GOTM 39: Spoiler 2 (End game -or- entering industrial age)

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  1. Randy

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    Feb 10, 2004
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    I got a defence great leader in this game. It was a little before 1000 BC. He was attacked 2 times in one turn. I thought for sure he would die on the second attack but he won and I got the leader. I use him for the forbiden palace.
  2. CKS

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    Feb 9, 2004
    In random games on stardard maps, I've played the Germans at Monarch level and pushed hard for SGL and MGL in 20 K efforts. I usually start with the wheel, as I can be pretty much guaranteed to learn it first. Twice I've gotten a SGL after learning it. I think the soonest was about 12 turns in - the wheel is pretty cheap and I had a nice starting location. I had to keep him a while before I got a settler out to build a new town The chance at a SGL very early outweighs the risk of not getting philosophy first, but I usually can get to it first anyway.
  3. Smirk

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    Dec 2, 2001
    PTW Predator

    I gave some original thought to try to get a science or culture victory, and had I played open maybe I would have, but having not played in a good while I wasn't able to really think that deep. That and while I beat this map in the goal screen, this map and its vast workers and jungles beat me into submission. I won't be playing Civ for a month at least. ;)

    Onto the history:

    590 BC
    I began with Romans, taking Rome in 590 BC and once I got settlers in place finished him and his wimpy size 1 cities. Shortly after I took Rome, Mao completed the Pyramids which makes me wish I checked Rome before I captured it, as I know Caesar was building also, and chances are he was far along with that great city location. And I could have delayed a few turns.

    Surprisingly it wasn't that difficult to take Rome, although I got no leaders and lost half my initial attack force. I did get a couple lucky defends where my horseman on hills killed some legions. Caesar only had like 4-5 defenders, the pikemen were elsewhere, and only maybe 2 of those were legions.

    I made a mistake prior, but in fact it may have been a blessing, I didn't concentrate on getting republic at the beginning, and even beyond 1000 BC I was working on currency. So it came pretty late, but when it came I was hurting in a big way, I was paying 80+gpt for units, a quarter of which were workers. And the AI had no cash, I think I gave republic away, and maybe got 25g total. Anyway I was just about forced to reduce sceince to a small level. But in hindsight, I would have been shattered if I hadn't waited such a long time. And even more hindsight, I would have been better off with Monarchy.

    10 AD
    Compare that to the next war with the Zulu, with tons of jungle and heavy losses versus Impi. I had to leave the catapults behind and the war was long and boring. Having expended the swordsman I was gearing up for horseman to then be upgraded. I did get a leader and rushed my FP in Rome, I originally intended it for a nice science city which it would have been had I stayed on a course where science mattered. Anyway running out of steam and with no decisive victory in sight, I sued for peace.

    300 AD
    At around this time Abu declared war on me, so selected himself as my next target. I had been building up for an assult on England who happened to finish the great library. Beginning my assault on arab holdings with my elite horseman I managed to get another great leader which came at a perfect time to build the workshop so I saved >500 gold upgrading my horseman.

    450 AD
    Having just finished off the mainland arabs and getting a foothold on the small island (peace trade), my vast forces swept north pushing England off my continent and destroying the Ottomans altogether. Capturing the great library got me about 4 or 5 new techs, none of which I expected I would need. I did have a prebuild in Rome for the observatory, and when I got my third leader I rushed Bach's figuring Rome would complete the wonder with only 10 turns left. This was not to be, I started a cascade and lost ~200 shields in Rome. All in all, I didn't expect to need anything more, although with the massive cash I was getting I ran a mid slider for ~6-8 turn science heading towards military tradition.

    550 AD
    Around this time my leader rushed Bachs and I entered my golden age, which was true in a real sense. I wiped the Celts out and began on the Americans. Easily taking both. I got a RoP with Alex since he had a Celtic city inside his lands, but also because I didn't want to dilly dally with him and planned a RoP rape. I got another leader fighting the americans and made an army, filled it with veteran knights and headed towards the Greek capital.

    650 AD
    This was to be the final leg of conquest. I hoped I wouldn't have to do a major assault on the other continent to get domination, although I was rushing a lot of ships if it became necessary. Since about 300 AD I had been rushing libraries in any captured city. So I started looking for and filling any boundary holes on the mainland, also scraped together a wimpy fighting force to get the other island under control (rushing macers).

    700 AD
    Using the last few captured Greek cities as launching spots I began my assault on Japan, and no sooner had this begun that I achieved a domination victory.

    Here's the minimap image:

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  4. DJMGator13

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    Jan 20, 2004
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    Combined Spoiler

    I took a slightly different approach this game because of the 11 opponents. I decided early in the game to only build a few cities and to let the AI fill in the land for me. I settled Berlin in 3950BC, Leipzig in 2310BC, Hamburg in 1990BC, Konigsberg in 1725BC, Frankfurt in 1400BC and Munich in 1175BC. I then switched my efforts into building horsemen.

    By 1000BC I had only 6 cities, but I had barracks in 5 of them and had already hooked up my iron and horses. My military consisted on 5 horsemen, 2 warriors and only 3 workers. By the time I declared on England I was up to 14 horses, 5 archers, 2 warriors, 2 spears, 2 swords and still only 3 workers. This is where I shortchanged myself again I should have built more workers but knowing it was a Pangaea map I was hoping to move fast and was not too worried about city size.

    Here are the dates of my wars (I entered MA in 430BC):

    England 510BC to 130BC – eliminated them and captured The Oracle – up to 17 horses

    Zulu 90BC to 90AD – eliminated them and captured The Great Library – 16 horses and 1 MDI

    Facing pikes now so I wait for Chivalry – I build 2 cities of my own during this lull and continue to build horses, which I upgrade to knights in 330AD – main military consist of 22 knights – stopped research until the Great Library expired in 490AD

    Rome 350AD to 470AD – left them with 1 city in the NW islands – captured The Pyramids – up to 31 knights

    Greece 480AD to 590AD – left them with 1 city in the NW islands – generated my 1st great leader which I use to rush a new palace in Sparta – captured Leonardo’s Workshop

    America 580AD to 680AD – left them with 1 city in the NW islands – capturing The Colossus and Great Lighthouse

    Arabia 580AD to 750AD – eliminated them – generated my 2nd great leader in 630AD made an army & generated my 3rd (and final) great leader in 690AD used to rush Copernicus’ which kicks off my Golden Age – had 35 knights at start of GA, up to 50 knights by 750AD

    Rome’s end in 610AD
    Greece’s end in 690AD
    America’s end in 730AD

    Upgraded 46 knights to Cavalry in 790AD – still had 12 more knights plus a 3 knight army

    Ottoman 810AD only 2 cities – 1 turn war – eliminated them

    Celts 810AD to 870AD – eliminated them – captured Sun Tzu – up to 67 cavalry

    China 850AD to 910AD – captured 5 cities which put me over the DOM limit

    Not a great game but it was a nice leisurely stroll after attempting a space and diplo game recently. Two quick areas I saw to fix while writing my spoiler is the worker issue ( :spank: I know better than that) and the lull time I had from 90AD to 350AD. I should have pushed the war with another civ instead of waiting to take on Rome, which was the second strongest civ at that time (I was the strongest).
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    Apr 19, 2004
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    Is there going to be a final spoiler thread?
  6. chopster

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    Sep 8, 2004
    I would say this is it:

  7. eldar

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    Apr 19, 2004
    Mechanicsburg, PA
    ...except I've not yet seen any logs for Spaceship or UN wins.
    Hence my question.
  8. Theophilus

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    Jul 7, 2004
    Open [civ3mac]

    I finished mopping up the planet with my panzers in the mid-1800s. (Yes, I am quite aware that this is a pathetic date, but at least it adds one to my “win” column, which, at my skill level, is a good thing.) Inspired by Shigella’s 2050 20k win in GOTM38, I decided to go for a 2050 100k win. As a bonus, I planted some settlers in strategic locations to blossom into cities in 2049, which would also put me over the domination limit. All told, this earns me three victory conditions: histographic, domination, and 100k culture.

    I’ve attached the spreadsheet I used to guide me to 100k on the correct date, which shows culture growth from when the game was really "over" in 1840 until 2050. My terminal guidance was sloppy, but it got the job done. I should have started zeroing in on getting an exact trajectory sooner.

    Considering how much extra time it took to do this strange feat, I don’t think I would try it again. But at least I can say that I’ve done it.:)

    Your name: Theophilus
    Software Version: Mac 1.29f for Macintosh
    Entry class: Open
    Game status: Domination Victory for Germany
    Game date: 2050 AD
    Firaxis score: 4769
    Jason score: 4660

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  9. Tomoyo

    Tomoyo Fate

    Feb 21, 2004
    Boston, Mass
    370BC: Buy Currency and Enter the MA, getting Monotheism. Trade it for Monarchy.

    330BC: Declare war on Arabia. Sign the OTTO against them.

    270BC: Get Republic and Engineering. (Greece's free tech)

    70BC: Oh me my. Najran builds the Colossus one turn before I capture it. Umm... I planned that. :D There was only one defender in the city.

    50BC: This marks the second consecutive GOTM I've gotten to the New cities in the BCs.

    30BC: Captured Mecca. Defended by only two spears. Man, Monarch is easier than I remember.

    Hit the 50 worker mark. Still not enough. Way not enough.

    150AD: The Greeks get the Great Wall. That means they're last. Also, pop a leader. Make peace with the Arabs (OTTO had alread done that) for feudalism and a city

    Rush Sun Tzu's. Also, revolt. (4 turns)

    230AD: Emerge as Republic. Ouch. I have way too many units. Howvever, I have 93 units, and 68 of them are workers. Yet my lands are woefully unimproved.

    290AD: Obtain Theology and Invention though trade.

    340AD: Declare war on Ottomans, using MDI.

    350AD: Capture city one.

    420AD: FP finished finally... in former England. Income goes up 650%...

    430AD: The OTTO capital grows to size seven just as my troops get there. :rolleyes: Capture the OTTO capital.

    460AD: OTTO capital flips... capture ht new capital.

    470AD: Recapture the OTTO capital and make peace.

    500AD: Buy Education. Trade for Astronomy and Chivalry. Declare war on Keltoi, attacking with about 12 MDIs.

    550AD: Capture Entremont. Broker for Banking and Navigation.

    580AD: I've been stuck on 99 workers for quite a while... stopped building them, I think. :hmm:

    590AD: Destroy the Keltoi. I have 99 workers, but ack! I just conquered some more land! My lands are woefully undeveloped again!

    600AD: No new techs for a while. Are they researching Democracy --> Free artistry?

    610AD: York is the fourth city on F11!!!!! :eek: (This was a city that I captured in the QSC period) Also, I get my 100 workers

    I notice something interesting. All the Roman cities near my border are on even land, but the ones on the far coast are all on hills, even Rome.

    630AD: Buy Chemistry.

    640AD: Southern Jungle is cut; move workers away. I know I'm gonna regret this since I'm attacking Rome in two turns.

    660AD: Declare war on Rome. I want to capture a few cities, and more importantly, attack Rome's saltpetre before they get Cavs.

    Err... Knights vs. Fortified Muskets in cities isn't a very good combination...

    Despite that, I capture two cities with three casualties, but I end up with a huge stack of redlined German Knights.

    710AD: Capture Neapolis. Turn research on since Greece/China is taking forever. Metallurgy in four.

    720AD: WW strikes.

    730AD: Buy Economics and sell it for Physics.

    740AD: Buy Printing Press from Korea and get Ivory in the deal. :D Buy Metallurgy for cheap. Capture Hispalis and Pisae.

    Research on Military Tradition, four turns remaining.

    760AD: Watch the Romans pop a leader.

    770AD: :rolleyes:

    780AD: MT comes in.

    Na na na na na, I have cavs and you don't, I'm gonna kill you... :p

    790AD: Capture Antium, getting JS Bach's Cathedral.

    810AD: What genius decided to put Rome on a hill surrounded by rivers? Oh, that's right. :blush: Did I mention you were a genius?

    Pop a leader and rush Smith's.

    820AD: Capture Rome itself.

    840AD: Neapolis flips, then "unflips".

    850AD: Capture Cumae, the last mainland Roman city. A caravel is setting sail to get the island city.

    860AD: Greece and China enter the Industrial Ages. Rome is destroyed. Declare war on the Ottomans.

    Trade for Magnetism and enter the Industrial Ages, pulling Nationalism. Also get Music Theory and Democracy.

    Research on max, Steam Power, 5 turns.

    880AD: Oh, my what have we here?

    Ask Greece to leave and they declare war.

    910AD: Research Steam Power and get the Iron Works message. It's in a semi-corrupt fishing town.

    920AD: Get a scary embargo signed by the Greeks and Arabs against me. Capture Corinth, an outliying city, but get stopped at Thermopulai.

    930AD: Lose the Bach city to a careless mistake.

    950AD: Capture Thermopulai with some new reinforcements. Also, capture Sparta, which has Leonardo's Workshop.

    My rail net is set up so that most of my cavs can reach the front on the turn that they're produced.

    960AD: Industrialisation --> Medicine. Destroy the Ottomans.

    970AD: Declare war on the Arabs. Establish an embassy with China...

    980AD: Capture Athens and Knossos. The Greeks only have three cities left.

    990AD: Knock Greece off the mainland. One city left.

    1010AD: Make peace with the Greeks for Free Artistry. Destroy the Arabs. Declare war on the Americans. Capture Boston.

    Ressearch Medicine, start Electricity.

    Capture all the other mainland American cities and land four cavalry on their last island.

    1020AD: Capture Atlanta and destroy the Americans.

    1030AD: Sign a ROP with the Koreans that I will use to attack the Japanese.

    I'm running low on cash to rush libraries, though. I turn science off for a few turns.

    I am not building factories in most cities because I don't think I need that much longer. This is only Monarch, after all.

    1050AD: I'm done rushing random stuff, so I turn research back on.

    1070AD: Korea and Greece sign a MPP. I was planning on attacking Greece and Japan with a Korea ROP, but this is just screaming ROP rape.

    1080AD: Establish an embassy in Japan, and Kyoto will riot next turn. Sign a ROP with the Japanese... Declare war on the Greeks. Land some troops.

    Okay, any time now... Why isn't the MPP activating?

    Oops. I win.

    Game:  	Classic GOTM 39
    Entry class: 	Open
    Game status: 	Domination Victory for Germany
    Game date: 	1090 AD
    Firaxis score: 	5952
    Jason score: 	9623
  10. Shigella

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    Jul 14, 2004
    I apologize for encouraging such deviant behavior, but it certainly makes for a nice diversion.

    Regretfully, I must report an abandoned effort. I'm working for the next month on the opposite side of the globe from home, and preparation for this travel just wasn't compatible with finishing my game.

    I had eliminated 5 civs and controlled about 45% of the territory when I stopped playing about a third of the way through the Industrial Age (~700 AD), and was having to put a lot of effort into infrastructure to maintain 4-turn research. My enthusiasm for finishing was further hampered by the fact that I shot my rep way back in the early Middle Ages by pillaging my iron (to build cheap horses) while neglecting to remember that I was trading said iron to the English. :suicide:

    I also was fairly unlucky with the free techs at the beginning of the ages, gaining only 1 tech by trade at the start of the Middle Ages and not being able to trade for a single tech at the dawn of the IA. I entered the IA in 560 AD, so I think SirPleb had me covered by a good 15 turns at that point. The fastest I could possibly finish a Diplomatic victory was 1090 AD, and I will be shocked if SirPleb finished any later than 920 AD. It also looks like Ignas has a good Diplo attempt going.

    Good luck to all and I guess I will be checking back in for GOTM41.
  11. tao

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    Aug 15, 2002
    I got quite a number of Great Leaders (5 in the Middle Ages, 11 in Industrial Times) but all too late for my 20k race which actually is quite a crawl without any ancient Wonders. I have reached the end of the tech tree, are close to the domination limit, and only have to rearrange citizens after cleaning up pollution. Boring. :sad:
  12. CdB

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    Mar 4, 2003
    Paris, France
    [civ3] v1.29f Open
    Ancient Age

    In 290 BC I am in Republic, I switch all my build to cheap Libraries so that I keep my search momentum. I will then search Feudalism and then towards Invention for the most important Wonders.
    In 210 BC, I have 2 Romans Archers by Stuttgart, my lonely town trying to build a galley. Unfortunately with still 17 turns to go and defended only by one lone Reg Wa, I am not in position to defend. I have also most of my forces in the north ready to attacks Keltoi (9 Horses & 2 Swords). I decide to upgrade move all close horses (3) in the south to go in defending war. I upgrade my Reg Wa to Sword to be able to give extra power to my empty towns in the south.. I give this “galley” town to Greece (maybe Rome will attack it still ?).

    Keltoi & Roman War (210 BC – 230 AD)
    I declare against Keltoi and the next year I have Camulodunum that fells to me. I have my first Great Leader that builds an army. I hope for more before the end of Feudalism (12 more turns). I send my swords with some horses towards Lugdunum (placed on hill) while rest of my forces rest…
    I declare against Rome grabbing one more slave and gathering Zulus to attack Rome also. Unfortunately, I cannot manage to get Greece to join the fight…
    In 150 BC, Keltoi lose 2 more towns, I still have to conquer their silks Capital before moving all my forces south towards Rome.
    In 110 BC, Pompei fells while I have 2 Arcs & 2 Legions pursuing my lone Reg Warrior fleeing in front of them.
    In 50 BC, Rome lost 2 more towns while I have my lone Wa cornered and dying, the next year, I have some mighty legion coming towards me that I will need to soften with Horses and kill with swords.
    In 10 BC, Entremont fells and I get one more island only town from the Peace talks with Keltoi. I can move my whole army of 20 Horses & 6 Swords to the south now :). I get another leader just in time to build Sun Tzu in Nuremberg – perfect timing.
    In 50 AD, I get a leader while battling for Neapolis and conveniently builds the Heroic Epic.
    In 90 AD, Veii fells and I move towards Rome (an Hill defended by rivers and defended by Vet Legions). My only cat is too far in the south. I must have all my forces ready to attack this town in one turn and hope for good RNG otherwise, it will be bloody. An Elite Horse has 11% of winning… I have now Persian Mercenary to help me and I am also hoping for some Zulus forces (if they come).
    In the meantime, I will conquer the remaining Roman towns. Antium & Cumae fell both in 210 AD.
    First Impis arrived on the same year also to pillage around Rome. Zulus enrols Americans against Romans.
    In 230 AD, one angry legion is killed attacking a marauding Impi and second legion finishes the job. That’s 2 defenders less in Rome. I attack with my Army red-lined killing one Legion. Fortunately, RNG is not too bad and Rome is finally mine. I can declare peace with Rome for next to nothing to gain. They still have one town in an island.

    American War (250 AD – 330AD)
    With 36 Horses and 5 Persian Mercenaries, I begin crunching Americans trying to put my elite Horse always in order to maximize chances to have a leader.
    In 290 AD, I begin searching Chivalry (in the next 4 turns) and I have nothing really to exchange with the rest of the civs.
    By 320 AD, America has lost 5 towns (one per turn) and I have now 41 Horses that I keep in the north to be ready to attacks Arabs before they get their knights. I have managed to get another leader while conquering their capital that enables to rush Leo’s
    In 330 AD, I switch to GunPowder at 70% only in order to make some cash to upgrade all my horses.
    I keep pumping knights now with only infrastructure being Libraries in the core towns.

    Arabian War (350 AD – 430 AD)
    I have my limited North forces ready to attack with some key knight. In the south, I have my Elite Horses (that I keep for leader fishing) moving north to finish English and then Zulus. Najran fells with one knight defeated by a Spear… but already another knight is Elite. My next leader will make a Forbidden Palace but I am not sure where yet.
    Mecca fells in 390 and in 430 AD, I must declare peace with Arabs because I have a lone Arab Persia Mech that is in front of the empty island town (gained from Keltoi). They have only 2 towns left and my army is now 32 knights & 10 Horses only 2 Persian Mercenaries and still no boat to go on others islands.
    I moved my forces towards England now.

    English War (440 AD – 480 AD)
    In 440 AD, while re-conquering Hannover (culture split), I get another leader that goes rushes a Forbidden Palace in Entremont in the hope, I could make Arabs area profitable also.
    English are dead soon and I am still searching at 80% chemistry (in the next 2 turns) while I rearrange my forces towards Zulus. I now have a second empty army and will wait for Cavs to use it. Army is 36 Knights & 6 Horses

    Zulu War (490 AD – 560 AD)
    I attack weak Zulus now and in 530 AD, they have only 2 remaining towns while I have now a third empty army and my first 2 galleys (41 Knights & 3 Horse). One will soon bring 2 knights towards my empty island town.
    In 560 AD, Zulus are finished, it took me some time to reach their lone town in the jungle… I am now searching MT in the next 3 turns. I am continuing to build knights and will switch to Universities / Market Places when MT is discovered. In the meantime, I have traded Education and already researched Astronomy in order to build Copernicus with my next leader.

    Greek War (570 AD - 650 AD)
    I face only Hoplites and I am slowly crunching Greeks with my Elite knights while my Army of Horses is use for Military Police in big towns.
    All conquered towns are pumping slaves and then a library for culture.
    600 AD : China landed a Sword on my island town…
    610 AD : IBT China declares WAR and I have my fortified Knight on Hill resisting the sneak attack.
    I have another leader that will rush Copernicus’s in Nuremberg after Cav is finished. I have now 34 Cavs & 15 knights (& 2 Mercs) & 4 Caravels
    I have a force of 3 Cavs ready to take one Greek town in Keltoi island (in NW). A second caravel is moving South and will disembark troops for little island to be conquered. Then I have placed 3 cavs on the south of Arab capital.
    I attack a Chinese Merc. with my only Knight. He is read-lined and retreats while the Mercenary has 2 points remaining. IBT, Chinese merc. dies.
    630 AD : Attack on Keltoi island failed. I have more Cavs landed for next turn.
    On mainland, Greece lost all their towns and I am ready to finish them soon.

    Japan War (630 AD – 650 AD)
    I have landed an army of 2 Cavs near Osaka (a Japanese Harbor) defended by Spear… just on the closest point near mainland.
    640 AD : Osaka is mine and 650 AD Kyoto fells also. I now have 7 luxs and my core is building Unis to continue research and then some Market Places because I have enough cavs to do the job...
    660 AD : Ottomans are dead with Izmit conquered on mainland.

    Chinese War (670 AD – ) and Conquest of NW islands (660 AD – 770 AD)
    After early squirmishes, I decided to go on attacking really Chinese. I do not want to face early the Riders so I bring Korea also to join the fight. I am ferrying all my army using my newly conquered Japanese towns. I have 38 cavs & 8 Elite knights move and 4 armies… First Chinese towns fell on 670 AD.
    690 AD : Second Chinese town fells while Keltoi only have one remaining town on the first island in the North
    710 AD : Two more Chinese towns while Korean have lost 2 towns on their side... Keltoi just died while I conquered their last town. Magnetism is in 4 turns.
    730 AD : Two more Chinese towns while facing some muskets. I start attacking with one army and then Elite Cavs.
    750 AD : Arabs died. I have 46 cavs now & 7 knights while I entered Industrial Ages with Nationalism.
    760 AD : Three more Chinese towns (one also in one of the island)
    770 AD : American are dead while the conquest of the NW islands is finished. Two Chinese towns this turn.

    Domination victory with score of 6674.
  13. EsatP

    EsatP Chieftain

    Jan 9, 2003
    UUUU... Crazy game. I take full war way and has 14 (!!!) leaders! No civil building, only baracks&units archers - horsemens - knights.
    All workers slave! And result:

    Entry class: Open
    Game status: Conquest Victory for Germany
    Game date: 630 AD
    Firaxis score: 7338
    Jason score: 10811
    Time played: 08:58:43
  14. MOTH

    MOTH Emperor

    Aug 13, 2004
    mostly lurking
    I finally finished. I started as going towards 100K, but when it was taking to long I switched to Space Ship. My highest Jason score yet.

    Entry class: Open
    Game status: Spaceship Victory for Germany
    Game date: 1515 AD
    Firaxis score: 6746
    Jason score: 9865

    I was at war for nearly the whole game with Arabia and Japan. It would have been the Celts too, but China killed them off. These were the only nations to ever declare war on me. I kept them around for the negative war weariness.
  15. OneFastWarrior

    OneFastWarrior Asthma Hound Chihuahua

    Feb 27, 2003
    Spokane, WA
    well I finished my 1st GOTM since 28 I think.
    If I had been more aggresive I probably would have finished earlier with a better score. However, being as this was my 1st game in about 7 months, I'll take it.

    Entry class: Open
    Game status: Domination Victory for Germany
    Game date: 1315 AD
    Firaxis score: 4787
    Jason score: 8341

    my hours played says 223:58:10. :lol: I leave my game running in the background and over night so when I am walking by my pc, I can play for 5 to 10 mins when going to work in the morn.
  16. Drazek

    Drazek Warlord

    Mar 12, 2003
    Doesn't the map look like Eurasia, part of England and Ireland and then Atlantis?
  17. tao

    tao Deity

    Aug 15, 2002
    open [civ3mac] 1.29

    First post is here. Ancient Age 4000BC - 370BC

    I was starting the Middle Ages on my way to 20k in Leipzig still without a Wonder. Leipzig was quite a nice city doing 21 spt:

    I built Leonardo's in Berlin to break the Wonder cascade, and except for the coastal Magellan's, all other Middle Age Wonders were built in Leipzig.

    Our Golden Age was triggered 710AD once Leipzig built Shakespeare's, because we had captured the Great Library (after it had expired) for Shaka.

    This gave a final kick and in 850AD I entered the Industrial Ages, got free nationalism, and researched steam in 4 turns. Once the tiles were railroaded, factory and coal plant hurried, Leipzig had 66spt:

    All IA Wonders went to Leipzig, but the AIs failed to research espionage. Zipping thru the IA we entered Modern Times 1345AD and got free rocketry. Donating scientific Greece and Korea into MT, did not give any other tech: darn 1.29. :(
    I had a Leader stand-by, but needed 5 turns to research computers. Thus I decided to hand-build SETI (done 1380) and use the Leader to hurry UN (after a 1-turn research lab done 1385) in 1390.

    Leipzig now was a powerhouse and of course built all Wonders. 1540AD the AIs finally had espionage and Leipzig could build the Intelligence Agency. With nuclear plant and manufacturing plant, Leipzig reached its peak:

    20K were finally achieved 1796AD: very late because of the lack of early culture. But still, I learned something for the next attempt.

    Firaxis 5735, Jason 7768

    In the end, I had to avoid domination and had to sell libraries, universities, temples, colosseums, and cathedrals to avoid reaching 100k culture.
  18. DBear

    DBear unbeliever

    Dec 27, 2003
    Prime Material
    See post #26 on this thread for how I did in the Middle Ages.

    DBear's GotM39c--Industrial Age:

    1140: Got National as bonus tech. Going for Steam.

    1150: Weimar built. Athens captured. Thought there might be some leftover Greeks but they're all Americans.

    1170: The Arabs are exterminated. Rome has an army. One of our cav wins Iron Cross. Leader rushes Adam Smith in Thermopylae.

    1180: Zulu land a longbow outside Sogut. Roman knights are in my borders. As expected, we tell Rome to move and they declare war. Delphi wiped out. We start drafting rifles. Bribe Koreans to join war with fur and wine.

    1190: Romans take Fustat. Cav beats Roman army! Yeeha! Wierdest army I've seen, though. Knight, longbow, and mace.

    1200: Warwick conquered, wiping out English. We take Fustat back. Thermo expands. A new source of iron goes up near Heidelberg.

    1210: Warwick is going to be impossible to hold, so I gift it to the Celts. That gets them from furious to annoyed. Don't know what their problem is. I try a gpt deal and they like it, so our rep's still good.

    1220: Others learn navigation. Little point with magnetism. Intombe razed.

    1230: Learn steam, start commie. Brandenburg expands. We have 4 coals and we can build Iron Works in Stuttgart and Brandenburg! Stuttgart switched to Iron Works. Another coal available on mountain between Berlin and Leipzig. Berlin needs to move 1w to be an Iron Works city.

    1250: Damn Romans take Fustat again. They also attack Sogut, my strongest-defended city!

    1255: Zimbabwe flips back to Zulus. It is short-lived, as it is immediately razed.

    1260: China declares war on Korea. We make peace with the Zulus, getting Nav, WM, 26 + 6/turn. Pompeii taken.

    1265: Fustat recaptured. Viroconium razed. Worker moves near new city site and finds a barb camp!

    1270: Golden Age ends. Chemnitz founded. Mpondo captured, renamed Potsdam.

    1275: Fustat lost and retaken. Ravenna captured.

    1280: China is up electric.

    1285: Berlin builds academy. Lubeck built 4se of Ulm. Philadelphia is razed. We declare war on Korea.

    1290: Corinth is taken.

    1295: Learn commie. Got lucky w/4 turn anarchy. America gets China to sign an embargo against us. Veii is razed.

    1300: Aachen built. Some embargo. China is more than willing to trade Electric, 130 + 20/turn for Commie.

    1315: Anarchy ends, we go commie. Whip several libs. China is up replaceables. How are they teching so fast? It will take us 14 to get industry.

    1325: Washington captured.

    1330: Magdeburg founded on ruins of Philadelphia.

    1335: We are halfway to domination. New York taken. Americans destroyed. On to Rome!

    1340: Dusseldorf built between Washington and Magdeburg. Boston is taken.

    1345: Japan takes Seoul. Korea down to one city.

    1350: China demands wines. Let 'em have it, we have more. Antium taken.

    1365: Japan destroys Korea.

    1370: China is starting the ToE.

    1380: Industry comes in. trade it to China for Meds + 166. Start Sci Meth.

    1385: Tsingtao builds Magellan.

    1390: China gets Sanitation.

    1410: Rome falls.

    1415: Open embassies with Japan and China. They are at war. Give China ultimatum, they declare war. Fine, I kill off sword that's been lurking around. Also, I get the Celts involved for spices, they'll even pay me 18 + 3/turn. China has got to be slown down.

    1420: Sci Meth comes in, start Espionage.

    1430: Cumae and Byzantium fall. That's all for the Romans.

    1450: Stuttgart builds Iron Works.

    1455: Learn espionage, start atomics.

    1465: Celts trade silk, demo for commie. Chinese sunk our reinforcements.

    1480: Japan destroyed. We need frigates! China beats us to ToE.

    1490: Celts learn replaceables. Trade them Sci Meth, Espionage for Replaceables, 103 + 48/turn. Rubber shows up near Nottingham, Athens, and Pompeii. Upgraded several rifles to infantry.

    1495: We conquer Swazi. And then there were three. Didn't even get a popup saying I had destroyed the Zulu. Additional rubber source seen outside Konigsberg. Another just inside our border near Aden that we can't get to.

    1505: We take Chinan.

    1515: Celts make peace with China, then redeclare war.

    1530: Learn atomics, start electronics.

    1550: Stuttgart finishes Intelligence Agency. The Celts are slowly losing to the Chinese.

    1560: We take Aden, which had been taken from the Celts. We got a new leader! We fail to plant a spy in Beijing.

    1580: Celts finally get sanitation. Trade them Atomics for Sanitation, Free Art, 1 + WM. They had no more gold.

    1590: Electronics learned, start corp. Celts gold deal ends. Rush Hoover in Konigsberg.

    1620: Corp comes in, start Refining. Chineses are up Refining and Steel, we have Atomics and Espionage. Our war with China is going nowhere. We make peace, getting 120 gold. We make sure no one is in Celt territory, then try to plant a spy. It succeeds. Celts have more infantry, but we have more artys. We tell the Celts to scram, they declare war. OK, they take the hit. We get Hyangsan.

    1625: With everyone in commie, the tech pace has slowed to a crawl. We take Burdigala. We hunt down their army and kill it.

    1635: Celts send their knight army against my infantry and it dies, heh heh. China and Celts make peace. I'm trying to trade with China, but they want too much. We cut Celt's rubber. We take Eboracum.

    1650: Celts have 3 infantry just outside Richborough. Instead of going in to reinforce, they retreat! Cav army takes it. We take Mecca, which has Great Wall and Sistine. The lone Arab resident hails us as liberators.

    1655: Mohacs is next.

    1665: Learn refine, start steel. Trade China electronics + wine for steel + dye + 3. Start combust. I vant die Panzers! Oil shows up near Ulm and Anjar. 4 others show up in unworked desert.

    1670: One of my cav takes Medina, gets iron cross. Leader rushes hospital in Thermo.

    1675: China doesn't have combust either. Looks like we're equal. We can get Battle Med.

    1700: Got another Iron Cross. Leader rushes Battle Med.

    1705: Army takes Entremont.

    1715: After bloody fighting that saw the cav army die and the creation of a new leader, Lugdunum falls and we are masters of the continent.

    1725: Learn combust, start mass pro. Take Warwick.

    1730: Take Yamama. Rename Chinan to Saarbrucken.

    1740 or 45: Take Gergovia.

    1752: VICTORY IS MINE! :borg: 3571 Firaxis points. 5038 Jason points.
  19. Renata

    Renata homicidal jungle cat GOTM Staff

    Jan 14, 2003
    I apparently write too much, so here's part 1. Open Class, PTW.

    I finished!

    Of course, my result was nothing to write home about in this game :p : 20K in 1844 with 7300-something Jason. I'm glad I did it, even if it did about kill me.

    I learned the following:

    1. Never-ever-ever build a 20K town where it'll need an aqueduct if there's any choice. You will all laugh to find out how long that poor town was stuck at size 6, mostly due to the issue in point #2.
    2. 42 elite victories in a row without a great leader -- from 4000 BC until about 300 AD -- sucks eggs in a 20K game. :lol:
    3. I stink at "milking", apparently -- if I'd reversed course after cavalry were available and taken domination instead (maybe 1200-1250 AD), I'd have gained about 1500 Jason points!
    4. The Chinese are treacherous villains. All there is for it is to nuke them into oblivion.
    5. I need a *lot* more practice at this victory type! No idea when I'll have the stamina to try again, though; 33 hours is about twice as long as most games take me, and at that, I rushed through this. All that said; it was fun. :)

    Ridiculously long summary follows.

    I was determined to play this game as a 20K from the outset, come heck or high water. I hadn't done a 20K solo game *ever* above warlord level, so I'd wanted to pick a lower-level GOTM to try it out on. This one looked lovely, except for that little niggling problem of there being no bonus grasses visible in the pre-game screenshot.

    Needless to say, I wasn't thrilled when I saw the surroundings, either. :p

    Berlin would have been a very problematic 20K town, with no long-term production, only iffy short-term production, and several jungle tiles. I decided pretty quickly I'd have to go elsewhere. Elsewhere wasn't too attractive either, though. The best river sites were at RCP 5, farther than I wanted to go. There was an RCP 3 site that'd be great in the long run, with flood-plain wheat and several mountains, but with no bonus grasses visible and a lot of jungles, it was going to be a lot of work. So, for better or for worse, I went north instead.

    2850 BC: Leipzig founded 3N of Berlin on the desert. Three bgs, flood plains, a plains wheat, lots of river tiles in radius but not on fresh water. First build was the temple, IIRC.
    2030 BC: temple (with pop-rush)

    I didn't have a lot of time for a long game like 20K, so I played the whole thing a bit carelessly, and made a lot of silly mistakes in addition to the strategic ones I would have made anyway. I'm not sure which category losing the Oracle belongs in; in any case, it was built in Zimbabwe two turns before I could. This had rather a cascading effect on the game, since it took an additional twelve turns to complete the Pyramids instead. The library was delayed, the Great Library was started late and still only half-done when revolution became possible, making the revolution much more tempting. When the GL was then also missed, by one turn less than the length of the anarchy :p , the only available recourse was to cascade to Sistine's -- not a horrible thing in itself, except have you noticed that there's been no mention of an aqueduct yet? ;)

    In the late 600s BC I started a series of leader-fishing and territory-grabbing wars that wouldn't really end until late in the Industrial Age. First up were the Zulus (who had long since wiped out England), razing a no-culture town or two and promoting some swords, but not doing very much damage. After that, the swords headed into the jungle to capture Ravenna and raze a couple of other Roman and American settlements.

    610 BC: Pyramids
    530 BC: library

    After razing the American jungle town, the remaining swords kept trecking on southwards through neutral territory, with workers and later settlers following behind to open up a road south. Around 330 BC, a permanent southern outpost was obtained with the capture of Atlanta.

    Meanwhile, the new swordsmen being trained back home didn't feel up to hauling themselves all the way to the other end of the continent, and wanted an enemy closer to home to take out their aggression on. So off it was against the Arabs, then the Ottomans' scattered cities (eliminated them), then the Arabs again (exiling them to the islands). In 360 AD, after about 40 elite victories, I *finally* got my first great leader -- and had absolutely nothing to do with him. Sistine's had 11 turns to go, no other cultural build available at the time cost anywhere near the number of shields already accumulated, and I just couldn't bring myself to rush only the last 100 of 600 painfully-earned shields. So I had to wait.

    And have you noticed I still haven't mentioned an aqueduct?

    470 AD: Sistine Chapel (hand-built)
    480 AD: Copernicus's Observatory (leader-rush)
    about 500 AD: AQUEDUCT!!!!! (something is seriously wrong when that's the most anticipated build of a 20K game. :lol: )

    Besides the major Arab and Ottoman wars, the late ancient and early middle ages also featured several skirmishes, against the Americans, who briefly recaptured Atlanta, and the Greeks, who sent units up around the lakes several times but never did any damage.

    550/570/590 AD: cathedral/university/colloseum. Leipzig was up to 20spt, convenient for short-rushing.

    The next major war was against the Celts, who fell very rapidly to German knights and joined the Arabs in their island exile. And then there was Rome, who fell not-so-easily. Actually, they didn't fall at all. Enough fringe towns were captured to finally open up a pretty blue corridor all the way down to Atlanta, but the assault stopped dead on Rome itself. All was not lost, though; another leader was produced in 680 AD.

    (I just want to say, Ainwood, the locations and terrain of some of your AI capitals, Rome in particular, were quite, quite evil. I'm taking notes, just so you know.)

    Once again, though, the leader presented a bit of a puzzle. Bach's had been started in Leipzig several turns earlier. The Forbidden Palace had yet to be built. And free artistry was next up after democracy, due about 740 BC, presenting the possibility of the Shakespeare's culture bomb.

    I decided to go for the FP and Shakespeare's.

    710 AD: Forbidden Palace (hand-built). (Nah, that's not late. *cough*)
    740 AD: Bach's. Whoops. In 730 AD I had leader-rushed Bach's, intending to switch to the wonder I really wanted on the interturn. Turns out, it can't be done; apparently any rush at all, even by a leader, disables subsequent switching to a Wonder. Good to know; wish I hadn't learned it mid-GOTM. :) I'd have been more annoyed if further assaults on Roman territory hadn't turned up another leader in 760 AD.

    780 AD: Shakespeare's (leader-rushed. Can't remember why it took a couple turns longer than it should have; this might be where I snuck in Leipzig's marketplace.)

    In the end the assault on Rome was given up as a bad job, and efforts were turned to capturing America's last four continental cities. During this time, Newton's was handbuilt. Newly-produced cavs had been gathering at the Zulus' borders (both sets; both former England and the homeland), and war was declared just as Germany entered the Industrial Age. (Getting medicine. Blech.)

    970 AD: Newtons (hand-built)

    In due course, both America and the Zulus joined the patchwork of exiles in the islands. That left Greece and Rome as the last holdouts on the continent. Greece had mostly escaped the attention of what was quickly becoming the German juggernaut, but it couldn't last. Cavs headed south, helped along by the first rail lines. With nothing cultural to build in Leipzig (palace pre-build well advanced), the next leader was used to build a cav army in 1160 AD.

    The army captains must've all dropped their shiny new pistols in the river, though, because the army died in only its second assault, going one for eleven against a musket regiment defending a size-10 city on flat ground. But at least the Heroic Epic had been enabled.

    Greece was quite pitiful, by the way, that one lucky musket notwithstanding. All the leader-fishing in the world couldn't keep them around very long. They did better than Arabia, America, the Zulus or the Celts; though -- they had *three* island towns. :p

    1230 AD: Universal Suffrage (hand-built)
  20. Renata

    Renata homicidal jungle cat GOTM Staff

    Jan 14, 2003
    Part 2.

    US started the golden age, at long last. Although it was late, it did get me through the industrial age wonder drought in short and relatively efficient order; except for a brief period building armies to enable the pentagon, Leipzig was almost always working on something cultural. In other news, the cavalry had a much nicer go of it in Roman territory than the knights had earlier. Revenge is sweet, Caeser. :D

    1265 AD: Heroic Epic

    Another leader turned up in 1275 AD, so the better odds of the HE paid off quite soon. By about 1300 AD, Rome had joined everybody else in the islands, and the continent was entirely German, even if an annoying number of the civilization's citizens were still speaking Latin for some time to come.

    1285 AD: ToE (leader-rush)

    Over on the other major continent, China had been whiling away the centuries by kicking Japanese and Korean rear. Happily for me, that left my armies an easy landing, quick capture of sources of ivory and dyes, and some more chances for low-risk leader fishing. Coincidentally, the two lux cities were just about all I could take before I would've hit the domination limit.

    1320 AD: Wall Street (hand-built)

    In 1330 AD I got a leader against the Japanese. It would take a couple of turns to return the leader to Leipzig, since the city-to-city channel crossing was five tiles and the galleons could only move four. So I decided to switch the Hoover build I had going to Military Academy first.

    1350 AD: Military Academy (hand-built)
    1355 AD: Hoover Dam (leader rush)
    1390 AD: Battlefield Medicine (hand-built)
    1415 AD: Intelligence Agency (hand-built)

    By about 1450 BC, Korea was long gone from the game, and Japan's last two cities were played out. I had stacks of infantry and artillery defending the two towns and the luxes, two or three dozen cavs, and best of all, panzers soon to arrive in mass. Leipzig was building armies in preparation to build the pentagon; when they arrived, they were filled with infantry. Time for war against the beast of the ... west.

    It's been a long time since I've faced an attack from a tough AI civ after rails. I was pretty far ahead in tech by this time, but China still had infantry, and guerrilas, and cavalry, and plenty of them. And ironclads; can't forget them. :rolleyes: The towns ultimately survived, but several units were lost, and war weariness set in quickly. Happily, my core towns were by this time almost immune. The first leader against China turned up in 1475 AD; it was saved for whatever would be the first good modern age wonder available; this turned out to be the United Nations, after Fission was received as the free tech.

    1480 AD: Pentagon (hand-built)
    1500 AD: United Nations (leader-rush)

    Also in 1500 AD, another leader turned up. This one was supposed to rush SETI as soon as Computers was learned. My brain was long since fried by this point, though, and instead he got shipped all the way back to Leipzig only to get turned into an army. Whoops.

    A couple of turns later I was finally on the offensive against China, their convenient stream of invading units having dried up. Another leader was produced in 1525 AD, and although he sort of went the long way around due to mixups in shipping, he finally did make it back to Leipzig to rush SETI.

    1540 AD: SETI (leader rush)
    1550 AD: research lab (partial cash-rush)

    Another leader turned up in 1585 AD; this one managed to make to Leipzig uneventfully *and* successfully rush the correct wonder. A major accomplishment for me by this point, believe me.

    1585 AD: The Internet

    After this it was all over but the shouting. I gave up on China after razing the easier 2/3 of their territory, in order to give my poor unhappy cities a breather. (The core cities were still fine, but the size-12 no-marketplace towns in former foreign territory were threatening to lose population.) Of course, everyone was perfectly happy for me to go back to war with Japan. :) They weren't much, though, and were eliminated pretty quickly. I then loaded up my ten remaining un-leadered elite units -- four panzers, four infantry and a couple of cavs -- and sent them off to the islands for further leader-fishing opportunities. Surprisingly, this worked quite well. The island towns weren't defended by very good units, by and large, but each little micro-civ had several of them, so I got quite a few shots at leaders. I got the first of them the same turn Cure for Cancer finished, which was used to rush Longevity.

    1650 AD: Cure for Cancer (hand-built)
    1655 AD: Longevity (leader-rushed)

    Another leader in 1670 rushed the Manhattan Project after Apollo finished.

    1685 AD: Apollo Program (hand-built)
    1690 AD: Manhattan Project (leader-rushed)

    That was everything except a late palace move (rushed with a third and final leader I can't find the date for) and the Strategic Missile Defense, which needed a bunch of techs yet, so I shipped everything back to China, not intending to go to war again. China was the only other civ left in the game; they'd resettled most of their continent, although the towns were still small.

    1710 AD: palace (partial leader-rush)
    1764 AD: Strategic Missile Defense (hand-built from spaceship-part prebuild; delayed one turn when I kindasorta forgot about the prerequisite)

    China sneak-attacked twice, though, the second time breaking a peace treaty that wasn't five turns old, so my plans to shift-enter the rest of the way through the game were ruined. In retaliation, I annihilated all but their newly-settled island towns. I hadn't built ICBMs in years, so their two biggest cities got that treatment just for fun; the rest were Modern Armor-versus-infantry slaughter.

    I went all the way to future tech 2. Haven't done *that* since chieftain level. :)

    Finally hit 20K in Leipzig in 1844.


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