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GOTM 57 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by mr. Y, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. mr. Y

    mr. Y Warlord

    Apr 6, 2002
    I am in the early AD's now.
    I aimed for a Solo Quick Landing Game Run, but I am failing to stay friends with the AI. They are all very aggressive, especially the ones closest by.
    I must say I like the map a lot. I managed to build two 'coastal'-cities and want to keep it at that. I was aiming for a total of 10 cities, and peace all the way but I may have to adapt my strat. Three civs are attacking me and I can not win a war without military.

    I feel like Mahatma talking to Genghis.
  2. bruderpetrus

    bruderpetrus Chieftain

    Sep 20, 2005
    ah, found the spoiler now. went on to 1000ad (and got a save, ha).

    living in a permanent siege but the better technologie throws all attacks of the AI out. decided to play less then ten citys to have the possibility to conquer some (get wonders) in the later game


    finished! never made an earlier landing than this one before.

    babylonians were thrown out by barbs (found that red city)

    now waiting for gotm58 (and for RESULTS)

    URUWASHI Warlord

    Jan 26, 2005
    West Coast
    What a great game !
    I spent about 20 hours in the last 24 hours playing ... and I enjoy it!
    We start in the middle of a contient with no way to the Ocean ( or so it seems ....). Against 6 Civs ..how do you play this game ??
    I decided to just build 4 or 5 cities in the heartland and expand....whatever way....
    Starting location is very good ,4 special ( 3 visible ) and 2 huts....
    I went for the huts....firts hut ..25 gold pieces......2 moves after 2nd Hut ...Advance Tribe..now..that is good.
    Since Im allready moved to the west of the map ..and I know that is another special within 8 tiles.....and knowing that is a Whale Special.....I moved west .....Next Hut near my Ideal location.....another Advance Tribe....
    Great to have a new City but the location hurts my goals for a Science city with 4 " Silk " specials....so I move south to locate the next specials., they should be SE of second city...I find the perfect spot...2 Phaesants and 2 hidden Silk...ideal location for a Science city.
    I decided to build one more city , and go for Polytheism...
    Against 6 Civs , I decided to built some Elephants and try to obliterete some cities ( If I can take the Capitals ...) and play a balance act.
    After polytheism and Elephants ....I encounter a blue warrior ..west....After I have 2 Elephants ( Thanks HUTS !! ) I decided to scout West.... 2 Huts on the way give me 2 Extra Elephants......Perfect!
    On my Way West I learn that the Babilonians have taken a Viking City.....so that means I have to change my game plan....I HAVE to defend the Vikings , against the Babilonians....
    I encounter 1 Babilonian Chariot and 2 Warriors near Throndheim....I declared war against the Babilonians...and Destroy their units..
    As more Elephant units are created....I move south thinking to find the Babilonains ( Wrong Move ...)....I encounter the Carthaginians..and demand tribute....they give me 150 in gold.... created more Elephants
    After I have 10 Elephant Armies I decide to explore all the near lands...Encounter the Persians to the East ( 250 extra in Gold ) and the MOngols ( 200 Gold ) . BY now I have 6 cities....
    Have about 15 Armies spread into the SE , and East ...Keeping 2 by Trondheim to repell any attaks from Babilonians to the Vikings.
    On MY way east , I get a few new armies and also some extra gold....also I topple a few extra Huts.....I got 2 extra cities....
    GIfted Vikings all the knowledge I had .....hoping that they will survive....and defend them from Carthaginian and Babilonian attacks.
    Moving East....searching for Persepolis or Mongol Capital....Goal Destroy them ONLY if is a second city....
    Find Bokhara .....so I am aware Karakorum is nearby....try to Destroy Bokhara ...but I need a heaven for my armies....reluctantly I take Bokhara...
    I am Able to take Karakorum , an Ocean city on the East side.....that gives me my 10th city.....no more Hut topping....
    MOngol Capital taken....in the mean time my Units have attacked south of my main land and taken destroyed 3 Carthaginin Cities...Including Carthage...
    Ok..So out of the 6 civs , I conquered 2 Capital cities.....have one in check ( Vikings ) and aware of the Babilonians....that leaves 2 Civilizations ....time to start playing my game ???
    Later in the game I realized that 3 of my cities have access to the Ocean , but it was too late .
    Build Pyramids and Polo after TRade.
    Trading Carvans was mainly within my Civilization, I managed to build a super science city ( Colossus, Newton , Copernicus, Hanging Gardens....) unaware that had an exit to the Ocean .
    Built SOL to avoid the anarchy years.
    Turn into Democracy in the late ad 1500 or so after Shakespeare .Michaleangelo and Bach .
    By 1800 I had to defend the Monglos from extinction .....Eventually the Mongols will come back with 7 cities.....
    Carthaginians, Mongols , Persians and Babilonians finish with 20 cities....plus...Vikings and Aztecs had about 15 each.
    Consider that Cathaginans , Vikings and Mongols were all near extincted...
    Carthagininas never Buid a Palace , Mongols did , late in the Game....

    Managed to Land 40.000 settlers with the simplest spaceship . 33.8.8 ( Rate of success 69% ) spaceship after 1900.
    NO cities Lost . no civilizations lost.
    38 Hours of play...........What a Game !!
    I better get some sleep !!
  4. Old n Slow

    Old n Slow Emperor

    Feb 4, 2002
    Vienna, VA, USA
    I, too, played this game too fast (and it shows.) I tried to build a road from my one city to my allies (did so but never got the famous road bonus...oh well.) From start to finish in under 12 hours (with sleep in between -- OCC does have that aspect of simplicity for we sloppy players.)

    Lost a couple of civs along the way & only flew a minor starship, but was happy indeed to get it off the ground.

    Nice twist GOTM team!:goodjob:
  5. Sharkbait

    Sharkbait Warlord

    Oct 14, 2005
    New Zealand
    Greetings all! My first post here having played GOTM57 as part of my latest rediscovering of Civ2. Didn't keep a proper log and played lazily but landed a ship about 1930 with the loss of 1 civ - should have gifted them some more tech. Built in the middle of the continent and must say I didn't really try and keep the AI civs apart. Was allied to 3 civs for most of the game and they funded me nicely. Stayed in monarchy too long when I should have gone Republic. Lost a couple of cities to the Mongols for one turn before retaking them, and that was the worst of the sneak attack troubles. They stole lots of tech but I ignored the temptations to delare war as I was busy buidling SS parts. The AI went quiet on the ship after building a few parts - weird. All in all a fun game on a cool map - many thanks!
  6. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I would have skipped this GOTM due to lack of time, specially after not being even close to submitting the previous one. But the new rule makes it too exciting to ignore.

    I started late, earlier this week, and have played two sessions. I am around -400 right now. I have 6 cities, and 3-4 more planned. I do not plan on taking any city from my rivals and have spent significant amount of time on map analysis picking great city sites. Persian Antioch and Mongol Bokhara, however, are too close to one of my cities for comfort. (Antioch shares a couple of tiles with mine.)

    I am playing defensively, keeping the AI happy by gifting them techs. So far, I have defused one Mongol near attack. Carthaginians just placed a Legion next to one of my cities. I have to meet them and get them to remove it. I have no offensive units, short of two horsemen which came from huts. I need to rectify this. I have only recently finished providing a single Phalanx defender for every one of my cities.

    I have built Colossus, and Marco Polo in that order. I am aiming for Hanging Gardens next. Babylonians are working on Pyramids. No one else is into wonders yet. I am toying with the idea of building Great Wall, which I rarely do.

    I have had mediocre luck with huts so far. I got half a dozen empty huts which is very unusual. A couple of barbarians. One None settler, 3 supported units, and a good amount of cash. I also got an Advanced tribe at a below mediocre spot.
  7. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I have played till 800 now. Unbelievably I have been able to keep my rivals from attacking me. Only one stupid sneak attack by Vikings killing a caravan heading for their capital. I think this is partly due to my wise decision to build the Great Wall. AI has been so reluctant to challenge me militarily ever since.
    I rarely make the Wall, relying on counter offensives by keeping a few good attackers around and relying on my road network to get them into place where they are needed. But in this game my cities are farther apart than usual and I do not plan on conquering anyone so instead of attackers I opted for the Wall and I am so glad I did.

    I have also found that the AI is more likely to play tribute if their attitude is Neutral or above. For this reason primarily, I skipped republic and switched from power Monarchy to Democracy in 700. (I discovered republic in -575.)

    The combination of tributes, Monarchy (no need/use for infrastructure anywhere but my capital), and limited number of cities (no cease less production of settlers for expansion) turned my empire into a wonder building machine. I have never been this far ahead in terms of wonders in any game. I often have the wonder all but done the moment I get its tech. I have taken all the ones I care for so far. And I already have the caravans for the next one.

    URUWASHI Warlord

    Jan 26, 2005
    West Coast
    Ali , The Wall will prove to be OK until the discovery of metalurgy.
    I have played games on the Deity level...and it will help just to en extent
    I got all civs in this game gifting me...BUT unless you can Tame and weaken some other Civs ..you will be facing some hard facts you know that Vikings, Mongols and Carthaginians, ( most games I have played )they will turn around and betray you...Babilonians and Aztecs are peacful but they can beat you on the long run
    I like your peacefull approach
    Hope you can do it

    Here is my game log:
    GAME 57-
    Starting Location- 52.48-
    4000- Hut at 55.49 returns Pottery - ( not 25 gold as I posted earlier )Silk Visible at 57.49 -
    Analizing Map , Location 54.48 will be ideal spot , since is another special at 55.45, IF this location is a Whale Special , then Paralell 48 is ideal to build next city, possibly the Science City - East or West of starting location

    3800- Settler finds a second Hut , advance Tribe 49.49 , CARDIFF -
    The eliminates 54.48 as City Location.
    Since " seeds " are allways 8 tiles from each other on the same parallell , decided to Scout West and see if location 38.48 , is viable; that location will have 4 specials , 3 Whales. 4th Seed of the Pattern is not seen ... ( Maybe 4 Whales if xx.45 is a Whale seed ) and may be an excellent Location for Science city , if the terrain on 38.48 has Silk or Wheat, or if its Grasslands.

    3550- Hut at 43.47 - Returns Advance Tribe- KELLS- Good news and Bad news, have 2 cities built by 3550 and 1 None Settlers.... but KELLS location eliminates building Science city city at 38.48.
    As expected , 38.48 has 2 visible Silk specials and 2 hidden ones....

    2900 - Next 4 Whale location is too far away , west of 38.48.... decided to use NONE Settlers and Build CARMATHEN at 36.48- This location has 1 visible silk and a hidden special ( Silk )-
    Calculated where all best possible locations ( 4 specials ) are near by, North and South....
    5 tiles South of Carmathen should be 1 special ,part of the opposite seed pattern .

    This Pattern should have also 4 fish/4 whales, but how are the 8 seeds distributed ???
    Researching Monarchy.

    Between 2900 and 1500 BC.

    Southern Seed composition is Found , NW pattern is a 4 -4 (as expected ) -Cities Build in the " perfect " locations on Parallell 61 will have 4 specials , 2 Fish and 2 Whale...., Cities Build in Prime locations on Paralell ,65 will have 3 Whales , do I need more cities ??
    My concern is that this " Ideal " cities will be too far from the Heartland

    Built 3 Cities : Armagh, Caernarfon and Tintagel.

    Armagh- One silk- 2 Hidden Specials-
    Caernarfon- 2 Phaesants- 2 Hidden Silk - near a lake, Because of the Specials available , this will be my Science City.
    Tintagel- Central Location has no specials but it will serve as an " inner " Port and Depot later in the game
    Tintagel is building roads to all Cities ......and assisting Caernafon to build up , since both are in lakes , Triremes can transport Caravans to Caernafon from all other cities, and speed Wonders.

    Polytheism ..... Elephants will Scout the Continent.
    Elephants moving West find Huts ( 2 new Elephant Armies )......

    1500BC thru 1 AD

    Scout Units encounter Vikings, Babilonians ,Persians, Mongols and Carthagenians-
    Built 2 unplanned cities , Caerphilly ( advance Tribe ) , and Cork ( None settlers ) almost a perfect Location , 12 tiles East of the Heartland , but too far to waste time on NONE Settlers to get to the Heartland.....
    Created Several Elephant Units- Demanded Tribute from all AI's-all complied-
    Gold chest at one point reached 800 gold. Created More Elephants
    Scouting West , SW , center and East of the continent.
    Changing my game plan ..I have plenty Armies early in the game ..why not attack and take the best cities, or
    better yet....some Capitals ?? That will slow the growth of any civilization , and at this point I have room for two GOOD cities......

    Planning to Attack Vikings , since location is not far from my Western Elephant Armies.
    Maybe Trondheim is located by the Ocean ??
    As I start to move West Armies and Take Trondheim, I realize plans need to change.
    ....Babylonians have destroyed 2 Viking Cities.....Now , I need to protect the Blue AI !!
    Attacked Babilonians - - Defended Vikings and gifting Vikings , and protect them from Babilonian Attacks, will do so , until they becamed strong and Vikings are able to build a new City, eventually with my help, they will build a new city Hladir-
    Relocating Armies its easy , after Cease Fire , place Elephants 2 tiles from Viking Cities and next turn " Offending " armies are station on one of my cities.
    Stll, Vikings declare War.....

    SWest armies , Attacked Cartaginians in Hopes of getting a Port City -Destroyed Carthage and Malaca.
    After Cease Fire , again Elephants are placed 2 tiles of Carthaginian City ..and then relocated to one of my cities. This works great, because most of my Armies are not at full strenght.
    After they are at full power , will move them East ...

    Eastern Armies, Conquered Karakorum ( Port City ) and Bokhara from Mongols-Destroyed Nishapur
    Taking this 2 cities ( Total of 10 cities ...) implies NO MORE Hut topping on the Plains or Grasslands.....
    Out of 22 Armies , 12 are lost
    Need to start playing a Peaceful startegy.

    Wonders: Polo and Pyramids-
    Power ; Supreme -- Reputation ; Questionable - Monarchy
    Income 11- Cost 4 - Discoveries 27 turns-

    Babilonians- Cease Fire- 9 Techs- 6 Cities- Despotism - Location Believed to be NW or North of Continent.
    Vikings-War- 5 Techs - 2 Cities - Despotism- Located
    Aztecs-Peace- 9 Techs -5 Cities- Despotism - Location Unknown
    Persians-Peace- 12 Techs - 5 cities -Despotism - Location Unknown- Cordial , will try to exchange Maps
    Carthaginians- 5 Techs - 3 Cities - No Capital - No Masonry - Located
    Mongols- 10 Techs - 4 Cities -No Capital - Located

    1- AD Thru 150 AD-
    Exchanged Maps with Persians- Science City working on Hanging Gardens- Researching Astronomy-
    At peace with all Civs- Except Babilonians -
    Building Triremes in Karakorum- ( Hoping to explore SE of Continent- )
    - Cork , Elephants scouting South Center of Continent allow me to belive that is a way to the Southern Sea... - Trireme from Cork with Scouting elephants destroyed by Barbarians.

    Between 150 and 300 AD-
    Colossus and Hanging Gardens Built- Changed Goverment to Republic-Discoveries 11 Turns-
    - Cease Of Fire with Babilonians- Building Temples in all cities.-

    300 AD thru 500 AD-
    Persians Build Lighthouse- Mongols destroy Silk Caravans- - War with Mongols.
    All cities working on Caravans to Build Copernicus-
    4 Settlers working in Caernarfon , buiding roads, irrigation and mining hidden silk

    500-1000 AD-
    Aztects Build Great Library- Babilonians Build Wall -
    Caernafon Builds Copernicus- sppeding up to Build Isaac Newton-
    Caernafon tiles are being finished- Mined tiles return 2 Silk as expected-
    Exchanged Maps with Babilonians- Aztecs researching Map Making ...

    Researching Invention- Carthaginians bounce back with 6 cities - Vikings rebound with 5 cities-
    Mongols at War with Babilonians, Carthaginians and Persians .
    Mongols lose 2 Cities against Babilonians and Persians....
    .Armies in Bokhara and Karakoum defending Mongols
    Mongols 2 cities Left.
    Gifting Mongols , in hopes to make them strong and not losing their Civ.
    Aztecs benefiting thru Great Library.

    1000- 1500 AD

    Caernarfon Builds Shakespare- University - Sewer System - Population will reach 13 by 1500.
    Dye is the most requested commodity, and 5 of my cities produce it.
    Exchanged Maps with Aztecs-
    I learned that IF those Scout Elephants and Trireme had not been destroyed...by 150 AD ...I could have access to the South Seas.....and trading with the Aztecs.....
    Mongols , one city left. Offered military Units they refused.
    Republic - Discoveries 6 turns-
    At war with Babilonians ( Defending Mongols ) and Persians ( Icy ) may declare war since Bokhara and Karakorum are in their way to Samarkand ( Only Mongol City )

    Gifted mongols with Gunpowder- Mongols Bounced back with 5 cities
    Carthaginians have 20 Cities-at War with me - Luckly their best armies are Elephants ....no Capital and only 8 Techs-
    Managed to keep Carthaginians at bay... placing rifleman on Carthaginian Border-
    Relocating Rifleman units to Caernarfon - ( Shakespere )
    Build Michalangelo- Discover Democracy- Build SOL-
    Change Goverments , to soft Fundamentalism to Build , Marketplaces, University , Library , Aqueducts , will also try to build Banks, stock exchanges and Sewers in every city.
    Soft Fundie also provides the coffers with almost 300 gold per turn.
    Will be in Fundamentalism for about 20 Turns or , after most infrastructure is Built, then turn into Democracy.

    Temples, Banks , Marketplaces, Libraries, Universities and Aqueducts in all cities.
    Stock Exchanges, Sewer Systems being Built, Superhighways built in Science City
    Democracy- Discoveries 3 turns- Caravan deliveries make it possible in 2 turns.
    Darwin Built - Bach Built- Researching Mass Production-
    Found an exit to the West Ocean- Established routes with Babilonian and Vikings.
    Should I had explored the West lakes earlier I would have found an exit to the Ocean several turns ago.
    After circumnavigating Babilonia Peninsula Transport stationed in inner lake 9 tiles north of Kells, that allows me to load freights in 5 turns and deliver them to Babilonians, avoiding the long trip West then North. ( Saving 10 to 12 Turns )

    Taxes : 20 %-60% -20% Total science 900 + beakers-
    Building and Piling up caravans-

    1850- and Beyond
    Airports Built- ( 8 )
    50 + Freights on Sentry...... waiting......soon as Space Flight is discovered will build Apollo in one turn.
    Using rest of caravans for Modules and Components.
    Cork, Bokhara and Karakorum deliver one Caravan every other turn , using airports...
    Only Uranium and Dye Caravans are delivered-
    Uranium Caravans pay 380 from Heartland to Karakorum- Dye Caravans pay very well....

    Apollo Program built- After Semiconductor and Plastics are discovered , will change my Tax rates-to 80- 0 and 20, that will give me 900 + gold per turn to speed up Modules , Components and Structurals.
    Vikings and Babilonians steal Space Techs- Decided NOT to declare war.
    To avoid any other Technology steals, have to change Tax Rate and Speed up knowledge to build Spy's- All cities will have 1 or 2 Spy's, They fold several espionage attempts.
    Still..... Aztecs manage to steal Space Flight.
    Used all available Carvans and Gold to build Modules ASAP-

    Launch a 33- 8 - 8 - 4 - 4 - 4 Ship- Flight Time 11.4 Years.

    Changing Taxes to 50%-0- 50% will increase Luxury every other turn...10 %
    By arrival time , Taxes will be 0-0-100%
    Next 10 Turns after launch , Will build Mass Transit, Colliseums , etc.

    Have extra Caravans , decided to Built Cure for Cancer
    Power is Mighty and Reputation Excellent-

    As I launch my SS Babilonians , Aztecs and Vikings are working on Spaceships -
    As I arrive in Alpha Centaury, Babilonians end with 18 Cities their ship is a 15-4-4-1-1-0
    - Babilonians finish with 4 Wonders- Great Wall- STWA-Hoovers Dam- United Nations-

    Vikings build a 27-7-7-0-0-0 ship , no modules - Vikings 19 Cities - 2 Wonders -Oracle and Eiffel Tower

    Aztecs build a 32-8-8-0-0-0 ship , No Modules - 14 Cities - 4 Wonders- Library- King's Richard- Leonardo- A.Smith

    Persians -Unknown amount of cities - Guessing 14 +...( No embassy )- 3 Wonders- LH , Magellan - Woman Suffrage

    Carthagininas- Unknown amount of cities, guessing 20+ - ( No embassy ) - No Wonders

    Mongols finish with 15 cities.- No Wonders

    Arrive in Alpha Centaury- 40.000 Settlers- 13 Wonders - Pyramids- Polo -HG - Colossus -Michelangelo-Copernicus-Shakespeare-Bach -Newton - Darwin-SOL - Apollo- Cure for Cancer
  9. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I built the Great Wall in -100 and it expired in 1210. That was a long useful life and well worth it. The AI attitude changed for the better as soon as I had it and they stopped sending offensive units my way. That all changed right around 1500, quite a few turns after the expiration of the Great Wall. By then I had built walls in all my wonder cities and eventually I built them in every city. The attitude shifted some when I finished the UN but not much.

    Mongols were the first to attack me, and throughout the game the biggest threat. This was partially because they were the most advanced after me due to all the tech gifts I gave them to keep my own research cost down. They discovered both Nuclear Fission and Mobile Warfare on their own, but they never bothered building Manhattan and I never saw any tanks. The latter was probably because by the time they got Mobile Warfare my space ship was only a few turns from reaching its destination.
  10. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Snap shots of my game:

    Status at -1000
    Population: 0.16M; Cities: 4; Trade routes: 0D0F; Government: Monarchy
    Finance. Treasury: 178; Cost per turn: 0; Income: 4; Tax rate: 30%
    Science: Total advances: 12; Advance every 12 turns; Science rate: 70%
    Production: 19MT; 0 polluted tiles
    Units: 2 settlers, 1 Archer, 2 Horsemen, 1 Diplomat, 1 Caravan.
    Babylonian: No contact
    Viking: No contact
    Aztec: No contact
    Persian: No embassy
    Carthaginian: No contact
    Mongol: No embassy

    Status at +0001
    Population: 0.61M; Cities: 7; Trade routes: 2D0F; Government: Monarchy
    Finance. Treasury: 158; Cost per turn: 3; Income: 4; Tax rate: 10%
    Science: Total advances: 22; Advance every 13 turns; Science rate: 70%
    Production: 42MT; 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: Marco, Colossus, Great Wall.
    Units: 6 settlers (1 None), 6 Phalanx, 1 Archer, 1 Legion, 3 Horsemen, 4 Diplomat, 4 Caravan.
    Babylonian: 4 cities, 11 tech, 56g; War with Persians
    Viking: 4 cities, 8 tech, 64g; War with Carthaginians
    Aztec: 2 cities, 13 tech, 25g;
    Persian: 6 cities, 17 tech, 290g; War with Babylonians
    Carthaginian: 5 cities, 13 tech, 89g; War with Vikings
    Mongol: 4 cities, 18 tech, 447g;

    Status at +0500
    Population: 1.33M; Cities: 9; Trade routes: 4D2F; Government: Monarchy
    Finance. Treasury: 208; Cost per turn: 4; Income: 22; Tax rate: 20%
    Science: Total advances: 28; Advance every 6 turns; Science rate: 70%
    Production: 66MT; 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: Marco, Colossus, Great Wall, Hanging Gardens, Pyramids, Copernicus.
    Units: 9 settlers (1 None), 2 Warriors, 7 Phalanx, 1 Archer, 1 Legion, 3 Horsemen, 4 Diplomat, 14 Caravan.
    Babylonian: 4 cities, 16 tech, 78g; War with Persians
    Viking: 5 cities, 14 tech, 83g; War with Carthaginians
    Aztec: 3 cities, 15 tech, 53g;
    Persian: 7 cities, 22 tech, 68g; War with Babylonians
    Carthaginian: 6 cities, 18 tech, 39g; War with Vikings
    Mongol: 4 cities, 24 tech, 478g;

    Status at +1000
    Population: 4.51M; Cities: 9; Trade routes: 8D6F; Government: Democracy
    Finance. Treasury: 174; Cost per turn: 42; Income: 42; Tax rate: 10%
    Science: Total advances: 37; Advance every 3 turns; Science rate: 80%
    Production: 122MT; 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: Marco, Colossus, Great Wall, Hanging Gardens, Pyramids, Copernicus, Michelangelo, King Richard, Leo.
    Units: 10 Engineers (1 None), 10 Musketeers, 3 Knights, 4 Diplomat, 10 Caravan.
    Babylonian: 5 cities, 21 tech, 104g;
    Viking: 5 cities, 16 tech, 252g; War with Carthaginians
    Aztec: 4 cities, 16 tech, 124g;
    Persian: 7 cities, 27 tech, 234g; War with Carthaginians
    Carthaginian: 6 cities, 23 tech, 140g; War with Vikings & Persians
    Mongol: 5 cities, 34 tech, 700g; ; Sun Tzu

    Status at +1500
    Population: 22.39M; Cities: 10; Trade routes: 12D11F; Government: Democracy
    Finance. Treasury: 1020; Cost per turn: 206; Income: 144; Tax rate: 10%
    Science: Total advances: 64; Advance every 2 turns; Science rate: 80%
    Production: 245MT; 2 polluted tiles
    Wonders: Marco, Colossus, Great Wall, Hanging Gardens, Pyramids, Copernicus, Michelangelo, King Richard, Leo, Newton, Bach, Eiffel.
    Units: 11 Engineers (1 None), 11 Riflemen, 3 Cavalry, 4 Spy, 10 Freight.
    Babylonian: No embassy; Lighthouse
    Viking: No embassy;
    Aztec: No embassy;
    Persian: No embassy; Great Library, Shakespeare
    Carthaginian: No embassy;
    Mongol: No embassy; War with me; Sun Tzu, Magellan

    Status at +1750
    Population: 37.9M; Cities: 10; Trade routes: 15D15F; Government: Democracy
    Finance. Treasury: 39; Cost per turn: 436; Income: 560; Tax rate: 20%
    Science: Total advances: 88+17FT; Advance every 2 turns; Science rate: 60%
    Production: 479MT; 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: Marco, Colossus, Great Wall, Hanging Gardens, Pyramids, Copernicus, Michelangelo, King Richard, Leo, Newton, Bach, Eiffel, Hoover, SETI, UN, Apollo
    Units: 11 Engineers (2 None), 6 Partisans, 10 Riflemen, 2 Cavalry, 3 tanks, 1 Stealth bomber, 8 Spy, 1 Freight.
    Babylonian: 7 cities, 56 tech, 370g; Allied with Vikings, War with Mongols; Lighthouse, Statue of Liberty, Suffrage
    Viking: 6 cities, 44 tech, 618g; Allied with Babylonians & Carthaginians, War with me
    Aztec: 5 cities, 40 tech, 684g; War with me
    Persian: 6 cities, 58 tech, 104g; Allied with Carthaginians & Mongols; Great Library, Shakespeare
    Carthaginian: 12 cities, 54 tech, 1842g; Allied with Vikings & Persians; Darwin
    Mongol: 13 cities, 69 tech, 1848g; War with me & Babylonias, Allied with Persians; Sun Tzu, Magellan, Adam Smith

    +1765 Space ship arrives

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