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GOTM 202 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by grigor, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. grigor

    grigor Chieftain

    Sep 27, 2001
    There doesn't seem to be one yet, but I have finished and hope I am not alone on Alpha Centauri.

    Log to follow
  2. grigor

    grigor Chieftain

    Sep 27, 2001
    GOTM 202 Log until 2000

    After last month’s absurd Hut luck, I decided to play this game for zero advanced tribes or Nomads until 1000BC. (all nomads or tribes will be reloaded)
    With only 2 AI - hopefully one of them will be a good trade partner.
    1 SQ north is a 3-special. I can pop the hut, found the same turn, and build a size-1 settler with no loss of science. Next settler will move south to the specials on the river.
    Restarts On means I have to cover the map for conquest, and that always takes a long time. So unless an opportunity presents itself, this will be a SS game.

    No starting tech means first goal is Monarchy
    Raging hordes means I may need defense.
    So far it doesn’t look like boats will be necessary until later. After Trade.
    Dips, though, will be useful. 2 Embassies are cheaper than Marco.

    4000 Move 1 sq north.
    3950 hut: 50g. Moscow founded on plains river. Working Silk. 2 science 2g.
    3900 RB first row. res Alph
    3750 Alph => CoL
    3600 size 1 Settler
    3500 St. Petersburg (2) on the coast to the NE
    3400 Moscow: Warrior.
    3350 CoL -> BW
    3100 BW => CB moving right along.

    3000 2 Cities, 3 techs, Warrior

    2850* Moscow and St. Petersburg both build Settlers
    2800 Hut: Barb Legion.
    2750 Warrior dies.
    2700 CB => Mon (2/40). Kiev (3). Maxing Science
    2650* Minsk (4) now 8 beakers/turn.
    2450* Mon => Curr. Gov: Monarchy. Efficient arrival at Monarchy is fun.
    Hut in city radius: 50g.

    Monarchy => Trade

    2400 hut: nomad. Reload. Hut: archers (Minsk)
    2200 hut: Chariot (Kiev)
    2100 Curr => Trade. (3/80)

    Status 2000 BC
    4C, 3 Sett 40g 7 tech res Trade
    4 Warr, 1 Archer, 1 Chariot

    Plan for 1500
    Expand to 8C,
    Trade, then Mas.
    First wonder Pyr.

    1950 hut: 25g
    1900 Smolensk, Odessa (6)
    1850* Sevastapol (7)
    1800 hut: nomads. Reload: hut: Map Making
    1650* Tblisi (8)
    1600 Trade -> Mas.
    Convert settler builds to caravans.
  3. grigor

    grigor Chieftain

    Sep 27, 2001
    Trade -> Mono

    1550 Hut: Mas.
    1500 research Writing

    Status 1500BC
    8C, 1 Sett 20g 10 tech res Wri
    4 Warr, 1 Archer, 1 Chariot
    1 Caravan.

    Progress: I did what I planned!
    Cities: +4
    Tech: +3
    Wonders: -

    Plan for 1000
    Still don’t need roads.

    1450* Hut: Barbs.
    1400 Chariot miraculously survives, though deep in the red.

    1300 Sverdlovsk (9) Yakutsk (10)
    1250* Wri => Pottery.
    1150 hut: Math. Vladivostok (11)
    1100 Kiev builds PYR.

    Status 1000BC
    11C, 3 Sett Pyr 12 techs res Pottery.
    4 Warr, 1 Archer, 1 Chariot
    1 Trireme

    Progress: One short on cities.
    Cities: +3
    Tech: +3
    Wonders: +1

    Plan for 750
    15C, 8 Sett.
    Start improving terrain
    Pottery, Myst or Lit
    Some domestic trade routes
    Colossus in Moscow?
    Keep all nomads from here on.

    975 Hut: nomads, right on schedule… Novgorod (12)
    950 Pots => Lit. Krasnarsk Canal )13). Riga (14)
    850 Egypt: peace, 150 tribute.
    Change nearby city build to Dip.
    775 Lit => Myst
    750 Rostov (15) Astrakhan (15) Kharkov (17)

    Status 750BC
    17 C, 6 Sett Pyr, 14 tech, res Myst.
    4 Warr, 1 Archer, 1 Chariot, 1 horse, 1 Dip
    1 Trireme, 1 Van

    Progress: Good Expansion and Tech.
    Cities: +6
    Tech: +2
    Wonders: +0

    Plan for 500
    21C, 8 Sett
    HG, vans working for MC
    Maybe Colossus in Moscow.
    Finish roads.
    Continue Terrain improvement

    725* Pirates appear near Astrakhan.
    700 Egypt: WAR. My horse kills all the pirates.
    675 Chariot survives Warrior attack, becomes Vet.
    625* Myst => Phil
    600 Moscow builds HG.
    575 Grozny (18) Dnepro Canal (19)
    550 Barbs near Rostov
    525* Maikop (20) Horse loses to Barb archer.
    500 Barbs capture Rostov.

    Status 500 BC
    19C, 10 Sett Pyr, HG, 15 tech, res Phil (next)
    2 Warr, 1 Archer, 1 Chariot, 5 horse, 0 Dip
    1 Trireme, 2 van

    Progress: Again, Cities + Settlers reached target.
    Cities: +2
    Tech: +1
    Wonders: +1

    Plan for 250 BC
    Slam the Vans.
    Be Ready for MC
    Phil, Poly, Mono.
    Build MP in Moscow
    Continue Terrain improvements

    475 Germans: peace, Poly. Give tech. Get their maps. Tribute 150g. Phil, Mono => Republic. Tax up science down for van spam. Wow – a 3-tech turn in BC!
    Kursk (20)
  4. grigor

    grigor Chieftain

    Sep 27, 2001
    Log 450 BC - 1AD

    Slamming vans now for MC, etc.

    400 Kubychev (21) Rostov Liberated (22) Magnitogorsk (23)
    375 Egypt kills my dip. Moscow builds Colossus. Germans: WAR. Horse loses to German Archer. Trireme finishes him off and becomes vet.
    Should be able to get 8 vans in 4 more turns.
    300 Egypt: 100g for peace. hut: Medicine
    275 Egypt: WAR.
    250 Thebes found

    Status 250 BC
    23C, 12Sett HG, PYR, Col 19 tech res Rep
    3 Warr, 3 Phalanx, 2 Archer, 7 horse, 1 Chariot, 1 Crook, 0 Dip
    5 Trireme, 10 van

    Progress: I achieved my goals again!
    Cities: +4
    Tech: +4
    Wonders: +1

    Plan for 1AD
    MC – vans delivered next turn.
    Turn Science back up.
    Want 35 cities
    The terrain builders need to make 10 new cities.
    Republic. Revolt in 125
    Plan is fast Demo, then SoL.
    Then maybe Fundy until I have temples and MP in all cities?
    Thebes demands hides.

    225* Uralsk near gold.
    200 Moscow builds MC.
    175 Kazan (25
    150 Rep => Astro. One turn early was not good management. Egypt: sneak attack. Kill horse. Vologda Canal (26)
    Hut: University. Revolution.
    125* gov: Republic. Moscow Hides to Thebes (d, 128). Murmansk (27) Germans: 300g for peace. Barbs appear near Rostov. Archer takes them out. No Vet.

    Republic plan
    General plan: After a few turns of 40 Lux growth, rush to Demo
    Currently at 8 turns per tech. Or 4 turns plus a hides van. 32 turns. Ugh That would be 540.
    A better goal is Demo in 220. (2 turns/tech). Van plus.
    Moscow Library will make it faster. Can get in 2 turns
    After Astro, Copes will be helpful too. 3 turns is possible.
    Settlers will go to SW peninsula for 3 more cities.
    At some point, should be able to take Egyptian city at end of peninsula.

    Set Science to Max (-3g/turn) for Copes in 4. (0/60/40)

    100 Settler survives Egyptian Horse => Vet. Moscow builds Library. Vitebsk (28) Batum (29) Konigsberg found. Celebrations begin.
    75 reconfigure workers for maximum science.
    50 Tiflis (30)
    25* Astro => Constr.
    1AD Moscow builds Cope’s.

    Status 1AD
    30C, 13 Sett Pyr, HG, Cope, Col, MC 22 tech res Constr
    1 Warr, 3 Phal, 2 Arch, 6 Horse, 1 Chariot, 2 crook, 1 Dip,
    7 Trireme, 5 Vans

    Cities: +7
    Tech: +3
    Wonders: +2
    A stellar turnset, marked by an extreme science rate, with several turns of Zero tax
  5. grigor

    grigor Chieftain

    Sep 27, 2001
    Log 1 AD to Demo

    Plan for 200 AD: Can I get Demo in 220? (11 turns)?
    Need Const, Wheel, eng, bank, inv, demo
    I will need at least 2 1-tech/turns and for the civ to pump out 2-tech growth.
    Current best science speed is 3 turns/tech at either 0% or10% tax.. Most comes from Moscow
    So: I need aqueduct in Moscow ASAP. More important than a hides van.
    Expansion is still available. I see 4 more quick city sites
    Conquer Memphis, then peace with Egypt.
    Next necessary wonder is SoL plus Leo as convenient

    Set workers to max science.
    Start Univ planning to change to AQ in Moscow. Const will come in 2 turns, maybe 1.
    Conquer (empty and bribe) Memphis next turn.
    Deliver hides vans from provinces to Thebes.
    One more delivery now to Moscow to make 3 trade routes.

    Kharkov Beads to Moscow (u, 44) (third trade route)

    20 Constr => Bank. Memphis (31) captured. Egypt: peace. Bryansk (32)
    Banking in 3 turns, is the best I can do, but then a van will deliver.
    Set Tax to 10.
    40 Yakutsk Hides to Moscow (u, 42) with a +4 trade route. RB barracks on the way to AQ.
    60* Tula. Kalinn. Yaroslav (35) Vladivostok Hides to Moscow (u, 38) Polar hut: 50g. buy Aq.
    80 Banking => Wheel. Moscow builds Aqueduct. Moscow Hides to Thebes (d, 224) Hm. Only fills 1/3 of the box. I need to build a University. Vladivostok Hides to Moscow (u, 40).
    100 Barbs land near Murmansk.
    120 Barbs take Murmansk. Wheel => Eng. Moscow builds Univ. Krasnovocsk (35) Naples (36)
    140* Krasarsk Silk to Moscow (d, 152) that’s nice.
    160 Eng => Inv. Odessa Wine to Moscow (d, 100) and a +4 trade route. Smolensk Hides to Thebes (d, 164) Sverdlovsk Hides to Thebes (d, 184) Hut: Crusaders.
    180 Inv => Demo. There is my 1-turn tech.
    200 Sevastapol Hides to Thebes (d, 48). Issus (37). Murmansk recaptured. Demo next turn!!

    Status 200AD
    38C, 10 Sett Pyr, HG, Col, Cope, MC 27 tech res Demi (next)
    2 Warr, 4 Phal, 3 Arch, 6 Horse, 1 Chariot, 3 crook, 2 Dip,
    7 Trireme, 15 Vans

    Progress: Excellent turnset, getting to Demo with aggressive science and Van deliveries
    Cities: +8
    Tech: +5
    Wonders: +0

    Plans: Demo next turn, instant revolt.
    This will take some thinking.
    General goal: I want to be getting 1-turn techs by 500AD. (15 turns)
    I will need INC for sure

    One plan is SoL, Fundy, buy white goods and vans for 10 turns, then we should be able to get 1 tech/turn pretty regularly.
    The standard plan is stay in Demo, get Sanitation, then
    Seaf, Nav, Phys, IW, Magnets.

    That’s a lot of tech to pick up in Fundy.
    In Republic tech is 3 turns, maybe the lack of corruption in Fundy or Demo gets it to 2.
    We definitely have many cities who could use 3 routes with Moscow.
    Moscow has a wine/silk demand formula.
    Almost everybody needs Temple and MP.

    Since I am going for instant revolt, I want to turn the science down now so I can max income before the anarchy.

    IW is necessary for Guns and other stuff. I’ll bet that the Germans or the Egyptians have it. They probably won’t trade.
    So, 2 dips and make embassies with Egypt and Germany.
    I have 6 vans nearing Moscow.
    Use for Shake’s? or Trade routes?
    Moscow City size is definitely limited. Coliseum is better.
    6 more domestic trade routes will pay off pretty fast. Plus faster science.
    But 2 more for INC may be better.
    OK, I have a plan.

    Goal for 400AD:
    Stay in Demo
    ToG, INC
    Embassy with Egypt and Germany
    Spam vans for SoL
    Goal: 3 trade routes every city near Moscow
    At least 5 more cities.

    Disband Chariot. RB dip in Memphis
    Germans: Embassy. They have Seaf but not IW.
    Germans: give Phil, Rep, Bank for Seafaring, update maps.
    Set cities to grow once before Demo.

    220* Demo => ToG
    Gov: Monarchy.
    Tribute: Egypt: no. Germans: WAR. Well, that didn't work.
    Gov: Demo. Lux 40.
    Science 2 turns. (0/60/40)
    Egypt: Embassy. They don’t have IW either. So now I need both WC and IW.
    Polar hut: nomads
    Moscow size 12
  6. grigor

    grigor Chieftain

    Sep 27, 2001
    Demo => Explosives
    220* Gov: Demo. Lux 40.
    Science 2 turns. (0/60/40)
    Moscow size 12
    Egypt: Embassy. They don’t have IW either. So now I need both WC and IW.

    240 Celebrations begin..
    Moscow Hides to Thebes (d, 136)
    Deliveries to Moscow: Yakutsk gold 28g.
    Hut in city radius: 100g.
    PRB many van rows.
    260 ToG => San
    Deliveries to Moscow: Odessa Coal 29. Smolensk Wine (d, 60)
    Epypt: peace.
    280 St. Petersburg Hides to Thebes (d, 76) Moscow Hides to Thebes (d, 136)
    Maikop Silk to Moscow (d, 90)
    300* Sanitation -> Chemistry. Moscow builds INC
    Rostov Wine to Moscow (d, 97) Kubishev Silver to Moscow (9, 97)
    320 Chem => WC. A 1-turn tech!
    Cunaxa. (39)
    340 Kursk Silk to Moscow (d, 135) Vologda Canal Gems to Moscow (u, 28) Minsk Gems (u, 20); Odessa Gems 21.
    360 Barbs appear near Kubychev. WC => IW. Moscow builds Sewer
    Smolensk Silk to Moscow (d, 75); Vladivostok Silk to Moscow (d, 81)
    Vitebsk 40;
    Konigsberg captured.
    380*. Cremona(41). St. Petersburg Wine to Moscow (u, 23)
    400 IW => BB Cannae (42)
    Bryansk Spice to Moscow (u, 34) Yakutsk 31;

    Status 400 AD Gov: Demo
    42C, 15 Sett Pyr, HG, Col, Copes, MC, INC 34tech res Bridges.
    3 Warr, 4 Phalanx, 3 Archer, 6 Horse, 5 Crooks,
    9 Trireme, 17 Vans

    Progress: Tech good. Wonders OK.
    Cities: +4
    Tech: +7
    Wonders: +1
    Embassy with both Germans and Egypt.

    Still trying for 1-tech turns.
    Getting 2 turns/tech without van deliveries.
    Another 7-tech turnset would be good.

    Goals for 600
    Explosives, then Magentism
    At least 10 more cities.

    All my cities are at their largest size. And Celebrating in Demo does not increase science.
    Lux to 20

    420 16 celebrations cancelled. Capua (43) Turin (44)
    Moscow Hides to Thebes (u, 77)
    Astrakhan beads to Moscow (u, 39). Smolensk Silk to Moscow (u, 26)
    Kubyshev Beads to Moscow (u, 48)
    Germans: Peace.
    440 Bridges => Guns. Moscow builds Coliseum
    Tiflis beads to Moscow (u, 30); Memphis beads to Moscow (u, 52)
    460* Guns => Metallurgy. Another 1-turn tech! Moscow builds Leo’s Genoa (44)
    Kubychev slik to Moscow (d, 129)
    Crook takes out last Barb archer => vet.
    480 Crete (45) St. Petersburg 23; Vologda Canal 32;
    Memphis Silk to Moscow (d, 156)
    500 Metall => Expl. Moscow builds Bank.
    Murmansk coal to Moscow (u, 104). Naples Copper to Moscow (d, 80)
    Tula 34. Magnitorsk 40.
    520 Expl => Conscr. Another 1-turn tech!. Verona (45)
    Bryansk 23; Kiev 27; Minsk 22;

  7. grigor

    grigor Chieftain

    Sep 27, 2001
    Explosives - 1000 AD

    General plans: More cities, more one turn techs. Spam engineers so there are 2 from each city ASAP.

    540* Barbs appear near Hamburg. .
    Astrakhan 39. Kiev 27. Sverdlovsk 27. .
    560 Conscr => Econ Frankfurt subverted 2x gold.
    Maikop Silver to Moscow (d, 80)
    Rostov 46
    580 Salamis, Lisbon,.
    Deliveries to Moscow: Kubyshev 42.
    600 Econ -> Nav.
    Kazan 31; Batum Silver to Moscow (d, 110) ;Riga 30; Magnetorsk 40; Uralsk 34;

    Status 600 AD
    51C, 19 Eng Pyr, HG, Col, Copes, MC, INC, Leo 40 tech res Nav.
    10 rifle, 1 Musket. 5 Horse, 5 Crooks,, 0 Dip
    10 Trireme, 8 Vans

    Progress: A crisp turnset.
    Cities: +9 Yay!
    Tech: +6
    Wonders: +1

    General Plans
    Nav in 1 turn, then Phy and Galleon.
    Continue Spamming Vans
    Need 8 vans for Darwin soon.
    Also 8 Vans for Adam Smith.
    Need more terrain development of Moscow.
    Getting started on MP and Temples in other cities too.
    100% science gives 1-turn tech. Need more trade routes, and perhaps some libraries.

    Goal for 800:
    65 cities so 14 more engineers.
    RR first, then Magnets as the off-tech in Darwin.
    Darwin in tiny city built last. Plan ahead.

    620* Nav => Phys
    Moscow deliveries:; Tblisi 35;
    640 Egyptians sneak attack. Time to take out Thebes.
    Moscow Gold to Kiev(d, 84)
    660 Phys => Magn. Steam not offered. Prague.
    Yakutsk Silver to Moscow (d, 77)
    Krasartsk 34;
    680 Kursk 54;
    700* Magnets => Steam. Finally Galleons! Start Van builds for Darwin.
    Sevastapol 33;
    720. Steam => RR Salzburg
    Tiflis 31.
    740 RR => Electricity
    Deliver vans for Darwin.
    760 Moscow builds Darwin. Electr =>Ind => Corp.
    Thebes conquered. Egyptians destroyed. Sell city walls.
    780* Engineer building
    800 More Engineer building

    Status 800 AD
    55C, 47 Eng Pyr, HG, Col, Copes, MC, INC, Leo, Darwin
    47 tech res Corp.
    11 rifle, 6 Horse, 4 Crooks,, 1 Destroyer
    13 Transport, 7 Vans

    Progress: A good turnset
    Cities: +4 Boo! But great engineers (+27).
    Tech: +7 - excellent
    Wonders: +1

    Plan for 1000
    I doubt that I can finish. 2-tech turns are too far away.
    Corp, in 1 turns, and then Gen Eng and CFC .
    So I need 12 freight for 3 turns from now.

    820 Corp => Electronics Venice.
    Genoa Coal to Moscow (d, 137); Frankfurt Copper to Moscow (d, 128) Verona Silver to Moscow (d, 147) ;
    Murmansk 133;Naples 50; Cunaxa 65; ;
    840 Deliveries were not enough for Gen Eng.
    860* Gen Eng => Refrig
    Yaroslavll coal to Moscow (d, 167); Cremona Coal to Moscow (d, 110); Smolensk Coal to Moscow (d, 72)
    Murmansk 133;
    880 Refrig => Steel.
    Crete Coal to Moscow (d, 115); Capua Coal to Moscow (d, 140)
    Kiev 31;
    900 Rostov 51.
    920 Steel => Ref.
    Moscow Hides to Prague (d, 100)..
    940* Moscow Gold to New Hamburg (d, 110);Novgorod Silver to Moscow (d, 210)
    Tblisi 38; Salamis 57; Sverdlovsk 43;
    960 Refining => Electronics. Moscow builds Supermarket. Milan
    Moscow Gold to Batum (d, 170). Venice Coal to Moscow (d, 122);
    980; Electronics => Comb Moscow builds CFC Ghent
    Kursk Silver to Moscow (d, 235). Yaroslavl Silver to Moscow (d, 170)
    Kharkov 70. Bryansk 60. Turin 69;
    1000 Combustion => Auto Pisa
    Cannae Coal to Moscow (d, 146) Frankfurt Coalto Moscow (d, 152); Krasnovarsk Coal to Moscow (d, 100); Bergen coal to Moscow (d, 137). New Hamburg Coal to Moscow (d, 278)
    Henoa 51; Uralsk 42

    Status 1000 AD
    59C, 52 Eng Pyr, HG, Col, Copes, MC, INC, Leo, Darwin, CFC
    54 tech res Auto.
    11 rifle, 5 Horse, 4 Crooks, 1 Dip
    13 Transport, 6 Freight

    Progress: Pretty good turnset. I feel that somewhere I lost the thread of the game.
    Cities: +4 poor
    Tech: +7 - excellent
    Wonders: +1
  8. grigor

    grigor Chieftain

    Sep 27, 2001
    1000 AD =>Space Flight

    Plan: I hope I get to 2-turn techs soon.
    Auto in 1 turns and Superhiways should help.
    Complete infrastructure in Home area.
    RR to Kiev in 1 turns.
    Adam Smith should be soon. I have 4 freight already.
    And MPE to see whether the Egyptians respawned.

    Provoke WAR with Germans, take out Berlin, and bribe their cities.

    Set for Vans.

    1020 Auto => Mass Prod Barbs appear near Naples. Bribe German Settler for 240.
    Grozny Coal to Moscow (d, 110); Riga Silver to Moscow (d, 85); Lisbon Coal to Moscow (d, 162
    Cunaxa 27 Astrakhan 64 Tiflis 27 Tblisi 76; Naples 108; Prague 47; Batum 56
    1040 Moscow builds Superhighways
    1060. Mass Prod => Atom Theo. Barbs land near Kursk Pollution near Moscow.
    1080. Barb Knights die on my riflemen at Kursk. Barb Leader 150g. No tech, but should get 2 techs next turn..
    Vitebsk 134; Milan 126; issus 85. Crete 175.;
    1100 Atom Theo => Feud.=> Fission First 2-tech turn! Yakutsk builds Adam Smith.
    Lisbon Silver to Moscow (d, 325); Capua Coal to Moscow (d, 285); Prague Coal to Moscow (d, 250); Ghent Coal to Moscow (d, 375);
    Maikop 120. Astrakhan 142; Turin 141; Kalinin 120; Dnepr Cal 94; Minsk 48; Magnitorsk 93; Krasnovodsk 88;Novgorod 145;
    1120 Fission => Chiv => Nuke Power
    Barbs land near Ghent. The Rifle should resist them
    VladivostokSilver to Moscow (d, 182); Salzburg Copper to Moscow (d, 314); Moscow Gold to Memphis (d, 398)
    Venice 180; Cremona 155; Krasarsk 127; Tula 132; Sevastopol 94; Konigsbure 140; Milan 84; Salamis 166; Grozny 91; Riga 94; Cannae 120;
    1140 Nuke Power => Lead => Laser. Barbs die on Rifle as advertised.
    Bergan Copper to Moscow (d, 240); Dubllinn Copper to Moscow (d, 348)
    Ghent 157; Vitebsk 172; Cunaxa 78; Uralsk 114; Genoa 156; Issus 114; Frankfurt 174; Kazan 72;Dnepr 95; Kalinin 166; Turin 141; Crete 180.
    Hamburg Subverted, gold x 2.
    Not enough for a 2-tech turn. Get some gold.
    1160 Laser => Tactics Toronto.
    Moscow Gold to Memphis (d, 540;
    Cremona Silver to Moscow (d, 404);
    Yaroslavl 135 Grozny 91; Verona 142;
    Leipzig subverted. X2 gold
    1180 Tactics => Theology .
    Moscow Hides to Berlin (u, 305)
    Tula 137; Pisa 172’ Lisbon 222. Novgorod 150; Prague 177.
    1200. Theo => Machine Tools => Mobile W.
    Toronto Copper to Moscow (d, 294)
    Dnepr 99; Capua 202; Vologda 78; Hamburg 150; Verona 153; Cannae 129; Salzburg 162; Venice 210; New Hamburg 217;

    Status 1200 AD
    63C, 50 Eng Pyr, HG, Col, Copes, MC, INC,
    Leo, Darwin, CFC, Adam Smith
    66 tech res Machine Tools
    11 rifle, 2 Horse, 3 Crooks,, 1 Dip
    13 Transport, 4 Freight

    Progress: Good turnset.
    Cities: +4. Not much more land. 2 more German Cities to bribe
    Tech: +12 – four 2-tech turns moves fast!
    Wonders: +1

    General Plan:
    Space Flight, and Apollo
    Then Build all wonders
    This set: SETI, Bach, Apollo, maybe Women’s S
    Should plan for 12 freight/turn after all cities have 3.
    16 more cities will fill the map.

    Goal for 1300.
    +7 techs, +10 cities, SETI, Bach, Apollo

    1220 Mobile W => Min. Barbs land near Kursk.
    Pisa 180; Krasnovodsk 160; Kalinin 215; Konigsbure 192; Leipzig 151.
    1240 Min. => Computers => Robotics. Barbs immolate on Rifle => vet. Barb leader 150.
    Melbourne. Sydney.
    1260 Tiflis builds SETI. Robotics => Comm
    Hamburg 153; Memphs 198
    1280 Communism => Recycl. New Moscow.
    Kazan 78; Dublin 133. .
    1300 Recycl => Espionage New Petrograd; New Kiev., New Minsk; New Smolensk. Crete; Cannae; Issus;
    Ghent 182;

    Status 1300 AD
    70C, 44 Eng Pyr, HG, Col, Copes, MC, INC,
    Leo, Darwin, CFC, Adam Smith, SETI
    72 tech res Espionage.
    11 rifle, 2 Horse, 3 Crooks,, 2 Dip
    12 Transport, 4 Freight

    Progress: Okay 5-turnset. Short on Wonders and Tech.
    Cities: +7. Good. 2 more German Cities to bribe after Esp
    Tech: +6 – good.
    Wonders: +1

    Goal for 1400
    Build 6 remaining city sites.
    Bribe German Cities after Espionage
    move through Tech tree

    1320 Espionage => Guerilla W. New Odessa.
    Pisa 185; Toronto 147; Milan 127; Leipzig 165.
    1340 Guerilla W=> Labor
    Melbourne Copper to Moscow (d, 452)
    New Moscow Copper to Moscow (d, 452) Crete Silver to Moscow (d, 475)’
    New Hamburg 136; Issus 99; Hambirg 162;
    1360 Labor U-> Amphib
    Sydney Copper to Moscow (d, 276);
    Bergen 135; Capua 207; Konigsberg 197
    1380 Amphib => Fundy => Flight Yakutsk builds JS Bach.
    Heidelburg subverted for x2. Spy captured. New Sevastopol.
    Uralsk Silver to Moscow (d, 352). New Hamburg Silver to Moscow (d, 542) New Petrograd Copper to Moscow (d, 139)
    Salzburg 187;
    1400 Flight => Radio. New Sevastopol. Munich Subverted x2 by vet spy.
    Leipzig 87;

    Status 1400 AD
    76C, 44 Eng Pyr, HG, Col, Copes, MC, INC,
    Leo, Darwin, CFC, Adam Smith, SETI
    78 tech res Radio.
    11 rifle, 2 Horse, 3 Crooks,, 2 Dip
    12 Transport, 4 Freight

    Progress: Another good 5-turnset
    Cities: +6. Good. all German Cities bribed.
    Tech: +6 Good.
    Wonders: +1

    Goal for 1500: Launch
    I will need several 2-tech turns, and spam freight.

    1400. I need gold to get freights to 3rd row.
    Young cities need food infrastructure
    Keep science at 60

    1420 Radio => Adv Flight
    Milan Silver to Moscow (d, 170). Grozny Silver to Moscow (d, 120)
    Need another 6 vans for Apollo ASAP and then spam 80 vans for SS.
    1440 Germans nearly complete MPE. Must build it now. Adv Flight => Rockets.
    1460 Rockets => Combined arms. St. Petersburg builds MPE.
    Moscow Hides to Munich (u, 85). Frankfurt Silver to Moscow (d, 295). Crete Silver to Moscow (d, 250). New Sverdlovsk Copper to Moscow (d, 210)

    1480 Comb Arms => Space Flight
    Munich Silver to Moscow (d, 212)
    Verona 77; New Odessa 73; Dublin 77; Salamis 112;
    Buy many 3rd rows and set tax to 80
    1500 Space Flight => Plastics => SuperC. New Yakutsk founded.
    New Tblisi silver to Moscow (d, 197)
    New Moscow 78; Issus 85; New Petrograd 35; Melbourne 114; New Sevastopol 66’ New Smolensk 102’ New Kiev 80.

    Status 1500 AD
    77C, 44 Eng Pyr, HG, Col, Copes, MC, INC, MPE,
    Leo, Darwin, CFC, Adam Smith, SETI
    84 tech res Superconductor.
    13 rifle, 2 Horse, 2 phalanx, 3 Crooks,, 1 Dip, 2 spy
    11 Transport, 8 Freight

    Progress: OK 5-turnset.
    Cities: +1. Not much area left..
    Tech: +6 Good.
    Wonders: +1
  9. grigor

    grigor Chieftain

    Sep 27, 2001
    Apollo to Launch

    Apollo vans are delivered.
    I want the Biggest SS: 4-4-4 – 8-8 –39
    That is 67 production centers.
    So, 67 cities need to make vans, and then I get to buy stuff.
    Vans needed: 147
    If I do it all at once that’s an extra 5800g

    My max money is 3992, but I need 2 more techs, probably 3. Set tax to 70 (3200)
    This turn: build white goods and set production to freight
    Next turn collect money, RB third rows
    Another turn to collect gold and build freights
    Third turn to collect gold, and hopefully get one of the techs
    Fourth turn to build ship and set science to get Fusion power.

    Goal: Launch 1560. Let’s go!

    1510 Apollo in Kubyshev. Barb Leader captured (150g).
    Moscow Hides to Melbourne (u, 114).
    Heidelberg 83;
    Bought all remaining white goods. 1206g left.
    Built silver and copper vans. Built many 3rd rows in low production cities.
    Keep Science at 10
    Moscow builds Manufacturing plant.
    Dublin Silver to Moscow (d, 195) Verona Silver to Moscow (d, 197)
    New Minsk 64
    Buy all 3rd rows. Still have 1080g. Buy all freights. Still have 246 left over.
    Currently have 10 Freight, 70 in Production.
    Set Tax to 80.
    1530 Superconductor => Envirom, New Vladivostok.
    Moscow builds Structural
    New Tblisi Copper to Moscow (d, 166);
    New Sevastopol 69; New Smolensk 102; New Sverdlovsk 108; New Odessa 73; New Moscow 80; New Yakutsk 69; New Kiev 80; Sydney 69; Toronto 77; Munich 85; Heidelberg 89;
    Currently 56 freight, 70 in production. That’s 116 vans after next turn.
    RB all freights with something in them. Have 2500 left.
    Build all 8 components in 10 – shield cities.
    1540 Built 1 Module, 8 components, 1 structural.
    New Yakutsk copper to Moscow (d, 140)
    New Moscow 75; New Sverdlovsk 108; New Sevastopol 69; New Petrograd 40;
    Build all freights, 1540g left.
    But I only get 2000 next turn
    Or I can build another round of freights and launch after the 1560 turn.
    1550 Environmentalism -> Fusion.
    New Vladivostok Copper to Moscow (d, 166)
    New Tblisi 86; New Minsk 67; New Odessa 80; Heidelberg 89; New Smolensk 110; New Kiev 80; Sydney 69.
    Currently 75 freights.
    RB 29 Freights.
    After a long think, I must stop trying to gain one turn. I will either be short of money or freights.

    1560 Fusion => Future 1
    New Yakutsk Silver to Moscow (d, 175)
    build modules, components, many structural
    Still need about 15 3rd rows.
    1570 build 30 Structurals
    New Minsk 80.
    Only 3 cities need another trade route.
    1580 Build SS, and Launch. ETA 1591.

    I lost a turn from being dispirited after I realized I could not build the SS by 1560.

    After Launch I built all wonders (which was tricky)
    I don't think I left any city sites unbuilt.
  10. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    GOTM202. WE IN THERE. King difficulty. Keyboard on my old computer went down, and the one I bought was too big & flimsy construction so I returned it (no special deals until Christmas it seems like). Having some issues running the FoxAhead launcher on other computers, so I borrowed a keyboard from my local library. King difficulty, 3 players. Fortunately I should be done in a few hours thanks to EC.

    4000 BC: Move up. One square north is 3 specials.

    3950 BC: Hut: NONE horsemen. Moscou built. Size 1 is a given. Uncover iron! This will speed things up greatly.

    3900 BC: > Alphabet. Northeast is rivers and a sea. Northwest, also.

    3800 BC: Hut uncovered.

    3750 BC: Hut: Masonry. I was thinking either settlers or barbs… Also this was a prairie square? It looked like hills. That was almost risky.

    3450 BC: Size1 settlers constructed. Will head south to build over a river. Northeast can be reached more easily.

    3300 BC: St. Petersburg built.

    3250 BC: >Alphabet > Nothing on path. Have to go for Writing, for 30s slot.

    3200 BC: Moscou warrior.

    3100 BC: Hut: HBR. Techcost 32. Techrate 8 turns, the rivers are a boon.

    3050 BC: St. Petersburg warriors.

    2850 BC: Writing > Code of Laws. Rush 5s in Moscou.

    2700 BC: Rush 4s in St. Pete.

    2650 BC: Hut: Map Making.

    2550 BC: Kiev built NE. Will build a trireme.

    2500 BC: No trace of enemy civs. We are 3/3 in wealth.

    2450 BC; St Pete Settlers. Hut: Bronze Working. What the heck dude. I get that I’m playing this from a cache of knowledge, but seriously?

    2400 BC Minsk built.

    2250 BC: Code of Laws > Burial.

    2000 BC: Hut: NONE Archers.. Oohhh! We are getting somewhere close! Moscou warrior is “near Leipzig.” Pop exceeds 100k citizens.

    STATUS AT 2000BC: (End of 41st turn)

    Population: 100.000 Cities: 4 Government: Despotism Total advances: 7 (researching Burial)
    Gold: 35 T4L0S6 Income/Cost per turn: 5 income, 0 cost. Production: 14MT Trade: 14arrows
    Units: 2 Warriors, 1 Archer, 1 Horseman.
    Wonders: None
    Germans and Egyptians are in the game.

    Goals: Find Germans, expand. Also want to build some boats in Kiev and Minsk for mobility.

    1900 BC; Moscou settlers. Will build a canal city 2 squares north, road first.

    Interturn: Meet German warrior. Trade for Currency, they have nothing good. Peace, 100g tribute. I forgot to give MM.

    1750 BC: Kiev trireme, will pick up horseman.

    1700 BC: Smolensk built as canal city. Will build a horseman for exploration.

    1650 BC: Odessa built. Hut: SETTLERS!! This is soo huge. Switch Smolensk build order to Settlers.

    1600 BC: Burial > Monarchy. Hut: Literacy. Tech cost 132, techrate 15 turns…. Give all to Germans, get maps. They are FAR away. Berlin is on a river, and I gave them Masonry (they would not yield otherwise) If they build City Walls things will get complicated. Need to ship an outpost settler there ASAP.

    1550 BC: Horseman disembarks, goes back to exploring NE. Hopefully I meet Egypt soon.

    1450 BC: Hut: 50g.

    1350 BC: Hut: Construction.

    1300 BC: Hut: REPUBLIC. Unfeasible with my current strategy. Sebastopol built.

    1250 BC: Sadly cannot get more than 1 NONE rn with two cities left until 9. Hut; BARBS. So long for not jinxing that! Hut: Mathematics.

    Interturn: Lose my horseman. Will build a phalanx in Smolensk to deal with stragglers.

    1200 BC: Smolensk trireme done.

    1100 BC; hut: 50g.

    1050 BC: Hut: MONARCHY. Sadly we Are on an oedo year right now, so we will not be able to revolt – note the royal “we” - until 925 BC.

    Interturn: Barbs near Sebastopol. Rush a horse in Sebastopol and a future city to help with this.

    1000 BC: Tblisbi built.
    STATUS AT 1000BC: (End of 61st turn)

    Population: 140.000 Cities: 8 Government: Despotism Total advances: 14 (researching Polytheism)
    Gold: 226 T4L0S6 Income/Cost per turn: 6 income, 0 cost. Production: 24MT Trade: 19arrows
    Units: 2 Warriors, 1 Archer, 1 Horseman, 2 Settlers, 2 Triremes.
    Wonders: None
    Germans: Peace, 2 cities.

    Goals: Expand, build city near Germans. Find Egyptians. Possibly start on HG. Build on northern shore Ne of strait. Minsk was landlocked so did not build a boat there. Need more boats.

    Interturn: More barbs near Tblisbi! This might get dicey.

    950 BC: Sverdlosk built. Warrior is “near Thebes”. YET ANOTHER pack of Barbs near Tblisbi.

    925 BC: Monarchy!. Unfortunately lose a Horseman attacking a Barb stack, which means I will lose some money to Barb tribute.

    900 BC: Forgot to rush another Horseman in Tblisbi for w/e reason. Barbs moved unoptimally, I could have saved,,, dang! Hut: Mysticism. Germans: Update maps, 100g, get Pottery from them. Berlin is only reasily reachable by sea.

    Interturn: Pay 104g tribute to Barbs. Should have waited 1 turn to get from Germans!

    850 BC: Yakutsk built NE of the strait. Good canal city as well!

    Interturn: YET ANOTHER Barb uprising near Tblisbi. This time I have a Phalanx positioned on a mountain, so the approach should be covered.

    825 BC: Moscou starts building HG.

    800 BC: Vladivostok built. Found a spot to build near Berlin, but it will not be ready until 600 BC.

    750 BC: Egypt is NW of Smolensk but I can’t easily reach it. Another canal city is needed.

    700 BC: Polytheism > Astronomy. Techrate 70%. Trade not available. Should have picked WC so detour to trade is better. I needed Seafaring yesterday.

    675 BC: Found signs of life! Egyptian infrastructure was located. Right next to proposed canal too.

    Interturn: Get contacted by Egyptians. Peace, maps, 150g tribute.

    650 BC: Switch to building Barracks. Home cities will attach Egyptians, gold will attack Germans. Kill 2 Barb leaders for 300g total. Have lots of it now.

    600 BC; TWO MORE barbarian uprisings to the east. Geez! First the great library of knowledge, then the barbarian invasion. What`s next, the Middle Ages impregnable fortresses?

    575 BC: Novgorod built. Krasonyarsk built as the outpost city to the Germans, on the other side of the world. Riga built as another canal city, to Egyptians’s north side.

    525 BC: Kill Barb horse near Yakutsk.

    500 BC: Horse loses 2nd fight near Yakutsk… I will lose half my money again! You know what? F it. I am not going to. Astrakhan built on marsh so I don`t lose my settler. Vladivostok rush Diplomat. Rush Barracks in Krasonyarsk.

    Interturn: Lose Yakutsk and 33g to Barbs. Lose my Phalanx to barbs as well.

    475 BC: Embassy with Egyptians. Kill Barb leader in Germany for 150g. Hut: BARBS. Near Riga, this is not good.

    STATUS AT 1000BC: (End of 82nd turn)

    Population: 310.000 Cities: 15 Government: Monarchy Total advances: 17 (researching Astronomy)
    Gold: 560 T4L0S6 Income/Cost per turn: 26 income, 2 cost. Production: 52MT Trade: 33arrows
    Units: 3 Warriors, 1 Archer, 2 Horsemen, 5 Settlers, 2 Triremes, 2 Phalanxes, 1 Diplomat.
    Wonders: Currently building HG
    Germans: Peace, 2 cities.
    Egypt: Peace, 2 cities.

    Goals: Found my targets. Move in quick.

    450 BC: Bribe back Yakutsk for 26g.

    425 BC: Hut: Settlers. Near Egypt.

    400 BC: Kill Barb leader for 150g. Unfortunately it was a 2-stack so missed out on another 150g there.

    375 BC: Naples built. Germans: 100g.

    275 BC: Need to save and close for now.

    250 BC: Issos built as a canal city for easier access to Leipzig. Rush dip in Issos. If Germans did not build a 3rd city we are good in a few turns.

    225 BC: Pop exceeds 500k citizens. Egyptians: 100g. Germans: nothing. Unable to attack Berlin this turn as there is a Barb chariot near one of the landing spots. Cunaxa built.

    200 BC: I am liable to lose 2 settlers/potential towns if I conquer this turn, from settlers not building cities in time. This means 4 less points. Finishing today (not taking in account pop size of conquered cities) gives me 168k points. Finishing tomorrow gives me 171k points. Meh, it`s EC… who cares. Sneak attack Germans with 4 Vet Elephants. Kill 2 defending Phalanxes with surprisingly little resistance. Berlin stormed for 6g. Leipzig bribed for 212g. GERMAN CIV DESTROYED BY RUSSIANS. Whoops, can’t even finish right now… Thebes is the capital and not Memphis. Cannot go for now. Will have to wait a few turns.

    175 BC: ZOC has a potential to be very annoying when it comes to dealing with Egyptians! Sell Barracks in Leipzig for 40g. Cremona built. Cannae built.

    150 BC: I have 7 Barracks, and can make 280g from selling them. HG consts 150g to rush at this point. UGH. I have to take the long way around Thebes. I am going to get overtaken at this rate. Astronomy > Seafaring.

    Interturn: Barbs near Leipzig!! Aaand disorder so I can’t rush an ellie. I have to rush a library and then switch to ellie. This is going to cost me a lot.

    125 BC: Capoue built.

    Interturn: LOL nvm. Phalanx beat back the attack.

    75 BC: Rush HG in Moscow. Decide to attack at 2/3 strength. Vet ellies should still do it. Sneak attack: Lose 1 Ellie to a Phalanx (worrying sign) kill a warrior and a settler. Backup ain’t coming… One of the Vet ellies is on a mountain. Hopefully he can do it? Hut: Settlers.

    Interturn: Movement in Egypt.

    50 BC: MOSCOU HG. Kiev ellie… ATTACK FAILED. Very little HP on my last ellie and he will be killed by the counterattack. I have no other choice but to bribe a Phalanx with 157g and to sack Thebes for 4g. Fortunate that I had a dip nearby. Accidentaly press space bar and skip turn (would have had an opportunity to bribe Memphis and end game since I had enough movement points left after bribe) Have to rush a dip in Riga. Another turn delay. Find a stray Egyptian settler. If I cannot finish next turn he will be able to build a new city! Turin built. Sell all remaining Barracks.

    25 BC: Amazingly the Egyptians do not punish my exposed diplomat near Memphis. Apparently fortifying a 2/3MP warrior is more efficient to them. Kill it with Elephant (1/3 movement points, low hp!) Need 324g. Kill a defender, pop goes down, need 270g. Memphis bribed for 4citizens+ a settler. EGYPTIAN CIVILIZATION DESTROYED BY RUSSIANS. T3L7S0. Gênes built. Crète built. Vérone bult. Other score optimizations. ENTER.

    FINAL SCORE: 156points.
    GOTM score: *88888
    TURN: 100/420. Conquest.

    1 AD… WAIT WHAT?!?!? RESTARTS ARE ON!!! I didn’t remember that! I thought they were off! That’s legitimately a problem.T3L0S7. Fortunately techrate is 4 turns. Hut: 50g. Found Trondheim… Just my luck it’s on a river. I was going to explore that part of the map just to uncover it, out of sheer luck. The other Berlin boat is 4 turns away. That being said, It’s also on a river, because of course it is.

    80 AD: Seafaring > Trade. Get in reach of Trondheim. Declare war. Kill 1 Phalanx, conquer city for 13g and… TRADE. You mother! VIKING CIV DESTROYED BY RUSSIANS. T0L7S3. Hopefully I don’t get trolled again. Hut:… BARBARIANS. Not an AT as I was hoping. Now I get the “Bonus Score” when I bring up F9. Sneaky detail I had not noticed last time! Optimizations. ENTER.
  11. WildPony

    WildPony Chieftain

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    I showed up a little late to this celebration, but felt inspired to play and log this game for the fun of comparing and contrasting styles and ideas among other experienced players. My most recent previous logging of a gotm had been around Nov of 2015, game 171 in the following spoiler thread: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/gotm-171-spoiler.558844/.

    Hoping as well to see a Gotm 203 soon. Does anybody know when this might be anticipated?

    In any case i really liked this starting position with a decent sized river and the the powerful ORE square which was able to be shared alternatingly among five cities upon reaching size 2 to rush more settlers. The five cities surrounding the ore include 1, 2, 3, 7, and 16. I consider my hut luck to have been above average, but not amazing or overwhelming... the first 4 yielding a none chariot, a supported horse, 50 gold, and a 2nd supported horse. It could have been better as in 1-4 nomads or tribes and could have been worse as in 1-4 barbarians or a wrong tech. With 3 fast units exploring, scouting out the most excellent nearby city sites was extremely well covered.

    Given the land and the circumstances, decided to go strait for Republic unless forced towards Monarchy such as by getting Ceremonial or maybe an ill timed warrior code in a hut which ended up not happening. Playing with a civ building and non-conquest emphasis. Once writing was completed and off path bronze working was chosen to research, i protected my tech path by refraining from opening huts until the 5th hut which wasn't until 2150 which was pottery and 6th hut in 1750 bc which tuned out to be my first tribe (or nomad) and this frontier tribe became city 08.

    I tend to play very conservatively with huts in most situations, so i also refrained from opening terrained huts with my few and precious two movement units to protect the valued continued exploration of those units as well as the opportunity to open one-movement-cost huts with the ability to attack a barb horse should one emerge or to escape if it's a barb archer. As well if a hut is very near my civ as with the hut very near the west end of the starting river, i will typically build a city near it before opening that hut. My initial plan depending upon circumstances would be Republic as fast as possible, then 80% gold, lots of fast yet well placed cities maybe about 15 or so before prioritizing Science and Curr/Trade/Masonry... then Pottery. So the following is the log...
    Hut Chariot, explore 6 steps of the river, build Cap on plain/river 49/31 with silk and ore access. Choose to work the Silk for a size one settler and for high trade, planning to rush from either 9 shields (or 6 if possible) to 10 and to then rush later as much as possible.
    3900 > Alphabet,
    3750: hut - supported horse
    3700: Alphabet > Code
    3650: hut-50 gold. Very helpful and this will hasten the rushed completion of the size one settler by about 4 turns (3550 instead of about 3350)
    3600: hut-2nd supported horse, spent 62 of 72 gold to complete size one settler to emerge next turn.
    3500: Build 02 on unshielded grass/river (52/30) also with access to both the ore and silk to be heavily utilized especially upon reaching size 2.

    3500 Status:
    2 cities, 0 settlers, 2 horses, 1 chariot, 7 gold.

    3350: Code > Writing
    3050: Writing > Bronze.

    3000 status: Still 2 cities, 0 settlers, 2 horses, 1 chariot, but with new settlers one and 3 turns away. 15 gold, 83k exploration.

    2950: Cap completes Ore and silk aided settler. Settler builds unshielded grass/river 03 (47/29) with ore access same turn . 3c / 0s.
    2850: 02 completes settler. 3/1. Exploring units find 2 terrained huts to hold back on for the time being.
    2800: build 04 on east coast of river, unshielded grass river 55/29. 4/0, 25 gold.
    2750: Bronze > Lit. Re-home one of the 2 horses to eliminate current shield support and most especially in anticipation of Republic.
    2500: Lit>Republic.

    2500 Status: 4 cities, 0 settlers, 2 horses, 1 chariot, all 4 cities are about half way towards next 4 settlers.

    2400, 2350, 2300: Heavy ocean to achieve tight 2250 oedo.
    2250: Republic > Currency. Tax to 80% for now to help facilitate fastest possible expansion. Still protecting my highly valued 2 movement units by not opening 2 movement (terrained) huts. Settler completes. Status: 4 cities, 1 settler.
    2150: Completion of next settler in cap, 4/2. Builds 05 at western end of river - grass/river (47/33) - which as an added benefit permits the safe opening of the nearby hut 2 steps from that site. 5s / 1c. My 5th hut near 05 is Pottery which is ok and my 4th tech priority. Saves me from having to research it after my first 3 priorities which are Curr/Trade/Masonry.
    2100: After walking for 3 turns, build 06 @ 59/31, grass/whale city. Build 1st 2-turn grass/shield road with one turn of stored work contributing. Status: 6/2.
    2050: build 07 on dry grass immediately adjacent to the main river with shared Ore access (53/27). 7/1.

    2000 Status: Republic, 7 cities all size one. 1 settler. 30 rushed shields towards next settler in one of the 7 and all other cities have only 2-7 shields. 2 Horses, 1 chariot. 16 Mfg, 164 k sq mi explored. 7 techs with Currency in progress. 4 risky unopened terrained huts.

    1950: Build 2nd road. 7/1.
    1800: 7/1, 46 gold in treasury, 28 gold income per turn and 7 science per turn. 2 roads.
    1750: Completion of 2 settlers. Hut-Tribe. This is my civ's first tribe (or nomad) and becomes city 08. Plan to rush a dip in this frontier tribe city to hasten the exploration of much unchartered territory. Dip will also be available to team up in some situations with another unit to open terrained huts and be on hand to bribe a barb unit as needed as another tactic in minimizing risk and as well in turning a barb into a positive, especially when we don't have the tech to build horses of our own. 1750 Status: 8 cities / 3 settlers.
    1700: Build 09 in the small river south of capital with silk access, unshielded grass/river (50/36). Build 10, dry grass (54/32) immediately adjacent to starting river Some might deem this city to be sleaze, but in my humble defense i find it to be a fairly valuable location capable of fast growth and eventual celebration growth and with access to valuable grass shield squares and to forests : ). I generally like to build cities close together, but as a balancing factor - in most situations - only when they have redeeming qualities. As far as prioritization, i walked 3 squares to build the grass whale 06 city before building "10" which with a bit of movement luck could have been built 2 turns earlier, or 1 at minimum.
    1700 status: 10 cities / 1 settler. 3 cities close to having settlers built. Treasury 61 Gold. 2 horses, 1 chariot.
    1650: Currency . No Trade offered (seems Pottery messed up the perfect plan a bit) > Masonry. Still 80% gold for a bit longer, partly in the hopes of getting masonry and/or trade in huts or meeting another civ and trading for masonry (they would almost certainly not have trade). Build 11 on dry grass with access to silk (44/34) . Status: 11/1, 103 gold.
    1600: With city 11 built, nearby forest hut becomes safe to open and is a supported archer. 1600 Status: 11/2, 2 horses, 1 chariot, 1 dip, 1 archer. 100 gold.
    1500: One settler completes. Hut on frontier-river - nomad which builds "12" another frontier location to rush a highly valuable dip to quickly uncover a lot of the nearby black. 3rd road built.

    1500 Status: Republic, 12 cities, 4 settlers, 2 horses, 1 chariot, 1 dip, 190 gold, 3 roads, 0 irrigation, 5 unopened risky terrained huts.
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  12. WildPony

    WildPony Chieftain

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    1400: After walking east for 5 steps without doing any work along the way, settler builds grass city 13 at 67/31 with access to whale and ore. Also dry grass city 14 is built at 52:38 immediately adjacent to the south river and with access to silk. 2nd frontier dip rushed.
    1400 status: 14/3, 92 gold, 57 gold income per turn.
    1350: 1st irrigation completed on grass/shield/river 48/38 from 4 turns (+1) of stored work walking along roads and rivers towards next city location.
    1300: Settler that completed irrigation last turn builds 15, on the adjacent grass river 49/39 square. Meet Germans, Peace, they would not trade techs even at neutral and then cordial and enthusiastic disposition and most likely didn't have any. Bribe German warrior for 30 gold who was blocking the chokepoint towards German civ and surrounding unexplored terrain. 1300 Status: 15/2, 146 gold., 3 roads, 1 irrigation.
    1250: Build 16 on dry grass 49/25. 5th of 5 cities with shared access to original ore. 16/1, 206 gold.
    1200: Masonry>Trade. Big shift now towards the goal of building Pyramids. Science to 70% to complete Trade in 2 turns. Weighing various factors and choosing the most ideal 4 cities in which to build caravans. I most likely began this planning before masonry was completed. One big factor is choosing cities that are nearing food storage completion and which would benefit the most from building a caravan rather than another settler. As much as possible, seeking to time this where 4 rushed caravans reach the capital in the same turn as well as timing as many cities as possible to reach food storage completion the turn the 4 caravans land and 200 shields for Pyramids are in place.
    1100: Trade > Map Making. Science back to 20% for now. Although Map making is highly coveted, it is the third priority behind building Pyramids and HG. Build "17" . Status: 17/6. 84 Gold, 65 income. 2 settlers are working on irrigation and the other 4 are heading to build new cities.
    1050: Meet Egyptions. Take chance with trading techs and only get unwanted ceremonial burial but it was worth a shot especially in the hopes of possibly getting Map Making and being able to trade maps with both civs. Horseback alternatively as a consolation prize would have had its merits too. 2 cities built along with 2nd irrigation and 6th road. 103 gold.
    1000: Build 18 on grass at 62/30. Completion of 3rd irrigation project, 7th road, and 3rd caravan.

    1000 status: Republic, 18 cities, 5 settlers, 3 of 4 caravans, 2 horses, 2 diplomats, 1 chariot, 1 archer, 1 warrior (bribed). Germans surprise attack and i believe i lose a horse here or maybe a dip.

    975: 4th caravan emerges and all 4 synergistically fill 200 shields in Capital for Pyramids. Also as carefully planned. 7 cities are each set to fill food storage this turn and 5 more cities will reach it next turn. Bribe a menacing and partially wounded terrained German horse for 59g leaving the dip and horse together on this swamp... which in hindsight was not the best possible idea.
    950: Pyramids emerges. German threat is underestimated and stronger than anticipated. They attack in a costly manner and i lose both dip and horse. I rush another dip to address the threat to my frontier city and even more so to my settler and/or the next near future frontier city which will be even closer to this German adversary. Also would greatly value a Phalanx but can't have both dip and phalanx at once and to rush a dip.

    950 status:
    Republic, Pyramids, 20 cities, 18 of which are size 1's, 2 of which are size 2's. 22 heads (f4 heads) which should be 29 next turn and 34 the following as multiple cities race towards celebration. 4 settlers, 69 gold.

    925: 20/5
    900: Build 21 at 62/26, unshielded grass/river square in the small river east and north of capital. Rush a much needed wartime phalanx near the German war zone. 21/4. Hut 50 gold.
    875: Barbarians from the black emerge and kill one of my horses. With a nearby city built, the Chinese open a now safe hut which yields 50 gold. Build "22", on a retreated dry grass and 2 fish frontier location which is not where i had originally hoped it to be.. This city would have been built on the the 21/15 strategic chokepoint Pheasant that is 3 squares from a German city. Meanwhile a slow moving (lumbering) phalanx is en route to secure that location for a near future city. In hindsight, an earlier phalanx would have been extremely helpful, but i underestimated the German threat and hoped to overcome them with the dips and horses at my disposal.
    875 status: 22/4.
    850: Map Making > Seafaring. Bribe menacing German horse for 58 gold. Upon completion of Map Making, seek peace with Germany in the hopes of being able to gift them Map Making and to trade maps, but upon contacting them i played hard to get and was tributed 100 gold for a cease fire and 50 more gold for peace before trading for Horseback and then gifting them to worshipful and trading maps. Hoping to do whatever is necessary to trade maps with Egypt as well.
    850 status: 22/4, 2 Horses, 2 dips, 2 phalanx's, 1 each chariot, archer warrior. In Republic and with several cities nearing size 3, big shift towards the Hanging Gardens priority.
    825: Complete 3 caras of 4. Bribe another German horse for 56 gold.
    825 status: 22/4, 37 heads, 3 Caras of 4 for HG. Income: 86 gold, 21 science, 67 shields.
    800: 4th cara of 4 emerges. 4 cities reach size 3. Embassy with Egypt. They had only myst. Gifted them as much as necessary to trade maps. 23/3, 376 gold (waiting for cities to become size 4+ before rushing settlers).
    775: 7 size 3s now. 4 caras to capital to fill 200 shields for Hanging Gardens. Completion of 2 additional irrigation projects, now 7 irrigation and 8 roads. 23/4, 374 gold.
    750: Completion of Hanging Gardens. 11 cities are set to celebrate (possibly with 0% or 20% lux and one elvis at this stage) 8 size 3s and 3 size 2s. Complete first boat.

    750 Status: Republic, Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, 23c, 4s, 441 gold.

    725: 11 cities begin to celebrate and will be +1 in size next turn. . 23/4. 52 heads. 492 gold (still awaiting size 4+ cities to rush new settlers). 74 MFG, 347 k sq mi explored, 920 population.
    700: Settler builds dry grass "24" on 40/36 which accesses a silk after walking 3 turns to get there. 24c, 3 s, 66 heads which is an increase of 14 from last turn. 576 Gold.
    675: 24/4, 78 heads which is + 12 from last turn and +26 over the last two turns. 630 Gold.

    As a tangential point of interest to me which may or may not have been covered in this forum over the many years since the inception of civ 2, i feel that "heads" is a far more relevant, proportioned and superior statistic as compared against "population" the way the population statistic is so disproportionately calculated. Most especially i feel that "heads plus number of cities" is among the most highly relevant statistics of all as a measure of comparison since this provides the total number of squares being worked. This statistic along with shield production and gold and science income... as well as number of settlers, caravans and other units are highly relevant numbers in telling us how our civ is doing whereas "population" the way it is calculated is not only unhelpful, but is actually exceedingly misleading as a means of comparing the strength of two civilizations. Thus i believe that population would more ideally be based proportionately upon squares worked with 10k population being assigned to each of these squares as an excellent reflection of the level of productivity within each city and within the civ overall, rather than the exceedingly disproportionate manner in which population is calculated now and in such a way which also disproportionately and misleadingly affects both score and graph. For example, since a size one city works two squares, each square worked could be valued at 10k population so a size one city would have a population of 20k. A size 2 city working a total of 3 squares would be 30k, a size 3 working 4 squares would be 40k, etc. The formula would be: Population = (number of heads plus number of cities) x 10,000. In contrast, the way the population statistic is calculated instead, a size 5 city working 6 total squares has a population of 10k+20k+30k+40k+50k which is 150,000 whereas 3 size one cities combined have a total population of only 30,000 which combined is only 1/5 the population of the size 5 city while working the same number of squares which is 6 and while almost certainly having having superior productivity to the single size 5 city given that the 3 size ones would almost certainly have better squares to choose between. If anything a statistic more accurate in reflection of actual productivity would instead provide a slightly diminished increase in population with each increase in city size as a reflection of the decreased productivity of each new square that becomes available to work. An example might be a size one city which works two squares is 10k + 10k population which is 20k. A size 2 working 3 total squares might be something like 10k+10k+9.5k. A size 3 city which works 4 squares might be something like 10k+10k+9.5k+9.2k = 38.7k, etc. Dialogue on this or on anything else is welcome :). In any case i provide the pre and post celebration population numbers for those who might be interested while also reporting the exceedingly more relevant number of heads, cities and settlers : ).

    650: 5 new settlers emerge (6 gross growth in head count minus 5 settlers = 1 net growth). Lux is at 80% for now allowing some cities to grow one higher than 70% would allow. Also utilizing more Tax collectors at this point to recapture some of the lost tax revenue and 80% Lux allows for more forest to be utilized in the cities not seeking to celebrate. Barbs popping up everywhere some of which are stacked, now in 4 places presenting new challenges and the need to change city production from settlers to either dips or Phalanx in 5 cities. Catapults would be most helpful but not possible : ). Might need to spend money down and pay tribute to save some cities and might allow others to be captured and bribed back. Also rushed 2 boats to transport settlers to optimal new city sites. Spent gold down to 307 for now and will be able to spend a lot more next turn before barbs are in a position to possibly capture some cities.

    650 status:
    Republic, Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, 24c, 9s, 79 heads. 307 gold, 58 gold income, 91 shield production. Pop: 1.97 million.
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  13. WildPony

    WildPony Chieftain

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    625. Rushed another phalanx from zero (at a cost of 75 gold) to help mitigate barb threat.
    625 status: 24c 14s (+5 s from last turn), 82 heads, 6 Phal, 5 Horse, 3 boat, 2 dip, 1 chariot, 1 Archer. 168 gold reserves, 109 Shields, 393 k sq mi, 2.07 mil pop.
    600: 5th current Barb horde (this time chariots) arises out of the black and kills my chariot. Phal in swamp survives attack by barb horse and becomes vet. Build "25", grass/river city at 64/24. I could transition into prolific caravan trading at this point, but since i am planning to play only to 500 bc, the caravans would never reach their destinations. If i was going to be playing longer, i would at this point be building a lot of hide caravans and other demanded trades in higher trade cities and boats to transport them towards Thebes which demands hides.. I would likely also road my way from the boat landing destination near Thebes to Thebes which would require 4 additional roads for a 6 road trip. Would anticipate initial trades bringing in about 130 or so, getting to the point where i am completing a tech per turn and enjoying ever increasing trade values soon into the 200s and 300s racing towards Mikes and then Bachs.
    600 status: 25c, 17s, 6 phal, 5 horse, 3 boats, 2 dips, 1 archer. 87 heads ) +5 from previous turn), 11 roads, 11 irrigation, 113 gold reserves, 54 gold income, 114 shields, 2.26 pop.
    575: Phal survives attack from barb horse. completion of 3 more roads. Build "26", dry grass with 2 fish @ 28/18.
    575 Status: 26c, 17s, 7 phal, 6 horse, 3 boats, 2 dips, 1 archer. 14 roads, 11 irrigation. 95 Heads (+8 from prev turn), 30 gold reserves, 114 tons, 58 gold income.
    550: completed 2+ rd???? , Bribed barb horse for 41 gold and used it to attack leader and collect 150 ransom. Bribed menacing barb archer for 61 gold. Hut-nomad.
    550 status: 26 cities, 20 settlers, 8 phalanx, 7 horse, 3 boats, 3 dip, 3 archer. 100 heads, 126 heads + cities. 142 treasury, 79 gold income, 118 tons, 2.76 million pop.
    525: Built 27 at 34/28, unshielded grass/river. Built 28 at 25/37, dry grass with silk access and possibly more. Built 29, dry grass with grass/shield at 51/43. built 30 at 47/21, grass tip with fish. Capture barb leader and receive 150 gold.
    525 Status: 30 cities, 18 settlers, 8 phalanx, 7 horse, 3 Boats, 3 dips, 2 archers. 109 heads, 139 heads+ cities, 157 heads+cities+settlers. treasury 36 gold, 127 shields, 118 gold income, 450k exploration, 3.04 mil population
    500: Built 31 on dry grass shield, 50/18. Built 32, dry grass with several grass shields and forests, 64/34. built 33 (35/35), dry grass with whale and spice access. Built 34, grass (shield) /river with banana access, 38/28. Built 35 at 36/32, dry unshielded grass with access to several grass/shield squares. After walking for 3 turns, build 36 at 57/41, unshielded grass with access to multiple grass/shields. Build 37, south tip bull with access to one grass/shield, 49/45. Hut - 5 barbarian horses.

    500bc Status: Republic, Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, 37 cities, 17 settlers, 8 phal, 7 horse, 3 boat, 3 dip, 2 archer, 116 heads, 153 heads + cities, 170 heads+cities+settlers, 152 shield income, 100 gold income, 145 gold reserves, 20 roads, 13 irrigation. 450,000 sq mi exploration, 3.1 million population.

    If you made it this far, thanks for reading!
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  14. WildPony

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    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    After first playing and logging an unlimited city game, i was interested to play this also as a One City game with familiarity of the map and treating it as an open initial map game. Rules for myself (just for this game): 1) Known starting map and it is allowable to refer to the initial map. 2) Open first hut until it is either a horse or chariot whichever comes first (and not permitted any other options such as a nomad). 2) 2nd hut open unlimited times until you get whatever you want most... Note that 23/15 is a hut on a chokepoint towards Germany, so if you are seeking to meet them early, you might want this to be your 2nd hut. and 3) from the 3rd hut on, back to normal, sticking with first result unless it's a tribe.

    3950: Hut - horse. Found city in the plain/river 3 special site as mentioned in the download thread.
    3900: > Alphabet
    3700: Alphabet > Code
    3300: 1st size one settler. About this turn, able to trade Egypt for Bronze as my off path tech. They also had Mason and Pottery to offer and i abstained for the time being.
    3000: completion of road on silk.
    2650: 2nd settler > unit to be switched to Dip.
    2600: 1 > 2 and settler Joins: 2 > 3. Writing > Literacy. Production switches to Dip.
    2550: Hut: As mentioned in the special rules, opened until it was a none nomad.
    2400: 1st Dip > 2nd Dip.
    2350: Completion of mine on 3rd special which is a silk. Already have a road here.
    2250: met the Germans. they offered to trade map making and for now i had to say no. With a warrior next to my horse on forest terrain, they demanded a tech and i said no.. and they declared war.
    2200: As predicted their warrior attacked my horse and their warrior lost. Wounded horse moves away to safety. 2nd Diplomat > 3rd Diplomat (for home defense before embarking upon Colossus).
    2100: incited war with egypt in the hopes his warior attacks my mountain top nomad so our settler can keep walking towards the home city.
    2050: It worked.
    2000: 3rd Diplomat > Colossus. Literacy > Republic. (aprox this year). Completion of first grass/river/shield irrigation project.
    1600: Diplomat finds Thebes and gets bounced back home, deprived of completing his assignment. Naturally i made the usual protests.
    1500: Nomad with 3 turns of stored work builds first trade road (to Egypt) on a swamp.
    1350: Republic > Currency. Made war with both foreign civs in the hopes of trading some techs next turn.
    1300: Peace and tech trades with Egypt. Picked up Ceremonial, Masonry, and Pottery. Peace and picked up Map Making from Germany and gifted them a tech towards a mood enhanced map trade. Revolution.
    1250 Step into Republic and set Lux for a celebration.
    1200: Celebration begins
    1150: 3 > 4
    1100: 4 > 5
    1050: 5 > 6. End of celebration for the time being. Embassy established with the Germanic peoples.
    1000: Embassy established with the Egyptian peoples.
    800: Colossus > Temple . Hut: supported Archer.
    775: Bribe barb chariot (supported). Traded Germany for Currency and Egypt for Monarchy.
    725: 2 turns from temple and two turns from an archer reaching our city, had to switch to Marketplace and rush it to 60 shields to get treasury between 50 and 100 gold in anticipation of paying the barbs next turn to save empty city.
    700: Hut: 50 gold. Chariot stepped next to city onto a hill rather than staying in the river and archer reaches home to defend.
    675: Marketplace > Temple. Keeping Science at zero for the time being. Depending upon what develops and which techs the ai completes and chooses, i might build a library after the Temple then turn up science to complete Construction and then Trade.
    525: Temple > Diplomat. Celebration begins.
    500: 6 > 7
    475: 7 > 8
    450: Hut: supported Archer.
    400: Egypt develops Mysticism and we trade them for it.
    375: 5th Dip > Library.
    350: Hut: Supported Chariot. Germans completed Seafaring, traded them for it and gifted it to Egypt. Hut: None Archer.
    325: Bribe German Archer for 78 gold and it's a none.
    300: Science to 80%
    275: Library > Library place holder. My supported settler ran until he could run no more and was hunted and killed by a barb Archer.
    150: Construction > Trade. Place holder @ 70 shields > Aquaduct. Unit away reaches home and City is now capable of celebrating and set to celebrate. Holding back on huts until completion of Trade.
    125: Aquaduct > Colosseum. Celebration begins
    100: 8 > 9 Colosseum rushed to 80/100.
    75: 9 > 10
    50: 10 > 11
    25: 11 > 12 Colosseum > Settler towards Caravan

    1ad Summary: Size 12 Republic, Wonder: Colossus, 2 embassies, Buildings: Marketplace, Temple, Colosseum, Aquaduct, Library. Units: 0 caravans, 1 settler, 5 dips, 2 chariots, 1 horse, 4 archers. 15 techs (19 next turn). Near completion of trade road to Egypt, final completion next turn.

    20: Germans develop Math. Egyptians develop Philosophy and Trade and we are able to trade them for all three. My own science is turned to zero awaiting clarification of the neighbors next research projects. Interestingly timing... in this very turn of obtaining Trade, the final connecting trade road to Egypt is completed. Hut: University. 19 techs and beaker cost for the next is 480.
    60: First Trade Caravan (Hide) > 2nd Trade Caravan.
    100: 2nd Trade Caravan > 3rd. Hut: none archer.
    120: Hut: Horseback. 20 techs.
    140: > Medicine. 3rd Trade Caravan > 4th. Treasury: 85 gold. Not as yet wealthy enough to rush one turn trade caravans so primarily they are being built in 2 for the time being, rushed from 10 or 12 shields to 40.
    180: 4th Hide caravan > 5th. 1st Trade of game - Demanded Hide to Memphis for a bonus of 308. Rushing of first one turn trade caravan from 0 shields to 40 among many more of the same anticipated to follow. Will not log most of these, but for the most part, every time it seems to be the most beneficial choice to build a trade caravan in one turn i will.
    200: Medicine > Banking. Note that i am doing my best to avoid Feudal, Invention and Navi for as long as reasonably possible as well as the techs which immediately precede them which in this case include Warrior Code, Engineering, and Astronomy. As the other aspect of this, i would also like to have Sanitation as soon as possible, but there is a tension between these goals. Likely once i do complete Engin to go for Sani, i will hold off on huts until it becomes necessary to choose and complete Invention. As well, with food surplus and decent squares to occupy allowing only for an approximate size 15 city at this point, Sani is highly valuable, but not as highly valuable as it would be if we could reach size 20. As one specific example of this whole practice, once i complete Warrior Code, then at any given moment it's possible the next hut will be Feudalism which is very detrimental against the practice of rushing one turn Hide caravans which is a key component of my game. Part of my path choices are with all of this in mind, hoping to get as many techs as possible out of huts without sabotaging the overall optimization of the civ.
    220: Demanded Hide to Memphis for 2nd trade of game: 308. Bribe of German horse (none) for a good value of 55 gold. None Egyption horse bribed for another good value of 68 gold. Bribe of supported barb archer for 63. Hut: Barb horse. Bribed it for 41 and it is a none. Wow, 4 bribes this turn in 4 completely different regions of the map : ). Rushed a 3rd consecutive one turn Hide caravan and remaining treasury is 182 gold.
    260: Demanded Hide: 308.
    280: Banking > Economics. Bribe of barb supported Archer.
    300: Demanded Hide: 316.
    320: Demanded Hide: 316.
    340: Economics > Chemistry. Bank > Stock Exchange. Demanded Hide: 316
    360: Stock Exchange > Hide Caravan. Demanded Hide: 316 Hut: Barb horse, bribed, none unit.
    380: Chemistry > Wheel. Germans complete Warrior Code and Egyptions complete Astronomy. I will hold off on both of these techs for now so i can continue to safely open huts without taking the risk of sabotaging my civ in one way or another. Demanded Hide: 316.
    400: Bribery of 2 barb chariots and 1 barb horse, all supported units. Destruction of one barb chariot. Demanded Hide: 316.
    420: Wheel > Engineering. Bribe of barb chariot and by necessity the other chariot is eliminated. Demanded Hide: 316. Starting with 1508 gold, Shakespeare's is purchased for 1230 leaving a balance of 278 Gold. Sale of colosseum increases treasury to 100 gold. Lux to zero, S20.
    440: Shakespeare's > Hide Caravan. Bribe of barb horse for which support must be paid. Demanded Hide: 316. Treasury: 384.
    460: Engineering > Sanitation. University > Hide Caravan. After building a trade road to Egypt and a couple of forts at the front, settler with 9 turns of stored work acquired throughout the journey home steps onto the city's jungle square with the plan to irrigate it. Demanded Hide: 316. Upon completion of engineering, will open no more huts for the moment at the risk of getting invention and it seems likely there is only one remaining hut on the accessible map which is 99% explored. Received 350 gold for peace with Egypt and traded for Astronomy. Received 200 gold for peace with the Germans, traded them for Warrior Code, gifted them Trade which was their current research project which brought them to enthusiastic. Sought maps and it was refused. Since i was this close i gifted them another tech to worshipful and was able to trade maps.
    480: 4 active Hide caravans. Treasury: 586.
    500: Disappearance of Hide demand in Memphis which is the only city to have demanded Hides or anything all game. Will redirect 2 of the 4 active Hides to the other two egyptian cities to establish our 2nd and 3rd trade routes... and unless an egyption demand arises for anything, will redirect all future caravans towards the Germanic lands which are about twice as far away. If i continue this game long enough, i will eventually build a road to Germany as well, but in the meantime, the one settler will continue to improve the land for optimal celebration growth. Undemanded Hide to Thebes for 2nd trade route and a bonus of 162. Withdrawing and re-positioning 3 Archers from front lines in Egypt since they are no longer needed there. Gifted Germany their current research project which was Uni. Expend 2 trade caravans and 800 gold to complete a wonder. Science to 80% to complete Sani as swiftly as possible.

    500 ad Summary: Size 12 Republic about 3 turns away from Sanitation. Wonders: Colossus, Shakespeare's and one turn away from Copernies. Buildings: Marketplace, Temple, Colosseum, Aquaduct, Library, Bank, Stock Exchange, University. Units: 2 trade caravans, 1 settler, 5 diplomats, 5 chariots, 7 horse, 7 archers (19 total units in army which is a lot more than i need. Will disband some of the supported units to rush caravans once i can no longer build warriors.). 243 gold.

    520: Copernicus Observatory.
    560: Sanitation > Theory of Gravity.
    580: Celebration begins.
    600: Sewer > Caravan. 12 > 13. Completion of 15 turn irrigation project yielding another grass/shield square. Undemanded Hide to Heliopolis with a bonus of only 120, but which establishes long awaited 3rd trade route. Treasury: 158 gold.
    620: 13 > 14.
    640: 14 > 15. No more food surplus for now, so celebration is put on hold.
    700: Lux to 20%. 7 trade caravans en route to Germany without the aid of roads.
    720: Celebration begins, irrigation completes esablishing a food surplus of 1. Rushing a caravan per turn with no trades landing is keeping the treasury lean and is now 14 gold.
    740: 15 > 16. Lux to zero. Hide Caravan > Settler.
    760: 16 > 15: Settler > Hide Caravan. Ample food stores. 7 additional squares to be irrigated even before doing anything with the hills or Ore and we likely will await explosives/engineers before working on those more difficult squares, opting to build a trade road to Germany as a higher priority. Will irrigate as much as possible and for now build as many settlers as the food surplus will allow, while maintaining a size 15 city in which every square produces trade.
    780: Treasury: 10 gold.
    800: Disbanded a supported archer to rush the next trade caravan and create a bit of a gold cushion. 11 trade caravans en route. Hides have been available uninterruptedly since the first turn of having trade. Treasury: 69 gold.
    840: Celebration. Received 300 gold for cease fire with Egypt. Gifted both civs Econ which they were both researching. Egypt has Navi which i do not want at this time. Treasury: 359. New irrigation establishes food surplus.
    860: 15 > 16. Hide Caravan > Settler
    880: 16 > 15. 3rd Settler > Hide Caravan.
    900: After a long journey and with our first trade to Germany ready to land, science is increased this one turn to complete the current tech. Gifted both foreign civ's their tech in progress.
    920: Theory of Gravity > Iron Working. Gifted Germany 3 techs to gift them horse which was their current selection. This also allowed me to get an updated map trade. Egyptians with Navigation are now researching Invention. First trade to Germany reaches its Leipzig destination, Undemanded Hides: 292.
    940: Celebration. New irrigation establishes food surplus. 16 active trade caravans.
    960: 15 > 16. Hide Caravan > Settler.
    980: 4th Settler > Hide Caravan. 16 > 15. The two last known accessible huts remain unopened awaiting the completion of certain techs which are being delayed for as long as possible within reason. Without a boat, unable to reach the south pole and have not had the opportunity to bribe one before it was too late.
    1000: With final 2 irrigable trade square projects underway and no bridge building tech as yet, the other two settlers redirect their efforts towards the trade road to Germany.

    1000 ad Summary: Size 15 Republic, Wonders: Colossus, Shakes, Copernie's. Buildings: Marketplace, Temple, Colosseum, Aquaduct, Library, Bank, Stock Exchange, University, Sewer. Units: 18 trade caravans, 4 settlers, 5 diplomats, 5 chariots, 7 horse, 6 archers. 30 Techs with Iron Working about half way completed.

    1020: Undemanded Hides: 292.
    1040: Iron Working > Bridge Building. Celebration
    1060: 15 > 16
    1080 16 > 15. 5th Settler > Hide Caravan. Undemanded Hides: 292. Hide supply finally disappears for the first time all game. One coal caravan is available.
    1100: Undemanded Hides: 292. Gold caravan becomes available.
    1120: Bridge Building > Polytheism. Gold caravan > Food Caravan. We have 20 active trade caravans en route to their destination and for the first time all game there are no more available commodity caravans to build. 3 settlers are working at home to complete the bridges and the other two are advancing the trade road project. With stored work, completion of 2 bridges out of 8.
    1180: Undemanded Hides: 314 + 314.
    1200: Polytheism > Feudalism. Undemanded Hides: 322 + 322 + 322. Treasury: 2998 gold.
    1220: Feudalism > Chivalry Undemanded Hides: 326 + 326. 13 active trade caravans remaining, 2 food caravans. 6 bridges of 8. Treasury: 2615.
    1240: Isaac's. Undemanded Hides: 326
    1260: Chivalry > Monotheism. Undemanded Hides: 326
    1280: All 8 bridges are completed. Undemanded Hides: 326
    1300: Monotheism > Invention. Undemanded Hides: 334. Treasury: 4253 gold.
    1340: Undemanded Hides: 334. Treasury: gold. Nearly Completed Invention, then traded for it and for Navigation. Then opened the 2 huts i have been sitting on. Hut: 100 gold. Hut: 50 gold. Purchase of a wonder. 3364 gold left over.
    1360: Leos > Sun Tzu's. > Gunpowder.
    1380: Gunpowder > Metallurgy. (Explosives was not offered, Metallurgy is towards Refrigeration). Science to 80% and holding back Hides for now to allow them to become more valuable, but will land the other commodities in the hopes of triggering more availability. Treasury: 2508.
    1400: Sun Tzu's > Diplomat.
    1420: Metallurgy > Explosives Undemanded Gold: 167, Coal 167.

    1480: Explosives > Physics.
    1500: Completion of Trade road to Germany. 5 engineers will be storing work along the journey home and will accomplish big things once they get there.
    1530: Physics > Magnetism.

    1530 Summary: Size 15 Republic, Wonders: Colossus, Shakes, Copernie's, Isaac's, Leo's, Sun Tzu's. Buildings: Marketplace, Temple, Colosseum, Aquaduct, Library, Bank, Stock Exchange, University, Sewer. Units: 7 trade caravans, 3 food caravans, 5 engineers, 9 dips, 7 musketeers, 7 knights, 4 Crusaders. 42 Techs with Magnetism in progress (towards much needed Refrigeration). Treasury: 2798 gold.

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