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GOTM 43 quick game - spoiler thread

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Quick Games' started by Theoden, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Theoden

    Theoden Deity GOTM Staff

    Sep 17, 2003
    This is the spoiler thread for the GOTM 43 quick game. To qualify for this spoiler you must have played and submitted your game.

    Feedback is welcome as usual.

    Did you use naval landings from multiply places? How many losses did you take on your quest? Did it feel good to utterly crush that annoying deity AI who've troubled some of you before? :)
  2. Twonky

    Twonky King

    Apr 29, 2005
    Hannover, Germany
    The Persians were much weaker than they appeared to be. I dispatched them in 440 AD.

    Of course, the main assault was set off from the North. I was hoping to accelerate it by transfering the useless galleys W of our capital into that area through a new-built town on the desert-chokepoint N of the capital, but they came too late to help. Even the cannons I shipped to Persia were to slow.
    The spare MGL was turned into a 2-cav-army and made the first attack on the northernmost Persian city, but died on that first Musketman! :cry: After that I just poured through Persia, razing every town as soon as it was not used to culture-control roads to get rid of those rather high flip-risks. I built a town (Port N) on the landing spot and turned Persian workers into lux-colonies.
    I also made a second landing on the SW edge of Persia and founded Port SW with a war-settler. The few replacement cavalries I built were shipped in there.
    Here is the funny attempt of the Persian counter-attack:
    Spoiler :

    And this is the 440 AD situation of Persia:
    Spoiler :

    I lost quite a few cavalries on the rush, mostly when I attacked with 3/4 or 3/5 units. I would have probably been more careful if this had been an actual GOTM. I had hoped for a further MGL, but no luck here.
    Big fun to give it back to X-man! He always deserves it in my games.
    I liked the military goal of this QG, as I need a lot of practice in warfare. Yet, this one was a little bit to easy – classical steamrolling.
  3. leif erikson

    leif erikson Game of the Month Fanatic Administrator Supporter GOTM Staff

    Feb 2, 2003
    Plymouth, MA
    Twonky, you beat me by a turn! :cry:

    The main invasion was also from the north. Not too many offensive units opposed me but there were a fair number of Vet Muskets in the cities.

    The good news was that I got 2 leaders, haven't seen any for months, maybe my luck's changing!! :mischief: I did mess up and loaded one Army with 3 Cavs by mistake, so I parked it. :crazyeye:

    Yes, I landed the large force present up north and a smaller force from the south. After a few turns, I had enough cash to rush Cavs in the south and transport them over.
    Quite a few actually. I was a little bit surprised by the staying power of the Muskets in size 12 cities. Taking Persepolis wounded or killed nearly every Cav in the large stack I'd brought over. Healing was slow without Barracks in some of the cities.
    It always feels good to crush the Persians! :cool: Old X-Man always seems to make life tough for me. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Thanks Theoden, it was great fun. :goodjob:
  4. ub40

    ub40 Chieftain

    Jun 30, 2002
    I wish it had been this easy to deal with the Persians in the GOTM43 (where I encountered a humilating loss :cry: )!

    The plan was to establish a main landing zone in North and a secondary landing zone in SW.

    Initial turn (350AD):
    Started by negotiating peace with all other nations except with Persia and the Ottomans
    Made as many trade deals as possible (sold Metallurgy, Luxuries and Resources – primarily to England and Carthage) this gave about 120 gpt + some initial cash. The money should be used to hurry production.
    Did not sell Military Tradition though to avoid that Persia might trade it (if they not already had it).
    Bought three luxuries from England for Metallurgy and 65 gpt .
    Put entertainment to 10% and made the governor manage rule most towns
    Hurried 6 cavalries, 2 caravels and 1 settler
    Changed most city productions to wealth (e.g. no temples)

    Second turn (360AD):
    Took Konoya from the Ottomans (their last city on the map - but some settler is obviously hiding somewhere).
    Disband five caravels in Tabriz to get cavalry next turn.
    Disband one cavalry and one canon in Manp’o to get a settler next turn
    One additional caravel is hurried in Ulsan by disbanding four canons
    Used the leader Hirohito to build Magellans to make speed up troup shipping, but I didn’t notice any difference! :confused:
    Used ship hopping to get six cavalleries in place NW of Sardis
    Two cavalries landed on the mountain north of Sousa on the east coast (as a diversion manouver?!)

    Third turn (370AD)
    Sardis taken with four cavalries (no casulties) . Two persian musketmans, one pikeman and one immortal was killed in the attack).
    Ship in settler in north and found Bizen N+NW of Sardis - to speed up troup movements. Sixteen new cavalries are shipped in into the north.
    Took Antioch with four cavalries (no casulties).
    Seven cavalries are landed on the hill NW of Barsa (in the south west of the island)
    Twelve of the cavalries in the north moves south and are ready to struck Pasargade next turn.

    In between turns:
    The diversion troups – the two cavalries on the mountain outside Sousa - are killed.
    Ottomans asked for Peace – and they got it.

    Fourth turn (380AD)
    Seven cavalry attacks Bactra – two one are lost, two retreats, three one kills musketman (one anoying longbowman remains).
    Five new cavalry and one settler shipped in NW of Bactra.
    Four cavalry takes Pasargade (no casulties, one retreat – Persia lose three musketmans and one longbowman)
    Build Embassy with England and donate silks (to keep them happy)
    Sell Silks to Carthage for 20 gpt

    In between turns:
    Two cavalries waiting to attack Samaria are killed by longbowmans and immortials.

    Fifth turn (390AD)
    Samaria taken – three muskemans killed (one cavalry lost, two retreats)
    Bactra taken - two longbowman and one spearman is defending!
    Entertainment down to 0%
    Settler is shipped in via Bactra and is moved NW+N to found new city next turn. To make transports from the mainland easier.

    Sixth turn (400AD)
    Took Tyre defended by three musketmans and one longbowman (lose one cavalry, one retreat)
    Arabela taken (but it was an expensive victory - five cavalries were lost) and got seven got wounded (two musketmans, two pikemans and one longbowman was defending).
    Settler found Echizen SW+SW of Arabela in the middle of the fight which made it possible to ship in three new cavalries. For the first time I used wounded cavalries (2/4 and 3/5) in the attack.
    The last defender (the longbowman) was killed by the last available cavalry (2/4)!
    Took Gordium – defended by three musketmans - with three Cavalries (no casulties).
    Took Perpepolis with seven defenders (only lost two cavalries).
    Began to abondon cities in the north (to avoid culture flip).

    Seventh turn (410AD)
    Preparing for the final (?) assult
    Found Izumi NW+NW+NW of Tarsus.
    Move most of the remaining forces on the island to Tarsus and to the mountain N+N of Sousa
    New troups are moved from the mainland to NW of Sidon
    Twentytwo cavalries are on the mountain (only five with full strength); six healthy cavalry waits in Izumi; and seven cavalries (some wounded) waits NW of Sidon.

    Eigth turn (420AD)
    The remaining three cities (Sousa, Sidon and Tarsus are captured rather easily (loosing only one cavalry), and no settlers were hiding on the ships – so the mission is complete! :)

    Miscellaneous comments:
    I had no luck with leaders (and the one I had from the beginning was not used to cleverly :blush: ).
    I also forgot about the differential naval moment, which tricked me a couple of times initially.
    The game took about four hours, but even though it wasn’t that quick I really enjoyed it!

    Thank you! :goodjob: :king:

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