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GOTM 47 - early spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of the Month' started by ainwood, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. ainwood

    ainwood Consultant. Administrator

    Oct 5, 2001

    GOTM 47 - early spoiler

    The purpose of this spoiler is to allow you to discuss the initial moves as you grew your empire.

    Please limit your discussions to the ancient-age only - you do not have to have reached the middle ages, but you must have researched Iron Working and The Wheel (ie - know locations of ancient-age resources).

    You MAY:
    1. Discuss any events on your home continent that occured in the Ancient ages.
    2. Discuss locations of ancient-age resources.
    3. Discuss any civs you had contact with in the Ancient age.

    You may NOT:
    1. Post maps, screenshots or minimaps showing anything beyond the home continent (including galley or suicide galley results, favourable or otherwise).
    2. Discuss any events outside the ancient age.
    3. Discuss locations of other civilizations not on the home continent (eg. if you contact other civs on other continents, do not say which direction they came from, nor which you went to meet them.

    The point of this thread is to discuss your initial plans and builds, early relations, your plans going-forward.
  2. shumble

    shumble Emperor

    Jun 7, 2005
    My early plans were to create a bunch of warriors and then convert them to Swordsmen as soon as I got Iron Working. Alas, how all my plans went awry when to my chagrin, no iron had been placed on the island :(
  3. al_thor

    al_thor Prince

    Mar 7, 2003
    Wisconsin, USA
    I had fun getting through the Ancient Age. Made contact with India, who knew everyone else (except one), and was well ahead of me in Tech (I researched as follows: Pottery, Alpha, Writing, Map Making, Literature). I did not trade with at all with Ghandi. After a few turns, he sold contact with me to everyone else (that sure was nice of him!). Of course, everyone was about 9 Techs ahead of me. But, a few turns later, I finished researching Literature, which no one had. In a whirl-wind of trading, I was at Tech Parity and had the World Map. Not bad.

    As everyone who reads this thread should know, there is no Iron or Horse on the home continent. Also, everyone should know that our nearest neighbors, India has both Iron and Horse. They also have Wines & Gems.

    But I have the Great Lighthouse :evil:
    So, I assemble an army of Archer, Spear, Catapults, and one Settler and then declare war. The first city is easily taken (I razed it because Ghandi has fairly big Culture and I wanted to minimize the flip risk). Horses are in the radius of this first city, so I immediately settled and built a Harbor. But, as the Harbor builds (I'm still in Depotism, so no cash rush), I fortify on a hill and lay siege to Delhi. I had fogotten that Catapults do not target units in cities in PTW. So my cats destroy buildings as follows:

    1. Barracks
    2. Temple
    3. Marketplace
    4. PALACE!!!

    And then, with the next Catapult launch, the game crashes :sad:

    Obviously, I re-loaded from the auto-save and have since taken Delhi (complete with Pyramids & Iron). Hopefully, I can hold out and take 2 or 3 more Indian cities before suing Ghandi for Techs when I give him peace.

    This war has extended several techs into the Middle Age, but I am behind as my cities are pumping out units instead of Aquaducts, Markets, Temples, etc. I do have a Library in almost all homeland cities.
  4. Nata

    Nata Warlord

    Jan 23, 2005
    Boston, USA
    GOTM47, PTW Open.

    Goal - 20K.

    4000BC - It's a lake! Worker W, Settler SW.
    3950BC - Worker mines BG, Settler W, to the lake - it's a coast to the South!
    F10: France, India, Aztecs, Kelts, Arabs. We are the only Science guys. 2 commercial Civs - will we trade with them?

    3900BC - Berlin founded, Palace., on lake/coast location. More BGs come into radius - there's 6BGs and a forest - 14 shields, plus 6 more - 20, not too bad. Plus can mine a mountain and irrigate grassland in Republic - 21 shield, and maybe there's BG under the forest - 22? OK, let's try for 20K in Berlin.
    Build - warrior, Temple (with Colossus prebuild), settler, then Colossus. Research - CB, Myst, then we'll see.

    3200BC - CB learned, start Myst.
    2900BC - Temple.
    2550BC - Leipzig founded.
    2350BC - Learn Mysticism. Realize that we are alone on the island, so start on Alpha. :( Need to get MM ASAP. Worker joins Berlin, another Worker is coming out of Leipzig.
    1725BC - Alpha, start Writing.
    1625BC - Colossus. Start on Oracle.
    1350BC - Writing. Start Pottery.
    1225BC - Pottery. Start MM.
    1050BC - finish Oracle but still 13 tirns from MM. :( Nothing to build!!! Start Masonry - due in 5.

    That was a costly mistake - I should have researched Masonry at once to get a prebuild. I wasted some turns while slowing Berlin down to wait till Masonry, and that costs me Pyramids later, and as I lost some shields switching from Pyramids to GLH, I lost on Hanging Gardens.

    1000BC - forgot to save, but have: 3 towns, 12 pop, 1 worker, 3 warriors, temple, Colossus and Oracle. Science: Cb, Myst, Alpha, Writing, Pottery plus starting Techs.

    900BC - Got Masonry, switch to Pyramids from Granary prebuild. Start MM - again. :mad:
    590BC - MM. Start Literature.
    550BC - India plops a town on my shore, right on my Spices! Damn, they'll have to be the 1st victim.
    530BC - Everybody but Arabs contact us, we buy Territory Maps from everybody in exchange for WMs and a bit of gold.

    470BC - 1 turn from Pyramids, and Indians build it. :( Switch to GLH as still have 5 turns to Lit. Waste 87 shields. :(
    450BC - GLH.

    370BC - Barbarians kill my unescorted settler. :(
    290BC - Build Library after missing Granary prebuild - I forgot to check and built Granary while meaning to switch to Library. What an unlucky game!
    Start Great Library and see that the whole world knows Lit. already.
    70AD. As a consolation see barbs killing Indian settler spawned from their town on our shore.
    150AD - Build Great Library.
    170AD - Get the missing Techs, Republic and enter MA. Draw Monotheism.

    No pictures - played in one siting till 890AD, with no saves.
  5. Randy

    Randy Prince

    Feb 10, 2004
    Columbus, Ohio
    GOTM47, PTW Open.

    3950 Berlin founded in the area that will expand to cover both the cow and deer.

    3200 Pottery learned.

    I decide on a ring distance of 4 for the first ring. All others will just get crammed in.

    2390 Leipzig founded
    2190 Hamburg founded
    1990 Konigsberg founded
    1750 Frankfurt founded

    1700 Alphabet learned

    1625 Munich founded
    1500 Heidelburg founded
    1375 Nuremberg founded

    1300 Writing learned

    1300 Cologne founded
    1150 Hannover founded
    1075 Bremen founded


    11 towns
    25 citizens
    1 settler
    9 workers
    7 warriors
    5 archers

    975 Map Making learned

    975 Stuttgart founded
    875 Bonn founded

    750 Literature learned. At this point I set science to 0%.

    730 met civ I and civ A

    730 Salzburg founded
    610 Brandenburg founded

    310 Got great library and light house in the same turn!
    310 war on civ I

    Took civ I town next turn it has horses, I rush a harbor next turn this lowers pop to 1.

    250 leader Barbarossa

    210 Civ I capital city falls w/pyramids and my iron.

    210 peace with civ I they give gp and a city

    190 Barbarossa builds the forbidden palace in civ I’s old capital city

    170 got currency science set to 0%

    50 bc learn republic and construction from gr lib, got Feudalism for free. no one else knows currency. upgrade 18 swordsmen for 360gp


    1 city
    21 towns
    74 citizens
    1 settler
    12 workers
    2 warriors
    11 archers
    2 swordsmen
    2 horsemen
    6 galleys
    18 medievals

    I'm in an 8 turn anarchy

    10 ad civ A enter ma

    Edit: I forgot to mention the pic is 1 turn before I built great library and light house

    Attached Files:

  6. ionimplant

    ionimplant Prince

    Jan 23, 2005
    Ann Arbor, MI
    my game is very similar to al_thor's (research order, building the great light house), except that my catapult didn't destroy the pyrimid in Delhi and i conquer Delhi quite easily and 2 turns after it flipped back, luckily only 1 catapult was there. but India was out of the game anyway. plan is to launch space shuttle and so i'm planning to play a peaceful game and hoping AI will contribute a little to my final goal.
  7. al_thor

    al_thor Prince

    Mar 7, 2003
    Wisconsin, USA
    The only improvement (aside from the Pyramids) left in Delhi when I finally took it was the free Granary. On the turn that the game crashed, I could tell that the Catapult scored a hit. Maybe it was trying to delete the free granary, and that's what caused the crash?
    I have never had a catapult destroy someone's Palace, let alone a Great Wonder - that was kinda cool.
  8. Oryctolagus

    Oryctolagus Warlord

    Feb 24, 2005
    Saw of War
    Had India built The Great Wall? If so, artillery units will destroy all buildings before units in their towns because of this bug. I once had a game when my Trebuchets destroyed all buildings in my enemy's capital, including GW and the Palace!

    [ptw] open
    My game was a disaster. My Settler went NE and founded Berlin there. I started researching on IW just to know that there was no Iron on my island. Soon I realized that I was alone there but did not change my research. The second city was founded on the Coast by the Lake. Immediately I started The Colossus there (completed 1400 BC). After IW I misclicked and started Masonry instead of Pottery :crazyeye: . When I realized it, it was too late to me and I had to continue. My expansion went slowly. In 1200 BC I spotted another civ's borders across the Sea so I tried to speed up Settler training.
    4 towns,
    12 Citizens,
    1 Settler positioned to build a city next turn,
    3 Workers,
    4 Warriors,
    1 Spearman,
    3 Archers,
    Spices connected,
    no strategic resources,
    no civs met, 1 spotted,
    2 Granaries, 1 Barracks,
    Techs: BW, IW, Masonry, Alphabet, Pottery, WC, Writing, MM in 13 turns;
    Treasury: 50 Gold, -3 gpt.
    After that I did not take notes. I don't remember if the civ I spotted landed a Settler before I learned MM or after. Anyway, they landed a Settler on my island and he founded a town N of Berlin. When I met them I learned the Wheel from them and I realized that I did not have a chance to find them on my island. I am not a warmonger so I decided to find my resources elsewhere and claim them with cities. I built The Great Lighthouse and started my exploration. Soon I found a free Iron and sent my Settler there.
    In the following ages I made more stupid moves but I think I will not bother you with them.
  9. Redbad

    Redbad should have shaved

    Jan 16, 2003
    Yes, that was truly horrible. Wasting 7 research-turns and as a consequence the AA wonderbuild down the drains.

    But reflecting on your mishap, perhaps, in hindsight, I'm tempted to say that the biggest problem was that there was too big an unbalance between research speed and wonder building speed. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it shouldn't be necessary to research masonry to have a prebuild available.

    Though it looks attractive to build wonders fast, if the consequence is that you have to selfresearch more techs and build a wonders with lower culture effiency, I'm not sure it's worth while. Even if you did manage to build the Pyramids and the Gardens, all the wonders after build after the Pyramids would be have been build later then without Pyramids. And your research is slowed down by researching a tradeble tech.

    To be less abstract: maybe in your game it would have been an alternative in 1050BC to continue to research MM and build a settler in Berlin. Then with a granary prebuild and the faster research of the extra town, you could have continued your research path. After MM switch the granary prebuild towards a GLight prebuild and start on Lit. Finally with Lit switch the GLight to GLib.

    I'm not sure it would have worked, but it's an idea that came up.
  10. MeteorPunch

    MeteorPunch #WINNING Supporter

    Jan 19, 2005
    Open - Going for Histograph

    I like these early spoiler threads. It's fun to read other people's exploits hot off the presses. :thanx:

    My plan was to make a settler factory in Berlin if the water nearby was freshwater. I mined a BG first, then started irrigating. I built a warrior first to explore, then a 2nd worker to help Berlin get up and running before starting on the granary which finished in 2710 BC.

    QSC Stats
    10 towns
    6 workers
    9 warriors
    1 archer
    2 granaries
    4 libraries

    3350 Pottery
    2150 Alphabet
    1550 Writing
    1200 Literature
    950 Map Making
    750 Code of Laws
    730 Contact India
    690 Contact with France, Arabia, and Aztecs.
    690 Masonry, Iron Working, The Wheel, Ceremonial Burial, Mathematics, Mysticism, Horseback Riding, Polytheism, and World Maps gained by trading Map Making, Literature, and maps. :smug:
    650 Philosophy
    590 Contact the Celts
    530 Great Lighthouse built
    470 Declare war on India. I ally France vs. them.
    290 Republic discovered.
    290 Delhi captured.
    90 Aquire Currency in a Trade and enter MA. I get Engineering... :ack:
  11. Redbad

    Redbad should have shaved

    Jan 16, 2003

    I noticed that in this game the harbours required only 40 shield. It should have been 80.
    Am I missing out on something or just mistaken or has it been changed???
  12. MeteorPunch

    MeteorPunch #WINNING Supporter

    Jan 19, 2005
    Redbad, harbors are considered a military improvement, so Germany gets a little discount.
  13. Shirak

    Shirak Chieftain

    Jul 28, 2005
    As this is my first gotm and having read previous threads i decided that my overriding strategy was to be aggressive and expand.Usually i build, trade, expand and then declare war at a moment i choose, not really giving a hoot what the AI does to my rep.
    Ooooeeerrrr :crazyeye: No one else on the isand and no iron or horses. Hows that for a conversation stopper, cheers guys!! :lol:
    I have built eleven cities and have contact with everyone but am behind in tech ( alot ). I have purchased and sold techs to advance and only have the collosus wonder having been pipped to the post for the lighthouse ( i really get miffed when it happens like that ).
    Also i was concentrating on roads and mines when india slipped a city in the top of my island but having only archers and catapult i didn't take on their swordsmen and it's a bit too late now,It is around 100 ad and india has just declared war on me so i know where the attack is coming from at least.
    I have stocked up on spearmen and purchased saltpeter, so musketmen are begining to swell the ranks of my very defensive army.
    I will fire it up again tonite ( been away for a few days ) and begin battle with the evil ghandi.
    I have a question tho... if i purchase/trade for a tech i am researching, why does the game select your next tech without even a bye-your-leave,not a peep, and it's usually the one i've left out on purpose to buy for peanuts later or use in negotiation?????
    I am certain i will loose this one eventually but i am embracing the seige mentality that whoever trys it on will pay!!!
    I will try to use photobucket and post a screen pic for you amuzement later.
    adios amigos
  14. WarDance

    WarDance Prince

    May 10, 2005
    The Fire Dances
    Question: will there be another spoiler thread or is this it for the AA? I'm not sure how detailed I should be.

    Open class. Going for Diplomatic or Space Race victory.

    Goals: The thing I love about Archipelago maps is being the first to meet all the other civs and being the main tech and contact trader. It's easy to quickly become the tech leader and amass some nice coins this way. My plans initially are to beeline for Map Making to get out and make contact as early as possible, build the Collossus and maybe the Lighthouse, and research like mad. I had no intention of building the Great Library because being the tech leader on an archipelago map, I wouldn't need it. Of course the map threw a big wrench into the mix. :p

    Starting moves: I sent the worker west and the settler sw initially, then had the worker climb the mountain for a look around. Not seeing anything exciting from the mountaintop I moved the settler west and settled there. Set research to pottery and worked the lake for the extra commerce. That gave me pottery in 9 turns. I had one citizen in the capital working the lake almost the entire time to speed research just a little.

    Expansion and research: I got pottery on turn 9 before expansion and growth, but wanted a settler out by the cattle quickly. I built 2 warriors and then a settler before starting on the granary. My worker spent his time roading for the commerce boost, and then chopping the game tile to help the granary along. Leipzig was built by the cattle in 2750BC and put out a couple warriors to help with barb control, then a worker.

    I ran Berlin as a moderately paced settler factory. Can't remember if it was 5 or 6 turns. Leipzig started on the Collossus rather late, around 1750BC I think. We finished Map making in 1100BC and sent a galley out a turn or 2 later.

    QSC Stats: 6 towns
    16 population
    6 workers
    10 warriors
    1 granary
    2 turns to complete the Collossus
    Literature in 10 turns

    Meeting the neighbors: In 900BC we finish the Collossus and begin the Lighthouse in Leipzig. We meet our closest neighbor in 750BC and they have TONS of tech and know everyone else except 1 civ! Well that's just great. I have nothing to trade but no one has code of laws yet which I am already researching. I am going to need the Great Library, I think, because I have built NO military to speak of. In 670BC we are able to trade code of laws for philosophy (to speed my research towards Republic), ceremonial burial, and some chump change.

    We meet the last civ in 430BC and trade code of laws for iron working and masonry. Lo and behold... no iron on our island.

    In 250BC we research Republic and trade for everything we can get, which turns out to be everything left in the AA except monarchy. We get monotheism for our free tech and are able to trade it to a very wealthy civ for 537 coins. This is the only time EVER that I have reached the MA before discovering I have no horses. Sure I've reached the MA and not had horses, but I KNEW I didin't have horses on those occasions.

    Future plans: I have just a couple turns remaining on the Lighthouse, and about 10 turns remaining on the Great Library. We'll see if I can finish them. Then... I don't really know. There are two paths I can take. 1: build markets and aqueducts everywhere and maximize commerce and research. 2: build lots of archers and go for Leonardo's workshop, upgrade to longbows, and pick a target. There is a neighbor closeby who has the resources I want conveniently located, but I would hate to spend so much time on the war preparations that my longbows end up facing knights (or their version of ;) )
  15. Nata

    Nata Warlord

    Jan 23, 2005
    Boston, USA
    Oh yes, Redbad, you've said it all! That continued to plague me in the later game as well, I couldn't research fast enough to get enough things to build. In this game we would need a big second core to get a good research, and I never managed to set it up.

    But in this case I really wanted the Pyramids to speed up the growth of my cities and get faster research. And it is 4 culture - not too shabby, and very useful in this case to compensate for very slow early expansion, when everything was going into Berlin.

    I replayed the opening after submitting, went for Masonry/Lit instead of MM (as I got contacted by evrybody anyway) and got the Pyramids in about 550BC, then Library next turn, then GL and then HG. And Pyramids really made a difference, I was researching much faster with bigger cities. So it was doable, I just screwed it up.
  16. IronKnight

    IronKnight Master of Disaster

    Jan 15, 2002
    Vermont, USA
    Class – Open, Goal – Conquest

    I decided that I would attempt a conquest victory. I chose this because it is a small map with only 5 rivals. My initial hope was that one of the rivals would be sharing the starting landmass and they could be eliminated fairly early. My researching strategy was to go straight for Map Making, as I wanted to reach the other landmasses as soon as possible.

    Starting moves: I decide I’m going to make use of the game in the initial capital city radius. I move the worker to the game, to road the square. My Settler moves NW. Build Berlin in 3950, begin Archer. I choose archer over warrior because I want to try an archer rush on the nearest neighbor. I begin researching Pottery at 90% science. The Berlin citizen is working the game tile.

    My archer sets out in 3600 BC to explore the land mass. Berlin’s first 3 completed projects are: Archer, Granary (2950 BC, after barracks pre-build), and then finally the 1st Settler in 2710 BC. Leipzig is built in 2630 BC 2 tiles south of Berlin, NW of the cattle. Leipzig begins a settler. Berlin and Leipzig will build mostly settlers for the entire QSC period.

    3950 BC – Berlin
    3400 – Pottery
    2630 – Leipzig
    2390 – Alphabet
    2070 – Hamburg
    1725 – Konigsberg
    1600 – Frankfurt
    1500 – Writing
    1475 – Munich
    1375 – Heidelberg
    1225 – Nuremberg
    1200 – Cologne
    1000 BC– Hannover

    10 – Cities, 14 – Citizens, 2 – Settlers, 3 – Workers, 2 – Archers, I know Bronze Working, Alphabet, Pottery, Warrior Code, and Writing. I am 1 turn away from Map Making.

    In 975 BC I learn Map Making. I switch Konigsberg from a pre-build to a Galley, and produce it in the same year. I load a Settler & Archer into the galley and head out to explore. In 950 BC I meet India. They are 5 techs ahead of me. In 875 BC I meet the Aztecs, who must have bought my contact from India. In 825 I meet the French and the Arabs (they too must have bought my contact). In 630 BC I learn Litterature. I trade it to all Civs and in return I’m able to catch up tech wise. In total I receive Ceremonial Burial, Iron Working, Masonry, The Wheel, and Mysticism plus about 75 gold. I am going to keep my world map to myself for a while, and hopefully trade it a little later for techs.

    My next step is to begin the invasion…

    Attached is my 1000 BC map.

    Attached Files:

  17. Puppeteer

    Puppeteer Emperor

    Oct 4, 2003
    Nomadic in the Rockes, USA
    Open class PTW. From memory (detailed turnlog later):

    I founded Berlin between the two mountains and started Pottery followed by going MM and then to Republic. I used CxxC spacing mostly putting 3 1st ring cities on coasts. (Goofed up RCP, though...no matter, I don't usually try RCP.)

    My early guess was that I'd share lands with France or be alone. I found out fairly quickly I was alone and didn't do much military at first but had barracks for troop making. (Goofed with one city and turned out a few regs after I started making troops.)

    I found India but had little or nothing to offer him. He knew most of the rest of the world and was several techs ahead. A few turns later my contact was sold around and I got CoL at monopoly just as the last known civ got my contact. Using CoL and brokering I reached tech parity, got the world map, much of the world's gold and didn't give anyone my TM or WM, so my location is secret.

    Philosophy was among the techs gained, but after reviewing the resource situation I decided I'd have to be a warmonger and soon, and possibly for prolonged periods of time. So I reluctantly decided for Monarchy over Republic, however I guessed that Monarchy research had been started so I researched Republic planning to trade for Monarchy. That plan worked and I attacked India the same turn I traded him Republic for Monarchy then piled up others on him with trades. (EDIT: I revolted to monarchy right after the trade..7 turn anarchy but I had archers built up and staged to invade, so the war effort didnt suffer.)

    The AI traded techs pretty furiously after that in the AA, and I wound up short Currency and unable to get it for a reasonable trade. (Stupid Aztecs are horrible trade partners!) I realized with one lux on the island and my current economic situation I didn't really need markets right away, and my bonus tech should get me back in the trade game in the MA, so I lagged everyone else into the AA while doing min research on Currency and beating Ghandi until I was satisfied then took Currency, a couple of cities and his meager pocket change from him for peace.

    Oh yeah, somewhere back in there I met the final civ who was alone and backwards but likely to be discovered by another civ in a couple of turns, so I got what I could in trade then gifted him to parity so he wouldn't feed the other civs a steady diet of money when he met them.

    I didn't establish as many embassies nor as early as I usually do as I kept barely enough money through trade to support my research defecit and maintenance, but from what I can tell there was quite a bit of warring including a 3-way pileup on one civ and I believe one war lasting most of the AA, so the AI I expected to be a big problem hasn't expanded much since the wars started.

    Speaking of expansion, I commented in my log at 1000BC that I don't know what I did wrong but felt I hadn't nearly enough to show for the lands I started with.

    I built no wonders, and I razed the Oracle in Delhi because India was the culture monster even throughout the war when I was beating him bloody and bare. When I finally dared to keep one of his unexpanded conquered cities it flipped back to him 2 turns later with no tiles under foreign control, at least 8 tiles to the latest capital and no expanded cities. But I anticipated that and only lost a wounded archer.

    Oh yeah, my military was pretty much entirely archers with some spears thrown in late as I started getting paranoid about the civ with the GLH finding me since I had no military on my home isle save what was heading for the boats.

    EDIT: One more thing...I resettled India's core. The plan the whole time was to use a leader to put my FP there for my second core, but with a decent amount of elite wins I didn't get a leader so I handbuilt the FP on my home isle in a first ring city and built courthouses in all home isle cities in anticipation of a leader jumping the palace to the former site of Delhi.

    EDIT 2: I didn't find India until sometime after 1000BC. It was a lonely, slow start.

    EDIT 3: From my gamelog at 1000 BC (MM finished in 1000BC):
    7 Cities
    1 Settler
    No civs met
    Pop 16
    7 workers
    3 spears, 3 archers, 1 warrior
    Bronze & WC (started with), Pottery, Alpha, Writing, Map Making, 18 turns to CoL

    I'm not sure what I did wrong, but with this land I should've done better than that. I should have had more cities and at least a galley or two out. I thought by city 4-6 I'd be the biggest, but that's not the case at 7 cities. I have 3 granaries and another on the way. I have adequate workers, and I have a rax. I think things will go well, but I don't know why the slow start.
    Notable dates from gamelog:

    825 BC (7 turns after QSC) My galley discovers India.

    670 BC (13 turns after QSC) I learn CoL at monopoly and trade into tech parity, WM and cash supremacy. India sold my contact among 4 civs, the last getting it this turn.

    290 BC: Learn Republic, trade to India for Monarchy then DoW on them and dogpile.

    130 AD: Learn Construction, 2nd-to-last AA tech but AIs learned and traded it same turn leaving me without a reasonable deal for Currency.

    250 AD: End Indian war, get Currency in the deal, enter MA.
  18. Celebithil

    Celebithil Warlord

    Sep 2, 2004
    I started out with Berlin SW, to turn it into a settler factory and due to the sweet water (thank you) it spawned settlers every 4 turns for a long time, until the island was completely filled (12 cities). Unfortunately I still hadn't made contact. But I had seen the cultural borders on the horizon and met them with my first galley to find out I was behind in tech and everybody knew each other already. Thankfully I had almost finished researching Republic, which I could trade for all the AA techs and world maps. Realizing I am resourceless on too small an island (actually I managed too settle on another small island before anyone else, so on two small islands) I need to fight a war to be able to keep up later in the game. Now I just have to figure out how and when to do it.
  19. tR1cKy

    tR1cKy taking over the world

    Oct 29, 2003
    Perusia, Roman Empire

    Vanilla, Predator class.

    Germans, fierce fighters from the ancient age, when they withstanded and lately overcomed the might of the Roman Empire. But among the Germans there are also some of the finest musicians, philosophers and scientists of the whole history of mankind. With my game i'm going to reflect this somewhat underrated trait. No all-out warmonger game then, but a cultural development in which Berlin will shine as the cultural light of the whole world. We're going for 20k culture this time.

    Having this goal in mind, settling W-SW of the starter location seems immediately the best option: at least 3 bonus grasslands, and hopefully a sea and a fresh water tile. My hopes were fulfilled beyond my best expectations. Berlin will grow large, rich and with plenty of production potential.

    Initial moves

    There are no competing scientific civs. Four out of five are religious. France and India are commercial. Enemy culture is likely to become a problem.

    Techs that can be acquired are: Alphabet, Masonry, Pottery and Ceremonial Burial. We have a monopoly in Bronze Working, while Ceremonial Burial is known by 4 civs. The Arabs have a monopoly on Pottery and considering the low beakers required, it's likely to be the 1st tech to be researched. Wait... archipelago map. There is the possibility that we're isolated on a small island, and in this case researching Pottery would be absolutely essential.

    Berlin starts with a warrior. Research is set to Pottery at max. Quite soon we find ourselves isolated, and with no coastal connection, although there's the possibility to reach other nations via sea squares. The Great Lighthouse will be essential.


    After the 1st warrior, Berlin produces another warrior, then a settler, then a granary, then the Colossus. We later found Leipzig in 2800BC, hooking the cow tile, then Hamburg in 1750BC, on a spice tile, then Konigsberg to exploit the game tile that, once chopped and irrigated, becomes a worker/settler pump. Expansion is nothing exceptional, with Berlin totally devoted to cultural buildings. We hit 1000BC with only 5 cities, but expansion is not so important this time.

    A little part of the island is intentionally left unsettled to try a barb camp farming stragegy. This tr1ck pays off: in the ancient age we kill 7 barb camps and collect 175 quids for it. Since we were almost always at max research, those money were very important for trades and for not going bankrupt.

    The terrain is quite crappy: no rivers, only a luxury, no horses, no iron and absolutely no goody huts around.


    Shortly after completing Map Making we make contact with India. Then, a suicide galley survive an ocean trip and meets the Arabs. Shortly after, it's the French and Aztecs turn. The last to be met are the Keltoi: a suicide galley spotted their borders but was unable to reach them. They are met several turns later after that everyone had already contact with those pukes. Here's the log:

    1175BC: India;
    1050BC: Arabia;
    1000BC: Aztland;
    975BC: France;
    610BC: Keltonia.


    Absolutely no one, although i'm slowly amassing archers, catapults and spears :rolleyes: India got progressively dogpiled in the late ancients. Since it's being slowly weakened, it will probably be my first target in the early medievals.


    Being isolated, we go to the usual Map Making rush, that is finally mastered in 1250BC. Galleys are sent on the seas and quite soon we meet the competitors. Everyone already knows each other, except for the Keltoi that will be discovered a little later, and everyone is quite ahead in techs. But we manage to fill the gap and also to become the tech leaders in the late ancient age. Once the Lighthouse is built we start trading techs for luxuries, and this really helps our mood and our research potential. We go for Iron Working, then Literature, then Mathematics, then Construction. Some techs are acquired and we finally go for Republic. The tech is mastered in 170BC and trading it we buy our way into the Middle Ages. We hold a revolution immediately and draw 3 turns of anarchy. The free scientific tech is Monotheism, quite useful this time. Here's the detailed log of the tech progress:

    3900BC: Bronze Working, Warrior Code (prerequisites);
    3400BC: Pottery (self research);
    2470BC: Alphabet (self research);
    1675BC: Writing (self research);
    1250BC: Map Making (self research);
    1175BC: Ceremonial Burial (trade, India);
    1075BC: Iron Working (self research);
    1050BC: Masonry, Mysticism (trade, Arabia);
    975BC: Mathematics (trade, Arabia);
    710BC: Literature (self research);
    610BC: Philosophy, the Wheel (trade, Keltoi);
    590BC: Horseback Riding (trade, Keltoi); Code of Laws (trade, Arabia);
    450BC: Construction (self research);
    230BC: Currency (trade, Keltoi);
    170BC: Republic (self research); Polytheism (trade, India); Monotheism (scientific free tech).

    Berlin's progress:

    3900BC: Palace;
    1425BC: Colossus;
    670BC: Great Lighthouse;
    610BC: Library;
    510BC: Temple;
    330BC: Colosseum.

    At this point we start the Great Library. Although it will likely be missed, it will be a useful prebuild for the Hanging Gardens.

    At the end of the Ancient Ages, Berlin is at 567 culture points and producing 17 cpt. Here's a shot of our magnificent capital, already the cultural light the world, taken in 190BC:

    Attached Files:

  20. Niklas

    Niklas Fully Functional GOTM Staff

    Dec 21, 2004
    57°47'55"N 12°09'16"E
    [ptw] Predator for once, going for 20k.

    I decided to go predator because of the increased AI unit support. I want to do some leader fishing, and more units to kill means more opportunities. :evil:
    Decided not to go for 20k in the capitol this time. My 20k town would clearly go W-SW, so I settled my capitol 1NW. This messed up RCP a bit, but I didn't really care. I had much the same experience as Nata did, nothing to build in Leipzig, I guess for some reason I believed that Pyramids were made of clay... :rolleyes:
    I chose to continue my research on Map Making though, building units in Leipzig in the 5 turns needed until I could continue on with a granary prebuild for the Lighthouse. I was never in the race for the Oracle, but I think getting the Lighthouse could actually be better in the long run on this map.

    In 1000 BC I met the first rival civ, and got the same "surprise" as anyone else, I'm lightyears behind in tech. So I researched Polytheism which the AI seldom bothers about, and traded it around for tech parity in 730 BC. :)

    QSC stats:
    1 city, 4 towns.
    15 pop.
    1 granary, 2 barracks, 1 temple, the Colossus.
    3 workers, 1 spear, 7 warriors, 1 galley.
    Techs: Not TW and Mas on the first tier, Writing, Myst, MM.
    2 contacts, no embassies.

    The rest of the AA was fairly uneventful. I played the tech broker, only self-research was Literature, and I fomented a slew of wars. In 450 BC I traded for Currency and entered the MA, Engineering as free tech, still 11 turns left on Republic.

    4000 BC: Bronze Working (start)
    4000 BC: Warrior Code (start)
    3250 BC: Pottery
    2350 BC: Alphabet
    2110 BC: Ceremonial Burial
    1500 BC: Writing
    1125 BC: Map Making
    1025 BC: Mysticism
    825 BC: Masonry (France)
    730 BC: Mathematics (India)
    730 BC: Code of Laws (India)
    730 BC: The Wheel (France)
    730 BC: Horseback Riding (Aztecs)
    730 BC: Iron Working (Arabs)
    590 BC: Literature
    450 BC: Construction (Aztecs)
    450 BC: Currency (France)
    450 BC: Engineering (free tech)
    250 BC: Republic

    Leipzig progression:
    3050 BC: Founded
    1575 BC: Colossus
    1425 BC: Temple
    710 BC: Great Lighthouse
    90 BC: Great Library
    70 BC: Library
    260 AD: Hanging Gardens

    I'm currently building a small fleet in order to take on my closest neighbor. To those who are afraid of them, I can only say they will be harder to take down the longer you wait. Go get them as fast as you can! :hammer:

    EDIT: Fixed dates to match those reported in CAII

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