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Gotm 20 Spoilers

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by el_kalkylus, Sep 1, 2002.

  1. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    As I said earlier I tried OCC and by 1891 my 15s3c1m was ready to launch. Upon careful consideration, I decided it is too risky to add another set of modules to the Space ship, so I launched.
    It was a good thing as Indians started the space race with 2 structurals the next turn. Keeping the Russian army away was no problem with my tanks versus their cannons and cavalry. But in 1895 their first bomber appeared and killed one of my tanks. Next turn they achieved mobile warfare and their tanks appeared. Having already launched gave me a chance to concentrate on military. My first stealth fighter appeared in 1897 and shot down quite a few Russian bombers.
    Indians demanded superconductor which I obviously refused. They cancelled their alliance with me but never attacked me. They built a massive number of structurals and components but had not discovered superconductor to the end.
    The space ship arrived in 1906.
    Log follows.
  2. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    7 Players. King Level. Barbarins: … (-25). Egyptians start with Alphabet & Code of Laws.
    Date 	Production started	Tech started  	Other notables
    -4000							Travel down river in search of a good place	
    -3800	Warrior		 			founded Thebes				
    -3750				Ceremonial burial
    -3600	Settler						Warrior avoiding huts till Monarchy 	
    -3300				Monarchy
    -2900	Temple
    -2850							Thebes is size 2
    -2650				Bronze Working	Monarchy established. T30L0S70
    -2600							empty hut
    -2400							Supported Archer from hut
    -2300							Supported Horseman from hut
    -2250							Thebes is size 3
    -2200  Barracks					This will change to a WOW soon
    -2150							Supported Horseman from hut
    							None Settler from hut
    -2100	->Colossus		Mysticism		
    Status at –2000
    City Size: 3	Gold:	33	Techs:	5	Trade routes:	0
    Structures: Temple
    Units: None Settler, Settler, Archer, 2 Horsemen, Warrior
    -1900							Supported settler joins Thebes; now size 4
    -1700							Thebes is size 5
    -1650							50g from hut
    -1550				Writing		
    -1200							Thebse is size 6
    -1100							3 barbarian horsemen from hut.
    							My horseman kills one.
    -1050							Barb horse killed in attack on my horseman
    							Last barb horse kills my horesman
    -0975				Literacy
    -0900	Diplomat					Barbarian horseman destroys irrigation
    -0850							Barb horseman killed in attack on Thebes
    							T20L10S70 Lux increased to avoid unrest
    -0825	Library						Thebes is size 7. 
    -0800				Philosophy
    -0700	Barracks					Barracks will be changed to Marketplace	
    -0650	-> Marketplace		Currency		I was first with Philosophy
    -0600							T10L20S70 Lux increased to avoid unrest
    -0575							Thebes is size 8
    							Met Indians. Gave Philosophy for peace.
    							I asked for map exchange; they refused.
    I asked for Alliance. They asked for Literacy.
    Gave them Literacy for Alliance.
    I asked for map exchange; they refused.		3 barbarian horsemen from hut.
    -0550	Diplomat					barbarians kill my diplomat
    -0525							3 barbarian horsemen from hut.
    -0500							barbarians kill my horseman.
    -0475	Oracle			Trade			Revolution started. 
    -0425							Republic established. T0L20S80
    -0300	-> Marco Polo		Banking
    -0250							Indians & Zulus are at war.
    							I have to join on Indian side due to alliance.
    							None Archer from hut.
    -0225							T10L20S70 Tax increased. I am broke.
    -0150				Masonry		100g from hut.
    -0050	City wall					Indians & Zulus sign peace treaty.
    Marco is done. 
    Vikings are the only one with Construction and I need that to grow beyond size 8. I contacted them and they wanted 100g. I only have 103; I refused.
    I contacted English next. They are the only ones with Math, and that is a prerequisite for Astronomy & Copernicus. Traded Republic for Math and Writing for Masonry. They refused map exchange.
    Others have 8 techs I do not have. But I am not going to trade till I get Construction.
    -0025				Construction		100g from hut. T0L20S80.
    Status at +1
    City Size: 8	Gold:	161	Techs:	15	Trade routes:	0
    Structures: Temple, Library, Marketplace
    Wonders: Colossus, Marco Polo
    Units: None Settler, None Archer, Archer, Diplomat, Warrior
    Russians:	8 tech,	7 cities, 326g,		war with Vikings
    Zulus: 		12 tech, 6 cities, 370g, 	war with English 
    Vikings: 	9 tech, 	3 cities, 237g, 		war with Russians & Egyptians
    Americans: 	15 tech, 4 cities, 192g, 	war with English
    English: 	13 tech, 5 cities, 147g, 	war with Zulus & Americans
    Indians: 	17 tech, 4 cities, 298g, 	
    +0040	-> Aqueduct		Astronomy
    +0080	Caravan
    +0100							Thebes is size 9
    +0120							None Archer killed in attack on Viking Horse
    +0140							Zulus build Pyramids.
    +0180	Caravan		Medicine		Gave Math to Vikings for cease fire.
    							Offered them a gift. They wanted Republic. 
    							Gladly gave it to them. I asked for peace.
               							They wanted me to go to war with Indians.
    I refused.
    +0260							Map making from hut.
    +0280	Caravan
    +0340 				University		Thebes is size 10
    +0380	Copernicus					Americans build Hanging Gardens
    +0420							Noticed Vikings made peace with Indians.
    							Approached them. They wanted Philosophy
    							Gave it to them. Still they refused peace!!
    +0480							Repeat of above with Writing!!!
    +0500				Theory of Gravity	This time Vikings approached me and asked
    							for Trade and got it. Still no peace!!
    							Contacted Americans. Exchanged Trade for
    							Seafaring and Republic for Pottery. Gave
    							Writing for peace. Exchanged maps.
    							2 barbarian horsemen from hut.
    Status at +500
    City Size: 10	Gold:	42	Techs:	22	Trade routes:	0
    Structures: Temple, Library, Marketplace, Aqueduct
    Wonders: Colossus, Marco Polo
    Units: None Settler, Archer, Diplomat, Warrior, 3 Caravans
    Russians:	11 tech, 10 cities, 465g,			war with Vikings
    Zulus: 		17 tech, 8 cities, 502g, 	Pyramids,	war with Vikings 
    Vikings: 	14 tech, 3 cities, 283g,			war with Russians & Zulus
    Americans: 	20 tech, 4 cities, 243g, 	H Gardens,	war with English
    English: 	15 tech, 3 cities, 158g, 			war with Americans
    Indians: 	22 tech, 5 cities, 319g, 	
    +0520							The barbarian horsemen left my dip alone!!!
    +0540							In demand Dye Caravan to Delhi for 264!!
    +0600							Thebes is size 11.
    +0620				Chemistry		Contacted Zulus; only civ with Engineering
    							They asked me to declare war on Vikings.
    The Vikings deserve it but I refused
    Gave them Philosophy for cease fire.
    They refused to exchange knowledge.
    +0640							Indians build Lighthouse.
    +0660							Indians pull us into war with Russians.
    							25g from hut.
    +0720							In demand wine caravan to Kaupang for 280
    +0740				Economics		I contacted Indians. Exchanged University 
    							for Bridge Building & Trade for Engineering.
    +0760							Indians kept asking for Chemistry. I gifted it.
    +0800							In demand Dye Caravan to Bombay for 244.
    +0840							Gave 50g to Vikings for cease fire.
                             					I keep asking and they refuse a peace treaty.
    +0880	Caravan		Navigation		I do have 3 trade routes; new commodities.
    +0900							Thebes is size 12.
    +0960	Caravan
    +1000				Sanitation
    Status at +1000
    City Size: 12	Gold:	664	Techs:	28	Trade routes:	3
    Structures: Temple, Library, Marketplace, Aqueduct
    Wonders: Colossus, Marco Polo, Copernicus
    Units: None Settler, Archer, Diplomat, Warrior,  Caravan
    Russians:	15 tech, 12 cities, 612g,			war with Vikings & Indians
    Zulus: 		22 tech, 8 cities, 358g, 	Pyramids,	
    Vikings: 	17 tech, 3 cities, 368g,			war with Russians
    Americans: 	22 tech, 4 cities, 229g, 	H Gardens,	war with English
    English: 	16 tech, 3 cities, 69g, 				war with Americans
    Indians: 	27 tech, 5 cities, 532g, 	Lighthouse	war with Russains
    +1010	Bank						Ran into Russians. They demanded 
    cancellation of 	Indian alliance. I refused.
    Then they demanded 650g. I refused again.
    +1020							English wanted me to ally with them against
           							Americans. I refused.
    							Warrior killed by Russian Chariot.
    +1060	-> Sewer		Invention		Russians are getting powerful. Time to beef
              							up my defense.
    							Contacted English. I refused to break peace
    							With Americans but gave them Navigation.
    							They refused to exchange knowledge.
    							Contacted Indians. Gave them Navigation &
    							Sanitation for Iron working & Polytheism.
    +1090	Legion			
    +1110							Zulu build King Richard’s. Thebse is size 13
    +1120	Elephant		Gunpowder
    +1150	University
    +1180				Physics		In demand Hides caravan to Delhi for 160.
    +1190	Granary
    +1210							Killed Russian diplomat.
    +1220	Shakespear		Explosives		
    +1230							In demand Hides caravan to Delhi for 180.
    +1250							Thebes is size 14.
    +1260				Steam Engine		Russians build Great Wall.
    +1280							T10L20S70. Increased tax. Sci is as fast.
    +1290							Killed Russian Chariot near Thebes.
    +1310				Railroad		English civ destroyed by Americans.
    +1320							Thebes is size 15.
    +1360				Industrialization	Indians build Adam Smith.
    							Elephant kills Russian Catapult; becomes vet.
    +1400							Thebes is size 16.
    +1410				Democracy
    +1430							Viking capital fell to Russians. 1 city left.
    +1450	Factory					Russians and Americans at war.
    							T0L30S70 to celebrate with  Shakespeare. 
    +1460				Communism		Americans build Great Library.
    +1470							Thebes is size 17. Killed Russian diplomat.
    +1480							Thebes is size 18.
    +1490							T10L30S60
    Status at +1500
    City Size: 18	Gold:	664	Techs:	39	Trade routes:	3
    Structures: Library, Marketplace, Aqueduct, Sewer, University, Granary
    Wonders: Colossus, Marco Polo, Copernicus, Shakespeare
    Units: None Settler, Archer, Diplomat, Legion, Elephant
    Russians:	27 tech, 16 cities, 795g,	Great Wall	
    war: Americans, Indians, Egyptians
    Zulus: 		32 tech, 9 cities, 474g, 	Pyramids, King Richard	
    Vikings: 	30 tech, 1 cities, 222g,		
    Americans: 	34 tech, 6 cities, 336g, 	Hanging Gardens, Great Library,
    	war with Russians
    English: 	destroyed by Americans
    Indians: 	35 tech, 6 cities, 1110g, 	Lighthouse, Adam Smith,
     	war with Russians
  3. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Date 	Production started	Tech started  	Other notables
    +1505				Corporation		Thebes is size 20.
    +1510	Darwin						Thebes is size 21.
    +1515							Thebes is size 22.
    +1520							Thebes is size 23.
    +1525							Celebration ended for unknown reason. 
    +1530				Espionage		T30L0S70. Tech advance every 4 turns.
    +1540							First pollution ever.
    							Russian Chariot killed elephant.
    +1550				Metallurgy		Zulus beat Russians to Leonardo
    							Russian Chariot killed by Legion (now vet)
    +1560							Russian Chariot killed in attack on Legion 
    in fort
    +1570				Conscription		Indians build Michelangelo 
    							Revolution started. Contacted Indians.
    							Exchanged Industrialization for Feudalism.
    +1575	Rifleman		Refining		Democracy established.
    				Combustion		T20L0S80. Tech advance every 4 turns.
    +1585	Spy
    +1590							Russian Catapult killed.
    +1595	Spy			Magnetism		Gave Railroad to Americans for Horse riding
    							Gave Railroad to Indians for Warrior code
    							I do not need WC but it keeps coming up on
    my tech choices. T10L0S90
    +1605	Newton
    +1615				Chivalry
    +1620							Russian Elephant killed in attack on Archer
    							Russian Catapult destroys irrigation.
    							Russian Catapult killed by Archer
    +1625							Zulus build Magellan
    +1635				Leadership
    +1640							T0L0S100 to counter pollution
    							Rifleman kills Russian Elephant.
    +1655				Electricity		Indian embassy established.
    +1665							Asked for and got Indians to exchange maps
    +1670							Russians build Sun Tzu
    +1675	Bank			Tactics			Gave Railroad to Russians for peace.
    T10L0S90. Tech advance every 3 turns.	
    +1680							Indians build Suffrage & Statue of Liberty.	
    							Vikings wanted to exchange Wheel for tech.
    							I refused. Still they offered peace. I accepted.
    I asked for map exchange. They refused.
    							Americans wanted to exchange Wheel also.
    							I refused. Peace still holds.
    I asked for map exchange. They refused.
    +1690				Refrigeration		Russian embassy established.
    +1695	Stock Exchange	
    +1705				Steel
    +1715							Russian Elephant showed up near Thebes.
    							I contacted Russians. They demanded 350.
        							I refused. They declared war.
    							Rifleman kills Russian Elephant.
    							T0L0S100 to compensate for pollution and 
    							Russian Elephant.
    +1720				Electronics
    +1725	Power plant
    +1735	-> Hydro plant		Atomic Theory		Archer kills Russian Catapult.
    +1750				Automobile		Americans build Bach	
    							Rifleman kills Russian Elephant (now vet)							
    Status at +1750
    City Size: 23	Gold:	39	Techs:	58	Trade routes:	3
    Structures: Library, Marketplace, Aqueduct, Sewer, University, Granary, Factory, Bank, 
    Stock Exchange
    Wonders: Colossus, Marco Polo, Copernicus, Shakespeare, Darwin, Newton
    Units: None Settler, Archer, Diplomat, Legion, Rifleman, 2 Spy
    Russians:	36 tech, 18 cities, 1286g,	Great Wall, Sun Tzu	
    war: Egyptians
    Zulus: 		No embassy,		 	Pyramids, King Richard, Magellan, Leonardo
    Vikings: 	38 tech, 1 cities, 510g,		
    Americans: 	No embassy,			Hanging Gardens, Great Library, Bach
    English: 	destroyed by Americans
    Indians: 	47 tech, 8 cities, 2499g, 	Lighthouse, Adam Smith, Michelangelo, 
    Statue of Liberty, Suffrage
    +1752	Colosseum					American embassy established.
    +1754							Thebes is size 24.
    +1756	-> Super highways	Mass production	Asked Indians for a gift and got 50g!
    							I had only 9g left.
    +1758							All pollution is gone. T10L0S90. 3 turn tech
    +1762				Nuclear Fission	Legion kills Russian Elephant.
    							Archer kills Russian Elephant.
    +1764	Mass transit					Rifleman kills Russian Catapult.
    +1766							Granary sold to raise cash. 
    							Barbarian Dragoon bought for 102.
    +1768				Machine Tools		Russian Elephant killed in attack on Legion.
    							Indians build Eiffel tower.
    							T30L0S70 still 3 turn per advance
    +1774	Harbor			Mobile warfare	
    +1776							Russian Elephant killed in attack on Legion
    							Dragoon killed Russian Catapult.
    +1778	Supermarket
    +1780				Miniaturization		Russian Elephant killed in attack on Legion
    +1782							Russian Elephant killed in attack on Dragoon
    +1784 Colosseum 
    +1786	-> Offshore platform	Computers
    +1788							Ran into Zulus. They demanded 900g!
    							I refused. They declared war.
    +1790							Zulu embassy established.
    +1792	->Research lab		Robotics
    +1794	Offshore platform				T10L0S90. With science at 100 and 4 
    scientists I can produce 1256 beakers.
    +1796	->Manufacturing 	Genetic Engineering	Do not need this tech. Avoiding Flight.
    							Rifleman kills Russian Catapult.
    +1798							Dragoon (now vet) kills Russian Elephant.
    +1800				Recycling		Russian Elephant killed in attack on Legion.
    +1802							Dragoon kills 2 Russian Engineers.
    +1804				Nuclear Power		Russian Engineer bought for 608 as None.
    +1806	Armor						Dragoon destroys Russian city of size 1.
    							Archer dies in attack on Russian Catapult.
    							Legion kills wounded Russian Catapult.
    +1808				Amphibious warfare	Do not need this tech. Avoiding Flight.
    +1810	Recycling center	
    +1812				Laser
    +1814	Freight						Tank placed in Russian fort near Astrakhan
    +1816	Freight			Flight			Russian Crusader killed in attack on tank
    							The defense made the tank vet!
    							Zulu build United Nations.
    							T30L0S70. 3 turn discovery.
    +1818	Freight						Tank kills 2 Russian Catapult.
    +1820	Freight						2 Russian Crusaders killed in attack on tank
    Tank kills Russian Crusader, Elephant, and Catapult.
    +1822	Offshore platform	Radio			Colossus is sorely missed!
    							T10L0S90. 3 turn discoveries.
    +1824							Tank kills Russian Catapult.
    +1826	Granary					2 Russian Crusaders killed in attack on tank
    +1828	Cure for Cancer	Advanced Flight	Wonder will be changed to Apollo soon
    +1830							Tank kills Russian Crusader
    +1832							Tank kills Russian Catapult
    +1834				The Wheel		Chose the Wheel over Combined arms.
    Russian Crusader killed in attack on tank.
    							Contacted Indians for the Wheel.
    							They wanted Advanced flight or Mobile 
    Warfare. I refused 
    Next, contacted Americans for the Wheel.
    They wanted Computers or Tactics.
    They got Tactics.
    +1836				Rocketry		Russian Crusader killed in attack on tank.
    							Thebes is size 25.
    							Tank kills Russian Crusader.
    +1838							Russian Catapult killed in attack on tank.
    +1840				Space Flight		Tank kills Russian Crusader.
    +1842							Russian Crusader killed in attack on tank
    							Russian Catapult killed in attack on tank
    +1844							Russian Crusader killed in attack on tank
    							Tank kills Russian Crusader
    +1846	-> Apollo		Plastics		2 Russian Knights killed in attack on tank
    							Russian Frigate kills tank.
    							Russian Ironclad kills spy.
    							My 1 tank killed 14 Crusaders, 7 Catapults, 2
    							Knights and 1 Elephant!!
    +1848	Armor						Disbanded diplomat
    +1850	Howitzer					Indians build Hoover dam.
    							Tank placed in Russian fort near Astrakhan.
    Status at +1850
    City Size: 25	Gold:	79	Techs:	77	Trade routes:	3
    Structures: Library, Marketplace, Aqueduct, Sewer, University, Granary, Factory, Bank, 
    Stock Exchange, Hydro plant, Super highways, Mass transit, Harbor, Supermarket,
    Research lab, Manufacturing plant, Recycling center, Offshore platform
    Wonders: Colossus, Marco Polo, Copernicus, Shakespeare, Darwin, Newton, Apollo
    Units: None Settler, Legion, Rifleman, Spy, Dragoon, None Engineer, tank, 4 Freight
    Russians:	42 tech, 21 cities, 2011g,	Great Wall, Sun Tzu	
    War: Egyptians
    Zulus: 		48 tech, 12 cities, 2390g, 	Pyramids, King Richard, Magellan, Leonardo, UN
    	War: Vikings, Egyptians, Indians
    Vikings: 	45 tech, 2 cities, 750g,	
    	War: Zulu
    Americans: 	50 tech, 11 cities, 1948g,	Hanging Gardens, Great Library, Bach
    English: 	destroyed by Americans
    Indians: 	58 tech, 8 cities, 3376g, 	Lighthouse, Adam Smith, Michelangelo, 
    Statue of Liberty, Eiffel, Suffrage, Hoover dam
    	War:	Zulu
    +1851	SS Component	Combined Arms	Other tech choices were Monotheism and 
    Guerrilla warfare.
    2 food Freights used to speed up production.
    Indians asked for Advanced flight. I refused.
    							Indians cancelled alliance.
    							Dragoon killed 2 Russian Knights.
    							Tank (now vet) kills Russian Catapult.
    							In demand Silk Freight to Delhi for 398.
    							In demand Gold Freight to Madras for 384.
    							T30L0S70. Only two more techs are needed.
    +1852	SS Component				Russian Dragoon killed in attack on tank.
    							Indians reestablished Alliance.
    							Tank kills Russian Knight and Catapult.
    +1853							2 Russian Dragoons killed in attack on tank.
    							Tank kills 2 Russian Catapults.
    +1854	SS Structural					Russian Dragoon killed in attack on tank.
    							Russian Catapult killed in attack on tank.
    							Tank kills Russian Engineer & Catapult.
    +1855	Armor			Superconductor	Russian Dragoon kills Tank.
    							Dragoon goes to the fort the tank used to be.
    		Dragoon kills Russian Dragoon & another
    +1856	SS Structural					Tank destroys Russian city of size 1.
    							Dragoon kills Russian Catapult.
    +1857	Armor						Russian Dragoon kills wounded Dragoon.
    							Tank kills Russian Engineer & Diplomat.
    +1858	Armor						Tank kills 2 Russian Engineers
    +1859	Armor			Fusion power		Tank occupies fort near Astrakhan
    +1860	SS Structural					Russian Dragoon killed in attack on tank (vet)
    							2 more tanks join the fort near Astrakhan.
    							Vet wounded tank accidentally steps out of
     							the fort.
    +1861 SS Structural					Russian Dragoon killed in attack on tank (vet)
    							Vet wounded tank killed by Russians.
    +1862	Armor						2 Russian Cavalry killed in attack on tanks
    							Tank kills Russian Cannon.
    							A third tank joins the fort near Astrakhan.
    +1863 SS Module					Tank kills 2 Russian Cannons.
    +1864				Environmentalism	Russian Cavalry killed in attack on tanks
    							T20L0S80. Discoveries every 4 turns.
    							Do not need anymore tech. But do not need
    							Money either. May as well go into future 
    Tech for extra score.
    +1865							Russian Cavalry killed in attack on tanks
    +1866	SS Module					Tank kills Russian Cavalry
    +1867							Tank kills Russian Cavalry & Cannon.
    Tank becomes vet.
    +1868				Future Tech 1		Tank kills Russian Cannon & becomes vet.
    +1869	SS Module					Tank kills 2 Russian Cannons.
    +1870							4 Russian Cavalry killed in attack on tanks
    							Tank kills Russian Cannon.
    +1872	SS Structural		Future Tech 2		Russian Cavalry killed in attack on tanks
    +1873	SS Structural
    +1874	SS Structural					Tank kills Russian Cannon.
    +1875	SS Structural					Tank kills Russian Cavalry.
    +1876	SS Structural		Guerrilla warfare	Russian Cavalry killed in attack on tanks
    							Tank kills Russian Cannon.
    +1877	SS Structural
    +1878	SS Structural					Tank kills 2 Russian Marines.
    +1879	SS Structural					Russian Cavalry killed in attack on tanks
    							Tank kills Russian Cannon
    +1880	SS Structural		Future Tech 3
    +1881	SS Structural					2 Russian Cavalry killed in attack on tanks
    							Tank kills Russian Marine & Cannon.
    +1882	SS Structural					Tanks kill Russian Marine & 2 Cannons
    .							Tank kills Russian Cavalry trying to sneak
    on Thebes.
    +1883	SS Component				Russian Cavalry killed in attack on tanks
    							Tanks kill 2 Russian Marines.
    +1884				Future Tech 4		Tank kills Russian Marine.
    +1885	SS Component				3 Russian Cavalry killed in attack on tanks
    							Tank kills Russian Marine.
    +1887	SS Component				Tank kills Russian Marine.
    +1888				Labor Union		Russian Cavalry killed in attack on tanks
    							Tank captures Russian city of size 1.
    							Get 8g and Monotheism.
    +1889	SS Component				Howitzer kills Russian Cannon.
    							Tanks kill Russian Cannon & Marine.
    +1890							Tank kills Russian Cavalry
    +1891	SAM missile battery				Tank kills Russian Marine.
    							15s3c1m Space ship is ready to go.
    							It will make it in 15.7 years.
    							Russians just got Advanced flight.
    							Indians just got Space flight.
    							Upon careful consideration, I decided it is too
    							Risky to add another set of modules to the
    							Space ship. Space ship launched.
    +1892				Stealth			Indians join the space race with 2 SS 
    Structurals. Tank kills Russian Cannon.
    +1893	Airport						Russian Cavalry killed in attack on tank.
    							Tank kills Russian Cannon & Marine. 
    +1894							Russian Cavalry killed in attack on tank.
    							Tank kills Russian Cannon & Marine.
    							Tank kills Russian Cavalry.
    +1895	Armor						Russian Cavalry killed in attack on tank.
    							Russian Bomber kills tank.
    							Howitzer (now vet) kills Russian Engineer.
    							Tank destroys Russian city of size 1.
    							Tank kills Russian Marine.
    							Indians build SS Components.
    +1896	Stealth Fighter		Fundamentalism	Russians discover Mobile warfare.
    							Russian tank kills tank in fort.
    							Russian bomber kills tank in fort. 
    							Indians and Zulu are at war.
    							Contacted Indians for Fundamentalism.
    							They settled for Nuclear Fission. Then they
    							Demanded Super conductor. I refused.
    							They cancelled their alliance.
    +1897	Stealth Fighter		Future Tech 5		Russian bomber kills tank.
    Stealth fighter kills Russian Bomber & Marine in fort.
    +1898	Armor						Russian bomber kills Legion in fort.
    							Russian bomber kills None Settler in fort.
    Stealth fighter kills 2 Russian bombers.
    Stealth fighter kills Russian tank & Marines.
    Stealth fighter kills 2 Russian Cannons.
    +1899	Armor						Russian bomber kills Armor in fort.
    							Russian bomber kills Howitzer in fort.
    							Stealth fighter kills 2 Russian Bombers.
    							Stealth fighter kills Russian tank & Engineer.
    +1900	Armor			Future Tech 6		Indians & Zulu sign peace treaty.
    +1901	Armor						Indians & Zulu cancel peace.
    							Stealth fighter kills Russian tank.
    +1902	Oracle
    +1903							Stealth fighter kills Russian tank.
    +1904	Cure for cancer	Theology		T20L20S60. Happy citizens for score.
    +1905							Thebes is size 26. 
    							Pollution! There will not be time to clean it.
    +1906							Space ship arrives.
    Score: 297
    Future tech=30
  4. ElephantU

    ElephantU Deity

    Aug 19, 2002
    Phila PA
    Ali - I believe you must have Map Making before you can exchange maps with other civs. You started asking for maps in 575BC; you did not get the tech until 260AD.

    I would suggest you try to get trade routes going earlier; yours were 540, 660, and 800AD, while you had Trade in 300BC. You also did not need the Temple with the city only size 2.

    What was your final total on Russians killed?
  5. ElephantU

    ElephantU Deity

    Aug 19, 2002
    Phila PA
    975- HEL sz 2
    TRADE; 8th research: Literacy (9t/16b=144)
    900- Horse in ALE, Warrior for CAP in MEM; ELE sz 3
    change all production to Caravans
    875- HUT (16,40): Horse (ELE) (no civ to west!)
    PI-R sz 2
    850- Barb horse loses to my Horse to west, vet
    825- CAP sz 5
    775- HUT (61,53): AdvTribe-GIZa 1F2T3Sh: start Phalanx
    (lousy location!)
    750- HUT (37,21): 50g
    725- Gems in ELE
    LITERACY; 9th research: Republic (10t/?b); Dye in HEL
    650- Dye in MEM; HUT (23,51): Chariot (PI)
    Americans nearly complete Pyramids (go ahead...)
    Vikings offer 50g to ally vs Russians-no
    625- Gems in PI; COLOSSUS in CAP! start Temple
    Pyramids in Washington (good- trade city?)
    600- Dye in ALE; MEM sz 3
    meet Uncoop Indians to east- Peace for Neut, no techs (hmmm...)
    575- Hides in ELE
    550- Gems in HEL
    REPUBLIC; 10th research: Mysticism (9t/24b=216)
    500- Hides in MEM, Temple in CAP, start MPE
    2xDye, 2xGems to CAP for MPE
    475- Settler in PI
    Egypt- Supreme/Spotless/14 techs
    Amer- exchg Trade for POLY, refuse Peace, accept 200g, Cordial, exchg maps
    Rus- give Rep, Math, Poly for Cordial, map
    Zulu- Peace, Neut, exchg Rep for MYST, Recep, ask Write, offer Trade, refuse
    Vik- Rep, Trade, Myst, Write to Enthus, map, 150g
    Ind- give Rep for Cordial, map, refuse tribute
    (uh-oh:CIV2PLAN says next is Ast/Pot/War, but civs with tech say Begone!)
    Egypt- Supreme/Spotless/16tech (10t/24b=240)
    Rus___Neut___3cities__11tech__Wheel got Constr,WarCode
    Zulu__Recep__3________11______Iron got Pot,WarCode
    Vik___Neut___2________11______Monar -
    Amer__Cord___4________14______Constr got WarCode,Wheel
    Ind___Recep__4________9_______WarCod -
    Moscow 3 Dye/Gem/Hide
    StPete 3 Dye/Cop/Bead
    Kiev 4 Dye/Silv/Hide
    Trond 3 Dye/Cop/Wool
    Bang 1 Dye/Wine/Bead
    Bombay 2 Dye/Gem/Spice
    Delhi 4 Dye/Cop/Hide
    Wash 5 Dye/Wine/Spice
    London 4 Dye/Beads/Wine
    Boston 2 Dye/Bead/Spice
    got 7 cities 5/3/3/3/3/2/1 11g/24b per turn, 350g, 0b
    got 4 settlers, 10 def, 7 mob, 4 caravans (2 heading out)
    got 16 techs, 6 white
    City distribution lopsided, nothing east of CAP but AT/GIZa near Indians
    GIZa's location stinks, for exposure and development reasons - elim ASAP
    5 of 7 mobile units are exploring to West, only 1 East
    area north of CAP south of StPete looks nice for cities
    two nice peninsulas west of ELEph and PI-R
    need ROADS, settlers
    FIRST: get MC, perhaps HG?
    first reloc CAP caravans to Moscow (Gems), Delhi (Hides), Wash (Dye)
    also do one or two for MEMphis
    build a GreatRoad thru Ind/Vik to Americans?
    "Excellent work, my Seti! You cleaned them out!"
    "Thank you, my queen. They were most forthcoming."
    "The maps may be the most valuable things you aquired, Seti."
    "We did get 350 gold as well..."
    "I noticed. You are a jewel, my Seti. Do you have any suggestions
    on how we can spend this wealth of theirs?"
    "My queen, may I suggest we resume our efforts in city building by
    sending out some more settlers, and build a ship as well?"
    "I noticed that on the maps you brought back, Seti. Do you think
    there may be an ocean route to the Americans?"
    "That would be my hope, and the Zulus should be out there as well."
    "They seemed a bit more difficult, did they not?"
    "I am not done with them yet, my queen. I believe we can get on
    their good side with a few more tech gifts."
    "And why were you in such a hurry to trade away the Republic?"
    "Switching to a Republic early on has the effect of increasing trade
    and decreasing production, my queen. This is why I have recommended
    we not switch at this time."
    "You seem gloomy, Seti. Is something wrong?"
    "It seems all these other civilizations are on the same continent,
    my queen. Water boundaries are always better than walls, and we
    will not be able to get a trading bonus for being on different
    continents. We will have to seek out the furthest cities for trade."
    "You continue to amaze me, Seti."
    "Thank you, my queen."

    RB 4Sh in MEM, 5Sh in ELEph,ALEx
    RB 4th row in ELEph, ALEx for settlers, 3rd&4th in HEL for Trireme
    RB 2nd,3rd,4th rows in GIZa for settler (new site, then disband)
    450- about 100b,186g
    got Myst in trade, new research: Pottery (10t/24b=240)
    Settler in GIZa,ALEx,ELEph, Trireme in HEL
    exch Writing (no take Trade) with Neut Zulu for POTTERY, Recep, stop
    gift Rep to Cordial Amer for Worship, refuse tribute, stop
    gift Write (vs Polyth) to Cord Indian, still Cord, stop
    gift Myst, Pot, Write to Neut Rus for Enthus, 250g
    RB Library in CAP 146g
    RB 4Sh in MEM,8Sh in PI-R
    Amer gov o-thro
    425- 125b?, 350g
    got Pot in trade, new research: Philosophy (10t/29b=290)
    Library in CAP
    ELE sz 3
    RB 9Sh in GIZ, 4Sh in MEM, 5Sh in HEL, 8Sh in ELE,ALEx,PI-R
    gift Trade to Enthus Indians to Worship, stop (asked alliance)
    Amer Republic!
    Vik gov o-thro
    400- 150b,183g (9t/29b=261)
    ask tribute of Enthus Indians: 100g, Cordial
    RB Granary in CAP for 106g
    RB 4Sh in MEM, 5Sh in HEL, 8Sh in ELE,ALEx,PI-R, 9Sh in GIZa
    Zulu gov o-thro
    Zulus capture Madras! (get Trade)
    Vik Republic!
    375- 180b,87g,9t
    Granary in CAP
    G2 founded (57,49) 3F2T2Sh
    gift Indians Pottery (8t/30b=240) (still want alliance)
    RB 9Sh in GIZa, 8Sh in PI-R,ALEx, 5Sh in HEL
    Rus govmt o-thro
    Zulu Republic!
    Hides in MEMphis
    HUT (31,19): AdvTribe EL-Amarna 3F1T2Sh; start Phalanx
    RB 9Sh in GIZa for disband
    gift Recep Rus Trade,Lit,Alph to Enthus, ask tribute, give CONSTR?
    ask tribute of Ind (Enthus, 105g): 50g
    Indians liberate Madras! get PT
    Rus Republic!
    Rus-Zulu peace
    325- ~235b,62g,8t
    GIZa disbanded, G2 renamed GIZa2
    CAP sz 6
    ask trib of Ind (Enthus,115g): 50g, Cord
    RB 6Sh in CAP, ALEx, GIZa2, 4Sh in MEM, 8Sh in EL-A
    PHILOSOPHY; freebie: MONOTHEISM; research: Seafaring (11t/31b=341)
    300- 0b,55g,11t
    Hides in PI-R
    gift Constr to Indians
    RB 3Sh in CAP, 4Sh in MEM, 6Sh in ELE, 8Sh in EL-A
    gift Constr to Neut Zulu to Cordial, stop
    gift Constr to Uncoop Vik to Recep
    Amer dev Constr
    Ind gov o-thro
    275- 30b,18g,11t
    Dye in HEL
    Diplomat in CAP (oops! was RBing for caravan!)
    500,000 citizens
    ALEx sz 3
    HIEraconpolis founded (33,55) 3F2T2Sh (10t/33b=330)
    HUT (33,13): NOMADS (yeah!)
    RB 4Sh in MEM
    gift Philos to Ind (9t/33b=297) stop
    gift Philos to Zulu for Worship, MAP! stop
    Zimbab 3 Dye/Cop/Wine
    Ulundi 4 Dye/Gem/Wine
    India Republic!
    Russians capture Kaupang, get CodeLaw
    Zulus kill Madras
    250- 60b,20g,9t
    Dye in ALEx, Hides in ELEph
    get maps from Enthus Ind, Amer
    ask tribute of Cordial Rus (133g): 100g, Recep
    RB 4Sh in MEM, HEL, 3Sh in CAP
    225- 95b,106g,9t
    RB 3Sh in CAP, 4Sh in HEL, 5Sh in PI-R
    200- 125b,91g,
    Dye in MEM
    HUT (24,8): 50g
    RB 3Sh in CAP, 2Sh in ALEx, 4Sh in HEL,HIE,EL-A, 5Sh in PI-R
    RB 4th row in CAP, HEL (25g ea)
    175- 160b,56g,9t
    RB 4Sh in MEM
    150- 190b,58g,9t
    Gems in HEL, Wool in CAP
    8 caravans to CAP for MC!
    RB 4Sh in MEM, 3Sh in ELE, 2Sh in ALEx, 5Sh in EL-A
    gift Math to Indians
    Vik & Amer cease-fire
    125- 225b,38g,9t
    Settler in PI-R
    offer gift to Enthus Ind: Monarchy vs Monotheism (cancel)
    ask tribute of Enthus Amer: 50g, still Enthus (NO CONTACT?)
    ask tribute of Enthus Zulus: 100g, Cordial (NO CONTACT?)
    too much RB to track anymore...
    Ind get WarCode fr Rus
    Rus get Philos from Ind
    Peace between Ind & Rus
    1- Egypt
    2- Zulu
    3- Russian
    4- Amer
    5- Indian
    6- Viking
    Zulu dev Iron
    100- 260b,125g,8t
    HEL sz 4
    offer gift to Enthus Ind: same, no go
    offer gift to Zulu: Monar or Mono...no
    SEAFARING; research University (15t/33b=495!)
    75- 35b,80g,15t
    Settler in EL-A, MEM
    HIE sz 2
    gift Seafar to Ind (14t/35b=490)
    exch Seafar to Cord Zulu for IRON, Enthus, ask tribute, 100g, Cord
    gift Uncoop Vik Philos, Seafar, Iron to Enthus, tribute 50g, Cordial
    ask trib of Enthus Amer: 50g, still Enthus
    50- 70b,208g,15t
    settler in HEL
    ABYdos founded (55,55) 4F2T2Sh
    gift Iron to Enthus Ind to Worsh
    25- 105b,117g,14t/36b=504
    settler in GIZa
    CAP sz 7
    ASYut founded (34,30) 4F2T2Sh
    offer Indians, want Monar or Mono, no way
    1AD- 140b,19g,14t
    CAP Hides to Delhi (4,Dye/Cop/Hid): 132g/b, +3
    AVAris founded (35,37) 2F2T2Sh (12t/43b=516)
    WAIT on Gems to Moscow because of disorder
    ask trib of Enthus Ind, refuse, still Enthus
    Rus___Rep__Rec_____96g___5cities__19tech__Wheel WAR-Vik
    Zulu__Rep__Cord____59g___4________17______Bridge WAR-Vik,Ind
    Vik___Rep__Cord____15g___1________15______Monar WAR-Rus,Zulu,Ind
    Amer__Rep__Enthus__22g___4________16______Bank no oth contacts
    Ind___Rep__Enthus__133g__3________19______Astron WAR-Zulu,Vik
    got 12 cities 7/3/3/3/2/2/2/1/1/1/1/1 (still 3 content citizens)
    got 9 settlers,15 def, 7 mob, 2 triremes,1 dip, 3 caravans
    got 270 beakers, 55 gold, making 43 beakers, 17 gold (3 upkeep)
    got 22 techs: (Alp/CoL)/Cer/MON/Bro/Cur/Hor/Wri/Map/Mas/Mat
    doing University 12t*43b=516
    one ship in Great North Lake for caravans to Russians
    other ship exploring Zulu/American coast
    shield of light units across Ind/Vik gaps
    large grassland peninsulas to west of ELE and PI-R
    grassy river area between CAP and Russians with specials
    "This Chapel is truely magnificent, Seti!"
    "Indeed, my queen. And it's beauty seems to be helping calm
    some of your more unruly citizens."
    "You have accomplished a great deal since our last chat. The
    Zulus have been found and pacified, tribute is flowing into
    our coffers, our caravans are beginning to arrive, and the
    number of cities has doubled."
    "Our settlers, traders, and diplomats are working extra hard
    to please you, my queen."
    "Tell me about the naval explorations, Seti."
    "We are still exploring the southern reaches of the Zulus
    areas. Another ship should be in the water shortly to see
    if we can jump from the central peninsula directly to the
    Americans, but I am doubtful this will work."
    "Why do you think we should try for the Americans?"
    "They are closer to the mid-point of the globe away from us,
    their cities seem better developed, and they have the
    Pyramids to give them faster growth, my queen."
    "I notice you have redeployed our mobile forces between us
    and the Indians and Vikings, Seti. Are you planning
    anything I should know about?"
    "My queen, this is our most vulnerable border. The Vikings
    seem to be struggling, but the Indians have pushed a city
    toward us and there is little good defensive ground. I also
    like the look of the area between us and the Russians, but
    we need a strong military presence up there if we want to
    keep them out of it."
    "They have all gone to a Republic, as you predicted."
    "There are advantages to us going as well, but we need to
    reorganize a bit, my queen. With some temporary adjustments
    in taxes and research rates we could realize a vast growth
    in the number of workers in each city. We need some critical
    infrastructure in each city before we are ready for that, and
    some of our explorers and military units need to be re-homed."
    "As you see fit, my Seti. I am quite happy to leave these
    things in your capable hands. I still cannot get over how
    beautiful this Chapel is that you built for me."
    "Not half as beautiful as you are, my queen."
    "Oh, Seti..."
  6. ferenginar

    ferenginar Grand Nagus

    Aug 2, 2001
    Cloud ****oo Land
    1953 - population 320,000,000
    Cities - 160 ish
    FT - 49
    SS - Complete - awaiting launch
    Engineers - 105

    Still some work to do on the colonization of the poles and a few gaps on the mainland to fill in. Each turn is taking so long, particularly in the delivery of caravans, I do wish that the Goto facility would work.

    ferenginar 54
  7. Marlos

    Marlos Christian Soldier

    Nov 28, 2001
    Canton, MI, USA
    :lol: :mad: :lol: I echo that sentiment, Grand Nagus.

    I do not have complete numbers in front of me now, but I am at about AD1936, population about 310 million, researching FT45, 166 engineers, spaceship completed about AD1921.

    I am forgoing pole colonization this game, just because the turns are taking long enough! Fortunately, I'm starting to have fully-optimized cities which are being capitalized. However, I hope that my decision to not build as many cities as is humanly possible does not prove to be the difference between your winning and my losing, ferenginar. :scan:
  8. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Thanks for pointing that out. I was unaware of that.
    Believe me, this was an improvement for me! I started building Marco as soon as I got trade. Then I built an aqueduct and only then I started producing Caravans. I suppose I could have and perhaps should have started producing the caravans first and then build Marco.
    No, I did not. But I had nothing better to do after the production of a warrior and a settler. I did not want to delay the pursuit of Monarchy and I did not need more units since I expected and did get enough from huts.
    I have to look that up and get back with you.
    Thanks for all your comments. It is very nice to get feedback.
  9. Smash

    Smash Super Lurker Retired Moderator

    Oct 28, 2000
    Vancouver, Canada
    Good one Ali.Nothing worse in OCC than AIs with tanks and bombers.Good job coming thru it.
  10. Chofritz

    Chofritz Former Mr. Reloader

    Jul 20, 2001
    Stockholm, n/a, Sweden
    Instead of finishing my game in 50 bc I continued playing using WLTPD, :) increased my score to XXXX, :)
  11. ferenginar

    ferenginar Grand Nagus

    Aug 2, 2001
    Cloud ****oo Land
    Marlos, based upon the figures you have quoted, I think you must be ahead, I didn't have that much by 1936. I think the key thing is the extra 60ish engineeers, I really don't believe that the 80-100 that I had been working with were sufficient to sustain the number of cities that I had, particularly as i wasted a great deal of time on some terrain enhancement around the Big cities for very little real benefit. Those engineers could definately have been better utilised.

    When you are building caravans, do you send them to your most recent cities to create new trade routes and start them celebrating or do you send them to your more developed cities for the extra cash and beakers?

    I'm now at 1958 and have made some progress from the last post but I can't give any sufficiently accurate figures from memory to be worth quiting. I will lauch at the end of this turn as I do not have the time to continue playing any longer.

    It's been fun playing this one, but i think that next gotm will be played for conquest.

    ferenginar 52
  12. Marlos

    Marlos Christian Soldier

    Nov 28, 2001
    Canton, MI, USA
    With caravans, I tend to do a balance between the two, but in this game I just have been trying to find a city (any city) that doesn't have three trade routes already and send one there! :lol: Seriously, the cash is not a problem in this game, so I've been sending caravans just for the trade bonuses that the cities get each turn.

    On the second point, I can only say, "Ditto."
  13. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Chofritz and ElephantU, very interesting and entertaining!

    I don't know how I'm going to finish this in 5 days! Continuing from my log on Page2,

    1 AD, 8.Settlers+6 8.Dip+1 2.Caravan+6 19.Troops+1 0.Trireme+1
    1360,000 pop 16c, $28 -5, Sci 79/7! 21T, F11 Mfg=68, FS=5.0 Treas=$321

    20 AD, founded Edfu without a road. Irrigating. 1420,000 pop.
    40, Kaupang threatens us! Settler moved, Bribe $172 None!
    60, Kaupang forces us to withdraw... Bribe Vik Phx in Hill Fortress for $43 None, a good deal! Founded Pithom and Busiris River.
    1480,000 in 19c, 30,20,50% $48-5, Sci 68/8 21T, Mfg=77, FS=5.5
    80, Monotheism, choose Medicine over Engr Unit Bank Warr. Kaupang again forces our chariot to withdraw. 1520,000 pop.

    100, Indian Dehli builds COLOSSUS. 1750,000 pop.
    140, subvert Bangalore 2x=$110, plundered $14 & stole Iron Working.
    160, Thebes Wine to Kaupang PAID $140. 1680,000 pop in 20c.
    180, Indians began Copernicus, drat! 1800,000 pop.
    200, Medicine, choose Engr over Sea Bridge Bank Univ. Attack and kill Indian Chariot, other Elephant storms Kaupang, $16, Warrior Code. There goes our reputation...
    1910,000 in 21c, 30,20,50% $54-5, Sci 84/8 25T, Mfg=103, FS=4.7
    220, killing Indians, fdd Athribis, Kahbuff. Bribe Chariot $112.
    2000,000 in 23c, $60-5, Sci 90/8 25T, Mfg=108, FS=4.9, Tr=$245
    260, Bribe Viking Chariot $66, Kaupang yuk, Senate Peace Treaty.
    280, they killed the Dip, we took double revenge.

    300, Built MICHELANGELO, lost another Chariot, 2 WLKT.
    320, 7 new WLTK, founded Mendes, WLisht (El-Ashmunein) 30,20,50%
    2330,000 in 25c, $66-5, Sci 98/7 25T, Mfg=116, FS=5.2, Tr=$310
    340, Engineering, choose Sea Harbors over Invn Feud Bank Sanit. Thebes Silver to Alexandria PAID $90. Bought Aqua $152. Hut: $50 30,30,40%
    2770,000 in 25c, $64-5, Sci 97/7 26T, Mfg=122, FS=4.7, Tr=$306
    360, AMERICANS DESTROYED BY RUSSIANS! Fdd Tanis. 3310,000 pop.
    380, Hladir threatens us. 3660,000 pop. $75-7 Sci 78/9 30,40,30%
    400, Hladir forces withdrawal, Russians st Grt Library. 3920,000
    420, London forces withdrawal, Hut: Legion None. 30,20,50% -WLTK
    4260,000 in 26c, $83-9, Sci 135/5 26T, Mfg=138, FS=4.1, Tr=$268
    440, built first MARKET, in Thebes. Fdd Buhen, Bubastis, This.
    460, built COPERNICUS. Engr, choose Bridge over Nav Bank Univ. Elephant reduces Bombay, we surround it, Bribe $220, No.
    480, Zulu Bridge Building... Capture Bombay $34, Indians demand $150, we say No, so they stay at WAR! What were they thinking!?

    500 AD, uneventful. Thebes Dye Trondheim PAID $96, 30,20,50%
    4440,000 30c, $100-11, Sci 172/5 27T, Mfg=151 FS=4.2, Tr=$620
    2.Aqua+1 2.Mkt+3 1.Libr 4.Templ+1 +2.Harbor 14.Sett+9 4.Carv+8 12.Dip+2 12.Foot+2 13.Fast 1.Trireme+1 Lost.2.Horse 2.Chariot 2.Dip

    520, BRIDGES, choose Sanitation over Invent Bank Feud Univ.
    540, Russians expelled Dip, Vikings killed another Chariot.
    560, Fdd Oryx, Sebennytus. 4670,000 pop, $105-13 Sci 183/4
    600, Sanitation, choose Invent over Nav Feud Bank. Shake's 5C+$88.
    5030,000 32c, $113-13, Sci 195/5 29T, Mfg=163 FS=4.1, Tr=$650
    620, built SHAKESPEARE in Thebes SSC. Thebes Silver to Byblos PAID $90.
    640, Delhi builds LIGHTHOUSE. Elephants storm Dehli, capture Lighthouse and COLOSSUS, $56, Senate Cease Fire. SEWER $232.
    PLAN: Engineers Theo Bach Democ Refridge Feud Knights, not RR
    660, Barb Horse! Dehli RB 50+25 Phalanx, Fdd Cairo 2Wheat.
    5400,000 34c, $128-18, Sci 208/4 29T, Mfg=181 FS=4.0, Tr=$500
    1.Sewer 3.Aqua 4.Mkt 18.Sett+9 5.Cara+8 13.Dip+2, then 30,30,40%
    680, N=9 new WLTK, Invention, choose Univ/Expl over Bank Nav. Thebes Silver Helio $40+3, Silk Trond $87+3, IPRB Athribis Legion $125. 5580,000 pop, Treas $445, Inc $131-19, Sci 183/5.
    700, Buying buildings, bribe Barb Horse $41, hoping... 6120,000 pop.
    720, Barb Horse died, captured Leader, only $50! North Pole Trireme w Dip: Hut: Crusaders None, Fdd Issus, 6600,000. 30,40,30%
    740, produced first CRUSADER. 7140,000 pop Russians insist we declare war on Vikings, we do, then we demand tribute, so they declare war on insolent us! 2 WARs!
    760, University, choose Chemistry over Feud/Bach Bank/Democ Gun Gravity. Thebes Silver Asyut $60. Bribe Indian Archer $73, None. Buy Sewer of Alexandria $222, now Treas=$55 7890,000.
    PLAN: Build Leo's, Explo, build Warriors while researching Feudalism, then research Theo and Democracy, build Bach & switch to Democ, WLTK!
    780, Indians broke CF, wound None Archer, kill Dehli Phx, drat. Vikings & Russians sign secret Alliance. $165 -31, Sci 166/6 8790,000
    800, lost most WLTK, Fdd Cunaxa, Dip Hut: 7 Barb Horse! Bribe Indian Settler $192 None. Avari Silver Thebes $60+3. 30,20,50%
    9270,000 37c, $179-31, Sci 274/4 31T, Mfg=200 FS=3.5, Tr=$50
    820, Lost both Dips. Bribe Russian Chariot $183 None.
    840, Chemistry, choose Gunpowder over Feud Nav Bank Gravity. Thebes Copper to Alexandria PAID $56+6. Fdd Cremona, Cannae. 39 cities.
    860, Russians killed Explorer, riot Arthribis. Bribe Rus Chariot $180 None.

    880, Built LEONARDO, Zulus start Great Wall! Asyut Gold to Thebes PAID $75+4. 9330,000 pop.
    900, GUNPOWDER, Choose Explosives over Metal Bank Nav. Leonardo busy upgrading even Warriors to MUSKETEERS. Loose Russian Chariot near Cannae zaps our Legion. Bribe Indian Settler $196 None, Crusaders storm Madras, plunder $48. Senate, continue action!
    920, Indian Archer idiotically attacked my new Musketeer! Ha!
    940, Wounded Rus Chariot dies, first Veteran Musketeer! Founded Roskilde Whale Hill Mine (Capua)
    960, Moscow fires furiously, futily. EXPLOSIVES, choose Feud (Bach) over Banking (Democ) Gravity. Fdd Turin, Crusaders storm Moscow, plunder $34 & Barx, Senate signs a Cease Fire...
    9560,000 in 43c, $179 -40, Sci 245/4 34T Mfg=237 30,30,40%
    980, Six new WLTK. Founded Genoa Fish Wheat. Thebes Copper to Alex PAID $60+6, Helio Silver Thebes $70+4 Bought 2 Phx $37, $13 before Feudalism... Subvert Odessa 2x= $432 Barx Phx $43. Cease Fire expired, mysteriously quickly!
    9660,000 in 45c, $195 -43, Sci 252/4, F11 Mfg=243 FS=4.3

    1000 AD, Sneak attack by Rus Chariot, futile! FEUDALISM, Choose Banking (No Theology) over Chiv Metal Nav Gravity. Bribe Rus Warrior $30 None (equidistant Moscow - StPete), buy Asyut $Sewer, Fdd CLisht (Crete). SSC Thebes Sz=21+0 Trade=58 $27 Lux=28 Sci=68 Prod=10 +3 support, 3 Trade routes @ 6 = 18 Trade
    10260,000 in 46c, $202 -41, Sci 268/4 35T, F11 Mfg=247 FS=4.2, $241 3.Sewer+1 5.Aqua+1 8.Market+3 8.Temple+4 6.Harbor+3 1.Libr 1.Barx building 1st Colusseum & University , 26.Engr+11 13.Carav+9 16.Dip+4 24.Musket+6 14.Crusaders 4.Horse 2.Trireme , Casualities: 4.Dip 2.Explorer 1.Phx 1.Legion 3.Horse 3.Chariot

    1010 AD, Founded Verona. Killing Russians, Bribe Warr in Fort $29 None. Thebes Silk to Dehli PAID $174+5 ! Fdd Salamis Lisbon, 10510,000 pop.
    1020, 3,3,40% 10940,000 in 49c, $213 -45, Sci 286/4, Mfg=267, 4.3
    1030, Rus nearly cmplt Grt Libr, Rus Cap > Washington! Banking, choose Theology over Democracy, Metal Econ Nav Chivalry. Thebes Dye to Kaupang $66+3, Thebes Copper to Asyut $80. Bribe Rus Sett $220 None, Crusaders reduce Tblisi, bribe Rus Archer $82 None. Fdd Hamburg, 11240,000 down to 30,20,50%
    1040, Rus St Pete's build Great Library. Tblisi fires futily on our Musket, now vet, ditto desperate Rus Warrior, now dead.

    Then, we subvert St Pete's, so they built the Grt Library for me!

    Come help us in the Civ2 Democracy Game
  14. Old n Slow

    Old n Slow Emperor

    Feb 4, 2002
    Vienna, VA, USA
    1525 -- 7M pop.; have Eco & Steam, on to RR
    1540-1630 -- average a tech every other turn & found a city every three turns. pop almost doubles to 14M; From 1620 to 1645, gain a mil pop each turn
    1665 -- now at 49 cities, 65 techs, 20M pop. but the clock is winding down -- switch to Fundy, demand tribute & nobody wants to pay up -- they all declare WAR!
    Rus -- 9 cities, Zul -- 7 cities, Vike -- 8 cities, Amer -- 9 cities, Ind -- 5 cities
    1720 -- Getting a tech every four turns with some caravan activity, but most of the freight is being used to catch up on the wonders laying around -- just finished discovering computers, so SETI should be done next turn.
    1730 -- by now four of the Russian cities have ‘decided ‘ to go to flag yellow -- they are down to five cities, Egypt is up to 53.
    1745 -- discovered three techs in the last four turns (freight doesn’t need to stop just because some idiot ai declares war) -- the three techs? Tanks, Jeeps, & Howies -- time to visit in style.
    1750 -- now at 68 cities -- Russia is gone, Zulu & Vikes have lost a couple of cities each, and India is done to two cities.
    1758 -- Vikes, Zulus, and India each have a city; America still has 9. Guess who is about to receive my full attention…
    War goes a lot faster with the full set of the right stuff!
  15. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Well, I finished with 30 minutes to spare!

    Managed to go the whole game without Chivalry, was able to IPRB Horse=20 whenever I wanted to! And, no Railroad. Formed Democracy in 1130 AD, having built Bach in 1070 AD. Thought I would need Fundy in the end, but didn't, so pop increased from 41M to 56Million. Lousy Caravan payoffs the whoe game.

    Continuing from earlier two posts:

    1050, Heliopolis riots, $buy Bank, Fdd Salzburg, Thebes Gems to Dehli $174, Bribe Rus Warrior $36? 11390,000 pop in 53 c.
    1060, Theology, choose Econ over Chiv Grav, no Democ, no Refridg. Subvert Sverdlosk $62 -9, Phx, Smolensk $126 Legion. Viborg seems to have RR Tracks! May loose HG! Lux 30,30,40% Actually, it didn't.
    11460,000 in 55c, $237 -59, Sci 332/4, F11 Mfg=281 FS=4.7
    1070, built BACH. Crusaders storm Sevastopol. Fdd BergenAu. Senate continues action against Russians and Vikings! 11810,000 in 56c.
    1080, Fdd Venice, bribe Ind Settler $188 None 12180,000 pop
    1090, Zulus chgs fr Grt Wall to Marco Polo! Leonardo busy, Economics, CHOOSE Democracy over Metal Chiv Nav Gravity. York did not kill our Dip! Barb Legions near newborn Hamburg! Thebes Silk to Dehli Colossus PAID $183=5, Avari Spice Thebes $75+4, Bribe Indn Phx $47, None. SUBVERT INDIAN YORK $228, got $80! & 2.Archers, DESTROYED INDIANS 12740,000 pop.

    1100, Ulundi Zulu completes MARCO POLO! Hut: 4 Barb Horse! Subvert Minsk $186, got $28 & Archer, no Senate interference!
    13660,000 in 60c, $254 -61, Sci 357/4 38T, Mfg=323, FS=4.5
    1110, Musket survives Barbs, Kiev kills Crusader, Democracy, choose Metallurgy over Chivalry Navigation. Fdd Milan. Catapult storms Kiev $20. Subvert London $168, got Phx $22. 30,40,30% 14260,000 in 63c, $274 -65, Sci 274/5 39T, Mfg=346, FS=4.5 $137 2.Barx 4.Sewer 2.Bank+2 7.Aqua+1 9.Market+8 12.Temple 8.Harbor+5 1.Univ 1.Libr
    1120, Built ADAM SMITH, Asyut Silver Thebes $112. Oedo Revolution!
    14700,000 in 63, $283 -35, Sci 274/5 39T, Mfg=351, FS=4.5
    1130, FORMED DEMOCRACY. Poor Barb Leader: $50. Thebes Silver Delhi $187. 14980,000 pop $472 -40, Sci 335/4 39T, Mfg=349, FS=4.6
    1140, Hlobane threatens us! 18 new WLTK! Fdd Ghent Tip.
    14880,000 in 64, $502 -40, Sci 351/4 39T, Mfg=350, FS=4.8
    1150, Fdd Pisa, Bribe Vik Chariot $97 None, subvert Hladir $224: $33 Archer & Legion. Fdd Pisa, Dublin isle, Toronto, Chariot storms Aarhus, $30. 16630,000 pop! $411 =40, Sci 250/6 Mfg=378 30,50,20%
    1160, Leonardo very busy, Metal, choose Conscript over Chiv Gravity. 23 new WLTK! Thebes Gold Helio $63, strike at Washington
    18080,000 in 66c, $447 -41, Sci 264/6 40T, Mfg=387, FS=4.4
    1170, lost Crusader. 21030,000 pop. Thebes Silver Asyut $127. Polar Hut: 3 Barb Knights! They disappeared in the snow! 21030,000 pop
    1180, lost Crusader. 23420,000 pop, $499 -51, Sci 289/5 Mfg=426
    1190, lost Elephant. Thebes Wine Asyut $127+8! Fdd Melbourne4S & Sydney, bribe Rus Phx $94 None. Capture Boston, $64! Senate Peace Treaty! 24990,000 in 72c, $531 -53, Sci 306/5, Mfg=438

    1200 Washington demands we withdraw, ok. Conscription, choose Navigation over Chiv Gravity, No Fundy. 26410,000 Mfg=446
    1210 Fdd ZRiver Frankfurt, Bribe wounded Rus Chariot $220 None
    27810,000 $599 -65, Mfg=449, still 30,50,20%
    1220 Hlobane insists we withdraw! Drat! Bribe Rus Archer $333 None. Bribe Viborg 2x= $432, got $26+40 Templ Warrior, DESTROYED VIKINGS
    Fdd WhaleFurt, Rivona 29250,000 pop $607 -67, Sci 333/5 Mfg=460 FS=39.
    1230, Built STATUE LIBERTY, Zulu Nav st Magellan, fdd Buffka, Byblos Spice Helio $72+4 30540,000 pop
    1240, Leonardo very busy, NAVIGATION, cho Physics over Chiv Fundy, Trond Silver Asyut $132+5, Thebes Silver Bombay $137+5, Fdd Whalensk, Banff
    32080,000 in 80c, $672 -71, Sci 392/4 42T, F11 Mfg=492 FS=3.9 47.Engr+22 28.Dip+10 3.Explr 9.Caravan+9 45.Rifl+2 19.Mounted+1 2.Cannon+1 2.Caravel FRANTIC TO FINISH ON TIME!

    1250, Fdd StForesk 33660,000 pop.
    1260, Avari Gold Thebes $117, Thebes Gems Dehli $336! Subvert Hlobane 2x= $1080 For Phx & Barx! 35530,000 $703 -88, Sci 400/4
    1270 Physics, Choose Gravity over Chivalry Fundy. 36320,000
    1280, Fdd DryBush, WineHlo 36990,000 pop.
    1290, Thebes gems Dehli $345, Bribe Zulu Legion $346 Hlobane, Bribe Barb Caravel $82 None. 38230,000 pop.
    1300, Built SUN TZU, Gravity, choose Magnet over Chiv Steam Atomic. Fdd SilkLak, 39300,000 pop
    1310, Washington insists we withdraw, ok... 41220 pop $820 -107, Sci 437/4 , F11 Mfg=566 FS=3.5, F9 Sco=1214 30,50,20% Rev!
    Washington Stormed, RUSSIANS DESTROYED $66. Intombe destroyed. Zule Archer killed Crusader. DEMOCRACY Restored.
    1320, Thebes Wine Aarhus $152. Bribe Zulu Archer $255 None, Barb Knight $82 None.
    1330, 42 resumed WLTK
    1340, Magnetism, GALLEONS, choose Steam over Fundy Atomic. Subvert Zimbabwe $1456, got $114 2.troops, Senate Peace Treaty! Thebes Gems to Dehli $345 43870,000 pop.
    1350, Thebes Silver Avari $102 45470,000 pop.
    1360 Steam, choose Electricity over RR Chiv Fundy Atomic. Subvert Bapedi 2x= $2380... Fdd Portsmouth, Buying Cannons
    47190,000 pop $953 -138, Sci 477/4 F11 Mfg=596 FS=3.5
    1370, Fdd Puregreen 49240,000 pop.
    1380, Sneak Attack by Zulu Elephant & Archer! Lost Rifleman & Explorer. Fdd CloseUp, GreenClose NSilkBurg & Teeny
    51580,000 95c 60.Engr F11 Mfg=613
    1390, 53400,000 Cannon blast Phalanx and 2 Warriors in Ulundi, Capture Marco Polo.
    1400, Electricity, choose Atomic over Chivalry, keep IPRB=20 ! Dip approached Isandhlwana, Senate signs Peace Treaty! Thebes Wine London $162
    56900,000 pop 10,0,0% F9 1351+300-25 =1626
    Subvert Isandhlwana 2x=282? No Incident. ZULU DESTROYED.
    Final Score 1358 +300 -25 = 1640? Cleopatra the Lion-Hearted
  16. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Greetings, Citizens of Gotham City. The Dynamic Duo has finished in 1580AD, after waiting 5 turns for the senate to confirm action against the American Democracy...

    Log to follow.
  17. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Sorry for the delay; I was away for about a week.
    Total Russian Casualties:
    Settler 3
    Engineer 9
    Warrior 4
    Rifleman 6
    Marines 16
    Horsemen 1
    Chariot 49
    Elephnat 15
    Crusader 15
    Knights 5
    Dragoons 10
    Cavalry 28
    Armor 4
    Catapult 46
    Cannon 22
    Bomber 5
    Trireme 1
    Frigate 1
    Ironclad 1
    Transport 1
    Diplomat 4
    Caravan 3
  18. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    Gotm 20 from 2002 !! Download is here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/gotm-20.31092/ Even though caravan re-homing was allowed back when this gotm was played, i will not utilize that powerful tactic here. If i had done so, then a key aspect of my strategy would have been to build a super trade city with Colossus and getting to size 12 (and beyond).as early as possible. Would likely have built additional STC's to allow for re-homing to take place more locally in various situations.

    3900 Built Capitol @ 45/45 2 steps east of eastern edge of river with access to a river/wheat. Plan is to build warrior first to find best placement for next city and to hopefully find one or more good huts, then a size one settler.
    3700: Warrior > Size one Settler.
    3650: Ceremonial Burial > Monarchy (18). Scheduled to miss 3250 oedo by one turn.
    3550: Settler rushed from 9 shields to 10.
    3400: 1st hut of game: 50 gold.
    3350: Spend 52 of 59 gold to rush Settler from 22 shields to 40 to emerge next turn.
    3300: Completion of Settler. With 14 sci of 18 and Oedo next turn, i decided to build 02 grass/river city 2steps away in a good location, but not as great as others (one has a wheat, the other has a buffalo). But i feel the 4 extra turns of monarchy by building this very turn will make it worth it. Summary: 2 cities, 0 settlers, 1 warrior.
    3250: :king: Monarchy :king: > Bronze Working (27). Sci 70 / Tax 30.
    3050: Completion of 2nd warrior.
    2950: Bronze > Currency (36).
    2850: Completion of a settler.
    2800: Built grass/river city 03 which has shared access to 2 wheats. 3 cities / 0 settlers / 2 warriors.
    2650: Currency > Trade. With trade chosen and guaranteed to not get chased off path towards it, science rate is adjusted to T70 / S30 to provide every bit of extra gold towards the fastest possible expansion.
    2600: Tinkered with unit progress and spent treasury down to 0.
    2550: Next settler built.
    2500: Built grassland 04 which accesses a buffalo. Treasury spent down to 0 again. 4 cities / 0 settlers / 2 warriors.
    2350: Settler and 3rd warrior.
    2300: Built grass/river 05. 2nd hut of game: weeds. As one optimization tactic, the lower food buffalo city is building and distributing exploring warriors for re-homing and the other 4 higher food cities are building settlers.
    2250: 3rd hut of game: 25 gold .
    2200: 4th warrior. 4th hut of game: Horseback Riding. Tempted to disband the warrior towards a horse, but since it carries no shield cost i am keeping it.
    2100: Settler. Treasury: 33 gold.
    2050: Settler. 1st road (on wheat). 5th hut of game: Masonry which is welcome since Pyramids is the first wonder i want.
    2000: Completion of 1st Horse.

    2000 ad Summary: Monarchy with 5 cities (4 size 2, 1 size 1), 2 settlers, 1 horse, 4 warriors. 1 road. 8 techs and with Trade in progress about half way to 84 beakers. Alphabet, Code, Ceremonial, Monarchy, Bronze, Currency, (Horseback from hut), (Masonry from hut). Opened 5 huts which included no nomads and no tribes. Hut sequence: 50 gold, weeds, 25 gold, Horseback Riding, Masonry. Income: 19 sheild production, 10 gold, 5 science. 93,000 sq. mi. Treasury: 27 gold.

    1950: 2nd road (immediately usable grass/shield en route to next city site).
    1900: Settler. 5 cities, 3 settlers, 2 roads. 6th hut of game: Supported Archer.
    1850: 4th settler and 2nd horse.
    1800: Built 06 and 07, both grassland cities. 7th hut: Nomad (!). 7 cities, 3 settlers.
    1700: Settler.
    1650: Trade > Writing. 3rd horse. Built 08 on plain with wheat, buffalo and fish. 8th hut: Nomad (!). 9th hut: Construction (which i see at this point as a negative).
    1600: Completion of 6th road. 8 cities, 4 settlers, 3 horses. Treasury: 85 gold.
    1550: Settler. Built 09 grassland with wheat. 9 cities / 4 settlers
    1500: Built 10, Grass/river with buffalo and fish.

    1500 Summary: Monarchy with 10 cities. (1 size 3, 4 size 2, 5 size 1). No Wonders (and none in progress since i will use caravans), no buildings. Units: 3 settlers, 3 horse, 1 Archer, 4 warriors. 6 roads. 10 techs and with writing in progress. Alphabet, Code, Ceremonial, Monarchy, Bronze, Currency, (Horseback from hut), (Masonry from hut), Trade, (Construction from hut). Opened 8 huts, first 6 had no nomads and no tribes, but the next two were Nomads. Hut sequence: 50 gold, weeds, 25 gold, Horseback Riding, Masonry, supported Archer, Nomad, Nomad, Construction. Income: 30 sheild production, 20 gold, 7 science. 187,000 sq. mi. Treasury: 101 gold.

    1450: Settler. Built 11, grass/river with buffalo access. 2 additional roads. 10th hut: frontier Tribe (!) for city 12, grassland with fish.. Disbanded warrior into this city to rush a one turn Horse. Also rushed settler production in 4 cities to 20. 12 cities, 3 settlers, 3 horse, 8 roads. Treasury: 21.

    Completion of 4th horse. Horse representing the Zulu peoples meets my horse. Peace, traded them for most welcome Pottery which i had hoped to be able to trade somebody for in my pursuit towards Republic and held back on Math, Mysticism and Polytheism for now so as to keep Writing/Lit/Republic from becoming any more expensive than necessary. If i am going to demand tribute at some point it will be once my horse is safe : ).

    1350: Settler. Begin mining a wine square and at some point within the next 10 turns a separate settler will build a city there with a 3 shield grape. Completion of next road. 12 cities, 4 settlers, 4 horses, 9 roads. Treasury: 25 gold.

    1300: Settler and road. Summary: 12 cities, 5 settlers, 4 horses, 10 roads, 27 gold.

    1250: Disbanding of archer far from unexplored areas towards next settler with nice site upon which to build. 11th hut: barbarian horse that emerged on a hilltop. My horse in the plain was unable to escape and was unsuccessful in its best hope of survival which was to attack. Summary: 12 cities, 5 settlers, 3 horses, 12 roads, gold.

    1200: 3 settlers, 2 roads. Summary: 12 cities, 8 settlers, 3 horses, 15 roads, Income: 41 shields, 22 gold, 10 science. Treas: 20.
    1150: 1 settler, 1 horse, 2? roads. Treasury: 16.
    1100: 2 settlers, 1 horse, 4 roads. Built 13 grassland with fish. Built 14, Wine city with mine being built inside. Summary: 14 cities, 9 settlers, 5 horses, 21 roads, Income: 36 shields, 28 gold, 13 science. Treas: 20

    1050: 1 settler. Built 15, grass/river with buffalo and silk. 15 cities, 9 settlers, 5 horse, 21 roads

    1050: Trade zulu for writing or map, nothing else.

    No settlers or units completed this turn. 1 road? 11th hut: Supported Legion. 12th hut: barbarian horse that will likely eliminate my horse.

    1000 bc Summary: update all:
    Monarchy with 15 cities. No Wonders (and none in progress since i will use caravans), no buildings. Units: 9 settlers, 5 horse, 1 Legion, 3 warriors. 19 roads. 11 techs plus writing next turn. Alphabet, Code, Ceremonial, Monarchy, Bronze, Currency, (Horseback from hut), (Masonry from hut), Trade, (Construction from hut), (pottery from the Zulu peoples). Opened 12 huts, first 6 had no nomads and no tribes, but the next two were Nomads and the 10th was a tribe. Hut sequence: 50 gold, weeds, 25 gold, Horseback Riding, Masonry, supported Archer, Nomad, Nomad, Construction, Tribe, Supported Legion, barbarian horse. Income: 43 shield production, 31 gold, 14 science. 282 ,000 sq. Treasury: 99 gold.

    975: Writing > Literacy. Met the Russians. Peace, Traded them for Map Making (and they also have Iron, Myst and Warrior Code which i held back upon). Cordial and Enthusiastic were not sufficient, gifted them to worshipful and traded maps which was substantial. Approached the Zulu as well, Enthusiastic was not enough, gifted a total of 4 techs to worshipful, traded maps and their map too was substantial. Helps my Horses, legion and warriors greatly in optimizing their steps. One of these maps opens up an American city and i will head towards them to get their map as well. No other civs have been located, but it was announced earlier that the Russians had impressively eliminated the Indians. Completed: 0 settlers, 0 horse, 2 roads and 1st irrigation. Looking towards a Monarchy that won't be able to handle all of the cities i will soon have, switch to 70% science to race towards Republic. Soon also will build 4 caravans and Pyramids. Built 16, grass/river with wheat access.
    Summary: 16 cities, 8 settlers, 5 horses, 21 roads, 64 gold.

    950: 3 settlers, 0 horse, 1 road, 1 irrigation. . Completion of mine inside the wine city. Summary: 16 cities, 11 settlers, 5 horse, 22 roads, 2 irrigation. Treasury: 32.

    925: 1 settler, 1 road , 1 irrigation. Built 17, grassland with access to buffalo, pheasant and fur. Built 18 grassland with access to buffalo. Summary: 18 cities, 10 settlers, 5 horses, 23 roads, 3 irrigation. Income: 57 shields, 17 gold, 37 science. Treas: 34

    900: 0 settlers, 0 horse, 3 roads Built 19, grass city with whale. 13th Hut 50 gold, 14th Hut: Nomad (in the NE frontier). Nomad will continue a bit longer in his nomadic ways by walking 4 steps to a grass/river with 2 silk to build. Chose 4 cities to build caravans coordinated for a 775 Pyramids. Summary: 19 cities, 10 settlers, 5 horses, 26 roads, 3 irrigation. Income: 65 shields, 39 gold (Temp increased tax rate to rush 4th cara in time), 17 science. Treas: 0.

    875: 0 settlers, 1 road. Summary: 19 cities, 10 settlers, 5 horses, 27 roads, 3 irrigation Income: Treas: exactly 0 for the 4th time this game. All essential rushes towards the timing of Pyramids have been made and Science is increased back to 70%.

    850: 2 wonder caravans, 0 settlers, 0 roads, 1 irrig. Built 20 grassland with access to Pheasant/buffalo. Summary: 20 cities, 9 settlers, 2 wonder caravans, 5 horses, 27 roads, 4 irrigation.

    825: Literacy > Republic (208 -est 26 so far, need avg of 45.5 per turn) 1st turn to be 45 minus some i believe from cities that built settlers. (shooting for 725 and it will be close). 1 settler, 2 wonder caravans, 1 road, 1 irrigation. Built grassland 21. Summary: 21 cities, 9 settlers, 5 horses, 28 roads, 5 irrigation. Treasury:

    800: 1 settler, 0 roads, 1 irrigation. Laid 4 caravans into capitol. Met America by visiting Boston, they offered to trade the wheel and i refused, Peace, gifted them Lit to enthusiastic and Writing to worshipful, traded maps. No other civs or their units revealed, and given the % of the map i see, it seems unlikely that there are any other foreign civs besides the 3 i have met. Built 22 grassland with whale and fish access. Summary: 22 cities, 9 settlers, 5 horses, 28 roads,6 irrigatiton, Income: 65 shields, 48 gold, 23 science. Treasury: 21

    775: :wavey: Pyramids :wavey:. no units produced. Built 23 (grassland with 2 whales), 24 (grass/river with 2 silks near America), and 25 (plain with whale and irrigated grass/shield). Summary: 25 cities, 6 settlers, 5 horses.

    750: 1 settler, 1 road. Planning to trade techs with all ai's next turn. Evaluated attitudes and since Russia was hostile i incited war with them since they are more likely to bounce back and trade with me the turn we make peace (at least this is how it works in Multi gold version). No demanding tributes of anybody since i want them to be willing to trade tech more than whatever gold i might gain.

    725: :hatsoff: Republic :hatsoff: > Polytheism (which Zulu has). Now in Republic and in anticipation of producing minimal science opting to land landing some trade caravans fairly soon instead, will seek to get every tech possible from the ai to maximize the trade bonuses. 15 techs @ start of turn. With only one size 3 city and only one additional city heading their next turn, setting Tax to 80%, Science to 20% and making use of 2 Elvis'. This provides 106 gold and 23 science. Disbanded 2 of my 3 warriors and was able to do this inside cities. The 3rd is boldly exploring the south pole and i will keep him until he uncovers all the black.

    Approached America, they wouldn't trade at uncooperative, gifted them Republic which brought them to neutral then traded them writing for The Wheel (16) and this is all they had.

    Approached the Zulu, they too wouldn't trade at uncooperative, gifted them Republic which brought them to neutral then traded them writing for Mysticism (17) and Polytheism (18). They also have Math that i hope to pick up, but i had no more techs to trade to them for it.

    Approached the Russians in War, they don't want cease fire without a tech tribute which i provided and then at neutral they refused to trade me tech. I know they have at least Iron Working and Warrior code from trading with them several turns back. Likely it will be easy incite war once again and to steal techs. Gaining one or more techs from the Russians, there's a good chance i will be able to trade with the Zulu for Math , having all of the Russian tech and the one Zulu tech before the first trade caravan lands.

    Already with maps and a pretty good awareness of the foreign civ's tech status and seemingly with only 3 ai civs, decided at this point that i won't be building Marco's and that i will establish 3 embassies fairly soon But first i will seek to steal or capture tech from the Russians which is a higher priority. It would be easy to capture their cities with Vet elephants, but i believe they will be more useful as a caravan trading partner, initially with same land Gem and Silk trades.

    Cost for next tech (18th) is 323 beakers.

    725 Summary: 25 cities, 7 settlers, 5 horses, 1 Legion, 1 warrior, 29 roads, 6 irrigation, Income: 71 gross shields, 57 net, 106 gold, 23 science. Treasury: 16 gold.

    700: 1 Trade Caravan (foreign demanded Gem). 2 roads, 1 irrigation. Spent down to 5 gold.

    675: Highly busy turn for completing units: Trade caravan (Foreign demanded Silk). 4 Wonder Caravans, 1st Trireme, first 3 diplomats (want to steal from Russia and bribe their units). 1 road, 1 irrigation. Zulu develops Philosophy which is my tech in progress and since i do not have an embassy, i don't know which tech they picked up for free.

    650: 4th diplomat. 1 irrigation.

    625: :wavey: Hanging Gardens :wavey:. 1 trade caravan (foreign demanded Gem), 1 horse, 2 roads, 1st Barracks.

    need at minimum of one well placed hilltop veteran phalanx @ 64/46 to fend off the hostile and aggressive Russians (and likely with an eventual fort). Without the right tech, the multi purpose Archer or Legion are not even an option. This hill is 4 steps from Russian Bombay and their previously Indian region of at least 3 cities that is a significant distance from their capitol. As well i have irrigated the wheat with a settler that had accumulated 4 turns of stored work before walking there.... and i intend to build a city on grassland 63/47 as soon as the phalanx is in place. This will set me up to go to war with them with the primary purpose of stealing their every tech and then hopefully trading the zulu for their every tech before i land my first trade which are foreign demanded Gems and Silks. At some point a vet elephant or two (or hopefully crusader by then) wouldn't hurt either, but in the meantime one or more well placed phalanx will satisfy my immediate urgent needs. Keeping in mind that they are far greater an asset to me as a foreign trade partner, so it's not as simple as just going in and wiping them out which would be easily accomplished. My goal is simply to contain them while keeping them alive : ). Will likely rush the first Vet phalanx in one turn and then a couple more every other turn before feeling that i can slow the pace and likely build one every 3 turns with 7 shields per turn. I don't expect to be relatively rich for at least another 10 turns which is when my first of 4 trades begin to land... and even then, the wealth of the bonuses will be dependent upon how many techs i can steal and/or trade for before the first trade lands. Since i am too vulnerable with my front line settler to make war with them just yet, Established Embassy with Russia, determining that they have 6 cities, 3 of which are in the lands that formerly belonged to India including 2 previously Indian cities. Also It is verified that the Russians have Iron Working and Warrior Code and no other techs that i don't already have.

    I know that the Zulu have at least Math and Philosophy and possibly more and i intend to make an embassy with them in the same trireme journey that will establish a Gem trade with Ulundi (or possibly to steal a tech from them instead depending upon the circumstances). Currently i have nothing to trade to them.

    Built 27, grassland with fur access.

    Normally at this point i would hold back on huts until first gathering the 4 or more techs i still need in the hopes of getting additional unchartered techs in these huts, but in this particular game there is a lot of competion for these huts. So i opened my 15th hut which was Philosophy. All prerequisites are met and hopefully i will be able to choose Monotheism next which there is no rush to do and which will likely await a size 5 scientist which is at least 3 turns away.

    Lux to 40%. 13 cities are set for celebration next turn. The vast majority have only reached size 3 in the past turn or two, or have filled their food stores in size 2 this turn, so the timing was pretty good to coincide with the completion of HG. Several additional cities in size 2 will fill their food stores in the next turn or two.

    600: 11 of the size 3 cities enter into celebration (and 2 didn't make it this first turn of entering into size 3). Completion of 1 Vet Phalanx, 1 Trireme, 1 Diplomat, and 1 road. Lux to 60 to minimize the elvis factor and to maximize shield production.

    Built 28, grassland with access to wheat and fish. Bribed a Zulu none vet horse for 50 gold that is exactly where needed near Bombay and this vet horse will suffice for now working in partnership with my Vet Phalanx as my attacking unit as needed to attack Russian elephants and the like upon the impending forthcoming war. 16th hut: Mathematics (surprising and this is more wisdom i could have traded the Zulu for or stolen from them very soon, but it's still a valuable hut, just not as valuable as it might have been had i received another tech after already having Math. These past 2 huts which gave me the Zulu's 2 known techs takes a lot of prioritization off of needing to trade with or to steal from the Zulu. I also believe that stealing Iron and Warrior from the Russians will significantly increase trade bonuses. Current beaker demand is 399 and will likely be 500+ after the two steals.

    600 bc Summary:
    Republic, 28 cities, Pyramids and Hanging Gardens, 11 celebrating cities, 4 Settlers, 3 Trade Caravans, 2 Triremes, 5 dips, 7 horses (1 vet on the front line), 1 legion, 1 phalanx (vet), 1 warrior, 36 roads, 8 irrigation, Pre-celebration growth comparisons. Income: 111 gross shields, 98 net, 66 gold, 0 science. Treasury: 83 gold. city sizes: 13 size 3's, 9 size 2s, 6 size 1's. 63 f4 heads, 91 tiles + 4 settlers + 3 trade caravans = 98 productivity index. 500,000 land area. (1,110,000 pop which is a far less relevant statistic).

    575: 1 dip and nothing else. Lux increased to 80% to keep the celebration going and the elvis factor minimized.
    Built 29 (grassland with 2 fish) and 30 (grassland with access to fur). F4 heads: 63 > 84 (via celebration growth, food growth towards size 3's and new cities). Treasury: 22 gold.

    550: 1 Trireme, 1 road (now 37). 17th hut: supported Legion. F4 Heads: 84 > 103. Treasury: 11 gold.

    525: 1 trade caravan (foreign demanded Silk), 4 settlers, 1 Vet Phalanx, 1 horse. Built 31 (grassland 4 steps from Bombay with access to irrigated wheat and whale). 18th hut: Supported Legion. This was opened by rushed horse specifically for this very purpose to get there one turn before a Russian horse. Had to bribe a supported Russian horse directly beside this new city for 65 gold leaving me with a treasury of 5. With the recent shift in perceived military power, Russia's attitude improved from Hostile to uncooperative. As a result they wanted peace which brought them to neutral for the moment and then i was able to trade them for Iron Working and Warrior Code which is everything they had... and also to Gift them Republic which will increase my trade bonuses on 5 forthcoming Gem and Silk trades to them. Then approached the uncooperative Zulu who are still unable to trade and when i sought the possibility of gifting them a tech to open up that possibility, they only need Iron working which would have left me with nothing to trade to them. Beaker cost on current tech is now 651 which fantastically sweetens the trade bonuses. Meant to do this a couple turns ago, but choose one scientist in the hopes that Monotheism is offered next. Summary: 31 cities, 6 settlers, 5 trade caravans, 3 Triremes, 5 diplomats, 9 horse, 2 Vet Phalanx, 2 Legion. 37 roads, 8 irrigation. F4 heads: 103 > 111 (initial surge in celebration growth slowing down a bit). 144 gross shield production, 69 gold, 3 science.

    500: > Monotheism. 4 settlers. Gem and dip board trireme on my western tip for a short trip to the Zulu peoples. 19th hut: Seafaring.

    500 bc Summary: Republic with 31 cities. 23 techs
    with Monotheism in progress. Wonders: Pyramids and Hanging Gardens. Buildings: 1 barracks. Units: 10 settlers, 5 premium foreign demanded trade caravans en route, 3 Trireme, 5 diplomats, 9 horses, 3 legion, 2 vet phalanx, 1 warrior. 37 roads, 8 irrigation. Income with 80% Lux: 151 gross shields, 118 net shields, 79 gold, 0 science. 102 F4 heads, 133 tiles + 10 settlers + 5 trade caravans = 148 productivity index. Treasury: 13.

    475: 1 settler, 1 trireme, 1 vet phalanx. 2 roads (38, 39). Built 32 grassland with wheat access. Approaching size 36 critical mass (and multiples of 12 after this), some cities are now able to celebrate further than before. I intend to build 36 cities then road and irrigate until i am able to build a dozen more cities all at once. If i get Mikes before this point then i will build every city as fast as possible since it won't matter : ). Units: 10 settlers, 5 premium foreign demanded trade caravans en route, 4 Trireme, 5 diplomats, 9 horses, 3 legion, 3 vet phalanx, 1 warrior. 39 roads, 8 irrigation.

    450: 1 diplomat (near America for embassy).

    425: 1st Temple. 3 settlers. 40th road. 2 or 3 pre-Mikes strategic temples are planned to get key cities to size 7 or 8 just before they land their Gem or Silk trades. 179 gross shield production.

    400: 2nd temple. 2 settlers, vet phalanx. Completion of 3 irrigations. 20th hut: Tribe for city 33. Embassy with Zulu . they have Engineering and are working towards Invention. Protecting my trade bonuses, i will hold back on trading them for Engin to maintain the freedom to open huts that will definitely not be invention.

    400 bc Summary: Republic with 33 cities. 23 techs with Monotheism in progress. Wonders: Pyramids and Hanging Gardens. Buildings: 1 barrack. 2 temples. Units: 15 settlers, 5 premium foreign demanded trade caravans en route, 4 Trireme, 5 diplomats, 9 horses, 3 legion, 4 vet phalanx, 1 warrior. 40 roads, 11 irrigation. Income with 80% Lux: 177 gross shields, 141 net shields, 104 gold, 0 science. 147 F4 heads, 180 tiles + 15 settlers + 5 trade caravans = 200 productivity index. Treasury: 1 gold.

    375: 1 trade caravan, 3 settlers, 1st harbor (as Gem trade grows near its Zulu destination the city will reach size 8 the turn the trade is ready to land). Units: 18 settlers, 6 premium foreign demanded trade caravans en route, 4 Trireme, 5 diplomats, 9 horses, 3 legion, 4 vet phalanx, 1 warrior. 40 roads, 11 irrigation.

    350: 1 trade caravan, 3 settlers, 1 barracks. Built 34 (grassland with access to 2 wheats).

    First trade of game: Same land demanded Gems to Moscow from my size 7 city with lots of ocean and a silk: 240.
    As a fun fact, an undemanded trade would have provided a bonus of 80, a 1st level demanded commodity like a hide would have been 160 and a 2nd level like a wine would have been 200.

    2nd and 3rd trades will be next turn. I am about half way to the 383 beakers so i need another 340 or so. The 3rd trade which will complete Mono will be ready to land in 2 or 3 turns. Planning for 8 well timed and well coordinated caravans from the most appropriate cities and the goal is to have Mikes in 225.

    325: 1 Trade caravan, 4 settlers, 1 explorer (who uncovers a hut in the black on his first turn). Lots of roads, 13 irrigation.
    Built 35, grassland island city 11/47 with access to a whale. 35 cities, 22 settlers, 5 trade caravans.

    Embassy with America which is the third and final embassy. They have no new techs for me and they are researching currency.

    2nd trade of game: Demanded Gem to Ulundi: 198.
    This was from my size 7 with all ocean (with 15 net trade and 8 corruption. 3rd trade of game: Demanded Silk to Kiev: 169. This was from my city with no ocean squares and which would no celebrate beyond size 5. The two trades cover the necessary beakers with about 25 to spare.

    Final warrior reaches the end of his south pole exploration and he is disbanded.

    300: Monotheism > Bridge Building (713). 3 Settlers, 1 temple. Misc rds and/or irr. 21st hut: Nomad.

    300 bc Summary: Republic with 35 cities. 24 techs including Monotheism and with Bridge Building in progress. Wonders: Pyramids and Hanging Gardens. Also will have Mike's in 3 turns (225). Buildings: 3 temples, 1 harbor, 2 barracks. Units: 26 settlers, 5 premium foreign demanded trade caravans en route, 0 wonder caravans, 4 Trireme, 1 explorer, 4 diplomats, 8 horse, 2 legion, 4 vet phalanx. 45-50 roads, 15 irrigation. Income with 80% Lux: 188 gross shields, 143 net shields, 145 gold, 0 science. 162 F4 heads, 197 tiles and/or specialists + 26 settlers + 5 trade caravans = 228 productivity index. 843,000 land area. Treasury: 56 gold.

    275: 5 wonder caravans, 4 settlers, 1 explorer. Irrigation 16 and 17. 22nd hut: None Legion. 35 cities, 30 settlers. Income: 200 gross shield production, 101 gold.

    250: 3 wonder caravans (for a total of 8 which filled 400 shields), 1 Settler, 1 explorer. 8 caravans fill 400 shields. Summary: 36 cities, 30 settlers, 4 trade caravans, 4 triremes, 3 explorers + other misc units.

    4th trade of game, Demanded Gem to Zimbabwe: 308
    delivered from a size 6 city with 6 ocean squares and low corruption. Finally beginning to feel wealthy with 450 gold to reinvest.

    Built 36
    grassland with fish in a strategic location for an exploring boat likely to be rushed in 2 turns and there is access to a nearby island, each of which are highly strategic for trade since it even opens up lucrative domestic trade.

    12 cities are set to begin celebration before Mike's is built in the capitol and thus before Mikes takes effect, but most of these are only ready for growth because Mikes will eliminate elvis and provide the needed food surplus.

    450 gold spent down to 75.

    225: :wavey: Michelangelo's :wavey:. A real game enhancer : ). 3 trade caravans, 2 settlers, 1 trireme.

    Explorer will be accompanied by 2nd one-turn rushed explorer next turn - both from island city 35 - and together in a trireme they will head first towards island 9 then 2 and a few other islands just north of the western panhandle of my lands. Settling these islands will provide a massive boost in trade providing double bonuses as compared to same-land trades.

    5th trade of game demanded Gem to Bombay: 228.
    Once caravan was ready to land, waited 4 turns for my city to celebrate from size 4 > 8 due to complications. 8 ocean squares, but fairly high corruption.

    Built 37, grassland with access to whale, fish and buffalo. Built 38 island grassland with fish. Built 39, plain with access to pheasant and silk. Built 40, grass/river with access to pheasant. Built 41, plain with access to wheat.

    Lux able to be reduced from 80% to 50% in this initial stage and with vastly better results. 40% loses too many celebrations and 50% capures about 90% of them as food surplus permits.

    Summary: 41 cities, 27 settlers, 6 trade caravans, 5 Triremes, 3 explorers, 4 dips, 8 horse, 3 legion, 4 vet phalanx.

    Starting point before the growth through Mike's celebration took place: 176 f4 heads: 217 tiles and/or specialists + 27 settlers + 6 trade caravans = 250 productivity index. 207 gross shield production, 231 gold income. 925, 000 land area. Treasury: 42 gold.

    Please note that 13 celebrations were *initiated* in this year of 225, but the growth will not arrive until 200. These 13 cities began to celebrate a turn early in anticipation of Mike's because i set up multiple celebrations using elvis and most cities with food deficit in anticipation of completing Mikes this turn.

    Thus 13 cities are celebrating in 225 ready to grow in 200.

    200 bc: 5 trade caravans, 0 settlers, 1 Trireme, 1 explorer. Lux to 50% > 60 to keep aprox 90% of eligible celebrations celebrating now with enough food squares to replace elvis.

    Built 42, grassland. Built 43, grassland with whale. Built 44, grass/river.

    Summary: 44 cities, 24 settlers, 11 trade caravans, 6 Triremes, 4 explorers and other misc units.

    After first turn of Mikes growth: 194 f4 heads: 238 tiles and/or specialists + 24 settlers + 11 trade caravans = 273 productivity index. 225 gross shield production, 194 gold income. 947, 000 land area. Treasury: 12 gold.

    175 bc: 2 trade caravans, 2 triremes, 0 settlers. Built 45, grassland with access to fish. Built 46 grassland with fish. Built 47, grassland. Lux remains at 60% for now.

    Summary: 47 cities, 21 settlers, 13 trade caravans, 8 Triremes, 4 explorers and other misc units.

    210 f4 heads: 257 tiles and/or specialists + 21 settlers + 13 trade caravans = 291 productivity index. 237 gross shield production, 229 gold income. 975, 000 land area. Treasury: 10 gold.

    150 bc: 3 trade caravans, 3 settlers, 1 trireme. Hut: 5 barb horses which surround my explorer providing no escape back to the boat.

    Summary: 47 cities, 23 settlers, 16 trade caravans, 8 Triremes, 4 explorers and other misc units. lots of roads, 22 irrigation.

    216 f4 heads: 263 tiles and/or specialists + 24 settlers + 16 trade caravans = 303 productivity index. 248 est gross shield production, 238 est gold income. 993, 000 est land area. Treasury: 20 est gold.

    Choosing to end the comparison game here. Given current circumstances, settler locations, etc, predicting about 58 cities by 1ad and likely no other wonders by then, but lots of trade caravans including hides building up, some landing and others moving closer towards their destinations. Goal would have been Colossus in one of my island Hide demanders soon to be growing from 3 > 12 which i would have celebrated to a size 12. Other primary wonder goal would have been Feudal/Theology and Bachs next, maybe by 100 or 200 ad.

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