map Making! Founded Byblos. Hut: $100, good for IPRB Pyramids Caravans.
    750, Sumbled upon Indian Warrior, Peace, Ok, Demand, got $150!!!
    300,000 pop in 8, $9 -1, Sci 15/9 12T, F11 Mfg=29 FS=7.7
    725, met Russian Chariot, Peace treaty, got $150!!! Mining Wine.
    700, Horse examines Hut, finds magic Chariot None! Bribe Viking Horse $111, None.
    675, Masonry!, choose Polytheism over HG Math Const Archers Repub. Founded El-Amarna. 650, Zulu Horse, Peace, Demand, $150 again!
    625, located Kaupang, Vikings didn't kill our Dip!?
    550, Moscow insists our Horse withdraw! Ind Colossus. Lost a chariot.
    500, Bribe Zulu Horse $45, None. Completed Wine Mine.
    430,000 pop in 9, $13 -1, Sci 22/8 13T, Mfg=40 FS=5.6
    475, Polytheism, choose Pot/HG/Explorers over Philo Repub Wheel Archers Construction. IPRB Caravans. Killing Viking Archers.

    425, Built PYRAMIDS, Bombay & St Petersburg insist we withdraw, ok. Our first ELEPHANT is off to Trondheim following Copper Caravan. Hieraconpolis. Bribe Indian warrior $40, Russian warrior $30.
    440,000 pop in 10, $12 -1, Sci 24/8 14T, Mfg=43 FS=6.6
    375, Vikings demand $100, No, Chariot kills our wounded Horse. Nix bribe Vik Archers $177. IPRB Barracks $56 for Library. Fdd Abydos.
    350, Hut: Construction, planning Hanging Gardens. 30,00,70%
    600,000 pop in 11, $12 -2, Sci 29/7 15T, F11 Mfg=49 FS=6.1 4.Settlers+3 6.Dip+1 4.Caravan+4 4.Warrior 3.Phx 1.Legion 5.Horse 1.Chariot 2.Elephant+2 several nones, lost.1.Horse 1.Chariot.
    325, American Capital moved to Washington. 300, Fdd Asyut.
    275, lost Dip. Pottery. Choose Republic over Math Warrior.
    250, Bribed Viking chariot $93 None, Elephant killed another.
    730,000 pop 12c, $14 -2, Sci 34/7 16T, Mfg=51 FS=6.0 fdd AvariSilk.

    200, Built HANGING GARDENS, WLTK Thebes, Hut: Advanced Lisht.
    150, Republic, choose Philo over Sea Warrior Wheel Bank. Revolting!
    790,000 pop 14c, $19 -3, Sci 46/6 17T, Mfg=54-18, 6 None.
    125, formed REPUBLIC. Copper Thebes to Trondheim PAID $116+2. 20,20,60%
    940,000 pop 14c, $22 -3, Sci 66/4 17T, Mfg=58-18, 6 None, FS=5.2
    100, lost a None Horse to Vikings. Elephants storm Trondheim, plunder $32 and Wheel. They offer cease Fire, $200 for Treaty, ok.
    75 BC, Bribe wounded Vik Chariot $63. 20,20,60% Treas=$487 Bumped into Indian Settler, exchanged Math for Republic, then declined Writing.
    1070,000 pop 15c, $22 -3, Sci 69/4 19T, Mfg=62, 5 None, FS=5.2
    50 BC, Philosophy, Astronomy, choose Mono over Engr Sea Univ Bank.
    1210,000 pop 15c, $23 -3, Sci 69/8!!! 21T, Mfg=62, FS=5.2 Treas=$306
    25 BC, Fdd Buto Buffalo. Heliopolis Silver to Thebes PAID $50.
    1380,000 pop 16c, $29 -5, Sci 79/7! 21T, Mfg=67, FS=4.8 Treas=$321
    1 AD, 8.Settlers+6 8.Dip+1 2.Caravan+6 19.Troops+1 0.Trireme+1
    1360,000 pop 16c, $28 -5, Sci 79/7! 21T, Mfg=68, FS=5.0 Treas=$321

    20 AD, founded Edfu without a road. Irrigating. 1420,000 pop.
    40, Kaupang threatens us! Settler moved, Bribe $172 None!
    60, Kaupang forces us to withdraw... Bribe Vik Phx in Hill Fortress for $43 None, a good deal! Founded Pithom and Busiris River.
    1480,000 in 19c, 30,20,50% $48-5, Sci 68/8 21T, Mfg=77, FS=5.5
    80, Monotheism, choose Medicine over Engr Unit Bank Warr. Kaupang again forces our chariot to withdraw. 1520,000 pop.

    100, Dehli builds COLOSSUS. 1750,000 pop.
    140, subvert Bangalore 2x=$110, plundered $14 & stole Iron Working.
    160, Thebes Wine to Kaupang PAID $140. 1680,000 pop in 20c.
    180, Indians began Copernicus, drat! 1800,000 pop.
    200, Medicine, choose Engr over Sea Bridge Bank Univ. Attack and kill Indian Chariot, other Elephant storms Kaupang, $16, Warrior Code. There goes our reputation...
    1910,000 in 21c, 30,20,50% $54-5, Sci 84/8 25T, Mfg=103, FS=4.7
    220, killing Indians, fdd Athribis, Kahbuff. Bribe Chariot $112.
    2000,000 in 23c, $60-5, Sci 90/8 25T, Mfg=108, FS=4.9, Tr=$245
    260, Bribe Viking Chariot $66, Kaupang yuk, Senate Peace Treaty.
    280, they killed the Dip, we took double revenge.

    300, Built MICHELANGELO, lost another Chariot, 2 WLKT.
    320, 7 new WLTK, founded Mendes, WLisht (El-Ashmunein) 30,20,50%
    2330,000 in 25c, $66-5, Sci 98/7 25T, Mfg=116, FS=5.2, Tr=$310
    340, Engineering, choose Sea Harbors over Invn Feud Bank Sanit. Thebes Silver to Alexandria PAID $90. Bought Aqua $152. Hut: $50 30,30,40%
    2770,000 in 25c, $64-5, Sci 97/7 26T, Mfg=122, FS=4.7, Tr=$306
  9. anarchywrksbest

    anarchywrksbest Deity

    Jan 25, 2002
    Northern Ireland
    My Log:

    4000bc - Start
    1AD - Save
    1000AD - save
    1750AD - KICKING SOME ASS!!!!

    Not a very comprehensive log but who cares!!
    The Zulus who have been my main trading partner for most of the game are now the only Civ left.

    Once I got Gunpowder and Leadship my vast armies of Dragoons headed first for Russia, then the Vikings, English, American and then my 'Zulu' shield the Indians ;)

    I allied with the Indians and gifted the enough tech to keep the Zulus at bay while I kept my science and trade going while having a pretty pathetic army. Then I started churning out dragoons and went on a rampage!

    I built a lot of wonders, mostly in my Super City Anachine, KR Crusade helped there ;) I am going to attack the Zulus by sea cause those hills are heavily defended and I would suffer HEAVY losses. A sea attack will take out their main cities without having to trail through the sticks first :)

    It is all going well!!
  10. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Here's my ICS, Infinite City Sprawl (Republic since 125BC, 790,000 pop). Just finished Celebrating a bit, and about to build Copernicus before the Indians finish it. Not Smash's quality, but hopefully interesting. btw, Buto is a mistake, should have been on the Buffalo; now I can never irrigate, oh well... My ancient Settler from None built Alexandria's Wine Mine long ago; other than that, the Giza Mine is the first ordinary mine under construction; Mines take too darn long to build, me thinks.

    Please observe Memphis. Memphis has been producing Settlers since it was founded, and will soon give away the River Wheat and Buffalo. But it was utilizing the River and Buffalo even before Heliopolis and Elephantine were founded, and since then as well. Memphis will not stunt the eventual max size of any of the four surrounding cities, nor will Giza, Buto, Pithom, Kahbuff...

    Wondering about the odd City Names? I change the suffix constantly to remember my plan. Example: BC means support Settler to go Build a City.
  11. ferenginar

    ferenginar Grand Nagus

    Aug 2, 2001
    Cloud ****oo Land
    Date 1935
    Pop 239,000,000
    Spaceship near completion
    FT twentysomething
    80 settlers
    125 ish cities

    I have just started having a bit of fun with a couple of cities, RB a settler each turn, send him straight of to found a new city or join a recent one. the origin city has plenty of food and is in celebration so automatically returns to its original size. It won't last more than a few turns though as once I start sending them further afield, poles, then it will take a few turns before they settle.

    Which option should I choose?

    1) Launch on completion
    2) Wait and concentrate on the maxed population.

    opinions please.

    ferenginar 62
  12. Kemal

    Kemal Tough Bureaucrat

    Jun 15, 2001
    Well, if it's a high gotm-score you're interested in it depends on how fast your in-game score is growing per turn. IIRC, I read somewhere that you need to increase your score by at least 20 points per turn to justify stalling your ending of the game, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

    Better wait and see what the experts have to say about that...
  13. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    It depends on your goal and the real time available to you. Assuming that you can afford the real time and assuming that your goal is to maximize your GOTM score, then you should continue if you can increase your raw Civ2 score by 2% every turn. See my note in tips thread on this for further details. Thus to finish now versus 10 turns from now you better be able to increase your score by about 22%. This is extremely difficult to do at higher scores. Given that your population is in hundreds of millions and you have over 20 future techs I will be amazed if you can do this even for 1 turn. Therefore, launch as soon as possible.


    Minor correctin:
    I did not realize at the time of writing this that this GOTM is at King level with a Normal size map which gives us a total of 470 turns to finish and not 420. Thus it is by 1.7%, and not 2%, that you need to improve your raw Civ2 score every turn. Still, given what you said, I doubt if you can even do it even for 1 turn.
  14. Smash

    Smash Super Lurker Retired Moderator

    Oct 28, 2000
    Vancouver, Canada
    IIRC its a 60x60 map which is between medium and small.

    What happens when you make a "custom" sized map is the game uses the info from the last standard game you set up.So,if the last standard game you played was on a medium map,your next custom map game will use medium map numbers for research,riot factor etc.

    No I don't remember what standard game map size I played before making this 60x60.:p
  15. Marlos

    Marlos Christian Soldier

    Nov 28, 2001
    Canton, MI, USA
    Given these numbers, I suppose that I should've ended my game at about 1760AD, when I could've overtaken the last Zulu city. :p Oh well, it is now 1897AD and I am now building my spaceship. Perhaps I will launch it ASAP when it is done, or go to 2020. FYI, I am at FT2 and have about 102 million citizens.

    Thank you for the info, though, Ali! :D
  16. Chofritz

    Chofritz Former Mr. Reloader

    Jul 20, 2001
    Stockholm, n/a, Sweden
    In GOTM 18 and 19 I had bad starts and ended playing, I hate to finish games where my start is bad, :( But in GOTM20 I invented a new strategy,

    The mighty FLUSH (Fundamental rush)

    At first I wrote this as a strategy guide but as I wrote it turned out as a spoiler post, :) So if everything is messed up you know why. Feel free to ask any questions you have any. I'm sure that this strategy can be improved very much, so if you have any ideas please post them.

    I'm not sure if I'm the first one to use it but this is what I've found out the last week when playing GOTM20. I started it as a normal game and got a good start. I've never won a GOTM and decided it was time, so I started to micro-manage every turn. I stoped playing by 3000bc to eat. After dinner I went to the GOTM forum and read that smash had played a strategy called ICS with excellent results. I decided to find out a little more about the strategy so I visited a few different sites and got some understanding of the it. I was supposed to build my cities very close and then research for democracy to get the Statue of liberty so I could switch to communism. Why I should use communism is a mystery for me. Instead I used another government, fundy, in combination with Mikes and Bachs. I ended up having 197(!!!!!!!!) cites by 50 B.C.

    This is how to do it.

    The early game, found your capital in a good site, but make it fast one turn can make a differense of 10 cities by turn 100. Starting with 2 settlers instead of one can make a huge difference too. It is also good to get as many advanced tribes as possible early.

    If you find an enemy attack them and try to capture their cities instead of destroying them. For example if you're standing with an unhurt archer outside their size 1 undefended city and know that they don't have any units nearby you should skip your turn and wait for the city to grow to size 2. Early in the game the ai usually rushbuy a warrior and attack you (and die in most cases). Capturing an ai city like this can really pay of in the end, there is a huge difference in having 3 and 4 cities by 3000 bc. You should not do this if you risk to lose a NONE explorer.

    Your capital should be a few squares apart from the rest of your cities so that it can grow without running out of squares to work. When you've settled with your settler(s) you should begin to research for monarchy. Spend all your gold on rushbuying settlers. If you have an enemy close that your explorers cannot kill on thier own you might need to build some military units.

    Every settler you produce should make a road and then found a new city with only one square apart. Read about ICS if you don't understand what I mean.

    The research goals after monarchy is trade and pottery. In GOTM20 I had trade around 2000bc. By that time I also had 14 cities (2 captured and at least one advanced tribe if I remember it correctly).

    Continue to pump out settlers and cities. Before getting pottery you might want to raise taxes to build some caravans (assuming you have trade) so that the gradens can be built as fast as possible. When you want to get maximum gold every turn in monarchy you should set your taxes to 70%, science to 20% and Luxuries to 10% (imporatant!). Instead of earning 50 gold/turn you might earn 60 per turn.

    I got the gardens built around 1300 bc. It is good if you can get it earlier because even on king level the unrest is hard to control wiht so many cities.

    The next wonder to aim for is mikes. In my game I got it by 900bc wich is a new personal record for me I think, lol. At the same time I had 45 cities. I remember calculating the average city size, it was about 1,7.

    Now it is Bachs turn. I had his cathedral by 500 bc (81 cities at the time). I was strating to run out of good terrain so my cities became worse and worse.

    By 300 bc I had the Statue and had switched to communism in the same turn (as they told me to in the ics guides), but before ending my turn I got the brilliant idea to switch to fundy. My 103 cities earnded a minimum of 6 gold/turn (tithes from, mikes and bachs). That is a base income of 618 gold/turn. At this point I stopped all my research and set my taxes to 80% tax, 10% sci and 10% lux to get the maximum gold per turn.

    In the next turn I started to attack my last enemy, the russians. I started to rushbuy settlers and caravans for wonders (score boosting). After 10 turns I had my diplomat outside the last russian city. At the turn before I had switched to democracy and set my taxes to 100% lux which made ALL my citizens happy(!). I ended up having XXX points (XXX Citizens, 300 wonders, -25 barbs) in 50 B.C. The average city size was 1,73.

    At first I wrote this as a strategy guide but as I wrote it turned out as a spoiler post, :) So if everything is messed up you know why. Feel free to ask any questions you have any. I'm sure that this strategy can be improved very much, so if you have any ideas please post them.
  17. ferenginar

    ferenginar Grand Nagus

    Aug 2, 2001
    Cloud ****oo Land
    High GOTM score was not my target, if it had been I would have won by conquest many years earlier. Though it seems clear from Chorfritz post that I would still be far from the first.

    I am tempted to go for the 320 pop but with upto 80 turns left to the end of the game I'm really not sure that I will have the time.

    ferenginar 60
  18. Old n Slow

    Old n Slow Emperor

    Feb 4, 2002
    Vienna, VA, USA
    Thought that I’d try something a little different this game (although the thought came later on). Instead of my usual mania regarding Wonders, I wanted to see if I could beef up some of my weak points -- early search & a focus toward building more cities. On the bright side, at least I met my first objective.

    4000bc start to wander
    3850bc -- hut -- WC
    3600bc -- found Thebes. Start researching CB.
    3350bc -- build Warrior
    3200bc -- hut -- Archer (Th)
    2900bc -- hut -- HBR
    2700bc -- hut -- empty
    2500bc -- hut -- Nomads (I think that the game is taking pity on me this looks to be a slow start :rolleyes: )
    2250bc -- discover CB -- my first researched tech. Start researching Monarchy.
    2200bc -- found Memphis (which will become my SSC -- touches four specials--two are silk.)
    1950bc -- Thebes builds settlers
    1750bc -- hut -- 50g
    (1650bc -- English destroyed by Indians; we’re 5th with advances. Mmmm we’re off to a sloooow start :( ).
    1550bc -- found Helio.
    1500bc -- discover Monarchy (revolt), found Elephantine
    950bc -- meet the Indians, who declare war & veteranize my Archer
    875bc -- hut -- Elephant
    825bc -- meet the Russians who declare war
    800bc -- 5 cities, 8 techs
    700bc -- hut -- Currency
    650bc -- discover Myst, start Lit.
    450bc -- discover Lit, start Phil
    425bc -- meet the Vikes, who declare war. Hmmm maybe my outer searchers are a little rancid -- their people skills leave a lot to be desired.:rolleyes:
    250bc -- discover Phil & Mason -- now on to trade
    225bc -- now at 9 cities & 14 techs
    175bc -- pick up 2 advanced tribes!
    100bc -- my first barb leader and at 50g, almost worth the effort
    75bc -- discover trade, on to Mono -- end war with Rus (when they walk up to my empty new advanced tribe; trade Phil & CB for Map & Wheel
    1AD -- hut 50g, pay 100g & end war with Vikes
    40 -- Wash builds PYR.
    80 -- Egypt builds Col.
    100 -- discover Mono, on to Con.
    140 -- Delhi builds LH
    180 -- hut -- 50g
    400 -- Egypt builds Marco Polo
    420 -- Hlobane builds HG
    500 -- barbs appear & wipe out a settler & phalanx just before the city was to be founded
    620 -- Egypt is a 1M pop., 16 cities, 21 techs. the five remaining civs have 5-6 cities each & range from 11 to 21 techs. the Russians are still despots, and the rest are monarchies.
    700 -- We rush to finish Copes; Vikes build KRC next turn
    760 -- revolt (Republic next turn). Americans build Great Library next turn; Russians surprise & retake Minsk.
    780 -- lose a boat on the switch into Republic -- haven’t quite mastered the ‘build a settler, forget about the auto switch to max pop, decrease the shields, and force the last supported units to shadow land’ aspect.
    820 -- deliver demanded gems from Memphis to Zimbabwe (426g). Just like the game show -- big money!:goodjob:
    860 -- 19 cities, 29 techs, 3 wonders. 7(1) sett/16(2) infantry/ 5 mounted/1 boat (I guess this is at least 1 problem -- not enough sea action)/5(1) dip/4(6) caravans
    Rus are still despots, but have 7 cities (12 techs). The rest are all republics and have 5-6 cities, 19-24 techs.
    1000 -- 20 cities, 30 techs, 2.2M pop.
    1060 -- Zimbabwe builds Sun Tsu
    1170 -- 23 cities, 34 techs, 3.3 pop.
    1190 -- Egypt builds Mikes. Should have built this a long time ago (have had the tech for over a thousand years:o !)
    1260 -- Egypt builds Leos (prompted in part by the Vikes discovering Invention back in 1180)
    1340 -- 31 cities, 41 techs 4.6M pop. Techs have been arriving at the rate of every 2-3 turns or so. Russia is finally a monarchy, has 9 cities, 16 techs. The rest have 5-7 cities each, and techs range from 26-30. Am thinking about shifting to a more military state of mind, planning now to see if I should shift when Tactics arrives.
    1360 -- discover Theory of Gravity, now on to physics (decided to get electricity before tactics --usually I postpone Elec until the last possible moment, but then usually I have the GL too.)
    1380 -- Phy --> Mag
    1400 -- start revolt for Democracy (brainstorm hits during the middle of the revolt -- ask for tribute: already at war with one civ (they won’t talk to me) and get 250, 300, 400, and 300 from the remaining. Many uncooperatives become icy, but a check with F3 shows Supreme & Spotless. Go figure.
    1410 -- now in Democracy -- more celebration
    1420 -- Mag --> Lead; build ME
    1450 -- Lead --> Elec
    1470 -- Elec --> Tac
    1505 -- 37 cities, 49 techs, 6M pop. wake up & discover 5Kg sitting around. Want to shift gears, but there seems to be a few more things I want to do before I go visit the neighbors.
  19. ElephantU

    ElephantU Deity

    Aug 19, 2002
    Phila PA
    GOTM20: Pre-Game Plan

    Situation Analysis:
    - Egyptians, one settler
    - Contentment: King Level= 3 content citizens
    - Barbarians: Roving Bands (-25)= relatively low interference, less defense
    - Free techs: Alphabet, CodeLaws (courthouse)= early Monarchy
    - Other civs: Russian, Viking (both aggressive) (rest unknown)
    - On coastal grassland next to possible river valley, Buffalo SW corner
    - Clicking black seems like lotsa land, lakes...

    Move Options:
    - STAY gets buffalo, two G-S, ocean, three forest, two river, no early trade
    - TO river valley loses buffalo, gain more trade
    - TO buffalo loses 3rd food in city square, time
    - TO G-S, road, return loses time

    Tech Opts:
    - Monarchy-Trade: Cer/MON/Bro/Cur/TRA/Wri/Mys/Lit/REP
    - Third & Fourth rows: BRO/WRI/Cer/MON/Cur/Lit/TRA/Map/REP
    - Trade first: Bro/Cer/Cur/TRA/MON/Wri/Mys/Lit/REP

    I had some free time during a couple long plane trips last week. What follows is partly "story" and partly game log:
  20. ElephantU

    ElephantU Deity

    Aug 19, 2002
    Phila PA
    "My queen, your humble servant suggests you seek a place for your capital in
    the river valley to the east, which should permit greater trade opportunities, which
    will lead to earlier accession of your highness to Monarchy status. Analysis of
    grassland-shield patterns indicates that the location two klicks east of us should
    be a river-grassland-shield, which would make a good work location for your
    first citizen if we found your capital in one of the visible non-shield river sites."
    "But Seti, moving east means we will give up access to the ocean and the buffalo
    to our south."
    "Yes, my queen, you are very wise to be concerned with these losses, however the
    buffalo does not give us much besides production at the beginning, as it needs to
    be irrigated and roaded before holding its own in the food and trade departments,
    and your first new settlers would be better used founding new cities. A river gives
    you immediate trade opportunities which we would have to spend time roading to
    gain elsewhere. The ocean is of no benefit at the beginning, as we will not be
    building ships or harbors while we concentrate on founding new cities. Please, my
    queen, consider also that setting your capital on the ocean may allow other
    civilizations to attack you directly from the sea, forcing us to move your palace at
    some later time to a more secure location."
    "Very well, Seti, you may explore to the east to seek a better location for my
    palace. Only see that you do not lose too much time looking around."

    4000BC- move settler to river basin to look for good city site
    3950- move along river exposes wheat, river "box"
    Top5: Russian/Viking/American/Zulu
    3900- CAP founded (45,45) 2F3T(1g/2b)2Sh; start Warrior
    1st research: Ceremonial Burial
    Top5: Russian(A-M)/Viking(AE-)/American(R-C)/Zulu(A--)/English(-E-)
    CER-BURIAL; 2nd research: Monarchy (9t/2b=18)
    3650- Warrior in CAP; start Settler
    3600- exposed 3rd G-S along river
    3500- RB 4Sh in CAP
    3450- HUT (48,40): Archer (CAP) (NO NEAR CIVS); takes 1Sh
    3350- CAP sz 2, recover Sh
    3300- exploring NE & NW of CAP
    3250- missed Oedo by 1 beaker!!!
    MONARCHY; 3rd research: Bronze (14t/2b=28)
    3100- REVOLUTION
    3050- Monarchy! (9t/3b=27) 4F in CAP now!
    (Buy Settler now or wait 2 turns? wait)
    1 city, size 2: 4F4T3Sh
    got 1 Archer, 1 Warrior, nearly 1 settler
    got 7 beakers, 15 gold, making 3 beakers, 1 gold
    got 4 techs: (Alp/CoL)/Cer/MON; doing Bro 9t*3b=27
    Warrior explored east, lotsa plains & tundra, heading south
    Archer heading west, found wine, more grassland
    Yes, my queen?
    What are you waiting for? Quit all that infernal exploring and
    found me some more cities!
    Yes, my queen...

    2950- Settler in CAP
    2800- MEMphis founded (40,42) 3F1T2Sh: start Warrior (7t/4b=28)
    BRONZE; 4th research: Currency (9t/4b=36)
    2650- RB 2Sh in CAP
    ENGLISH destroyed by AMERICANS!
    Top5: Rus/Vik/Amer/Zulu/EGYPT (all sz 2)
    2550- HUT (37,47): HORSEBACK! (coulda used WarCode...)
    2450- CAP sz 3
    2350- Settler in CAP; start another Warrior
    2250- RB 4Sh in MEM
    2200- HUT (31,47): 50g; Warrior in CAP; start COLOSSUS
    2100- HELiopolis founded (38,48) 4F1T3Sh: start Horse
    CURRENCY: 6th research: Writing (12t/5b=60!!)
    2000- pop 100,000! CAP sz 3
    Top5: Amer3/EGY3/Rus2/Vik2/Zulu2
    got 3 cities, size 3, 2, and 1
    got 1 Archer, 3 Warriors, one turn from another settler
    got 5 beakers, 76 gold, making 5 beakers, 2 gold
    got 7 techs: (Alp/CoL)/Cer/MON/Bro/Cur/Hor (MON & Cur white)
    doing Writing 14t*5b=70
    no other civs contacted yet
    Warrior exploring east and northwest
    lots of nice city room to northwest
    started work on Colossus
    "Seti, what is this 'Colossus'? Why are we spending so much on this
    stupid thing? I want more cities, especially to the east of me!"
    "My queen, this "thing" is going to lure a great deal more trade to
    your capital city, which will enrich your royal treasury and lead to
    much faster discoveries. It is called a 'Wonder of the World', and
    will prove very valuable in our competition with other civilizations."
    "Do you have any idea where they are yet?"
    "Not yet, my queen, but we are agressively exploring in all directions."
    "My second city has no garrison, Seti. Why not?"
    "That warrior is out exploring, my queen. We hope to bring it back
    as soon as we finish our first Horseman. These lands seem fairly
    flat, so we feel the extra expense of horsemen will allow greater
    mobility and faster exploration."
    "And what about cities to the east of me?"
    My queen, your development experts are convinced that we must
    found cities on grassland rather than plains in order to get extra food
    for quicker growth. Once we have a surplus of settlers for roading
    and irrigating we can begin to settle the plains to the east of the
    Very well, Seti, but keep some troops to the east - it makes me
    "Yes, my queen..."

    1950- Settler in MEM
    1900- MEM sz 2 (11t/5b=55)
    1850- HEL sz 2 (10t/6b=60)
    1800- HUT (30,36): Advanced Tribe: ELEphantine 3F2T2Sh: start Horse
    1750- RB 4Sh in HEL
    1650- RB 4Sh in ELE
    Toynbee "Most Powerful" #5/Puny=Egypt!
    WRITING; 7th research: Trade (12t/7b=84)
    1450- Horse in ELE; start settler
    Meet Russian Horse from North! (Uncoop):
    CerBur for MAPS, Curr for MAS; Peace, Neut (16t/7b=112)
    1400- 2nd settler in MEM; start Phalanx;
    HUT (24,34): HORDE OF BARB (5 Horses!): kills my Horse, one moves toward ELE
    RB 7Sh in ELE (finish Warrior or go for Phalanx? go for it)
    1350- CAP sz 4, ELE sz 2
    HUT (35,53): Wandering Nomad- send NW; RB 7Sh in ELE for Phalanx
    Americans start Pyramids!
    Barb horse loses to fortified Warrior in ELE before Phalanx done! (sigh)
    1300- Settler in HEL; Phalanx in ELE
    HUT (44,32): Chariot (MEM) so Russians not close...
    1250- HUT (29,53): MATH (18t/8b=144!) RB 4Sh in ELE
    1200- ALExandria founded (40,34): 3F2T2Sh; start Horse;
    RB 4Sh in MEM, HEL
    1150- PI-Ramses founded (30,48): 3F3T2Sh; start Phalanx;
    Phalanx in MEM, start Settler; RB 4Sh in HEL
    1050- found irrigated plains to East! RB Horse in MEM, 4Sh in ELE
    1000- Horse in MEM, ELE;
    Vikings to E (Uncoop) Trondheim sz 1! Peace, no techs
    TOP5: Wash4/CAP4/London3(Amer)/DELHI3/StPet3
    INDIA IS PURPLE! (whew!)
    got 6 cities, one size 4, two size 2, three size 1
    got 6 defenders (half Warrior), 4 mobile (1 Chariot), 3 settlers
    got 80 beakers, 7 gold, making 11 beakers, 6 gold
    got 11 techs: (Alp/CoL)/Cer/MON/Bro/Cur/Hor/Wri/Map/Mas/Mat
    doing Trade 11t*11b=121
    Peace with Russians and Vikings
    "That went well, don't you think, Seti?"
    "Very well, my queen. I was worried that the Russians would be
    more difficult, but they are further away from us than I feared."
    "Did you notice something about the Vikings, Seti?"
    "What might that be, my queen?"
    "Trondheim is their capital, is it not?"
    "Yes, my queen."
    "Then why does it only have one citizen, and why was there no
    guard force to the west of it?"
    "My humble compliments, your Highness, you are becoming
    very astute in military affairs. I believe it means they may have
    some trouble with neighbors to their east."
    "I also noticed they did not offer to trade any technologies. I
    thought that was standard in opening diplomatic negotiations."
    "My queen, you may soon have no need of my services. You
    may conclude from that that we are ahead of them in technology."
    "What are these two races like, these Russians and Vikings, Seti?"
    "The Russians are known as aggressive and militarisic, my queen.
    You noticed that our first contact was with a horseman, not a warrior?
    Luckily we got on their good side with several technology trades, else
    they probably would have wiped out our warrior, as it was not on
    good defensive ground. The Vikings are considered aggressive as
    well, but they are also expansionistic. This may have gotten them in
    trouble with some eastern neighbors. We probably should pull back
    a little to wait and see."
    "Wait for what, Seti?"
    "We are almost to the point of discovering Trade, my queen. With that
    discovery comes the opportunity of employing the legendary Marco
    Polo in building an Embassy to all the other civilizations, even those we
    have not contacted as yet. It will give us the ability to see details such
    as cities, treasuries, and technologies, and we can use it to trade some
    of our technology for unknown technologies, better maps, and gold."
    "I have seen you trade, Seti. I would not trust my sandals in a
    hundred-to-one game against you."
    "Thank you, my queen."
    "How is the Colossus coming along?"
    "We should have it done fairly soon. We have not had the ability to
    transfer production from one city to another without losing half of the
    work, but Trade will give us the ability to move production via caravans.
    I hope to be able to start work on the Embassy and finish the Colossus
    in a very short time. We will have to suspend the establishment of new
    cities for a while."
    "I can live with that, Seti, knowing what you will get out of the chance
    to steal the other civilizations blind with this Embassy."
    "Thank you again, my queen. 'I live but to serve you, my liege.'"
    "You make me laugh, Seti! I know you love this job!"
    "Yes, my queen. I do, indeed."
    "Tell me why you were so relieved to find out the Indians are the
    seventh race?"
    "It means the Mongols are not, my queen."
    "Ah, I see. Very well, carry on, Seti."

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