GOTM 46 First Spoiler - end of ancient age.

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    Oct 5, 2001

    GOTM 46 First Spoiler - entering middle ages.

    To qulify to participate in this spoiler, you must have:

    1. A full coastline map of the starting continent.
    2. Contact with all civilizations who started on the starting continent (or their remains! :evil:
    3. Be capable of researching a middle-age tech.

    You may NOT:
    1. Post any mini-maps.
    2. Post anything showing off-continent details (galley routes, successful or otherwise; other continents, islands, resources.

    You may discuss any civilizations who land on the home continent. Please do not dicuss any resources that are middle-age or later, or are not found on thehome continent.

    In this game, you have a very early UU in the Jaguar Warrior. You can use it in a rush on other civilizations, but must weigh-up the risks of the early golden-age and potential inability to capture cities from 'strong' defenders against the benefits of a fast early expansion. Did you take the risk? How did you approach this issue?
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    Apr 9, 2005
    Melbourne, AUS Reputation:131^(9/2)
    I settled 1 SW, and slowly built up my core. I was much slower than our neighbours, spain and egypt, who were both building up culture by the time i had my 3rd town. I have had 2 wars, one started by spain, the other started by me. In the 2nd spanish war i took Toledo and Barcelona, but shortly after Barcelona converted back to spain. tech pace is very slow. I missed out on the Great Library by 2 turns to persia

    what i look like just before entering the MA's...

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  3. MeteorPunch

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    Jan 19, 2005
    I settled 1SW to be on the river and built the first ring of cities at 5 distance. Nothing interesting happened up to QSC, just building towns and military.

    1 city
    6 towns
    22 population
    7 worker
    5 archer
    1 swordsman
    2 jaguar warriors

    need Mathematics, Construction, Currency, Code of Laws, Literature, Map Making, The Republic, and Monarchy. :rolleyes:

    Using archers and swords I started an early war with Spain in 800BC that lasted until 630BC. I only gained 2 cities and 2 techs. I could have continued further, but decided to build forces for a second invasion instead. Spain was building the Great Lighthouse, so I rather them finish it for me. The second war lasted from 210BC-10BC I took the rest of Spain's cities including their nice wonders: the Pyramids, Colossus, and the Great Lighthouse.

    In 190AD, a suicide galley crosses the ocean and I get all contacts and world maps.

    280AD: Trade for currency and enter the Middle Ages.

    I want to see when the competitive players enter the MA compared to me. I think my warring, lack of good tech research choice, and late suicide galley made me slow.

    Future plans: take on Egypt with Knights and launch GA. Next, the weakest civs and cities on the other continent to secure a domination win.
  4. ionimplant

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    Jan 23, 2005
    Ann Arbor, MI
    open, 20K

    settle in the same place as azzaman333 and meteorpunch did.
    build one warrior to explore and start on a temple, followed by a settler.

    very soon found the spain city that's on the landbridge. i was thinking may there's an entire new world out there and so started to build up military to take it...
    War against Spain was declared at 3000BC..

    i'm really surprised by the outcome of the spain war... after killing 4~5 warriors(losing 2 jaguar)(elite winning twice, no GL),taking one city, spain is willing to talk and give me another city. :o peace treaty signed 2510BC
    2150BC, golden age ended. :(

    1830BC, egypt asked for 11 gold. refused and she declared. was paying 2gpt to her. with spain's blocking spearman on the landbridge between us and egypt, i don't feel much threat. :)
    1625BC, colossus finished. 1st granary finished
    1125BC, 2nd spain war
    825BC, spain eliminated- gone is the hero spainish spearman that block the egyptian army... and i must get ready for them...
    about 7 elite win (1 elite death) but no GL.
    signed peace treaty with egypt around 650BC, giving them 14 gpt and getting iron work.
    the next turn she foolishly sent two pairs of spearman+warrior+settler into my territory and declared war when i asked her to leave. so i got 14gpt back and got 4 free workers. nice.
    after a long long war, which for a few hundred years i was barely hanging on, finally the balance started to tip to my favor. and finally by the time i entered egypt is reduced to one city.
    entered MA after learning all the techs form the GL at 460AD...

    one highlight during AA is that i got 2 great leader on one turn:

    the 1st one formed an army and the 2nd one rushed the heroic epic.
    losing most AA wonders...
    3950 BC Palace
    3400 BC Temple
    1625 BC Colossus
    1100 BC Library
    230 BC Great Library
    210 BC Heroic Epic (GL)
    110 AD Colosseum
  5. osi

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    May 10, 2003
    This one did not go as planned. GA was triggered during despotism and was therefore used for settler production :( Anyway the endresult of ~10K Jason is not so bad...

    1 city
    8 towns
    26 population
    2 worker
    3 swordsman
    13 jaguar warriors

    Midleage entered 50BC with 47 citizens.
  6. EsatP

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    Jan 9, 2003
    Predator. absolutely military decision of game.
    The first city on a place of start.
    3250 - War with Spanish - captured Barcelona + start GA
    3100 -1 leader
    3000 - pyramids in Tenochtitlan
    2390 - War with Egypt - 2 leader
    2230 - settled Teotihuacan
    2190 - Colossus in Tenochtitlan (a mistake, it is spent the leader)
    2070 - captured Thebes and take (peace condition) Aleksandria
    1990 - settled Tlatelolco
    1675 - settled Texcoco
    1625 - settled Calixtlhuaca
    1425 - settled Xochicalco
    1300-2 war Spanish
    1225 - captured Madrid
    1200 - take (peace condition) Toledo
    1100 - settled Tlacopan
    1050-2 war egypt
    1025-3 leader
    1025 - captured Pi-Ramesses
    1025-3 war Spanish
    1000 - captured Seville
    1000 - Great Lighthouse in Barcelona

    Status on 1000 ВС
    14 cities
    32 population
    16 (5+11 slaves) worker
    1 horseman
    7 swordsman
    10 jaguar warriors
    3 Temples
    5 barracks

    Egypt ended at 690BC
    Spanish ended at 510BC
    No razed cities...
  7. seven21

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Open - Domination

    Settled 1N
    3950 Tenoc
    2950 Teo
    2230 Tlat
    1910 Tex
    1550 Tlax
    1275 Calix
    1025 Xoch
    1025 Tlaco

    8 towns
    16 citizens
    14 units (7spears/4jags/1sword/2workers)
    6 Barracks/1Granary
    9 techs

    Egypt and Spain at war from early on. When ready signed a lucrative MA with Egypt(CoL/Phil/Mys +49gold) and started to invade Spain.
    550 Barca destoyed
    510 Santiago destroyed
    90 Madrid finally captured after heroic resistance(captured Great Lighthouse - that may come in handy I thought!)
    AD10 Peace with Spain having reduced them to 1 city.

    The Iroquois were destoyed in 470BC

    Entered the MA in 10AD planning a Military Infantry invasion of Egypt before they get feudalism.
  8. DaveShack

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    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    [ptw] Open

    3950 BC: Built Tenochitlan 1N of original start
    3650 BC: Contact Spain, they have Alphabet and +1 city, we have WC
    3550 BC: Spices, yellow borders spotted to NW
    3450 BC: Contact Egypt, we have WC, they have Masonry. Still no reasonable trades
    3200 BC: Temple is done, drop lux to 0, start settler.
    2900 BC: Buy Masonry from Egypt for Mysticism+1gpt+5g Sell Masonry+Mysticism to Spain for Alphabet+Bronze Working+10g Sell Alphabet to Egypt for 10g Send settler to chokepoint with Egypt -- might be a bonehead play but it looks to be important to control them from expanding towards me.
    2710 BC: Build Teotihuacan on E chokepoint tile, where it can reach the fish.

    2590 BC: Power list: Zulu, Egypt, Spain, Iroquois, Persia, Aztecs
    2430 BC: Spain has IW, Egypt has Pottery. Both are too expensive.
    2310 BC: Egypt has Wheel.
    1910 BC: Renamed cities A, B, C -- I got really tired of trying to spell the Aztec names :rolleyes:
    C Founded on S shore, going for ICS build as land is so tight.
    1870 BC: Spain has Writing Buy Wheel from Egypt for 2gpt+140g; Egypt has horses, we don't; Trade Wheel to Spain for Iron Working; We don't have Iron but there is some just outside borders of B; Dispatch Jag to babysit iron, switch B to temple
    1750 BC: Spain finishes Colossus
    1500 BC: Poly finishes, start math at 70%, 25 turns
    1475 BC: Sell polytheism+5g to Spain for Writing, HBR; Sell writing to Egypt for pottery+60g
    1375 BC: B borders expand, iron connected.
    This might be suicidal but declare on Spain to capture settler
    (actually demand they leave, so they declare on us)
    Vet archer defeats spear, promotes, settler captured.
    1325 BC: Persia finishes Pyramids
    1300 BC: Egypt building oracle
    1250 BC: Egypt demands contact with Spain. Give it up I guess, don't want 2 wars. :(
    1175 BC: Spain gives us 115g for peace. Egypt is massing troops so we gift them 1gpt. Move a spear up to the iron
    1150 BC: Egypt keeps coming, move spear to cover approach to B
    1125 BC: Egypt declares war
    1100 BC: Egypt pillages iron
    1000 BC: Math done, start currency (25)
    975 BC: destroy Heliopolis, Capture 2 settlers, worker.
    Make peace with Egypt for CoL, Map Making, 8g, WM
    950 BC: Spanish building Lighthouse
    925 BC: Egypt trying to send a settler to old Heliopolis site, we have enough units to block.

    As usual (for me) I stopped keeping track at this point. Entering the MA sometime between 100 and 250 AD, I have a tech lead on both Spain and Egypt but have not destroyed either one yet. My usual path is to take out civs when I get knights, this is a bit slower than the elite players. I have 13 cities, 33 units, and 185 gold. I'm pretty happy with this, as my normal level is Monarch and I haven't played a GOTM in almost 2 years. :D

    Edit: forgot to mention, aggressive placement of the cities named J and H across the Egypt chokepoint and building temples there resulted in taking horses and spices from Egypt via cultural expansion.

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  9. Capt Buttkick

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    Mar 6, 2003
    Feet on t ground Head in t clouds
    I've got no idea what to do to get more leaders. We've got reports of 2 and even 3 GLs in the AA :eek:
    I got 2 the entire game, of which the first built the FP in Thebes and the second came so late it was useless.
    I think I do the right moves like attacking stronger units with vets and then moving on to elites for the easy kills. I attack on easy terrain and defend on hills and mountains. I saw a lot of early action in this game, particularly against Egypt who had a steady flow of swords coming my way (I think they kicked off their GA pretty early and then produced only swords from then on).
    Anyone have any suggestions on what else I could do?

    Ok, enough of the whining, on to the more important tidings. I moved N with the settler and started off with an archer b/c it fitted better with shields count (3 per turn) and b/c I initially didn't want to set off my GA too early.

    When I met Spain very early, I abandoned that thought and built a JW or two, to purposefully use for setting off a despotic GA. I captured Barcelona on the choke point just after 3000 BC iirc. And lo! it was on the 6-tile ring. I had already decided on rings at 3 and 6 so that worked out perfectly :smug:

    I got Madrid too before signing peace for techs and then a couple of turns later, I broke the peace deal and razed their last city.

    Main worker tasks was roading towards the dyes to build a city there and connecting Barca with the rest of my tiny empire.

    At 1000 BC I had 5 cities, but Spain were long gone.

    Before I could get to the dyes and right after I had connected to Barca, Egypt settled at ring 5 near the dyes. I declared promptly, razed the city and replaced it with one of my own.

    Teno was set up as a settler factory after the early archer rush and didn't stop for a long time.
    I eventually placed 7 towns at RCP = 3 and another 9 at RCP = 6. Thanks to the map creator for allowing this beautiful setup :goodjob: ;)

    After a quick offensive capturing Thebes and 2 other main Egypt cities, apart from razing 2-3 more, I made peace for techs again and then (again) broke peace to finish them off right before the MA which was entered around the ADs.

    I actually researched Maps myself this game, because Egypt had a couple of wonder builds going which I hoped would cascade to the GLight. They got MM 2 turns before me, but I didn't mind much because the cascades came and with the conquering of Egypt I got the GLight :D

    I'll hopefully add screens when I get home. This was drafted rather hurriedly during a break at work :scan:
  10. eldar

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    Apr 19, 2004
    Mechanicsburg, PA
    Open, [ptw]

    I got to the end of the Ancient Age in 500-something BC. I got an early leader too and rushed the Great Library, which turned out to be a Very Good Thing (tm). I fought the Spanish and Egyptians alternately but started too late to make headway, especially against all those Spanish cities on hills!! They were still around, and would be for some time to come :sad:

    Anyone else notice that the AIs started with a bonus settler?! Look at the replays at the end of the game; they all founded 2nd cities around 3600BC. I was certainly surprised to run in to Barcelona as early as 3650BC (with no barbarians on the map)!
  11. k-a-bob

    k-a-bob Waiting patiently.......

    Feb 25, 2005
    -6.13, -7.13
    Open, Mac.

    I settle one north on the hill - and plan for a tight ring, since we are on a small map (ring 3). I have no problem keeping up techwise with my two neighbors, since I have built 10 towns by the end of the expansion period. I control the chokepoint to Egypt by plopping a city on the desert SE of the Iron, but Spain controls the other with Barcelona. I see that Egypt has declared war on Spain, so when I gather enough swords, I join in an alliance, picking up another tech from Egypt.
    Egypt takes Spain's northernmost city and the Spanish iron city, and I take the other areas and get a leader to make an Army. I also snake in some settlers to crowd both the other countries. By the end, Spain has their capital (which has built the Lighthouse) and off shore settlements.
    Egypt calls peace, I follow a few turns later (one tech short of MA) and before I can recenter my troops, Egypt declares on me - taking my Iron town. I take it back and load up the town for defense (7 units), but it is not enough. I do succeed in taking the former Spanish iron town from Egypt, but it is not hooked up. As I am roading, a stupid War chariot sneaks in and steals my workers. :mad:
    My army is destroyed, I have about 8 units (mostly jags) :cry: left across the country, and Egypt takes my town 2 north of the capital. I feel like this is going to be a very short game, but then, I call for peace talks, they listen, and they give ME gold for peace! :rolleyes:

    They would have finished me off in about 10 turns, I was dead to rights.

    My wait for the flip back is short (2 turns) and the 2N city turns back.
    Then Egypt trades me Iron (!!) which will help me rebuild while I move workers up to road Spanish iron. That will end up being their fatal mistake. :sniper:

    As I am researching out of the AA, Spain redeclares and I send a stack of archers/horses/cats to beseige their capital and take control of the Great Lighthouse.

    Tech pace was slow due to all the warring, so I move into MA in the AD's.
  12. tao

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    Aug 15, 2002
    1.29 [civ3mac] Open

    Since starting to play civilization and gotm, I'm a builder at heart. But enough is enough. I decided to radically change my style of play and go on the war path from now on. Thus my goal for this game was conquest.

    Looking at the starting position, I trusted the fog-gazers in the pre-game discussion and decided to send the worker on the hill towards the flood plains. Doing some fog-gazing myself, I suspected a second game in the western forest and settled in place. And it was good. Not only the flood plains and the second game, but also 2 bonus grasslands. An ideal set-up for a 4-turn settler factory. My builder instincts kicked in: research on pottery, 2 jags, and then a granary.

    The first exploring jag met the Spanish and we swapped some techs. He then discovered the land-bridge and met Cleo. Again some trading and the jag blocked the land-bridge thus preventing contact between Spain and Egypt. After pottery, I started min research on mathematics.

    However, 2470BC Spanish warriors appeared. I bought a tech for 6gpt to prevent the attack, but as always the AI sticked to its plans. Spain attacked and triggered my Golden Age.

    I switched to war modus, building a mixture of jags and archers. The jags were excellent defenders against warriors, and the archers went for the killing. Despite being "weak" compared to Spain, the war was so successful, that I could even squeeze in barracks and another settler for permanently blocking the land-bridge.

    But 2150BC, a bunch of Cleo's warriors appeared:

    I made peace with Spain getting all their money and bought iron working from Egypt for some cash and 9gpt. Again, the AI was not deterred from attacking. Once again, the jags and archers mix was successful: I killed a lot of Egyptians and founded Tlatelolco blocking the land-bridge and claiming the iron hill. And I was lucky: A Great Leader appeared and I (builder at heart) decided to use him for The Pyramids in 1675BC. I fought a defensive war while expanding and gathering strength to go for Heliopolis and the horses. It was razed 1500BC and 1225BC replaced with Calixtlahuaca getting the horses. I then made peace with Egypt for some tech and all their money. Now I could research monarchy, connect the iron, upgrade jags to swords, build horsemen and prepare the war against Spain.

    Madrid built The Great Lighthouse 690BC and the turn after the Spanish war started. It gave the 2nd Great Leader (Hanging Gardens for happiness) and ended 10BC with all continental Spanish cities captured. Spain survived, because their Great Lighthouse had enabled them to found a city "elsewhere".

    I entered the Middle Ages 30BC in monarchy with 12 cities, iron, horses, 3 luxuries (spices culture-gained from Egypt), the Pyramids, The Hanging Gardens, The Great Lighthouse, exploring the seas, and preparing for the final war against Egypt. My builder instincts had taken over: I was building markets and researching literature, but assumed that this was the proper way to proceed. The future will tell .....

    PS: QSC stats
    1 city
    6 towns
    pop 17
    3 workers, 3 slaves
    10 jags
    8 swords
    all 1st and 2nd tier techs plus map making
  13. socralynnek

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    Sep 1, 2003
    Northern Germany
    That game was different...
    I was on one hand unlucky. Just before I produced my first settler, Tenochtitlan suffered 2 turns from disease and got down from 3 to 1.
    So, I decided to just build Jags for a long time.
    My first war against Spain pushed them back (destroyed 2 cities) and gave me the possibility to block them.
    I also got techs in the peace deal and got agreat leader which I used to rush The Pyramids. Sadly I had my GA while only having 1 city.
    Then Egypt attacked and I razed one and took one of their towns but did only get techs in the peace deal.
    Then I attacked Spain for getting 2 cities, then took 2 cities from Egypt.
    In the next war against Spain, they had built The Great Lighthouse just 2 turns before I took Madrid. When I made peace for a tech again, I left them with 1 town.
    Then I took over Egypt with Horseman but that war lasted longer then I had wished.
    Currency was a self research. When I entered the MA (don't know when, rather late), I was almost alone on my island (Seville was taken shortly afterwards), but had contact with everyone else.
  14. ionimplant

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    Jan 23, 2005
    Ann Arbor, MI
    wow.. this must be very painful... but you seem to manage very well and didn't allow this disaster to ruin your later game. good job!
  15. DaveShack

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    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Yeah, that struck me as odd too. I just assumed (maybe incorrectly) that they get a 2nd settler on Emperor level.
  16. tR1cKy

    tR1cKy taking over the world

    Oct 29, 2003
    Perusia, Roman Empire
    Vanilla, open class, going for a military win (what else, Pinky?)

    Opening Moves

    Tenochtitlan is founded in 3950BC, on the hill west of the starting position. Coastal, river, 2 game tiles and 1 floodplain. Quite a good spot for the capital. Research is set to Mysticism at max. The worker roads the 2 game tiles, then go working the floodplain. Initial building order are: jag, barracks, jag, jag, settler.

    Thanks to the jag, i met Spain and Egypt very early. And i have the strong impression that the starting units are those of Deity level, rather than Emperor. In 3600BC, Spain has already founded its 2nd city! How can it be possible without a free settler at start? There should be no barbs, and so no goody huts.

    Anyway, Spain is met in 3600BC and Egypt in the turn after. Alphabet and Masonry are learned via trade.

    Mysticism is completed in 2950BC, and we start researching on Polytheism at minimum. The tech is traded to Egypt and Bronze Working is mastered. Now Aztland can build archers and spears, and spare jags for triggering the golden age when out of despotism.


    Teotihuacan is founded in 2800BC, 3 tiles east of the Capital. It is set to produce barracks, then military units. Apart from the tiles outside the capital, it's a fairly crappy land. Growth isn't fast. Iron Working is bought from Spain in return for Mysticism + some money. As expected, no iron for me while Spain and Egypt both have it. The 3rd city, Tlatelolco, is founded in 1800BC, NW of the capital. Pottery is bought dirt cheap from Egypt.

    Polytheism is complete in 1475BC. No one still has it. Good. Research is set to Monarchy at minimum. No trade is done for the moment. The tech is sold later, when the AS have more useful stuff to toss in. In 1350BC the trade is done. I get Writing, the Wheel, Map Making, some money and an almost complete map of the home continent.

    Two more cities have been founded in the meantime, then the expansion is over, for lack of space. The enemies have set up a really aggressive expansion strategy, which led both of them to build a city right next to my capital.

    Monarchy Rush

    Embassies are put in Thebes and Madrid. Horseback Riding is bought. Madrid is turning into a wonder fest city: Colossus, Oracle and the Great Lighthouse (later). It will be essential to capture that city. All of those wonders are useful.

    Nothing relevant happens until 1000BC. The city are building units and temples, necessary to not fall behind too much in culture and also to provide happiness. Once the Oracle is owned, temples will be double happiness at half cost.

    QSC stats are all but exceptional: only 5 cities, none of them past size 6, and a spare settler that i will use to build a combat fort when war with Spain will come.

    In the following turns, Egypt declares on Spain. No cities are captured, and the whole wars carried on with useless skirmishes that make both parties weaker over time. Nothing else happens. Monarchy is researched in 550BC. The Aztec Kingdom is established in 530BC, and research is set to Mathematics at max rate. Catapults will be useful in the upcoming wars. Literature is bought from Egypt, for little money.

    First Spanish War

    In 510BC, the city of Calixaca is founded. It will act as a strategic link between Barcelona and my core. I'm in RoP with both civs. A small rape is enacted against Spain. The 2 cities of Barcelona and Toledo are captured. Barcelona is razed and refounded on the very same spot. Spain has 2x my culture and Barcelona was rank 3. Too onerous to keep it.

    In the following turns, i kill a few more Spanish units without capturing any city. Peace is signed in 390BC, in return for the city of Santiago (iron at last!), Philosophy, Code of Laws, all their treasure and a supply of wines.

    A few turns later, Mathematics is researched. Swordsmen and catapults will be of much help against that damned Spanish cities built on hills.

    Second Spanish War

    Egypt and Spain are still at war, without any advance. In 290BC Egypt asks for an alliance. I gladly agree, since i extort 90 quids and a supply of spices that will replace the spanish wines. In 230BC, Murcia is destroyed by the Egyptians. A few turns later i recolonize the area. Meanwhile, i trigger my golden age by attacking a lone spanish archer with all my jags. 3 jags are killed and the 4th is redlined before that damn archer falls!

    Madrid is defended by no less than 7 spearmen, is size 8 and built on a hill. It takes a damn lot of archer and swordsmen to overcome them, but finally in 110BC the spanish capital is owned. Colossus, Oracle and Great Lighthouse are owned.

    Intercontinental meetings

    Moderator Action: Please don't discuss off-continent civs in this spoiler

    I'm still at war with Spain, there's no reason to sign peace now. In the very same turn, Egypt beat me in destroying the city of Seville on the far north. Before i can recolonize the area, an Egyptian galley pops out a settler and an Egyptian city is founded exactly where the spanish settlement was. Spain is reduced to OCC in the southern island. Now that i own the Lighthouse, they can't escape the island, nor they can be reached by Egypt. They're virtually isolated.

    Middle Ages advancement

    In 10AD, the Iroquois are destroyed. Persia has assimilated all their territory. A superpower to fight in the future. Nice challenge. In 110AD, Egypt cancel the alliance and sign peace with Spain. In 150AD, i make peace with Spain too and grab a favourable deal. They toss in Republic, i give them Literature, Mathematics and some money. With that new tech, it's time for some favourable trade deals. I buy spices from Egypt, Currency and Construction from the civs oversea and regain all the money paid to Spain by selling them Construction. Middle Ages begin.


    Ancient Age stats

    Cities built:

    3950BC: Tenochtitlan.
    2800BC: Teotihuacan.
    1830BC: Tlatelolco.
    1375BC: Texcoco.
    1350BC: Tlaxcala.
    510BC: Calixaca, Barcelona (razed and refounded), Toledo (captured).
    390BC: Santiago (extorted).
    110BC: Madrid (captured), Murcia (named after the spanish town that once was there).


    3600BC: Spain.
    3550BC: Egypt.
    90BC: Persia, Zululand, Iroquois.


    3950BC: Warrior Code; Ceremonial Burial (prerequisites).
    3550BC: Alphabet (trade, Spain); Masonry (trade, Egypt).
    2950BC: Mysticism (own research); Bronze Working (trade, Egypt)
    2030BC: Iron Working (trade, Spain).
    1725BC: Pottery (trade, Egypt).
    1475BC: Polytheism (own research).
    1350BC: Writing, the Wheel (trade, Egypt); Map Making (trade, Spain);
    1200BC: Horseback Riding (trade, Egypt).
    750BC: Literature (trade, Egypt).
    550BC: Monarchy (own research).
    390BC: Philosophy, Code of Laws (peace dealings, Spain).
    350BC: Mathematics (own research).
    150AD: Republic (peace dealings, Spain); Currency (trade, Persia); Construction (trade, Egypt).

    About the AS expansion

    Both the competing AS had a very aggressive expansionist behaviour. Before 1500BC, the whole continent was already filled and i had only 3 cities. Judging from the screenshots, other players didn't have that problem, or at least didn't have it so much. Here's a shot of the land in 1475BC. Note the Egyptian city and the Spanish city founded right next to my capital, and the blockade i was forced to set up to prevent an egyptian settler to steal my last expansion space (crappy btw).

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  17. ainwood

    ainwood Consultant. Administrator

    Oct 5, 2001
    Yes - need to investigate this one. :hmm: Unfortunately, I've been without PC access at home for a few days. :ack: :(
  18. conehead234

    conehead234 Braves on the Warpath

    Jan 24, 2003
    I don't think they get an extra settler on emperor level, I believe it is only diety and with conquests, demigod, diety and sid.
  19. EsatP

    EsatP Chieftain

    Jan 9, 2003
    I dont think, I know - settler prezent!!! All AI has addition settler in 3950BC. In 4000 BC - first settler build capital, net turn produce units as in rules emperior + settler.
    I check it after submition game more exactly.
    It is good factor in game - temp of research+new cities...
    Sorry terrible english
  20. eldar

    eldar ChiefTank

    Apr 19, 2004
    Mechanicsburg, PA
    At Emperor in default PtW, the AI gets a free "Start Unit 2" when it founds its first city (as set in the editor). "Start Unit 2" is by default set to "Worker".

    Goody Huts, by default, pop "Start Unit 1" - which is, by default, "Settler".

    Recent XOTMs have been modded so that huts pop workers, not settlers. This is done by switching the defaults for "Start Unit 1" and "Start Unit 2" around. Changing the difficulty level settings around (swapping "Start Unit 1" and "Start Unit 2" numbers) is then required so that the correct bonus units are spawned when the AI founds its first city.

    My guess is that this wasn't done for this game, hence the AI getting free settlers when they should be getting free workers.

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