GOTM #5 Suggestions


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Dec 10, 2001
Aberdeen, Scotland
I'm looking forward to GOTM #5 - haven't played the Americans much, so should be interesting. What do you think should be the settings for the next game?

My preferences would be:

Difficulty : Monarch
Map Size : Large (would prefer huge, but I realise not everybody has a brand new souped up PC like me!)
No. Of Civs : 12
Land Mass : Continents, smallest land area
Age & Climate : Default values
sounds pretty good to me.
i've only ever played on a large with maximum water mass as my pc is a dinosaur but i'll be willing to have a stab at a longer game for GOTM. :love:

i think it should definately be a larger type map as the only way the americans are going to make use of that F15 is on a long game. in fact, could even be a huge but i think that would be too tough on many PCs...

(still, at least one game in the year should be a huge and it would make sense to make it either the Germans, Americans or Russians... prob the Russians actually).

how about playing around with the climate controls a bit more. maybe put the 5billion years option on and turn the barbarians down to minimum to capture that late-world american feel...

Much as I would love to play a huge game for GOTM, pure timescales means that it would probably be unpractical. Most standard games seem to take between 20-60 hours to play, a huge map could easily take twice that (especially if you have a slow PC and a penchant for micro-management). That works out potentially to 4 hours a day playing Civ in a month! (That would please the Wife - NOT!).

However, to get the best out of the American Civ UU, I definitely think we need a large map. Setting minimum land mass will also help to cut down the time to play the game.

I would also like to have played another game on Emperor level, but variety dictates a change in level this month. I agree about maybe tweaking the age and climate though - I don't normally touch those (I like the default values - they seem pretty well balanced) but I'm willing to have a go at anything this month.

At some point in the future, however, it might be nice to have a mega GOTM that could run over 2 months or so - Huge map, 16 Civs, Deity level etc. etc. Not for the faint-hearted!
Any news yet on GOTM#5? March starts in 2 days time, and the speed I play Civ 3 games at, I'm going to need the whole month to complete the GOTM.
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