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Gotm 72 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Tigui, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Tigui

    Tigui Chieftain

    Mar 2, 2004
    I'm now in 475 BC with 13 cities and I built MPE. Here is a balance of my log for the begining of the game. The game started with alphabet, bronze working, code of laws, currency and masonry.

    -4000 hut -> Archer. Tenochtitlán built.
    -3950 -> Ceremonial burial.
    -3600 Teotithuacán built.
    -3550 Ceremonial Burial -> Monarchy hut -> nothing.
    -3450 Tenochtitlán (2)
    -3400 hut -> Trade
    -3100 hut -> 50 gold
    -3050 Teotithuacán (2) Settler produce in Tenochtitléan (1).
    -2900 Tenochtitlán (2) hut -> 50 gold.
    -2850 Tlatelolco built.
    -2750 Monarchy -> Mysticism
    -2700 Teotithuacán (1). Revolution.
    -2650 My government is Monarchy.
    -2450 Texcoco built, Teothuacán(2)
    -2400 Civil desorder in Tlatelolco (2)
    -2300 Tenochtitlán (1)
    -2250 Mysticism -> Writing Tenochtitlán (2).
    -2200 Teotithuacán (1) hut -> Warrior Code.
    -2150 Texcoco (2)
    -2100 Tlaxcala built.
    -2000 hut -> chariot Teotithuacán (2)
    -1950 Calixtlahuaca built.
    -1900 Begining of building MPE in Tlaxcala. I meet Mongols and peace. After, I trade warrior code for writing and ceremonial burial for potery. My power is supreme and my rep is perfect.
    -1850 -> Alphabetisation
    -1800 Tenochtitlán (1)
    -1750 Tenochtitlán (2)
    -1700 Teotithuacán (1) Texcoco (3).
    -1650 hut -> Archer
    -1600 Texcoco (2)
    -1550 Alphabetisation -> Feodalism. Calixtlahuaca (2).
    -1450 hut -> barbarians.
    -1400 Chariot killed by barbarian horseman.
    -1350 My Archer become a vet after an attack of an horseman that was hurt a lot. Tlatelolco (2), Xochicalco built.
    -1250 Teotithuacéan (1)
    -1150 Texcoco (3), Tlacopan built.
    -1100 Civil desorder in Tlaxcala, Atzcapotzalco is built. Tenochtitlán (3).
    -1050 Calixtlahuaca (3). Texcoco (2) hut -> horseman.
    -1000 Tzintzuntzen built.
    -975 My Archer found Bokhara (mongol). Malinalco built.
    -950 Calixtlahuaca (2)
    -925 Feodalism -> Philosophy
    -900 Tula built
    -875 Civil desorder in Atzcapotzalco, Calixtlahuaca, Texcoco, Teotithuacán. Tenochtitlán (2)
    -850 Atzcapotzalco (2)
    -825 Teotithuacán (1)
    -800 Teotithuacán (2) hut -> Construction.
    -750 Tlacopan (2), Texcoco (3) hut -> barbarians.
    -725 Texcoco (2) Civil desorder. Tamuin is built. I found Nissuapar (mongol).
    -675 Archer near of Nishapur go back to an other city. Tenochtitlán (3)
    -625 Tlacopan produc the first caravan.
    -600 Philosophy -> Map making -> Republic.
    -550 Tenochtitlán (2)
    -500 Calixthuaca (1) Tlatelolco (1).
    -475 Atzcapotzalco (1). Tlaxcala built MPE. Teotihuacán (1). Contact with German. I trade trade for Republic and Philosophy for horseback riding Peace. I give Monarchy and they refuse to exchange maps. Contact with Japanese, I refuse to go in a war with Mongols, I give Construction peace. I trade republic for wheel. They refused to exchange maps. Contact with Chinese, I give Trade peace. They refused to exchange maps. Contact with England, I refuse to give Construction war. I gave Masonry, currency, construction, map making and German finally accept to exchange maps.
  2. Tigui

    Tigui Chieftain

    Mar 2, 2004
    Satus at -475
    Population:0.3M; Cities:13 ; Trades routes: 0D0F; Government: Monarchy
    Cost per turn: 0; Total advances: 20; Production: 37MT(1st); 0 pollued tiles.
    Wonders: MPE
    Units: 9 Settlers, 6 Phalanx, 3 Archers(1 None), 6 Pixers, 1 Caravan.
    Japanese: 7 cities, 11 techs; 468 gold; Peace.
    German: 4 cities, 16 techs; 225 gold; Peace.
    Chinese: 6 cities, 11 techs; 334 gold; Peace.
    English: 8 cities, 10 techs; 476 gold; War.
    Mongol: 7 cities, 10 techs; 629 gold; Peace.
  3. Peaster

    Peaster Emperor

    Sep 26, 2004
    I liked the map, though the pattern slowed down trade and conquest. Also, there did not seem to be a lot of trade specials, so the Aztec economy struggled for most of this game. Not much pre-planning this time, just grow until I know something about the map or the AI. My hut luck was not great, with ONE big exception, an adv.tribe in 3850BC!

    4000BC: hut=horse, Tenk(1). Tax at 60.
    3850BC: Teth(2) hut = tribe = "Blessing" (3).
    3750BC: Finally set science > 0 (doh), at cere.bur. Hut = chariot
    3600BC: c.b. -> mo'y, and Teth makes a warrior for Tenk.
    3550BC: hut = empty
    3450BC: Blessing puts workers on forest, so it won't grow until I have a spare militia to keep the peace.
    3250BC: Monarchy -> maps (trade N/A) and revolt, hut (delayed slightly for monarchy) = pots, hut2 = 50g. But I need more gold, and set taxes to 70, though no Aztec city produces even one beaker for a long time.
    3200BC: Tex Central (4)
    3100BC: Taxes (5); now 2 militia dance among 5 cities
    3050BC: hut = empty
    2900BC: Calitax (6)
    2850BC: hut = archer (NON), nearest to Karakorum. Still science rate is zero.
    2800BC: hut = chariot
    2750BC: hut = 50g, which allows a period of 30pc tax, 70pc science
    2700BC: huts = archer, horse
    2650BC: 2 settlers will now make very short roads. The previous huts have provided lots of explorers to pop more huts. My future hut-luck was slightly below average [empty, archer, 50g, 50g, math, barbs... but I did finally get another tribe and a nomad in 2250bc].
    2500BC: Klackopan (7) and Xoch (8) are red-faced at birth, so I focus on getting HG asap.
    2400BC: Short roads connect 5 cities, which will ease HG, defense, and militia-dances.
    2350BC: maps -> trade, Atzataxes (9)
    2300BC: Tzintax (10)
    2250BC: hut = Malinico (11); I won't report more city dates.

    2000BC: 12 cities + 7 settlers (this is high for me) Mfg =25, pop= 180K, no AI contact, monarchy, 12 adv's [and 6 of 7 turns to trade], 4 Elvis's. I made 4 more angry cities before HG.
    1650BC: We found the Mongols, got 100g for peace, and we traded maps.
    1550BC: Hanging Gardens! whew!
    1500BC: 19 cities. The Germans are having barb problems, and move their capitol to Hamburg. I start to plan my EC a bit; expecting the main problem will be reaching regions around (20,120). I guess (without much black-clicking yet) that EC will take about 40 more turns, plus time for making ships, MPE and LH. So, those are my next goals.
    1200BC: Lighthouse! I often build MPE first, mainly to get AI map info, but I knew I wanted to go south ASAP, and didn't want to keep my boats waiting.
    1150BC: First boat departs, with a settler and a chariot. My science plans have been mangled by the 2/3's rule and by hut results, so I won't get poly til 975BC, but it's not a problem.
    1050BC(?): My boat finds Leipzig, makes contact, gets 50g and their map. I start to notice that continent "1" seems to be everywhere, which is bad for trade, but good for tribute.

    1000BC: 23 cities, Mfg = 87, pop 550K, 69g, 70pc tax, 15 adv's, 14/15t's at seafaring, 2 WoWs [HG+LH], have 7 settlers, 2 boats, 2 vans and about 20 other units.
    975BC: seaf _> poly
    950BC: MPE; I get all the maps, about 300g tribute, no good techs (IIRC). Numbers of AI cities are: J4 G3 Ch5 E4 M4. I don't consider AI techs/gold very relevant, but will look that data up upon request.
    850BC: Buy Berlin (from barbs) for 100g. Mongols declare war over our request for tribute.
    825BC: Barbs take Konigsberg (not on my map).
    775BC: Must RB a horse to defend Taxgirl from a Mongolian catapult. At this time, I'm planning my budget around tribute, a few RB'd barracks, and ports to the south.
    700BC: First van to Leipzig nets only 64g (it looks "overseas" but it's not). A bit disappointing, but we needed the dough. We accept 100g and a Mongolian apology in exchange for peace. They were also threatening to capture the port of Taxboy.
    675BC: The first "stage 2" flotilla leaves Germany for England with 2 settlers.
    625BC: Mongols want war again. Phil->Mono->Rep
    600BC: We reduce, then buy Konigsberg from the barbs for 52g. Heated war with minor units against the Mongols, some costs for emergency RB's/bribes.
    525BC: English hand over 50g, but Germans declare war. We raze Leipzig. A horseman defeats a barb leader, for 100g.

    500BC: 40 cities. Mfg = 151, pop 1.3m, 23 adv, 12 Settlers, 6 cru, 17 boats, 5 vans. I had been dreaming about a BC finish, but realized that this map design will make that impossible. Plus, the Chinese have built Canton in the farthest corner of their continent. So, my plan is to get a boat + diplomat to Canton asap, and to capture all other cities on the map by the time it arrives. Wasn't easy, but that is exactly what happened. I can't imagine getting a much better result than I did in the rest of the game. Maybe if I had focused on this plan earlier, I could have gotten a BC finish?
    475BC: Angletax founded, a bit south of England. I want roads across this land, and ports to the south asap. Several other "crossings" are started elsewhere, but they are far less important than this one. In hindsight, I wonder if it might have been faster to capture English ports than build my own....?
    450BC: J's build Colossus
    425BC: Mongol capitol (Kar) captured! This will allow me to move on to the Japanese, who might take longer than the Chinese if I don't hurry up. The English declare war.
    400BC: Germans destroyed. Another long think, about Pyramids, Mike's, how to reach the Japs, etc, but the main issue is still getting boats to China, especially Canton. Two English units appear in my crossing zone, but an Aztec elephant is ready for them and they do not delay the road work.
    350BC: Finally, Sidetax is founded on the southern coast of England, so the "stage 3" flotillas can leave soon for China. IIRC I sent the first 2 flotillas, including a settler and caravan, towards the Chinese core, and when a dip was ready, the 3rd flotilla went towards Canton. This order may have been slightly inaccurate, but the core took almost as long as the Canton boat, so I think it worked out OK this way.
    300BC: War goes well against the English and the remaining Mongols. I get updates on the Jap and Chinese maps before those wars begin - it is helpful to know about any new cities, and even locations of AI settlers which may make future cities.
    275BC: Japanese declare war. We're down to about 40g, and can't afford more bribes, but a couple of Aztec vans are finally nearing decent targets. Luxury to 40pc.
    250BC: Oooops! From out of the blue, a Mongol settler walks into the empty Aztec city of Taxboy. Somehow an Aztec road was connected to a Mongol road and I never saw the road or the settler. An Aztec van gets 150g in England (still not overseas). We find Kashgar, using a boat and phalanx.
    225BC: "Chinese nearing Pyr's" so I build them first. Another 150g van in England.
    200BC: Pyramids, and Chinese switch to GL. We can afford to bribe just a few more cities, and we accept a cease fire with the Mongols for 50g. Their last city, Samarkand, is pretty distant anyway. We empty London and capture it with an explorer! They should collapse soon, but we still must find 2 missing English cities, Canterbury and Coventry.
    150BC: Mike's. I thought this would relieve some Elvis's, but it actually had no visible effect. I guess I don't understand unhappiness very well. First J-city razed IIRC.
    125BC: First overseas van (China) makes 454g! Repeat in 100BC, and the Aztec economy is now rosy.
    100BC: With the 2nd van, we now have over 1000g. The J's are throwing lots of units at our crusaders as they approach Kyoto. We are winning, but are often wounded and/or delayed. We locate the last English city (but not visible until 50BC). My vans have earned us the navigation tech, but we set science at zero, since we want the high bonuses more than this tech (Magellan's would be nice, but the game seems almost over).
    75BC: Kyoto captured, with the Colossus! They still have 4 cities, but by now we've brought in plenty of force from Mongolia. Since I can't get either tribute or "war" from the Chinese, I attack and capture Shanghai. But I am still spotless - probably because we never had any relation beyond mere contact.
    50BC: Mongols declare war! This means we are at war with everyone. We capture Samarkand using units from Cashgar [a catapult, archer and legion] and the M's are history. Also, we destroy the English. A van gets only 140g in Japan when demand dried up at the last minute. They are down to 2 visible cities, but then I notice thru MPE that Nagoya has been built in a secret location. Also, the Chinese have built Hangchow somewhere. Fortunately, I have records of where their settlers were on the previous map trade, and where I've killed settlers, so it isn't hard to guess the approx locations. Also, I have built several explorers with this possibility in mind.
    25BC: Beijing captured!
    1AD: 80 cities [I don't recall ever having so many in 1AD at Deity level. Thanks to the 3850BC hut result, I guess] Mfg = 250, monarchy, Tax70/Lux30, inc = 131g/t, 26adv, at war with China (4 cities) and Japan (1). Have 32 cru, 46 boats, 13 dips, 7 vans and 10-15 misc. I disbanded most of my warriors/etc long ago to make boats faster. I've lost about 13 units... maybe a little high, but not really bad luck. I sacrificed or risked many of them, for faster conquest.

    That's the log for now. The Aztec King conquered after 1AD, but way before 500AD, and with a spotless rep. The crucial boat arrived near Canton exactly one turn after we found and captured Hangchow (two turns after Nagoya). The Chinese gave us one last shock as we retired our generals - we knew Canton was not a port, but it was just one step from the ocean. We planned for our diplomat to land on either of two grassy beach squares before bribing the city. But BOTH squares were blocked by Chinese settlers! Fortunately, the settlers were not stacked, and Aztec funds were good, so the dip bribed one (stepping onto the beach at the same time) and then bribed Canton that same turn. :king:
  4. Ksiaze

    Ksiaze Chieftain

    Nov 3, 2003
    Detroit, USA
    How do you do this Peaster? You are really very fast. I am in 950 B.C. with only 11 cities, researching Philosophy, no contact with German.

    I wonder... what is mean continent "1" ?
  5. Stegyre

    Stegyre Expatriate

    Nov 15, 2002
    Utah, USA
    All the land and water bodies are numbered. Typically, for both, the numbering begins at the top of the map, just east of the meridian. Since there is usually a world-girdling ocean, that ocean will be "1," and a landmass (not uncommonly the largest landmass, particularly on smaller maps) will also be "1." The next will be "2," and so forth. Very small lakes (less than 10 tiles) will all be "63."

    With a pangea-type map (one super-continent; one ocean), this numbering makes "black clicking" useless: you can never tell where land ends and water begins.
  6. Peaster

    Peaster Emperor

    Sep 26, 2004
    I learned from the master, DaveV. He wrote a guide to ICS (roughly speaking, this means fast growth) which you can probably find thru this website, or in the Great Library at Apolyton. The most basic idea is to use almost every shield for new settlers, which make new cities ASAP. You might also make a few militia, scouts, boats and/or Wonders, but only when really needed. You can probably double your civ-size about every 15 turns this way, until you have about 50 cities. But that depends on the map, difficulty, etc.

    In this GOTM, I got a boost of almost 50% from a hut in 3850BC, so my numbers were better than usual.:)
  7. Ksiaze

    Ksiaze Chieftain

    Nov 3, 2003
    Detroit, USA
    Thank you for explanation ;)

    I will look for that for sure. Must be interesting. Thanks a lot :)
  8. Sharkbait

    Sharkbait Warlord

    Oct 14, 2005
    New Zealand
    Anyone else playing this for spaceship? Leo's v handy for upgrading ship chains.

    Have reached 1200AD so far, having wiped out the mongols to get their peninsula, and am starting to trade with the chinese. So hoping to move things along smartly from here.
  9. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    Yes I am. I'm around 400AD and hope I can build Leo's but there are others building Leo. So I hope I have enough time to build it.

    Destroying the purple civ is not good for techresearch (if you're supreme they are the key-civ). It will cost a lot beakers to get the new techs.
    I'm planning to build a lot of cities near the german. Those cities must build ships to get those shipchains to the Chinese/Japanese.
  10. Sharkbait

    Sharkbait Warlord

    Oct 14, 2005
    New Zealand
    I thought about sparing the Mongols for the key civ reason, or keeping a pet city, but blood lust clouded my eyes and before it cleared they were gone.:evil:

    I think the distance involved in deliveries may be sufficient to overcome the lack of a purple civ too.
  11. Ksiaze

    Ksiaze Chieftain

    Nov 3, 2003
    Detroit, USA
    Hey guys, I already finished a game. 102 Cites. Democracy. Ship will landing 1936 A.D.! :D
    Mongols destroyed, English almost destroyed, war with Chinese and Japanese.
  12. Agni Neres

    Agni Neres Master of RiverSerpent

    Aug 18, 2001
    San Antonio, TX
    Hello all,

    My first GOTM since Aug 2001. Guess I've been busy. I'm no way as expert as you all but having fun just the same.:p Here's my first nite's log; not sure I'll finish on time but hope to.

    4000 BC - City founded. Tribe wants to give it a long and hard name, but we overrule them and call the city Capital. HUT --> HBR

    3500 BC - 1st horse activated. 'NON' settlers pop HUT --> MATH

    3350 BC - 1st Warriors done. Horse goes exploring.

    3200 BC - Horse pop HUT --> City. Natives have a long and complicated name for it, but we call it Hutville.

    3000 BC - CB discovered --> MON

    2950 BC - Hutville warriors complete; Phx next

    2750 BC - Capital completes settlers; Phx next

    2650 BC - Settlers found city of DueSouth, on the coast due south of Capital.
    RB Hutville's Phx.

    2550 BC - Horse pops HUT --> Archers, assigned to DueSouth:(

    2450 BC - RB Capital's Phx --> Temple next.

    2300 BC - MON discovered -->TRA. Revolution started.

    2250 BC - Monarchy formed. Taxes 3.7.0

    2150 BC - Warriors spot barb chariot near Hutville. Archers sent.

    2100 BC - Horse pops HUT --> CONSTRUCTION

    1950 BC - Barb chariot defeats Phx; Archers kill chariot.

    1900 BC HUT --> Legion, assigned DueSouth.:( Sent east towards cities.

    1850 BC HUT --> City. We keep the native name Texoco. Horse reassigned; Phx next. Capital completes Temple - Colossus next.

    1750 BC Barb attack on Capital fails.

    1550 BC CD in Texoco. Trade discovered --> MYST next.

    1500 BC Settlers found city of Inland. Legion reassigned.

    1450 BC Horse pops HUT --> 8 Barbs near Texoco.

    1100 BC CD in Texoco -- production changed to RB Temple.

    1100 BC HUT --> MYST. That's what we were working on. Selected AST next.

    925 BC Astronomy discovered -- WRI next. Settlers found city of Califas.

    700 BC Capital completes RB Colossus! WRI discovered -- LIT. Library for Capital. Founding of Xochicalco.

    600 BC Chinese build Pyramids.

    575 BC LIT discovered -- PHIL next.

    525 BC City of SilkFish founded.

    500 BC Capital's library completed -- Copernicus next.

    425 BC PHIL--freebee UNIV -- ToG next.

    400 BC HUT --> City of Azteca. This becomes my Eastern Border. Texoco is Westernmost city.

    350 BC DueSouth completes Temple; Elvis fired.

    275 BC Inland Temple completed; CD anyway; Taxman hired. HUT --> 50g

    250 BC City of Tzintsu founded.

    225 BC ToG discovered - MAPS next. CD in Capital; Scientist hired.

    150 BC Copernicus completed in Capital. University next. Mongols build Great Wall.

    100 BC MAPS discovered -- Republic next.

    75 BC HUT --> POLY

    50 BC 1st Trireme Commissioned, goes exploring.

    1 AD REP discovered -- MONO next.

    60 AD HUT --> 'NON' Settlers. Sent towards cities.

    80 AD City of Malinalco founded.

    100 AD MONO discovered -- BANK next.

    180 AD RB University in Capital.

    200 AD BANK -- ECON next. Notified Chinese started Chapel. I want that one.

    240 AD City of Tula founded.

    260 AD English complete KRC.

    320 AD ECON -- Wheel next. Mongol Elephant demands Tribute, which is not surprising. Stunningly they demanded The Republic. Gave it to them. Receptive but refused any tech or map trades.

    420 AD Multiple CD -- RB several Temples. MIKE's Chapel completed in DueSouth. Chinese abandon effort. WHEEL discovered -- ENGR next.

    440 AD REVOLUTION. Taxes 1.6.3

    460 AD Republic formed. Mongols reach Azteca; units moved to support.

    500 AD Aztec East - West Highway Completed (except over rivers). Note this is just my empire, not the entire circumference of the planet.

    540 AD ENGR discovered -- MED next.

    560 AD Trireme spots Mongol city of Khanbayak.

    620 AD 1st Crusaders formed to keep eye on Mongols.

    660 AD Mongols demand more tribute -- and this time they want PHIL !! Who are these guys?? Since when do they want that ?? English complete LEO.

    680 AD MED discovered -- CHEM (only choice offered) next.

    760 AD 1st mine dug near Malico

    800 AD CHEM discovered -- INV next. Mongols complete Marco Polo. Capital completes Issac Newton! SSC is complete :) But probably not enough to win.

    840 AD Quit for the night. Approx 4 hrs play time. Stats:

    14 cities, 8 settlers, pop 1.77M = 4th place. SSC 84b/turn (1 scientist). 28 techs discovered. Power = Moderate. Rep = Spotless.
  13. Old n Slow

    Old n Slow Emperor

    Feb 4, 2002
    Vienna, VA, USA
    I'm playing this game in a very easy, sloppy manner. Must be a carry over from the D+3 game. I'll probably build a spaceship (I'm well past 1500 AD) but might go out & smash into some neighbors first...
  14. Agni Neres

    Agni Neres Master of RiverSerpent

    Aug 18, 2001
    San Antonio, TX
    Continuing on:

    Wed 31 Jan -- GOTM 72, Day 2. Started 840 AD

    AD 880 INV --> DEM
    AD 940 Chinese built Shakespeare Theater
    AD 980 DEM --> POT (only choice offered)
    AD 1000 HUT --> 100g. REVOLUTION
    AD 1020 Democracy Formed. Lux 60 %
    AD 1080 HUT --> Legion. Horse disbanded. Legion finds Mongol city of Cremona
    AD 1100 English - Magellan. Mongols demand Chem; refused. War declared.
    No cash for Aqueducts. Lux 20 %.
    AD 1120 First battle! Crusaders take out Mongol Legion
    AD 1140 POT --> WC
    AD 1220 WC --> FEUD. We'll take Sun-Tzu; Caravans stockpiled already.
    AD 1300 FEUD -->IW
    AD 1320 Sun-Tzu completed in Inland. Might as well take Adam Smith too.
    AD 1380 IW --> GUN. Only possible because we took Sun-Tzu.
    AD 1460 GUN -->SEA. Considered Sanitation but most cities not really ready for sewers.
    AD 1500 Pop exceeds 4.0 M. Power is still Moderate.
    AD 1510 Lux 60 %.
    AD 1520 SEA --> EXP
    AD 1550 Lux 20 %
    AD 1560 Mongols steal Chemistry; elephant at Texcoco. No chance v city walls and musks
    AD 1560 EXP --> BB. Time to head for RR.
    AD 1600 BB --> NAV
    AD 1620 Chinese build DV
    AD 1630 NAV --> PHY
    AD 1660 PHY --> THEO. Might as well get Bach.
    AD 1690 THEO --> SE
    AD 1710 SE --> RR
    AD 1730 Pop exceeds 6.0 M. Power is still Moderate
    AD 1750 Quit for the night. Stats: 17 cities, 42 Tech (1 turn to RR). Democracy 3.5.2, Techs in 4 turns, pop 6.19 M = 4th place. Pwr = moderate and Rep = spotless.

    That's 200 turns, and other than the occasional Mongol I'm all alone. I'm wondering how to pull off a good expansion southward without breaking my Democracy. All that CD will drive me nuts.:confused:
  15. Agni Neres

    Agni Neres Master of RiverSerpent

    Aug 18, 2001
    San Antonio, TX
    Fri 2 Feb 07 -- GOTM 72, Day 3

    1752 RR --> IND
    1754 Senate signs peace treaty w/ Mongols
    1758 IND --> COMM. Plan is to get UN, trade some maps and see what's up!
    1760 Lux 60 %
    1762 Traded RR for MAG. Hopefully they will RR their empire for me :)
    1766 COMM --> CORP. Sci a little slow as we WLTPD grow
    1768 Pop exceeds 8.0 M. Power still Moderate.
    1774 CORP --> ESP. Spies for transports. Taxes 3.5.2
    1780 ESP --> MET. Heading for Hoover.
    1782 1st Transport goes exploring from Tlalmanco with load of spies.
    1784 Found the English. 20 Cities in The Republic. Way behind in Tech. Peace treaty. Found the Japanese. Same as above with 15 cities
    1786 UN in Capital! Now maybe some trade routes after HD
    Peace with Germans -- Gave RR then traded maps. Only 3 German cities.
    Peace with Chinese, though they are pushier. Heading for Hoover also.Traded ToG for Conscription but not CORP for SAN. About 20 cities, also a republic.
    1788 Muskets to Riflemen most cities, though there is no immediate threat.
    1792 Electricity --> Electronics. We'll get Hoover. Then some Factories.
    1798 1st Pollution near Texcoco
    1800 ELEC --> Steel. Built city of Ixta on south point with whale and 2 fish.
    Quit for the night. Note Chinese are researching Electronics so we need to hurry HD.

    52 tech, 4 turns. 291-76 4.4.2 8 Wonders + HD in progress. Empire connected by rail.
  16. Agni Neres

    Agni Neres Master of RiverSerpent

    Aug 18, 2001
    San Antonio, TX

    Reading thru again I see this quote

    -475 Atzcapotzalco (1). Tlaxcala built MPE. Teotihuacán (1). Contact with German. I trade trade for Republic and Philosophy for horseback riding Peace. I give Monarchy and they refuse to exchange maps. Contact with Japanese, I refuse to go in a war with Mongols, I give Construction peace. I trade republic for wheel. They refused to exchange maps. Contact with Chinese, I give Trade peace. They refused to exchange maps. Contact with England, I refuse to give Construction war. I gave Masonry, currency, construction, map making and German finally accept to exchange maps.

    I think (maybe wrong) that both civs must have Map Making to trade maps. The game doesn't have a better reply than 'no need for your useless maps' even if they otherwise would trade.


  17. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
  18. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I played a little bit of this game in early January and stopped till this weekend.

    As usual I started by expanding. First hut gave a None archer. After that hut luck was bipolar: On the one hand, I got 3 advanced tribes which I think is a record for me. On the other hand, I got almost no money, plenty of empty huts and an enormous number of off path techs.

    Another unusual thing about this game was that the first wonder was built by the AI: Germans built Pyramids in -725. This almost never happens in my games. Anyways, right around that time I stopped producing settlers and switched my production over to caravans partly to keep up with the wonder race and partly because my cities were not growing due to appearance of black hats which can not be controlled by military in the city and need entertainers. This was a wise decision as the AI started both Hanging Gardens and Colossus before I did.

    I am currently at war with Mongols and determined to reduce them to 1 city. After that I am not sure about my strategy. I am building a science city, nevertheless, though its location (several tiles south of my capital next to the peat) is far from ideal. There are better spots to the east and west but this is the city with Hanging Gardens and close enought to the capital not to be affected much by corruption.
  19. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    2 Aztec settlers. Alphabet, Bronze Working, Code of Laws, Currency, Masonry. 80x125 round map. 6 civs. Restarts off. Deity level. Restless tribes (+0).

    Strategy thoughts: Seed is 20 or 52. Starting location is 1 special. There is a 3 special site 2 tiles away. Home continent is #1 so black clicking is not very useful. However, it does indicate at least 5 continents, some of which are large. Missing civ and restarts off favor conquest.

    Date Notes

    -4000 None Archer from hut. Tenochtitlan founded. Citizen on forest. Settler started. T4L0S6
    -3950 -> Ceremonial Burial.
    -3850 Trade from hut.
    -3650 Warrior Code from hut.
    -3450 Archer from hut.
    -3350 Empty hut
    -3250 Size 1 settler produced. T0L6S4.
    -3150 T4L0S6.
    -3100 Teotihuacan founded near Peat.
    -3050 Empty hut.
    -2900 Empty hut.
    -2850 Ceremonial Burial -> Monarchy. Construction from hut.
    -2700 Empty hut.
    -2650 Horseman from hut.
    -2550 tlatelolco founded. Horseman from hut.
    -2500 Advanced tribe founds Texcoco.
    -2400 Horseback riding from hut. Barbarian Trireme near Teo.
    -2350 Barbarian Archer lands near Teo. Advanced tribe founds Tlaxcala. Heroic warrior kills barbarian.
    -2250 Calixtlahuaca founded.
    -2150 Empty hut.
    -2000 Legion from hut.

    Status at -2000
    Population: 0.06M; Cities: 6; Trade routes: 0D0F; Government: Despotism
    Gold: 4 Cost per turn: 0; Total advances: 10; Production: 10MT; 0 polluted tiles
    Units: 2 Settlers (1 None), 2 Warriors, 2 Archers (1 None), 1 Legion, 2 Horsemen.
    Japanese: No contact
    German: No contact
    Chinese: No contact
    English: No contact
    Mongol: No contact

    -1950 Monarchy -> Mysticism.
    -1900 Xochicalco founded. Revolution started. Advanced tribe founds Tlacopan.
    -1850 Monarchy established.
    -1800 Feudalism from hut. Horseman from hut.
    -1700 Horse ran into Mongol Bokhara. Construction -> Mongol (3) -> peace, Mysticism. My power is Supreme.
    -1650 -> Writing. 25g from hut.
    -1550 25g from hut.
    -1400 Legion from hut.
    -1350 Barbarian horseman from hut. Atzcapotzalco founded.
    -1300 Barbarian kills my archer. tzintzuntzen founded.
    -1200 Writing -> Chivalry.
    -1150 malinalco founded.
    -1100 Warrior Code -> Mongol.
    -1050 Tula founded.
    -1000 Tamuin founded.

    Status at -1000
    Population: 0.17M; Cities: 13; Trade routes: 0D0F; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 7 Cost per turn: 0; Total advances: 14; Production: 22MT; 0 polluted tiles
    Units: 4 Settlers (1 None), 2 Warriors, 1 None Archer, 2 Legions, 3 Horsemen, 1 Caravan.
    Japanese: No contact
    German: No contact
    Chinese: No contact
    English: No contact
    Mongol: No embassy

    -0975 Teayo and Cempoala founded.
    -0800 Chivalry -> Mapmaking.
    -0775 Chalco founded.
    -0725 Germans build Pyramids.
    -0675 Marco built. 5 barbarian horsemen from hut.
    Construction, Writing -> English (1) -> peace, Mapmaking, Iron Working, maps
    Construction, Trade -> Chinese (4) -> peace, Literacy
    Literacy, Construction, Trade, Mapmaking -> German (2) -> peace, Pottery, Math, maps, 150g
    Construction, Mapmaking -> Japanese (3) -> peace, maps, 0g
    Mapmaking, Iron Working, Math -> Mongol (5) -> Polytheism, Wheel, maps
    -0650 Barbarians kill my horseman. -> Republic. 50g from hut. tlalmanalco founded.
    Monarchy, Mapmaking -> Chinese (4) -> maps. English (1) -> 0g.
    -0625 Ixtapaluca founded.
    -0600 Knight from hut.
    -0575 Literacy -> English (1).
    -0550 English -> 0g. 8 barbarian horsemen from hut.
    -0525 Barbarians kill my horseman. Mongols declare war over my refusal to share Chivalry.

    Status at -500
    Population: 0.38M; Cities: 18; Trade routes: 0D0F; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 6 Cost per turn: 0; Total advances: 22; Production: 35MT; 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: Marco
    Units: 1 None Settler, 2 Warriors, 1 None Archer, 2 Legions, 1 Horsemen, 1 Knight, 1 Diplomat, 4 Caravans.
    Japanese: 6 cities, 10 tech;
    German: 6 cities, 14 tech; War with Mongols
    Chinese: 7 cities, 13 tech;
    English: 4 cities, 12 tech;
    Mongol: 7 cities, 15 tech; War with Germans and me

    -0450 English (1) -> 75g.
    -0425 Hanging Gardens built.
    -0375 Legion kills barbarian horseman.
    -0325 Republic -> Philosophy.
    -0300 Philosophy from hut!
    -0275 -> Monotheism -> Medicine. Huexotla founded.
    -0250 Seafaring from hut.
    -0225 Colossus built. Wheel, Trade -> English (1) -> 150. Philosophy -> German (2) -> 100. Philosophy -> Chinese (5) -> 0g. Japanese declared war over my refusal to give them 150g.
    -0150 Crusader lost in attack on Mongol Bokhara. Legion finishes off Bokhara's Phalanx and warrior takes the city for 24g and Engineering. Theology from hut.
    -0125 Mongol elephant razes Bokhara.
    -0100 Legion survives Mongol elephant. Legion survives barbarian legion.
    -0075 Barbarian leader for 100g.
    -0050 Mongol elephant and warrior killed in attack on heroic legion. None archer killed by barbarian horseman.
    -0025 Tepexpan founded.
    +0001 Legion survives yet another attack! Barbarian leader captured for 100g. Tepetlaoxtoc founded.

    Status at +0001
    Population: 0.63M; Cities: 21; Trade routes: 0D0F; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 267 Cost per turn: 0; Total advances: 28; Production: 74MT; 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: Hanging Gardens, Marco
    Units: 15 Settlers (1 None), 1 Warrior, 2 Legions, 1 Pikeman, 1 Horseman, , 1 Crusader, 3 Knights, 1 Diplomat, 4 Caravans
    Japanese: 9 cities, 13 tech; War with me
    German: 7 cities, 16 tech; War with Mongols and English
    Chinese: 8 cities, 15 tech;
    English: 5 cities, 16 tech; War with Germans
    Mongol: 7 cities, 19 tech; War with Germans and me
  20. Agni Neres

    Agni Neres Master of RiverSerpent

    Aug 18, 2001
    San Antonio, TX

    Logs for the rest of my game. Dull opening but had a thrilling space race and war at the end. Nowhere near GOTM-expert performance, but a good game for me! :D

    Sunday 4 Feb 07 -- GOTM 72, Day 4

    1800 English build Women's Suffrage
    1804 RB Hoover Dam. Steel --> Refining
    1806 Traded Steel for Sanitation with Chinese. They refuse map trade. Peace treaty signed. Subverted Japanese city (x2- no incident).
    1812 1st Freights head overseas (all others used for Wonders)
    1814 REF -->COMB
    1816 City of Minersville founded. Plan is to make major production centers near hills
    1820 COMB --> ATOM. Avoiding flight which kills Colossus.
    1822 City of WestMine founded. Another production center.
    1824 Subverted English city of Reading. Traded COMB for Tactics with Mongols.
    1826 ATOM -->GW. Auto and MT not offered. Lux 40 %.
    1830 Lux 20 %
    1832 GW --> AUTO. Pop exceeds 11.0 M
    1836 AUTO --> MT. Avoiding MP pollution a little while.
    1838 MT --> MINI. Heading for SETI
    1842 City of Tepet. Filling in peninsula.
    1844 MINI --> Refrig. Bypassing MOB War
    1846 REF --> MP
    1850 Quit to watch Super Bowl. Power moved up to Strong. Many trade routes formed, not many with cities with demand but more important to get them up. 65 Techs, 1 turn to MP. 23 cities, pop 12.4M


    1851 MP -->COMP. Subverted English city of Frankfurt (x2). Found Mongols reseaching Flight, gave them ~5 Techs to slow them down. Gave Auto to Chinese, trade maps. Finally I see them. Give English several techs, trade maps.
    1853 COMP-->MOB.
    1855 MOB-->ROB. Lux 40 %
    1858 ROB-->FLIGHT
    1861 FLIGHT-->RADIO. Mongols develop nuke fission.
    1863 RADIO--> ADV FLIGHT
    1865 ADV Flight-->ROCK. Power up to Mighty
    1867 ROCK-->RECYC. Nothing better offered. Pop 26.68 M
    1869 RECYC-->SP FL
    1871 SP FL-->PLASTICS
    1873 PLA-->ENV
    1875 ENV--> NUC PWR. RB Apollo. Quit for the night. Two cities w/Barracks produce Marines and Armor, supplying the empire. Taxes 3.3.4 gives tech in 2 turns. 864-275 gold. SSC (size 29) has 10 Scientists generating 488 b/turn. Pop 32.19M is close 2nd to Chinese. 79 Tech is my fastest ever. Finally traded for the Japanese Map. Noting that neither China nor Japan has any hills for building SS parts.

    Monday 5 Feb 07 -- GOTM 72, Day 5

    1876 Apollo Program in Capital. Final push for SS begins
    1877 Nuc PWR --> LASER. Chinese 1st SS Structural. Sneak Attack by English.
    1878 Incite revolt in Leipzig. Senate forces peace treaty.
    1879 1st 3 Structurals completed. Chinese build more also. Race is on! LASER -->SC. English declare War. Germans activate alliance, also War with me. Money sink.
    1880 1st 2 Components completed.
    1881 SC -->Fusion Power. Sci 10 %, will have in 5 turns, Launch expected about 7-8 turns.
    1883 Incite revolt in Konigsberg. Senate allows war to continue. Made peace with Germans. Now have no border with English. Mongols expanding near my west coast.
    1884 RB several SS parts. Chinese building fast and researching SC.
    1887 15-3-3 minimum launch possible, but going to build more for faster ship.
    1888 City of Ixta bombed by English
    1889 Incite Revolt in Munich. Cease-fire but war continues.
    1890 Mongols steal Plastics, build 6 SS structurals. English break cease fire.
    1891 Ship status: 20-5-5. Need more. Chinese -- no parts lately
    1892 SNEAK ATTACK from Mongols! They use my RR and take Minersville! I take it back but SS Center (mfg plant) lost.
    1893 Mongols LAUNCH! Arrival 1913. Our ship 23-6-6, 2 comp + 6 struct next turn.
    1894 AZTECS LAUNCH! Arrival 1900. Now we must hold on for 6 turns. Senate forced Peace with Mongols. Stealth Fighters, Armor, Defenses to be rushed now. Our ship 29-7-7.
    1895 Sneak attack by Mongols and Japanese. We hold out, barely.
    1897 Air War -- Units bribed, units lost to airpower and cruise missiles. Everyone ex Japan building SS.
    1900 WE WIN. Stealth Fighters and Spies saved the game. Civ Score 1037, 134 %. Forgot to go 100 % Lux on last turn -- too busy fighting Mongols.

    300 turns on the button. A fun week:goodjob:

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