GOTM 49 Second spoiler - entering the industrial ages.

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  1. ainwood

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    Oct 5, 2001

    GOTM 49 - spoiler 2

    To qualify for this spoiler, you must have reached the industrial ages, or finished the game.

    How did the middle-ages progress? Was it a knight/cavalry rush for you? Or did you progress more peacefully?
  2. Megalou

    Megalou Thez worlds are not enuf

    Jan 22, 2002
    In the early Middle Ages our nation was at war with Zulu, Aztecs, Arabia. This was quite a half-hearted war for us, since we did not want to squander a large number of horsemen when there would soon be stronger units available.

    But we came out on top. From the annals:

    250 - We discover Monotheism. Trade it to Zulu for peace, Feudalism, 94 g, 21 gpt (max). Great Lighthouse completed.

    210 BC - We capture Baghdad and start our Golden Age. We take Kufah and Aden for peace. Horrible RNG losing reg mercenary againt 2hp jag warrior on desert. Price for peace with Aztecs rockets but we must take it. Paying 135g.

    The GA wasn't so bad. We used the one plain tile that could be irrigated to establish some fairly productive size 2 towns and then working two mines. Here we can see Nora growing towards that ideal state:

    Those towns would then produce a horseman in 4-5 turns. After the GA we also disconnected the iron once or twice.

    In 110 AD Chivalry was discovered and we had some marketplaces and galleys ready besides some 30 mounted units.

    By 420 AD we had subdued Arabia and Celts. And in that year we enticed Aztecs to declare war and landed troups in their territory. We used the Great Lighthouse to reach them. It was hardly worth it, and it probably harmed my score because I could never connect the Aztec conquests to our trade network. But if I had spent all shields on mounted units instead of The Lighthouse and some galleys the game would have been less exciting. For example:

    500 - Now it's getting serious. We must attack the fearsome Zulu. Our champion General Alcazar begins an assault on the capital. He is forced to retreat, but the city is taken without casualties. Next, Isandhlwana falls, giving us access to spices. We have nicely cut off the new Zulu capital.

    At the same time, I tried to settle the barb infested area way north of our starting area. That kept some knights busy for so long that they never returned to battle. I had to pull a fast one on Zulu, making peace and then declaring again, to push us over the domination limit in 590 AD. I'm pretty happy with the way I prepared 8 cultural expansions for this date.

    Surely some people will beat this date, but it was a really fun game and a very interesting map.

    Oh, and yes, I did get a General Tapioca too...

  3. seven21

    seven21 Chieftain

    Jun 14, 2005
    The MA started with Carthage in alliance with the Zulu against the Arabs. This kicked off the GA in 110BC and resulted in the capturing or razing of five of their cities to our North West including Mecca and Medina. This formed the basis of our second core and the FP was built with a GL in 480 after the second of the three Arab wars.

    As we were preparing for a major move on the Zulu they DOW and we allied the Aztecs/Japan/Celts against them. This was the beginning of a long march West moving against the Celts after the Zulu and then the Aztecs and Japanese finishing with a Conquest victory in 1495AD with no-one leaving the MA.

    Carthage managed a virtual monopoly of Saltpeter until late in the game leaving our Cavalry up against Pikemen and Knights for most of the time. The Aztecs managed a few cavalry but htey were well beaten by this time.

    A bit of a grind to mop up the never ending new towns which kept popping up in previously conquered lands - domination would have been quicker - but an enjoyable game and a good map despite the start!
  4. klarius

    klarius ... !

    May 30, 2004
    Open PtW

    Well, I played it quite sloppy. :rolleyes:
    After the Arabs had betrayed me by building the Great Library instead of the Pyramids, I just put science to zero.
    I had already rushed a courthouse in Mecca to slowly build the FP, when a leader spawned at a Celt village. Rushed the FP and then set back building horses and rushing a few improvements. Big mistake was waiting for chivalry to show up via Great Library. Zulus had it quite some time, but didn't sell it to anybody. And I was at war with them at that time and din't want to make peace just for that.
    So chivalry only in 350AD.
    The rest is business as usual, leading to domination in 630AD.

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  5. Megalou

    Megalou Thez worlds are not enuf

    Jan 22, 2002
    Looks like we both should have kept it more simple.
  6. Chamnix

    Chamnix Chasing Time

    Aug 10, 2004
    NJ, USA
    Open Class, 20K in Utica by the eastern cow.

    After entering the Middle Ages thanks to the Great Library in 290 BC, I revolted to Republic with 5 turns of anarchy. I cash rushed a Colosseum and an aqueduct, and started a war with the Arabs. I spent most of the rest of the Middle Ages at war with someone. I didn’t take a lot of territory – I just stood on hills and mountains, forcing the AI to the low ground. I had a good stack of catapults to redline them, then fished for leaders. I did OK getting leaders (5 during the Middle Ages – 4 rushed wonders, the other was an army for the Heroic Epic), but my tech pace was so slow, I ended up having to rush low culture wonders like Leo’s and build things like the Great Lighthouse because nothing better was available at the time.

    Culture builds in Utica:

    -2630 Utica founded.
    -2030 Temple
    -1375 Colossus
    -1175 Library
    -290 Great Library
    -150 Colosseum
    -130 Hanging Gardens (rushed with a Leader, starting my Golden Age)
    10 Cathedral
    170 Forbidden Palace (what a waste of a second core!)
    230 Sistine Chapel (Leader)
    390 Great Lighthouse
    470 University
    630 JS Bach’s (Leader)
    640 Leo’s (Leader)
    740 Heroic Epic
    930 Copernicus’ Observatory
    1120 Shakespeare’s Theater
    1280 Newton’s University
  7. Nata

    Nata Warlord

    Jan 23, 2005
    Boston, USA
    PTW Open
    AA spoiler.

    I entered MA in 730BC and spent some time upgrading to Swords and moving them into position. As it was Emperor I desided I needed 15 Swords at least, which proved to be an overkill.

    410BC - With a stack of 15 swords dow Arabia as they have Rep and Monarchy and might be getting Feudalism soon. Sign alliance with Celts as other won't. Japanese were destroyed by Zulu by then.
    310BC - Mecca with Oracle is taken.

    190BC - Get a GL! Build FP in Mecca.

    Arabs talk peace and offer Republic, Monarchy and Feudalism, and Nazran. They are left with 2 small cities in the northern desert. Start Mono on Min.
    Celts and Zulu have Mono and Engineering! Sheesh!
    170BC - revolt to Republic, get 7 turns of Anarchy.
    30BC - we are a Republic and we are ready for Rep. golden Age.

    Again I was too cautious and spend a lot of time upgrading to MDIs and moving them to attack Celts.
    210AD - mopped up the last Arab town.
    300AD - start war with Celts. They have Invention, may get Gunpowder soon. They also have GLib and Sun Tsu, and no resources.
    310AD - Numidian starts GA. 1 turn till Chivalry.
    440AD - Celts are gone. Learned Gunpowder, Zulu know Chemistry already. Should we go after Edu and UN? Or continue conquest, trying to beat Zulu to Mil Trad?

    670AD - Mil.Trad. researched.
    700AD - have 25 Cavs, 4 Elite Knights, 13 MDIs and some muskets/Numidians. Plan is to attack Zulu and sign up Aztecs for Mil. tradition.
    710AD - Attack. Get GL. Make Army.
    750AD - accidentally pressed Power button. have to reload.
    840AD - fake peace with Zulu for 2 towns.
    850AD - Zulu gone.

    1050AD - Aztecs defeated. Conquest victory!
    Firaxis score: 6747
    Jason score: 9271
    Time played: 15:01:48
  8. Randy

    Randy Prince

    Feb 10, 2004
    Columbus, Ohio
    I had this 3 times in a row until the temple finished.

    I've never had it in any other game.

    This city location must be really bad.

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  9. denyd

    denyd Emperor

    Oct 31, 2001
    Chino Hills, CA
    Hannibal sat in his office squeezing the life out his stress ball. His plan of living under the banner of peace was not working. Numerous blackmails drained his treasury and three of his cities had revolted to the Arabs. It was time for Plan B, so he summoned his staff to a meeting to announce his new strategy.

    “War” he said “will soon be upon us. Whether it’s the Arabs, Celts or Zulu, soon their demands will be beyond reason and we will have no option. I believe that there must be a way to combine the muskets we currently use for city defense with the speed of horsemen. To you researchers, let that be your goal. For my generals, develop strategies and tactics to put this new tool to good use. For my diplomats, I need you to send out feelers as to what alliances would cost us from our neighbors.”

    Word of wonder completions continued to stream into Carthage as the Celts completed Sun Tzu’s War Academy, the Great Lighthouse and the Sistine Chapel while the Zulu build Leonardo’s Workshop and the Arabs completed Copernicus’ Observatory and JS Bach’s Cathedral.

    Through astute trading Hannibal had managed to keep his nation current with the world in science until 870 AD, when at last his scientists unveiled the techniques to allow for cavalry. Soon all of the Carthaginian Knights had traded their lances for rifles and were waiting on the Arabian border.

    The Arabian Ambassador was puzzled as to why he had been summoned to Hannibal’s palace. Maybe Hannibal is going to ‘donate’ to our cause again he smiled thinking back to his prior meetings. War was the last thing he expected and hurried back to the embassy to alert Mecca.

    The ambassadors of the Zulu, Celts, Aztecs and Japan were all happy to join in alliance against the Arabs for a minimal price, usually a luxury. With lightning speed the Calvary from Carthage swooped in on the Arabian cities of Cirta, Yamana and Baghdad and with the victory of a Numidian Mercenary over a wounded Arab Archer, the Golden Age of Carthage had begun.

    As the Middle Ages wound to a close, the tide of the war began to turn towards Carthage as one by one the Arab cities would be captured, revolt and be recaptured. Medina with Colossus and Copernicus’ Observatory was captured and the main Arab forces were finally cornered in Mecca. With the fall of Mecca with the Great Wall, the Arabs were finally willing to cede their remaining cities to Carthage for peace after the alliances had expired and been cancelled. Unfortunately for the Arabs that while the Zulu, Aztecs and Japanese were willing to sign peace treaties, the Celts were not and 1150 AD, the Celts destroyed the final Arab city.

    Hannibal sat staring at the sunset pondering his future. He had reduced his options to only one as he had neither the culture nor science to earn and early completion of requirements and his early peaceful ways had made war based wins with early completion unlikely. This was a nice world and once he had relocated his palace and forbidden palace, Mecca was a nice spot for the palace he thought, this world could be nicely improved to allow him to fulfill his complete contract in 2050 AD.
  10. Twonky

    Twonky King

    Apr 29, 2005
    Hannover, Germany
    tR1cKy´s Challenge, final spoiler

    I had come out of the AA by capturing the Great Library in Mecca (430BC) and had just started my GA.
    The former arabian capital used it´s first chance to flip (the 410/390 interturn), taking with it some 100 to 140 shields worth of units that were either on transit or healing. Luckily, I could retake it directly with an elite sword which also generated a MGL! So I rushed the Palace in Mecca (and no, I don´t have the FP in Carthage :blush: ). After taking over the Arab core cities quickly, I eliminated their last town in 130AD.

    As this is the first time I go for a conquest victory, I made some serious misjudgements:
    - I decided to keep science down instead of heading for MilTrad full steam.
    - I thought a tight core around Mecca (I founded cities on RCP 3 and 5) would be all I needed to produce enough of a military.
    - At first, I was reluctant to put ressources into the settling of the northern peninsula, and only changed my mind when this was slowly done by the AI.
    - I was too eager with attacking the Celts with some knights in around 450AD. My ultra-slow progress ended when the first core town I had captured flipped back, taking the bulk of my knight force that had only just healed with it.

    It was then that I realised I´d need to be in a much better shape to attempt the final campaign.
    Long story short, I resumed a rather conservative playing style and made preparations for the cavalry-rush while clearing our backyard.

    With Cavalry available and a productive second core I could finally run over the AI in the following order:
    Zulu (930 to 970)
    Celts (970 to 1090)
    Japan (1100 to 1150)
    Aztecs (1160, conquest victory in 1220 AD)
    Needless to say that this date will not stand any comparison, but I already guessed so in the pre-game thread. ;)

    A funny side note regarding Japan: when I reached their core (in 1100 AD, mind you!) I faced warriors and spears only, with the occasional horse and longbow. They had no iron, alright, but I wonder what they were up to with their 25 galleys on this pangea map? :crazyeye:
  11. tR1cKy

    tR1cKy taking over the world

    Oct 29, 2003
    Perusia, Roman Empire
    Conquest Challenge

    middle ages spoiler

    Carthage enters in the middle ages under an aggressive anarchy. The bloodthirsty anarchs inaugurate their rule by declaring war on the Zulu. Next turn, Mpondo is easily captured. Not content, the anarchs declare on Arabia too. Two cities are captured in the 1st turn of war, and the remaining 2 follow shortly after. In 30BC the Republic of Carthage is established. In 10 BC, the Arabs are gone. Another Zulu city is captured shortly after, but no road are present and the advancement is slow. The alliance with Azteca against Japan expires, and peace is signed. Japan is immediately drawn into an alliance vs. the Zulu, for an acceptable price.

    An important Zulu city, Ishandlwana, is razed in 150AD. Once again, the advancement is slow, this time because of the annoying Zulu skirmishers. Those pukes know Feudalism, and some pesky mercs are being sent to harass my spartans, with some success. While the war goes on, in the core area there's a limited expansion. A few cities are founded, to complete the ring of cities around Mecca and hook up more luxuries. Silks are hooked in 210AD, and spices in 250AD. At this point, with 7 luxuries available, war weariness will hardly be a problem.

    In the same time, Carthaginian forces are expanding north, toward the ex-keltic area, with some workers to build the roads the lazy Zulu didn't bother to connect. The advancement is steady: 2 small zulu villages are captured, then the ex-Keltic area is claimed. It's 330AD and the Carthaginian troops are headed for the Zulu core. Hlobane falls, flips back and is taken again immediately. In 390AD the battle of Zimbabwe is fought. Once again, the Carthaginians are victorious and the proud Zulu capital falls. A great leader, the 2nd of the whole game :mad: is finally generated, and is sent to a city in need of cultural expansion to rush Sun Tzu.

    With the Great Library in Zimbabwe, middle ages techs are finally learned. Monotheism and Feudalism are mastered in 400AD; in the same turn another Zulu city is captured and Sun Tzu is completed. In 410AD, Carthage DoWs on the Aztec pukes and sign an immediate alliance against them with Japan. Peace is signed with the Zulu (breaking the alliance with the Japanese, but it's too late for them to complain). With peace dealings we grab the city of Umfolozi and Engineering. The tech is sold to Japan for Chivalry, then war is redeclared immediately. In 430AD the last Zulu city, Ulundi, becomes carthaginian and the Zulu are vanquished.

    Drawing the Japanese into war has been a valuable aid: japanese units pillaged the only source of iron of the Zulu, that were unable to build more advanced units. The Zulu mercs soon disappeared, and only 3 pukemen, 2 in Entremont and 1 in Zimbabwe, were met in battle.

    In the successive turns, all the available non-elite swords upgrade into mercs, and the few horseman present become knights. A few units move into the Aztec territory, capturing a pair of cities, while the main of the Carthaginian forces are placed for a devastating rape on Japan, finally with the help of a few knights. Two settler are part of the invasion force, and their presence will be quite useful. The rape takes place in 510AD; first of all, the city sporting the Great Wall is destroyed, then 5 more japanese cities are captured or destroyed, including Kyoto that sports the Pyramids. Next turn, another city is captured, and with the last elite victory:

    Better late than never! It's not too late for a naval invasion of Azteca from Carthage. In the original core area, galleys are started and knights rushed wherever possible.

    In 550AD, peace is signed with the Aztecs. Strangely they accept to hand over a city near their core, that also owns some culture. Since they are at war with Japan, a RoP is signed with them, then the last Japanese city falls, but the japs are still alive. A wandering settler + spearman pair is spotted and killed... but the Japs are still alive! Damn boat people. However, in 560AD the right galley is finally intercepted and sunk. Bye bye Japan.

    Troops are immediately moved for the final rape of Azteca. Once again, the crappy terrain and the absence of roads slow us down, but not dramatically. Troops are sent via 2 different shipchains, and also by land from the former Japan. In 610AD, the Aztecs are raped: 3 cities are captured, 3 are destroyed; 2 cities are founded in strategic spots, so to be the end point of the respective ship chains. The war is violent: a city is recaptured next turn, then is destroyed by Carthage. The weak Aztec cities fall quickly, knights are simply too powerful for those crappy spearmen. The capital resists a 1st attack in 640AD, then falls in 650AD. In the same turn, the last Aztec city is captured and this time there are no boat people to hunt down: the Aztecs are destroyed.

    Conquest victory in 660AD. Firaxis: 8244. Jason: 10200. Here's the final minimap:

    And here's a rare event, 2 celtic cities in ICS:

    The final replay shows what happened. Keltoi and Zulu were at war from the very beginning. The keltic capital (Entremont) was captured quite early, while it was the only city they had, but a settler had just been completed and was moving to found city 2. With the capture the settler panicked and founded Mohacs (new capital) in the first spot available. Despite the odds Entremont did not flip, then Mohacs was captured around 1500BC, ending definitely the brief adventure of the Keltoi in the human history. Their final score was only 28 points.
  12. k-a-bob

    k-a-bob Waiting patiently.......

    Feb 25, 2005
    -6.13, -7.13

    Following my brief war with the Arabs, I get the 1st 3 MA techs and I find that I am behind in the lower part of the tech tree. After obtaining Invention, I am still behind - everyone has Gunpowder, and no one will trade. This is not going to be easy.

    Another DoW on Arabia, and in 720 AD, I have vanquished them and with my leader, I jump the palace, while 1 turn later, the FP is back in my original core area.
    2 cores for war - very good.
    I have a short war with the Zulu, which stalls when my knights start running into muskets.

    After finding gunpowder (and the salt in the mtns) and roading that salt, I max out research (100%) towards MT for my Cavs to rule the world. Even doing this, I find that I am the 2nd to last to research MT(!!) but that's OK, since most of the others do not have good resources.

    The Celts with 5-6 cities are gone in 3 turns (1250-1270) and I turn towards the Zulu, who have some Cavs. But they are also at war with Japan (who never got any Samurai - I refused to give them iron - and they DoWed me) and are distracted.

    War with the Zulu from 1280-1380, with a brief peace 3-4 turns in which I grab the offshore city, get Sun Tzu's in Zimbabwe and start my true invasion of Japan. Japan falls in 1410 under the onslaught of Cavs and in 1405 I DoW the Aztecs.

    Japan and Aztecs had faught a war early, so the Aztecs only had 7 cities in their core area, and no salt. Azteca falls in 1445, ending the game.

    Barbs were a pain late, because I had so much land that was unsettled, but at least I kept getting some gold from them.

    I was worried that the AI were getting close to the IA - and rifles, but I sued for peace a couple times, gaining tech parity in the top half - they only got to physics.

    This was my first Predator game - and being on Emperor, I was quite pleased with my result. I know I was helped a lot by the lack of resources of some of the AI, but that's OK with me.

    Final Score: Firaxis: 4492
    Jason: 6969
    Conquest Victory in 1445 AD.
  13. socralynnek

    socralynnek Civ & Hattrick addict

    Sep 1, 2003
    Northern Germany
    I also never saw the Industrial Age, although Zulus did.
    I settled for ivory, incense, horses and iron, while researching to Republic.
    After Currency and trading to the MA, I only did min research for the rest of the game.
    But the cow was only grabbed by the third town, didn't see it earlier which was bad for growth.
    Then I build some horsemen and when the Arabs already had feud, I decided to attack them and pillaged their iron short after.
    Flip risk was high so I had to slowly starve down and have some troops ready to recapture (which was then only needed once)
    Meanwhile Japan declared war on me, without doing damage.
    This war lasted too long.(and was started a little too late)
    The Zulus were quite strong, so after I made peace with Arabs when they finally were down to 1 town and giving me feud, Invention&Mono, I decided to go with Knights after Celts (traded for Chiv first) who had no horses but had built Leos and GLib.
    But they attacked me which trashed my possibility for gpt deals since a trade route to the Zulu capital went through Celtic territory.
    Signed Zulus vs them who took some of the nice towns, but I got Entremont with Leos and GLib and some towns they build on the eastern side.
    Got a leader which rushed FP in Damascus which was cleared from Jungle.
    Japan (who had meanwhile declared a second time) was next.
    Their defense was Warriors, archers and horseman, so that was easy.
    Then I went for Aztecs which were a bit stronger and had much culture but were not a big problem after all because I could rush a lot of units (had +500gpt)
    I signed Zulus vs them because I was afraid of their Cavs.
    Had to capture all cities of the Aztecs to get over 66% pop.
    Domination victory in 1370 AD (or so, don't remember the actual date exactly)
  14. Mwoimp

    Mwoimp Chieftain

    Mar 16, 2005
    Well, I died. But the reason I'm posting is that when I submitted my game, and my QSC, the system told me I submitted an open class game when in fact I played conquest. I was wondering if this is normal or what I should do about it. This is my first Classic GOTM, I've never had this happen in COTM.
    Oh yeah, I play in PTW on Windows.
  15. EsatP

    EsatP Chieftain

    Jan 9, 2003
    I kill all only at 1040AD with the little score 9266... It is crazy artefact with barbarian. When horsmen-barbarian entered in city - game crashed. I has more then 4 times this surprise.
  16. AlanH

    AlanH Mac addict, php monkey Moderator Hall of Fame Staff Supporter GOTM Staff

    Jan 9, 2003
    Yup! It looks like *someone* :rolleyes: set the wrong signature in the start file. Fortunately it looks as if the secondary signature is correct, so I'll run a fix on the database to straighten out the results.

    It happens very occasionally. I ought to set up a vetting procedure really, to catch it before the game is released. When the current frantic activity around Civ4 dies down a bit I'll see what I can do.
    You did it! Sometimes I play the games myself, then I can't always look at the spoilers until late in the month, so the safest and quickest way is to PM me or ainwood if anything strange happens, but one of the staff should pick up on issues like this that are posted in the forums as well ... eventually.
  17. ainwood

    ainwood Consultant. Administrator

    Oct 5, 2001
    :blush: Guilty... :blush:
  18. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    [ptw]Predator Conquest Challenge

    As expected no match for tR1cKy, but a few lessons learned. Most of
    all, conquest on a small map means Keep it Simple, Stupid. There are a
    lot of things you don't need to do or worry about. When I got my butt
    around to get started, I already had Medieval Infantry. The rest was
    done with Knights and Workers. But I was so slow that I actually had
    Cavalry in action for the very last few turns.

    I also had my Japanese building masses of Galleys, and when I razed
    their last city of course there were Settlers out on these. I had no
    artillery and no ships. Having razed all coastal cities in former
    Japan, I could tease two Settlers fairly soon to have another go at a
    Japanese Empire. But the third and last one came only just in time!

    Rather than using ship chaining, I had hundreds of slaves building
    roads all over the place. Since the continent was rather linear and
    losses small, I don't feel I lost anything here. Only in the very end
    I started lacking reinforcements, and then I had Cavalry which arrived
    fairly soon at the theatre anyway.

    In order to speed things up I have at times made peace deals for
    cities and then immediately gone on with the campaign.

    I suffered no flip.

    Firaxis score: 7670
    Jason score: 9858


    810 AD Conquest. Celts 2CC and Arabs 1CC are the last to fall just
    after the Aztecs are finished.

    760 AD The Japanese finally decide to land a Settler, which when being
    killed turns out to be the only missing Settler, and the Japanese are
    out of the game.

    660 AD Provoke Aztecs to declare war. Get Leader, form Army.

    630 AD Get Leader, form Army

    610 AD Provoke Japan to declare war

    570 AD Learn Invention, Theology, Education and Invention from the
    Great Library

    560 AD Capture Zimbabwe with The Great Library and Sistine Chapel

    540 AD Declare war on the Zulu

    540 AD Peace with Celts for remaining cities. Capitals of Celts and
    Arabia on our peninsula, three tiles apart, and at war.

    520 AD Get Leader with the same unit after upgrade. Form Army.

    470 AD Capture Entremont with Sun Tzu's Art of War, The Great Wall and
    The Oracle, the first being interesting.

    420 AD Declare war on the Celts

    360 AD Peace with Arabia for remaining cities. Arabia is a OCC close
    to home, which I leave for the end game.

    330 AD Build Forbidden Palace In Mecca after Leader Rush. Five cities
    are at distance 5, one one tile closer, which was later moved. Stupid,
    it never got productive. Should have disbanded it or cut down all that

    320 AD Get Leader. End of Golden Age.

    170 AD Capture Mecca with The Pyramids

    130 AD Declare war on Arabia

    30 AD Learn Monotheism in peace deal with Arabia. We want Monotheism
    in order to get to Knights. Have masses of Horsemen to upgrade.

    10 AD Enter Golden Age through a Numidian Mercernary successfully
    defending Fustat.

    110 BC Establish Republic. Declare war on Arabia. Capture Fustat.

    170 BC Learn The Republic in peace deal with Arabia, self research
    would be ready in 1 turn thanks to dissemination rebate. Since I
    didn't need The Republic, I should have waited. Three elite Horsemen
    stand outside Fustat. Buy Feudalism from Japan for 23 gpt and declare
    war in order to end the deal. Revolt.

    370 BC Arabia declares war over my denial of Territory Map and 5 gold

    550 BC Enter Middle Ages
  19. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    I had a few of those cities, too, at sizes two, three and four depending on the availability of irrigated plains. Three of them were at distance 5 from the capital. I irrigated the strip of Plains along the coastline. Picture from 10 BC, one turn before the Golden Age.

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  20. Megalou

    Megalou Thez worlds are not enuf

    Jan 22, 2002
    @Più Freddo

    Your placement of Leptis Minor made your solution way smarter. I irrigated through desert from Baghdad, much slower.

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