GOTM #3 Results Posted!


Oct 25, 2000
We have posted the GOTM#3 results. Check it out:

All submitted GOTM #3 saved games are available for download in the archive.

The winners this time are:

Gold Medal: SirPleb
Silver Medal: Grey Fox
Bronze: Dirty Clint

Highest score by conquest: SirPleb
Highest score by space ship: Grey Fox
Hhighest score by culture: Dirty Clint
Fastest finish: Serg
Highest score by domination: Lucky
Highest score by diplomacy: Hobbes
Highest score by retirement in 2050 AD: S.P.Q.R

Congratulations to these winners!

PS; If you don't normally download the results in excel format file before, I strongly recommend you to download it. Matrix did some pretty nifty things with the results. :)
Congratulations SirPleb and Grey fox. I'm surprised that there were no early conquest wins at the top but it was tough to do with all the respawning.
Congratulations to you too Dirty Clint, if I may say it! You got a medal too that's not bad!

Yep, this map was a respwning heaven... those maggots...
Originally posted by Matrix
I think I'm gonna commit suicide... :suicide:


(Those Maggots weren't directed to you or Thunderfall, it was too the Computer Civs that always respawn... damn cheaters...)

A question, do you change the starting location once you created the random map?
Originally posted by Grey Fox
Can't tell ya; I'm dead. ;)

Nah, it's because I ended 83th out of 85. :cry:
Originally posted by Grey Fox
A question, do you change the starting location once you created the random map?
Don't know what you mean with this, Grey Fox. Thunderfall or I (usually TF) simply start a new game on a random map, and that's it. We don't do anything with the starting locations.
A question, do you change the starting location once you created the random map?

I heard there was a Tool called Civ3Copy Tool or something where you can change the starting position, but I'm not quite sure...

Well I only asked that question because it seems like the starting positions had been placed to make the game more interesting...
No, no changes at all. I don't look at the map because I also want to play the GOTM. :) Hopefully I could finish this month's GOTM on time...

Congrats to Dirty Clint. You are at the top of the world (ranking). :egypt:
Cool! :D
Second submission and scoring high again with an award!

I didn´t think I had such a good game, I simply played along to have some fun, not paying much attention to my score. I could also have gone for a 2020 victory but I don´t like this tedious part of the game.
Anyway, congratulations to everybody again! :goodjob:
Oh, I just noticed the Firaxian has submitted again. That´s really nice! :cooool:

Btw, Matrix, you should really take more authority here in all these discussions of "every high score is a cheater" and "let´s allow reloading, everybody does that"!
It seems like many cannot acknowledge the skill of players like SirPleb,Grey Fox or Dirty Clint and do not want to believe in our code of honor and try to act accordingly.
These discussions really take the fun out of the GOTM and this forum.
That´s why I still play the Civ2 GOTM before starting the Civ3 GOTM, this month I´ve even played the Civ1 GOTM at first. :p
As a moderator of this forum you should be aware that these accusing posts of some of the new GOTM players can quickly turn into a flame war.
Just my opininion though.;)
Indeed, Javier Sobrado played the GOTM too, again. ;) I think that's really very cool! :yeah:

And Lucky, I'm well aware of my mod responsibilities. ;) But if people think the top players cheat, then we should know about that and fight that thought. But I've also started a new poll about that...
The score I am most impressed by is LaRo's 906 point Space Victory. It is tough to play the game that long with so little territory and still launch the Spaceship.
I found that weird as well, but after checking the game I noticed he just has a very small land. There's one city that now builds a palace. When changing that production to some SS component it'll be done the next turn and the space ship is complete then. ;)
Wow, I'm so happy to have placed well! Congratulations to everyone, it was a fun GOTM. Especially congrats Dirty Clint on your #1 Global Ranking. Aeson, I'm sure sorry you couldn't post, we miss your game.

I was very lucky in this game regarding the Domination threshold. If that had turned out to be smaller than the starting continent plus a bit, I could have triggered it around say 1200AD. Score would still have been good (a bit over 4500 I think) but not nearly what I ended up with.

After GOTM#2, and in the GOTM#3 spoiler thread, some people have asked about how the high scorers play. So this time I kept a bit of a diary as I went (previously posted in spoiler thread) and some extra save games. I've attached that stuff to this as a zip for anyone who wants it.
Thanks SirPleb, but my game probably would have ended in frustration anyways. Just judging by your comments and those on the spoiler thread, I have a very strong suspicion that I was trying to get too cute with the domination victory, and would have triggered it around 500 AD ;)

Congrats to all the winners!
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