GOTM #9 *Spoilers* Thread

I'm all alone... There's no one here beside me...

- Donkey, Shrek

Anyway, I'm far off in the game now, knowing all the other Civs. The first two huts I encountered gave barbarians. :mad: The third nothing.

From that point every hut gave either barbarians or nothing. :( I have been very unlucky.

Apart from that I'm doing very well. The Great Library was very helpful! But after that I went to republic and I can keep in technology quite well. ;) I'm only a bit small (really just a bit), but I blame that to the barbarians in the beginning.

Our neighbours, the Japanese, have a much bigger island than we have. :(

Oh, one last thing: I'm above the Germans and the Aztec in the histograph. :D The Germans are having trouble with the Americans and the Aztec had a very mean start if you look at the starting positions if the Aztecs and their neighbours. :p
Damn Japanese have stolen some tiles of MY island :( I guess that means war. Other civs got all early wonders and I can't keep up at tech or anything. Luckily my main cities are great towns and producing so much that I think i can afford a quick invasion into Japan as well as get my island for myself only.
I'm through to the industrial age :) / :(

I've got good island cover, but the other civs have got much better islands; At one point I hav over double the culture of any other civs, but cos of my small expansion area I'm back downthe ladder to a point where even the lousy japanese are gona overtake me; I wish I'd attacked them before they built the War academy, now Iv'e got to build a million Cavalry units, and even then, I've got no chance of taking their main island, I'm gonna have to just put up with the satisfaction of destroying the japanese infestation on my small islands.

I'm sure the AI can see the Resources right from the begining, Two small islands with heavy jungle cover, the japanse planting just two cities on each island, and they covered all three Coal resources.
How did they know where the coal would be?
Now Iv'e got to either make an unfavourable bargain for the coal (lets hope 20 turns is enouh to modernize my main island) or I build up my cavalry force, ship loads of riflemen out to the smaller islands and crush those lousy japanese scumbags :D

Any one have any luck with getting a golden age out of the war charriots? I tried to land them next to the weak Aztecs but every time i did, a huge army of horsemen came running out of their cities and eliminated them :(
Ok, I'm at 1490 AD and the game went on very peacefully except for the fact that the Iroquois and the Americans were at war.

Their war ended and all of a sudden the Americans attacked me!! Immediately after that I made a mutual protection pact with every other Civ on the map. :D :D They shall pay for this. :D :D

I'm afraid I'm gonna loose my only source of coal though. :( Gladly I've made railroad on almost every tiles I possess. ;)
1440 A.D. on my game. I had no problem in the beginning. I read the game paramaters and after scouting my island, I made nothing but settelers and workers and spearmen for defense. I covered my island. For my tech I went straight for mapmaking so I could expand. I grabbed the tiny island to the east of me, then the jungle island to the east of the tiny island. Had a small war with Japan at the beginning of the game when they attacked me for no reason. Then another war with the Japanese when they attacked me again. Only good thing is I captured 5 cities on their island where I got a leader and built the FP. I figured this would be a good stepping off point to wipe the Japanese off the map. Only problem is I have no saltpeter :( I have rifleman and knights but the Japanese have infantry and cavalry. My only hope is to make a gazillion knights and riflemen and launch an attack and try to sue for peace afterwards. I thought I was doing good but I'm in 5th place on the historygraph and I'm behind in tech. I gotta find some way to catch up or I will lose this game. Looking back, I don't think I would have changed anything because if I had went for rush with galleys and swordsman then the other civs would have landed on my island and I think I would be even further behind. Well, we will see how it goes.
A UN victory or spaceship are the only ways I can win on large maps. The Persians were early leaders, and with their scientific advantages they had to be curtailed. They threatened me and,since they couldn't actually attack me, I bravely told them to go boil their silly headgear.
I got everyone to join in on them, which kept them in Monarchy most of the game.
While we slung insults from across the oceans,
the poor Aztecs were mercilessly crushed.
Things looked bleak when I realised I had no coal,
and no-one seemed to have any spare.
Scouring the globe for the stuff,
my peaceful strategy looked doomed,
but then Eureka! a big lump of the stuff appeared next to Thebes!

By the time of the UN the Japanese had surprisingly gone into the lead in every sphere. They had colonised far more than anyone else. Thankfully without picking on me.
I feared that it might be a three-way vote with Persia.
With the Americans being eradicated by the Germans a few years earlier, I had almost given up on the UN
and had prepared for a space race.
The island just south with coal, aluminium and uranium all in a little triangle was gonna be essential. But in the vote it was only me and Tokugawa. The Germans voted for me, because I'd been especially sweet to them just before we put the final brick into the UN building, and to my extreme surprise, so did Darius or Xerces or whatever his name is. I hadn't ever been that nice to him. Dunno why, except maybe he'd fought the Japanese a bit longer. A really enjoyable map, a different challenge for me,
and, yes, when''s the next one?
Wow, you guys are fast players, maps only been out for like 2 days and yer almost done?

I was this close <--> to giving up on this game in the early stages, the huts that gave me barbs, came in and killed my warriors, took all my cash, and raped my people! (or so I heard) and then after some more expanding more barbs killed a warrior fort. on a moutain, dammit! more money lost... but when I noticed I had an island to myself, i went mad settlers b/c I knew the AI was gonna be all over my island unless I settled first.

Now that my galleys are everywhere I can see the Japs are kickin ass, they have cities all over the place, and they went to war with me, now Ive got to decide if Im gonna destroy them (or get destroyed) or try to make for a peacful game...
Six civs on a large archipelago map? Looking at the starting position I'm thinking I gotta be stuck on a tiny island and all alone - etter get that map making ASAP. It turns out It's the worst starting position of all civs, except for the Aztecs. If this was JAG (just another game) i would have restarted at 4000BC until I get what the Japanese got. On the plus side It looks like I have a gems&furs monopoly. And I'm the only one who got iron within his borders. Later I claimed all dyes and one more iron.
Egyptians are my favs, the only ones I manage to beat deity with, but in this game I can't play them the way I'm used to.
In no game have I expanded so much. The Japanese didn't seem to appreciate cultural variety in their home(is)land and attacked me. Twice! And they had such good deals with me, fools. It looks like no war would be easy or benefical on this map, but they added themselves on my to-do list. The only good thing about the war was a GA that followed (I've managed to rush only one regular war chariot on an faraway island, but it did kill an enemy warrior). I gave one city away in peace negotiations, two were razed, one abandoned, I captured two and got one in the second negotians.
Now I'm eight turn from astronomy and we are all level on techs except for Germany (lags behind) and sharing second place with America in histograph (1k1), Japan leads with 1k5.
Tech progress is terrible - Persia is in war with the Aztecs, Germany with America and the strongest units others have are still horsemen. Eight turns my gems-furs-dyes-iron monoply will hopefully boost my economy.
I'm a bit worried where the Salteper will pop up, there are not much good sites in my territory.
Anyways... I'm planning to destroy the japs, get a leader and make a palace jump to the center of their land. Backup plan is to go expand further and go commie.
Then build the UN, never vote and buid the spaceship. But who knows what the future brings? :cool:
I'm at 350BC and while play peacefully. I force out the barbs with minimal loss 1 warrior. One time the barb's horsemen took my town (size 1) but I get off only 13 moneys. Now I have 15 towns (2 outside), Piramid and Great Lighthouse. I send my galleys in different directions for exploring the word and found new cities. I met Japan, Persia and Aztecs. Japan leads. No horse on my island!:( It delays my expantion on the Japan's land. I will try to capture more free islands peacefully.
Something bugged here. I wiped out the Japanese in 550 AD, but they don't show dead. They have no more cities, after 10 turns they still don't want to talk. What now? What is this? How can i kill them? :confused:
And now i am still in fear a city will be going back to the japanese because of culture :(

Expanding really is the key to victory here. I am all over the islands i can reach: My main island, little island, the 2 jungle islands (both the big and small ones, totally filled up with cities :king: ), and the island north of the big jungle where i found another iron source. :) I got 3 leaders while conquering the japanese. This was probably my best planned island invasion ever in the early ages. I started the first war by stealing their only horses source by planting a city on it. :p Then i triggered the GA, then i produced 5 war chariots per turn and totally swarmed their island with them. I needed like 10 galleys to transport every newly made chariot to Japan. And like 6 to colonize the new islands.

I will rest it for a while now, after i have figured out that has caused the Japanese to still live.
Originally posted by EEKthedog
Something bugged here. I wiped out the Japanese in 550 AD, but they don't show dead. They have no more cities, after 10 turns they still don't want to talk. What now? What is this? How can i kill them? :confused:

In GOTM09 be allowed the resurrection of civs. May be the Japan go to the unknown island?
I explored nearly the entire world already, perhaps there is still 1 tiny unexplored island where they might have respawned, but all in all it looks quite odd to me, because their galleys are still floating around, and on the powergrapgh they are totally gone.
This is my first GOTM and my first game on monarch level. I'm having a really hard time!

I did a couple of essential mistakes in the beginning, but I thought I was doing okay. That illusion was shattered when I first encountered the Japanese. They demanded huge sums for their world map and when I finally got it I realized I was leading a very small country...
I was far behind in tech. I was in the ancient times when my rivals were far into the middle ages. I also had lost all wonder races. Some of them by only one turn. I only have two cities that are not on my main island. This does not seem to be my game.

Now I had two choices. Quit and start over again, or rise to the challenge. I am no chicken, so I went for the last option. A good challenge is what makes Civ fun!

I decided to put my research spending to zero, keep friends with everybody and trade for techs. I have also had to trade for resources, since iron is the only strategic resource on my lousy island. This has been a good strategy. While the others have been waging wars, I have stayed at peace and bought techs. Being at war, they needed the cash to finance their warfare, so the techs have been cheap.

Now, we are deep into the industrial age and I am waiting for someone to research motorized transport and sell it to me. I am far to small to stand a chance in the long run, so I need to expand, and there is only one option: WAR.
As soon as I get tanks I will hit the Germans. And I will hit them hard. The Germans are a little bit behind in tech and I figure I will manage to build up a nice invasion force of tanks to decimate them before they get their panzer.
While waiting for motorized transportation, I am building a strong navy to support my campaign.
This is gonna be fun. I can't wait!:D
First GOTM I have tried seriously - last one barbarians thumped me so bad I gave up!
Goodie huts on my island gave me diddly but once I figured I was alone I've went for a 'close city build' strategy.
I always used to go for a perfect spaced -let every city build to max - approach but for my last few games I've gone for a slighlty closer spaced build (not packed) with some city overlap and it seems to work ok. Maybe because it takes me so long to get to hospitals anyway the game is usually decided by then!
Anyway - got 15 cities on my home island. I could see the Japs to the east and a little empty island between. The turn before my settler lands, the Germans from the west built a city! (always the ******* way!, every time!, are they doing this deliberately?)
Anyways, I wasn't having this so I put my cash to max, signed up for tech trade for gold per turn then declared war. Weeha, 5 free techs and a dead German city! Close run thing though I only ended up with a beat up spearman left. I stuck as much defensive stuff on my new city as poss and put a couple of swordsman and galleys to ward off the Germans from the west but after a dozen or so turn they went peacefull happily enough.
I landed on the bigger island to the north of the wee one to find a goodie hut that gave me a settler which I plopped down a city with straight away. I though this was part of the main Jap island but turns out to be seperate so the Japs have 4 cities and I have 2 but I have a good swordsman force.
My spare galley kept going and found an hourglass shaped island to the north west which I have circumnavigated. When I saw a goodie hut I dropped off the warrior and hey presto a settler.
I have founded a city in the narrow part of the hourglass and have rushed a spearman to protect it from barbarians.
It's about 500ish AD and I'm quite chuffed so far.
The only anoying thing is the Aztecs have demanded my territory map and 10 gold or else - I gave them this as I am sick of never ending wars against opponents you can't reach. I had never seen the Aztecs, never met an Aztec - nowhere near the ******s yet they still demand stuff and get pissed about it if you refuse. The AI seems over aggressive in this respect.
And as a footnote nothing to do with the above - would map creators please stop designing huge maps, I am sure they are all very pretty but they are also unplayable due to turn delay - what's wrong with standard size....please, more standard size maps, thank you.
First GOTM I have tried seriously - last one barbarians thumped me so bad I gave up!
Same here, I considered giving up in this one too but thought otherwise. :)

since iron is the only strategic resource on my lousy island.
AT LEAST YOU GOT THAT! I didnt get any, repeat, ANY strategic resourses, no horses, no swordsmen, no musketmen, no coal, no rubber, no nothing! I was hooped right from the start, this Monarch game turned into an Emperor one almost right away.
The only one good thing that happened just before I gave up was the Aztec got destroyed and the Japs luv to raze cities, so I built 2 more cities capturing iron AND coal. omg omg omg I can make railroad, how nice :rolleyes:

PS: only the americans had extra coal and iron, but they were at war with me so no options there.

The AI is about 4 techs ahead, should be able to (i hope) catch up before the end of the game...

Wuts with the AI charging 650gp for their world map? hell no!

Quit and start over again, or rise to the challenge.
Are you allowed to restart in a GOTM? I dont think so.

I wiped out the Japanese in 550 AD,
I was planning an early game conquest too, but after I found I would only be attacking with archers until the industrial age I decided against it !#^$@#$^ :\
Which reminds me, I havent got my Golden Age yet and Im prolly never gonna get one! :mad:
i read some of the posts in this thread and all i can say for myself is... DAMN was I lucky!

just after i got my first galley i immediately built cities on the northeastern part of the Jap island. Built three of them before something lucky happened - i got a Golden Age by building the Hanging Gardens. I then started on a swordsman-training spree and half a century later (600 AD now) my armies are now just outside Kyoto. Damn spearmen are like ants in his cities - too numerous. But I now have half of the Japanese cities on their main island. Maybe I shouldn't conquer Kyoto and the Japs. I could make them my milking cow to keep me abreast with technology on the international scene.:D

Damn lucky!:)
This is my first GOTM that I will complete, and my first Emperor game. I started this game with a completely different strategy than I have used for all of my previous games, and I like it so well that I will probably use it more often, to an extent.

Knowing this was a large map with only 6 civs, I set out to grab as much land as possible. I studied bronze working for spearmen then wheel for war chariot. No horses!! So I study iron working for swordsmen, delaying my bee-line to map making. By the time I got it, around 500 BC, I had 15 cities on mainland and several settlers ready to jump ship.

It is now 750 AD. I have colonized the two islands to the northeast without letting Japan get a city in. I also have about a dozen cities on the larger island further north, filling the western half, and securing dyes and iron in the east.

All of my land grabbing has rewarded me with second place in score to date. Japan leads by about 240, but I'll fix that. They have no iron, so masses of swordsmen will break them. I have already taken two cities on their west coast, then sued for peace and a city of mine that had flipped.

While building the Great Library, I studied through to Monarchy. Hanging Gardens was pre-built and completed 2 turns later. No GA. The Library was completed soon after, which put me into the middle ages with Monotheism. I have just been granted Theology, and the Sistine Chapel will be built in Thebes. Sun Tzu's isn't so certain, as Persia got a head start building it in a size 8 city with mined hills and irrigated grassland. Only time will tell.
Well, Ive only got 15 mins to write up a little something to see wut some of you Civ3 Gurus think of this game. On 1 hand Im really proud of wut I accomplished with how little I had, only the other, Im really dissappionted with how it all came together.

First off, I think there needs to be a new Diplo. option so I could politely tell these Japs to get off my (no longer theirs) island. I took it over in the VERY early game, and they sat there for the ENTIRE game, the reason they never left is b/c I had a MPP with the for the ENTIRE game, it was cheap and I would never risk an empire of their size not being on my side, they wouldve squished me like a bug (they were always looking for a fight).

How I pulled this off is beyond me, you cant imagine how militarily enept I was during this game, the only strategic resource I ever got was Uranium, ALL the others never popped up on my land, I took more than half the game to finally get my own coal and iron (northern island), then, 5 turns before the end of the game, I placed a city (southern island) that captured (another) uranium, oil, rubber & aluminum... INSANE, b/c that aluminum was wut made me able to build the last couple SS components, whew! I traded with the Americans for aluminum once for 1200g and 50g/t. I didnt have that kinda money laying around b/c I was making -250/t while trying to win the tech race.

I never built a single Wonder, never built a single Tank, never any Fighters, Cavalry - wuts that? I never got my GA thru the whole game, but some how I was the first one to get Nuclear Power (using it for more MPP with Japan), and raced for Laser so I could finish it... what a chore!

Who ever said the underdog cant win eh?

PS: This was my first time playing Emporer difficulty, and with wut I had Id say it was more like Deity.

I realize Ill never win the GOTM b/c my score is gonna suck, but to make a comeback like this after wanting to quit twice really goes to show you anything is possible! :D

Thx fer listening. :king:
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