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GOTM 77 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Magic_gorter, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    Finished this game in record time. Because I'm going on holiday in 2 weeks and not sure how much real life time left a tried another EC-game.

    After practising a few games I feel more comfortable playing this way, but it's not easy to plan everything good.

    Here is my log (3000bc-1000bc):
    turn 1: 3000BC Moscow(1)
    turn 2: 2950BC ->Alphabet - 11 beakers
    turn 3: 2900BC -
    turn 4: 2850BC -
    turn 5: 2800BC -
    turn 6: 2750BC Alphabet->Code of Laws - 24 beakers
    turn 7: 2700BC -
    turn 8: 2650BC -
    turn 9: 2600BC -
    turn 10:2550BC -
    turn 11:2500BC -
    turn 12:2450BC -
    turn 13:2400BC -
    turn 14:2350BC -
    turn 15:2300BC St. Petersburg(2)
    turn 16:2250BC Code of Laws->Monarchy - 36 beakers
    turn 17:2200BC -
    turn 18:2150BC -
    turn 19:2100BC -
    turn 20:2050BC -
    turn 21:2000BC -
    turn 22:1950BC -
    turn 23:1900BC -
    turn 24:1850BC Monarchy->Currency - 48 beakers / MONARCHY
    turn 25:1800BC -
    turn 26:1750BC -
    turn 27:1700BC -
    turn 28:1650BC -
    turn 29:1600BC Kiev(3)
    turn 30:1550BC Minsk(4)
    turn 31:1500BC -
    turn 32:1450BC Currency->Trade - 60 beakers
    turn 33:1400BC -
    turn 34:1350BC -
    turn 35:1300BC -
    turn 36:1250BC -
    turn 37:1200BC -
    turn 38:1150BC -
    turn 39:1100BC Trade->Polytheism - 78 beakers)
    turn 40:1050BC Smolensk(5)
    turn 41:1000BC -

    Status at -1000
    Population: 0,07M; Cities: 5; Trade routes: 0D0F; Government: Monarchy
    Money: 8 gold; Cost per turn: 0; Total advances: 8; Production: 12MT; 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: -
    Units: 2 settlers, 1 warrior
  2. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    turn 42: 975BC Odessa(6)
    turn 43: 950BC -
    turn 44: 925BC Sevastopol(7)
    turn 45: 900BC Polytheism->Mysticism - 91 beakers - / >0,1M
    turn 46: 875BC Tblisi(8)
    turn 47: 850BC -
    turn 48: 825BC -
    turn 49: 800BC -
    turn 50: 775BC Mysticism->Map Making - 112 beakers / >0,2M
    turn 51: 750BC -
    turn 52: 725BC -
    turn 53: 700BC -
    turn 54: 675BC Minsk builds Marco Polo's Embassy

    Americans->Map Making (map)

    turn 55: 650BC ->Writing - 117 beakers
    turn 56: 625BC Writing->Literacy / Sverdlovsk(9)
    turn 57: 600BC -
    turn 58: 575BC -
    turn 59: 550BC Yakutsk(10)
    turn 60: 525BC -
    turn 61: 500BC Vladivostok(11)
    turn 62: 475BC Novgorod(12)
    turn 63: 450BC Literacy->Philosophy - 165 beakers
    turn 64: 425BC Krasnoyarsk(13)+Riga(14)
    turn 65: 400BC >0,3M / Rostov(15)
    turn 66: 375BC Astrakhan(16)
    turn 67: 350BC Kharkov(17)
    turn 68: 325BC Philosophy->Monotheism->Pottery - 208 beakers
    turn 69: 300BC >0,4M
    turn 70: 275BC -
    turn 71: 250BC -
    turn 72: 225BC -
    turn 73: 200BC >0,5M
    turn 74: 175BC -
    turn 75: 150BC 4 ships with 8 crusaders to Americans (to norhteast)
    turn 76: 125BC >0,6M
    turn 77: 100BC -
    turn 78: 75BC -
    turn 79: 50BC >0,7M
    turn 80: 25BC -
    turn 81: 1AD -

    Status at +0001
    Population: 0,78M; Cities: 17; Trade routes: 0D0F; Government: Monarchy
    Money: 108 gold; Cost per turn: 0; Total advances: 15; Production: 74MT; 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: Marco Polo
    Units: 1 warrior, 20 crusaders, 12 trireme
    Japanese: Receptive, Peace, 324g, 5c
    French: Uncooperative, Peace, 196g, 6c
    Spanish: Hostile, Peace, 378g, 6c
    Americans: Enthusiastic, Peace, 265g, 6c
    Greeks: Uncooperative, Peace, 307g, 3c
    Mongols: Hostile, Peace, 434g, 5c
  3. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    turn 82: 20AD Pottery->Medicine / 4 ships with 8 crusaders to Japanese (to west)
    turn 83: 40AD >0,8M
    turn 84: 60AD 4 ships with 8 crusaders to Mongols(to east)
    turn 85: 80AD -
    turn 86: 100AD -
    turn 87: 120AD -
    turn 88: 140AD 4 ships with 8 crusaders to Spanish(to east)
    turn 89: 160AD >0,9M
    turn 90: 180AD -
    turn 91: 200AD -
    turn 92: 220AD -
    turn 93: 240AD -
    turn 94: 260AD 4 ships with 8 crusaders to French(to northwest)
    turn 95: 280AD Mongols reached / Karakorum captured (77g)+Samarkand(50g)
    turn 96: 300AD Medicine->Republic / >1,0M
    turn 97: 320AD capture Bokhara(47g)
    turn 98: 340AD capture Kashgar(47g) / 4 ships with 8 crusaders to Greeks(to northeast)
    turn 99: 360AD capture Nishapur(54g)
    turn 100:380AD reached Japanese and Spanish / capture Kyoto(63g)+Edo(21g) / capture Madrid(94g)
    turn 101:400AD capture Tabriz(37g) / bribed Aleppo MONGOLS DESTROYED / americans reached
    turn 102:420AD capture Washington(Hanging Gardens+33g)/ destroyed New York(15g) / capture Satsuma(39g) / capture Toledo(79g)
    turn 103:440AD bribed Valencia(88g) / reached Greeks / capture Athens(39g) / capture Osaka(57g)
    turn 104:460AD capture Sparta(59) / bribed Cordoba(88) / bribed Kagoshima(66) / capture New York(36g)
    turn 105:480AD >2M / reached French / capture Paris(Pyramids+113g) / Grozny / destroyed Pharsalos(14g) / capture Salamanca(86g)
    turn 106:500AD -
    turn 107:520AD capture Barcelona(44g) SPANISH DESTROYED / destroyed Nara(17g) JAPANESE DESTROYED / capture Thermopylae(40g) / bribed Lyons(71g)
    turn 108:540AD capture Orleans(58g) / capture Chicago(33g)
    turn 109:560AD capture Corinth(36g) / bribed San Francisco(45g) / destroyed Atlanta(15g)
    turn 110:580AD >3M / capture Tours(62g) / bribed Buffalo(64g) AMERICANS DESTROYED
    turn 111:600AD destroyed Delphi(22g) GREEK DESTROYED / bribed Marseilles(46g) / capture Rheims(31g)
    turn 112:620AD Kagoshima builds Lighthouse / Novgorod builds Colossus
    turn 113:640AD Republic->Astronomy / moscow builds Great Wall
    turn 114:660AD -
    turn 115:680AD -
    turn 116:700AD Salamanca builds Oracle, Bokhara builds Library / capture Besancon(17g) FRENCH DESTROYED

    Status at +0700
    Population: 3,78M; Cities: 51; Trade routes: 0D0F; Government: Monarchy
    Money: 184 gold; Cost per turn: 7; Total advances: 20; Production: 192MT; 0polluted tiles
    Wonders: Marco Polo, Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Colossus, Lighthouse, Great Library, Oracle, Great Wall
    Units: 20 warriors, 4 phalanx, 1 archer, 1 legion, 1 pikemen, 1 horsemen, 28 crusaders, 7 triremes, 4 diplomats, 4 caravan
    Japanese: destroyed in 520
    French: destroyed in 700
    Spanish: destroyed in 520
    Americans: destroyed in 580
    Greeks: destroyed in 600
    Mongols: destroyed in 400

    I'm surprised with this (for me) good result. I planned to finish around 600 AD and was only 5 turns later. Don't know if I didn't wait for Monotheism all went this well. lost 10 units total.
  4. Old n Slow

    Old n Slow Emperor

    Feb 4, 2002
    Vienna, VA, USA
    Decided to do this one as a One City Challenge. First decison was where to build the city -- a couple of very nice choices...:lol:
  5. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Prince

    Feb 6, 2007
    I've been spending loads of time on these GOTM for the past few months. So this month I wanted to go for early conquest. Without huts I figured it should be easier for me, especially after last months hut's disaster. here's the log up to 1ad

    -3000 moscow
    learn alphabet
    try for size1 trick
    -2650 alpha -> code laws (30 beakers needed)
    -2400 settler
    -2350 st petersberg
    -2300 moscow size 2
    -2200 code -> monarchy (48 beakers for next)
    -2050 settler
    (oedo 1850,1650 change 1 turn before)
    -1950 kiev
    -1900 (athens size 3)
    -1750 st peters settler, monarchy -> writing
    -1700 revolution.
    -1650 monarchy, minsk founded
    -1500 moscow settler
    -1350 kiev settler, writing -> mysticism, smolensk founded
    -1150 odessa
    -1100 minsk settler, mysticism -> literacy
    6 cities, pop 100,000
    2 settlers, 1 warrior, 1 dip in production
    casualties none
    no contact
    monarchy , 16 beakers per turn, 8 gold income, discoveries 7 turns
    -975 moscow builds settler then starts colossus
    -950 sebastapol
    -925 kiev settler, tblisis founded
    -875 smolensk settler, literacy - > philospohy
    taxes to 5/5/0 15 gold, 10 turns
    -850 dip, sverdlosk founded
    -825 minsk settler
    -775 odessa settler
    -750 yakutsk
    -725 vladivostock
    -700 sevastapol settlers, st peters settlers
    -675 kiev settler, novgorod founded,
    -650 philosophy -> currency -> trade
    -500 krasnoyarsk, riga
    @ -500 14 cities pop 280,000
    5 settlers, 1 warrior, 1 horse, 1 dip
    colossus 83/200
    no contact
    income 25, beakers 19, discov 9 turns, 11 techs
    -450 rostov
    -425 trade -> map making
    taxes 3/7/0
    change prod to vans for marcos
    -400 astrakhan, kharkov
    -350 grozny
    -300 st peterburg Marco's, dnetropvitz, found french, (lyons will revolt for 198g)

    french despot 4 cities 10 techs no maps
    japs despot 4 cities 6 techs no maps
    spanish despot 4 cities 6 techs no maps
    americans receptive despot 6 cities 6 techs maps

    approach americans, trade for pottery, give philo,cordial, share maps

    greeks despot 3 cities 6 techs maps

    approach greeks, give monachy, horse, cordial, share maps

    mongols despot 5 cities 7 techs

    japs - give monarchy,philosophy & other, share maps
    spanish - give maps,philosophy & literacy, share maps
    mongols - give maps, philosophy, lit & other, share maps
    americans - give monarchy, no alliance

    french & spanish have masonry, I don't.
    maximise trade, science 4 turns.

    -275 choose & discover poly -> mono
    -250 maikop
    greeks & french declare war
    -200 greeks raze lyon, monotheism -> masonry, kursk founded
    -150 taxes 5/5/0 kuyibish
    -125 french treaty cancelled, war, magnitorgorsk
    -100 uralsk
    crusaders sent to greeks
    -50 sparta razed 32 gold

    1ad athens razed ? gold
    25 cities pop 860,000
    2 settlers 4 warriors 9 crusaders, 5 triremes 1 dip
    japs 5 cities
    french war 4 cities
    spanish 5 cities
    americans 6 cities
    greek 1 city
    mongols 6 cities
    income 43 beakers 25, 11 turns, 15 techs research masonry
  6. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    As far as I can see you're game is going well. Much cities (more then I) and techs. To get an early conquest however (if you're going for the earliest date) it's better to go to the civ which is located the most turns away to reach for you. In the early conquest document from Peaster there is a lot described about planning you're conquest, etc. I'm trying to improve my EC-games with this document and it's really helped a lot. It's located in the great library on the apolyton site.

    Good luck with the rest of the game.
  7. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Prince

    Feb 6, 2007
    Thanks Magic_gorter. I did run into that exact problem at the end. It took at least 10 turns longer than if I had gone furthest away first. I read an early conquest guide before starting it, but I must have forgot this (or read a different one), I definately need a lot more practise at this type of game.

    Overall I was quite happy with how it went. I positioned cities close to each other, and just built settlers. I only started building defensive units at the end to keep the peace more than defend. I'll post the rest of the log later.
  8. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Prince

    Feb 6, 2007
    The final part of the log, having never played this sort of game before, It surprised me how much easier it is with Crusaders. A lot of the AI cities were only defended with 1 unit.

    10 moscow builds michaelangelos, thermopyle revolted 33, got 97 gold, greeks destroyed
    kazan founded,
    20 masonry -> pottery, vologda founded
    50 murmansk
    60 mongols tribute, no WAR, japs no tribute war
    70 arrived french now 4 cities
    80 kahgar captured 36 gold, sold barracks,
    90 paris builds great library, pottery -> medicene, vitebsk foudned, karakorum razed 20 gold
    110 paris captured get library & 73 gold, samarkand captured 64 gold, barb leader captured 100gold
    130 moscow builds HG, bribed mongol horse 56, bokara captured 70 gold
    140 french city razed, nishapur revolted 62 got 53 back
    150 batum founded
    170 tiflis, bryansk, theims revolted 118, got 40odd, sold barracks
    190 mongol city? captured, mongols destroyed, tula, kalinn founded, tours captured
    200 yaroslavl, marseille razed, french destroyed
    210 medicene -> the republic, moscow builds great wall, krasdnovsk found, naples founded
    220 valenica revolted 168, 68 back, issus founded, cordoba captured 29 gold, satsuma captured 56gold
    230 edo captured 74 gold
    240 moscow builds pyramids,
    260 cunaxa, cremona
    280 barcelona captured 78, seville captured, kyoto captured
    290 lighthouse bult, salamnaca razed, spanish destroyed, osaka captured 92 gold, capua founded,turin founded
    300 kagoshima revolted 186, genoa,
    310 the republic -> banking, moscow shakespeares, approach america mono for banking, swap maps, new york captured 32gold
    taxes 4/6/0
    320 start researching construction, washington captured 17gold, sold granary, siler trade route 30 gold,crete founded
    330 boston captured, colossus, steal feudalism from japs, nara razed 32gold, japs destroyed
    start disbanding crusaders into settlers (30 crusaders active)
    340 verona built, salamis
    350 oscow oracle, lisbon, hamburg, prague,salzburg, bergen,venice,milan,ghent,pisa,dublin founded
    360 toronto, melbourne, sydney,atlanta revolted 145, got 40 sold granary, philadelphia captured 16 gold, sold granary
    92gold suntzu bought,moscow2 founded,
    370 moscow sun tzus, st petersberg,kiev,minsk,smolensk,odessa,sevastapol
    taxes 0/3/7 maximise happines
    380 construction -> engineer, established about 10 small trade routes, revolt chicago 55gold, got 31 back
    AMercians destroyed...
    87 cities, pop 4.9mill
    2 settlers, 9 warriors, 1 legion, 1 horse, 21 crusaders, 18 triremes,2dips, 5 vans
    casualties 1 horse, 12 crusaders
    power supreme rep ?
    23 techs, first in 8

    As mentioned above, If I'd gone furthest away first I reckon I could've won about 10 turns sooner.
  9. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    Are the years correct? As far as I know every turn was 20 years->1AD->20AD->40AD etc. How much wonders did you build/capture? It looks like you had a great game. I also noticed that with the crusaders it was a lot easier. I only wonder if it would go this easy when starting earlier attacking with elephants (normally it could but we started later).
  10. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Prince

    Feb 6, 2007
    I'll have to check this when i get home tonight (you've got me worried now!), I did notice the scenario flag was on (if that makes a difference). Or I just got confused while doing my log?
  11. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Prince

    Feb 6, 2007
    I've now checked and it goes up in increments of 10 years after 1ad. I've got loads of saves on odd years, i.e 110ad 330ad etc I checked the oedo year list and it gives the years as if they go up by 20 each turn? Are your years going up by 20?

    Also checked the wonders at the finish 11 in total, 2 of which were won from other civs.

    I think elephants would have been just as good as crusaders, i didn't come across much resistance really. I think knowing where to go and the terrain was very helpful/
  12. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    Strange..... I will check my game today when I'm home from work. I'm almost certain that in my game every turn last 20 years......if it is so I can't explain why it's different. As far as I know the scenario flag should not make any difference. Which version of civ do you play Charlie? I play civ classic 2.42
  13. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Prince

    Feb 6, 2007
    I played this game on classic civ, the unpatched version (I prefer the grid on this to the patched version, the white grids around the cities confuse me.) But I also tried it last night on the patched version 2.42 with an old save and it went up in increments of 10 years.
  14. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    I looked just at the game and mine goes in 20 year turns. Very strange. I will mention it to Duke that this happened. For the GOTM score (gold star) he looks at turns not years, but for the green star he looks at years I think.
    Look at the amount of played turns I played a few less then you (you have 119 turns and I 116 turns) and would normally finish on an earlier date than you.... I will tell Duke and hear how he will handle this situation.

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