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GOTM 92 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Prof. Garfield, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Prof. Garfield

    Prof. Garfield Deity Supporter

    Mar 6, 2004
    I had a decent game, though I could have played better. The barbarians took Athens, so I didn't have a capital for some time. I spent much of the time frantically playing catch-up and in doing so I might have, in some cases, done more harm than good. For example, I spent much of the middle game delivering caravans and freight at a very slight profit in order to get the science and to manage a tech a turn. I, perhaps, should have let the cities grow a bit more before making deliveries and gotten a little more gold. Also, my action of supporting engineers in cities smaller than size 3 (built to build railroads) also stunted much growth for a while and therefore freight delivery profits. In any case, here is the log.

    (1) 4000 B.C.: Move Settlers.
    (2) 3950: Build Athens at (20,72), start warrior.
    (3) 3900: Start Ceremonial Burial.
    (4) 3850: (14,68) hut: Pottery.
    (5) 3800: …
    (6) 3750: …
    (7) 3700: Build Sparta at (15,69). Athens Warrior, start settler.
    (8) 3650: …
    (9) 3600: …
    (10) 3550: …
    (11) 3500: Sparta settler, begin settler.
    (12) 3450: …
    (13) 3400: …
    (14) 3350: …
    (15) 3300: …
    (16) 3250: …
    (17) 3200: …
    (18) 3150: Ceremonial Burial, begin Alphabet.
    (19) 3100: …
    (20) 3050: …
    (21) 3000: …
    (22) 2950: Athens Settler.
    (23) 2900: …
    (24) 2850: Barb landing. Trireme at (23,69). Work Ocean at Athens.
    (25) 2800: Sparta Settler, work fish.
    (26) 2750: Indian Civ. Destroyed by barbarians.
    (27) 2700: …
    (28) 2650: …
    (29) 2600: Barb archers destroyed at Athens.
    (30) 2550: Alphabet, begin Code of Laws.
    (31) 2500: …
    (32) 2450: …
    (33) 2400: Switch Sparta worker to Forest.
    (34) 2350: Spartan Settler builds Thermopylae at (9,73).
    (35) 2300: Athens, workers both working grassland. Athens settler builds Corinth at (27,67).
    (36) 2250: …
    (37) 2200: [End recording worker movements]
    (38) 2150: Barbs land near Athens.
    (39) 2100: Barb Archer destroys Warrior at Athens.
    (40) 2050: Greeks Most Advanced Civ. Barbs Capture Athens, plunder 3 of 19g. Athens not razed, but still there. Made plans to send warriors to destroy Athens.
    (41) 2000: (29,64) hut: Archers; will send to Athens.
    (42) 1950: …
    (43) 1900: …
    (44) 1850: …
    (45) 1800: Disorder in Thermopylae, hire entertainer.
    (46) 1750: …
    (47) 1700: Warrior attacks Athens, loses.
    (48) 1650: Code of Laws, begin Writing over Monarchy and other choices (Masonry not on list). Archer destroys Barb archer defending Athens.
    (49) 1600: Liberate Athens.
    (50) 1550: …
    (51) 1500: Sparta builds settlers, begin courthouse.
    (52) 1450: …
    (53) 1400: French: give Alphabet and Pottery for Masonry and Currency. Don’t trade Code of Laws for Bronze Working. Peace, but no alliance. Change Sparta production to Palace (No waste in city).
    (54) 1350: …
    (55) 1300: …
    (56) 1250: …
    (57) 1200: …
    (58) 1150: …
    (59) 1100: …
    (60) 1050: …
    (61) 1000: Spartan settler builds Delphi at (19,63).
    (62) 975: …
    (63) 950: Corinth Settler.
    (64) 925: …
    (65) 900: …
    (66) 875: …
    (67) 850: …
    (68) 825: …
    (69) 800: Disorder in Athens.
    (70) 775: …
    (71) 750: …
    (72) 725: Athens builds settlers, began Hanging Gardens.
    (73) 700: Writing, began Monarchy. Buy 3 shields towards palace. Corinthian Settler builds Pharsalos at (20,56).
    (74) 675: Thermopylae builds settler, began diplomat.
    (75) 650: Road at (19,69) [Stop recording roads].
    (76) 625: …
    (77) 600: French: nothing.
    (78) 575: Find Lyons at (17,51).
    (79) 550: …
    (80) 525: …
    (81) 500: Sparta builds Palace.
    (82) 475: …
    (83) 450: French begin Pyramids. Corinth builds Settlers.
    (84) 425: …
    (85) 400: Ask French to withdraw, they declare war.
    (86) 375: Delphi builds settlers. [Stopped recording settlers built] Peace with French. (34,66) hut: 5 barb horsemen.
    (87) 350: Settlers killed by horsemen.
    (88) 325: Horsemen kill warriors at Corinth; second warriors kill horse.
    (89) 300: Greeks happiest civ. Thermopylae diplomat. Monarchy, begin Mapmaking.
    (90) 275: French: trade writing for mysticism.
    (91) 250: Bribe barb horseman for 41 of 62g. Athenian settler builds Knossos at (24, 60). Forgot to hold revolt.
    (92) 225: …
    (93) 200: …
    (94) 175: …
    (95) 150: Revolution.
    (96) 125: Monarchy Established. Science 70%.
    (97) 100: …
    (98) 75: Establish French Embassy. Trade Mapmaking for Monarchy.
    (99) 50: Begin Trade.
    (100) 25: Thermopylae Diplomat.
    (101) AD.1: French Build Pyramids.
    (102) 20: Corinth Trireme.
    (103) 40: …
    (104) 60: …
    (105) 80: Argos built at (25,75).
    (106) 100: Trade. Begin Literacy.
    (107) 120: Check Foreign Advisor, I’m only mighty.
    (108) 140: Build Mycenae at (26, 80).
    (109) 160: …
    (110) 180: …
    (111) 200: Build Herakleia at (39,65). My power down to strong.
    (112) 220: …
    (113) 240: Disorder in Athens, done on purpose. Disorder in Herakleia. Dephi food caravan.
    (114) 260: Sparta food caravan. Thermopylae trireme. Built Ephesos at (43,73).
    (115) 280: Power supreme again. Move 2 caravans into Athens for MPE. (41,77) hut: Legion.
    (116) 300: Athens builds Marco Polo’s Embassy; restores order. Everyone icy/uncooperative. Spend down treasury.
    (117) 320: Negotiations: Gave away and traded techs. Acquired Bronze working, the wheel and Mathematics. Also got Persian, Mongol and Japanese maps.
    (118) 340: Hut (13,85): Literacy.
    (119) 360: Begin Philosophy. Argos Silver Caravan. Delphi Dye Caravan. Hut (58,70): Advanced Tribe Thessalonica. Spanish: Trade literacy for construction. Mongols: gave them all my techs. I had 16, they had 18 at the end.
    (120) 380: Persepolis builds Colossus. Disorder in Argos. My power dropped to mighty.
    (121) 400: Power supreme again.
    (122) 420: Philosophy. Republic. Began Horseback Riding. Gave Mongols new techs. Gave Japanese, Persians, and Spanish Republic. Hut (19,58): 50g.
    (123) 440: …
    (124) 460: Disorder in Mycenae [stopped recording disorder]. Get horseback riding from Persians in exchange for Philosophy. Built Rhodes at (8,86). Gave Mongols Horseback riding.
    (125) 480: Began Polytheism.
    (126) 500: Delphi Beads. Corinth Dye.
    (127) 520: Hut (77,85): Seafaring.
    (128) 540: Built Eretria at (15,97).
    (129) 560: Sparta Copper.
    (130) 580: ...
    (131) 600: Built Troy at (42,80).
    (132) 620: Delphi Hides. Delphi Dye (d) to Persepolis for 344g. Some rushbuying.
    (133) 640: Polytheism. Began Warrior code. Pharsalos food. Athens Wine. (89,87) hut: Advanced tribe Marathon.
    (134) 660: Knossos food. Thermopylae gems. Get warrior Code from Mongols for Seafaring.
    (135) 680: Begin Monotheism. Sparta food. Spend down treasury to 68g.
    (136) 700: Mongols build Hanging Gardens. Halicarnassus built at (68,46).
    (137) 720: French Sneak attack, capture Pharsalos (supporting an important trireme), take republic. Peace with French. Knossos, Delphi, Corinth food.
    (138) 740: Greeks second most powerful civ (lots of warriors). French Steal polytheism, no war. Pergamon built at (58,64).
    (139) 760: Miletos built at (48,74).
    (140) 780: Thermopylae food. Sparta Copper (d) to Pasargadae for 136g.
    (141) 800: Spanish build Great library. Argos silver (d) to Kyoto for 180g.
    (142) 820: Sparta food. Artemisium built at (21,99).
    (143) 840: …
    (144) 860: Megara built at (28,94).
    (145) 880: Monotheism, began Astronomy. Widespread disorder (Black hats). Moved 8 vans into Athens for Mikes.
    (146) 900: Athens builds Michelangelo’s Chapel.
    (147) 920: Mycenae beads. [stopped recording caravans]. Revolution.
    (148) 940: Republic established. Science 80%, tax 20%. Disbanded most garrisons. Thermopylae gems (d) to Pasargadae for 288g.
    (149) 960: French build Great Wall. (18,102) hut: Crusaders.
    (150) 980: (24,104) hut: Crusaders (will disband one).
  2. Prof. Garfield

    Prof. Garfield Deity Supporter

    Mar 6, 2004
    (151) 1000: Athens Wine to Persepolis (nd) for 232g. Phocaea built at (37,59).
    (152) 1020: Astronomy, start Navigation. Sicyon built at (17,105). Rushed several settlers in outlying regions.
    (153) 1040: Delphi hides (nd) to Persepolis for 256g.
    (154) 1060: Spanish build Lighthouse. Barb landing at Halicarnasus destroyed by rushed crusader. Hut (70,100): Barbs. Bribe 1 horse with diplomat.
    (155) 1080: …
    (156) 1100: …
    (157) 1120: Navigation. Begin Physics. Gortyn built at (95,87).
    (158) 1140: Mytilene built at (64,52).
    (159) 1160: Tegea built at (18,86). Syracuse built at (33,99). Apollonia built at (51,91).
    (160) 1180: Corinth Dye (d) to Persepolis for 208g. Delphi beads (nd) to Persepolis for 128g. (52,96) hut: Nomads. [stopped recording huts].
    (161) 1200: Naples built at (87,93). 8 caravans to Sparta for Magellans.
    (162) 1220: Physics. Started University. Sparta builds Magellans. Set Lux rate to 30%, taxes to 10%, science to 60% because black hats starting to cause trouble.
    (163) 1240: Barbs take Naples without warning. Issus built at (51,99). Spanish: demand 400g; war. Trade with Persians for Iron Working, University, and Bridge Building.
    (164) 1260: Began Feudalism. Cunaxa built at (28,104). Heraklea spice (nd) to Persepolis for 74g. Knossos salt (nd) to Persepolis for 90g. Sparta dye (nd) to Persepolis for 132g. [stopped recording deliveries].
    (165) 1280: Madrid builds King Richard’s Crusade.
    (166) 1300: Feudalism, begin Magnetism. Theology from hut!
    (167) 1320: Incite revolt Naples for 26g. Somehow I no longer have a peace treaty with the French.
    (168) 1340: Change taxes to 40%, science to 30%. Rush many caravans for Bach.
    (169) 1360: …
    (170) 1380: Science up to 60%.
    (171) 1400: Advanced tribe, Turin, at (34,92). Theory of Gravity from hut. Caravans into Sparta for Bach. Peace made with French, from “Contact.”
    (172) 1420: Sparta builds JS Bach’s Cathedral. Mongols demand 300g; war. Genoa built at (13,83).
    (173) 1440: Crete built at (59,99). Verona built at (11,89).
    (174) 1460: Magnetism, started Banking. Peace made with Mongols. French refuse to withdraw troops, war. Steal Banking from the French. Trade Navigation to Japanese for Engineering.
    (175) 1480: Barbs take Gortyn. Began Invention. Bribe Back Gortyn for 26g.
    (176) 1500: …
    (177) 1510: Mongols Build Sun Tzu.
    (178) 1520: Barbs take Capua, bribe back. Salamis built at (50,78). Lisbon built at (21,109).
    (179) 1530: Madrid builds Shakespeare’s Theatre. Hamburg built at (22,118).
    (180) 1540: Prague built at (43,99). Atomic Theory from Hut.
    (181) 1550: …
    (182) 1560: Invention, begin Democracy. Salzburg built at (64,60).
    (183) 1570: 8 Caravans to Sparta for Leonardo’s Workshop.
    (184) 1580: Sparta builds Leonardo’s Workshop.
    (185) 1590: War with French. Luxuries boosted to 60% at expense of science.
    (186) 1600: Various celebrations commence. Peace with French.
    (187) 1610: Set science rate to 40% to ensure discovery of Democracy.
    (188) 1620: Democracy, Revolution, began gunpowder, Established. Luxuries set to 10%, taxes to 0. Got Medicine from Japanese. Built Bergen at (26,114). Venice built at (51,107).
    (189) 1630: ...
    (190) 1640: Begin to get some sort of systematic trading system established, with shipchain.
    (191) 1650: Mongols sneak Attack, kill caravan. Gunpowder, begin Chemistry.
    (192) 1660: Chemistry, begin Explosives. Milan built at (75,99).
    (193) 1670: …
    (194) 1680: Explosives, begin Steam Engine. Ghent built at (100,80). Peace with Mongols.
    (195) 1690: …
    (196) 1700: Steam Engine, begin Railroad.
    (197) 1710: Railroad, begin Industrialization.
    (198) 1720: Rush Darwin’s Voyage in Verona.
    (199) 1730: Industrialization, Sanitation, Economics, begin The Corporation. Work to rearrange shipchain. Rush many Engineers. Give Spanish railroad, exchange maps. Give Japanese Railroad. Give French Railroad, Sanitation, Invention, exchange maps.
    (200) 1740: …
    (201) 1750: …
    (202) 1752: The Corporation, started Genetic Engineering.
    (203) 1754: Genetic Engineering, begin Metallurgy. Also begin to start building infrastructure. Buy Cure for Cancer.
    (204) 1756: Metallurgy, begin Electricity. Sparta builds Cure for Cancer. Pisa built at (95,81). Boost Luxuries to 40%, taxes to 40%. Will fund much building, [stop recording city improvements].
    (205) 1758: Barbs take Gortyn. Oracle built by Spanish. Many celebrations. Advanced tribe Dublin at (69,117).
    (206) 1760: Gortyn bribed back for 26g. Science boosted temporarily to ensure discovery.
    (207) 1762: Electricity, begin Refining. Rushed several destroyers to explore seas.
    (208) 1764: Railroad/shipchain established.
    (209) 1766: Refining, begin Steel.
    (210) 1768: Toronto built at (44,110).
    (211) 1770: Steel, begin Combustion. Boost science to acquire combustion.
    (212) 1772: Combustion, begin Automobile. Decide to cancel Leo’s before upgrade techs completely found. Receptive Persians declare war upon request to withdraw troops. Buy a destroyer in Mytilene to take Persepolis; will improve city to compensate for trade decrease—only size 8 now.
    (213) 1774: Attacked Persepolis, not enough movement to clear city, rush a couple more destroyers. Melbourne built at (38,106).
    (214) 1776: Take Persepolis; purchase aqueduct from scratch; will rush other things from scratch. War with Mongols after I insist they withdraw troops. Cease fire with Persians.
    (215) 1778: Slight economic slump after Persepolis trade declined because of domestic penalty. Automobile, begin Electronics. Advanced tribe, Sydney, at (120,104). Addition1 built at (65,97).
    (216) 1780: Take Tabriz () and Chivalry. Cease Fire with Mongols. Give Persians Railroad.
    (217) 1782: …
    (218) 1784: French Sneak attack. Begin delivering Superhighway boosted trade. Empty Tours with Destroyer, take city. Cease fire with the French.
    (219) 1786: Electronics, begin Leadership. Boost science to get leadership. Currently have 9 superhighways, 30 aqueducts and 11 sewer systems.
    (220) 1788: Leadership, begin Mass Production. Addition2 built at (63,107); boost to size 3. Adjust science to achieve Mass Production.
    (221) 1790: Mongols break cease fire; raze Pisa, take gunpowder. Mass Production, begin Conscription. Mongol Pikemen beat destroyer. Rush 2 cruisers to attack with. (Oil trade with Superhighway cities has been going well for several turns.) New Pisa built at (92,80); boost to size 3.
    (222) 1792: Conscription, begin Tactics. Take Bokhara, with Sun Tzu’s, Cease Fire with Mongols. (14 highways, 36 aqueducts, 23 sewers) Boost science to ensure discovery of Tactics. Start adding “S” to city names with Superhighways.
    (223) 1794: Spanish build Cope’s. Tactics, begin Communism. Far East founded at (123,49); boosted to size 3; will be pampered.
    (224) 1796: Communism, start Machine Tools. Incite Revolt Delhi for 416g (129,45). Bought United Nations.
    (225) 1798: Spanish build Women’s Suffrage. Artemeisium builds United Nations. Machine tools, begin Espionage. Establish peace treaties with cease-fire civs. Gave gunpowder and conscription to Persians in order to get their maps.
    (226) 1800: Espionage, begin Miniaturization. 24 highways, 39 aqueduct, 24 sewer systems.
    (227) 1802: Miniaturization, start Computers. First pollution square. Start planning libraries in hopes of being able to achieve 1 tech per turn through science with aid of Seti.
    (228) 1804: Computers, begin Flight. War with Mongols, bribe Aleppo for 1097g, plunder 171g. Take Kabul, get 172g. Peace with Mongols. I now expect to be able to tech bomb safely, having eliminated their presence on my continent. Buy SETI program with 1 freight and 2200g.
    (229) 1806: Flight, begin Radio. Corinth builds SETI Program. 14 Libraries, 42 aqueducts, 31 sewer systems, 27 Superhighways. 3556 beakers needed for advances; 3175 produced at 60% science, 3697 at 70%. Tech bomb Mongols. Give all techs, except Espionage. Advances now at 2176. 2617 beakers achieved at 50% science. Taxes 10%, lux 40%.
    (230) 1808: Radio. Advanced Flight, begin Mobile Warfare. Find Ormuz (mongol city) on my continent and subvert it for 942g, 124 plundered. Decide not to build Airports because of 2/3 cap on deliveries.
    (231) 1810: Mobile Warfare, Rocketry, begin Space Flight.
    (232) 1812: Space Flight, Plastics, begin Nuclear Fission. Switch to freight in almost every city to prepare for spaceship building, begin rushing them. Deliver more freight than required for advances. War with Mongols. Advanced tribe, North, at (75,17), will immediately starve down 1 population point. Sell off sewer systems in larger cities.
    (233) 1814: Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Power, begin the Laser. War with Japanese, Spanish. Buy Apollo Program. Deliver many freight. Sell off many unneeded aqueducts. Peace with Mongols.
    (234) 1816: The Laser, Robotics, Corinth builds Apollo Program, begin Superconductor. Peace with Spanish and Japanese. Raise taxes, cut science because I won’t be able to launch next turn, even if I get fusion power (still need modules to be built).
    (235) 1818: Mongols steal Plastics (despite 2 spies in city); decide not to declare war. Superconductor, begin Fusion Power. Spaceship: 24 structural, 7 components. Rush a howitzer, armour, and enough space ship parts to complete the spaceship. Due to a miscount, must sell off some more improvements.
    (236) 1820: Mongols sneak attack. Fusion Power, begin combined arms. Fastest spaceship ready, with a structural to spare… Launch. War with Persians. Arbela captured, get 317g. Antioch captured, get 302g. Tarsus (Persian capital) captured, get 55g, capital does not escape. Incite revolt in Susa for 1000g, get 321 back. Science back up; will get stealth for conquest. Take Kashgar, get 323g; Mongols get partisans, sell aqueduct. Addition 3 built. Rush various military units for 5 turn conquest.
    (237) 1821: Mongols liberate Kashgar, take 3g and advanced flight. Combined arms, begin Stealth. Liberate Kashgar, get 253g. Take Samarkand and get 143g. War with Japanese, Spanish, French. Armour defeats only pikemen defending Paris (other French cities have muskets), take city, 57g, French Partisan (1) disperses (destroyed). Rheimes taken, 44g, another partisan. Chartres captured. Incite revolt in Lyons for 494g, get 51 back, get Pyramids, Great Wall. Incite revolt Pasargade for 432g, get 671 back. Take Cordoba, get 279g. Cut science to 0 in favour of 60% taxes. Hire a scientist in a city to push over tech. Pre-buy various stealth fighters, some paratroopers, other units.
    (238) 1822: Stealth, begin Amphibious Warfare (over recycling). Lots of pollution. Seville captured, get 254g, 1 enemy partisan. Paratroopers take Kagoshima, 483g, Nagoya, 243g, 4 partisans total. Take Nishapur, get 144g, Take Karakorum, 147g, Mongols destroyed, all partisans vanish. Bribe Orleans for 190g, get 86 back. Edo captured, get 341, 2 more partisans. Take Salamanca, 228g. Rush some units and spies.
    (239) 1823: Spanish steal Space Flight. Take Kyoto, get 819g. Take Osaka, 168g, Japanese destroyed. Take Madrid, govt. escapes to Toledo, get 276g. Take Toledo, 163g. Take Barcelona, get 97g. Incite Revolt Valencia for 616g, get 97g. Take Valadolid, get 51g. Incite revolt Cadiz for 58g, get 5g. Buy some un-built Wonders. Sell off improvements to afford them all.
    (240) 1824: Adam Smith Trading Co. built in Addition2, Statue of Liberty built in Addition1, Hoover Dam built in Dublin, Manhattan Project built in Turin, Eiffel Tower built in Athens, Isaac Newton’s College built in Persepolis. Take Nara, 262g, destroy Persians. Incite revolt in Saragossa for 288g, get 265 back. Jack luxuries up to 100%, only foreign cities are 3 French cities that were too remote to get to. Build little cities with engineers, named END.
    (241) 1825: Spaceship arrives.

    URUWASHI Warlord

    Jan 26, 2005
    West Coast
    GAME 92-
    Session One -
    9/23 -
    4000 BC - 600 AD-
    1.30 pm to 3.30 pm

    Visible world consist of 17 tiles of grassland, no clues about special location.
    Deity level implies buildind cities ASAP in optimal locations.

    Rule 1 ) Build City ASAP,if possible,on a location near a river or Ocean
    Rule 2 ) Multiply
    Rule 3 ) Explore
    Rule 4 ) Find best location for Science City
    Rule 5 ) Research Bronze Works ( Phalanxes).

    4000- 3900
    Settler One - ATHENS (1 ) Built at 22.70- ( < ) Warriors
    Discoveries = 12 Turns Settler #2- Working on Road at 21.71-
    Researching ( > ) Bronze Works

    Settler # 2- Build Road at 19.71-
    Road will give Athens an extra arrow.
    Settler 2 Builds SPARTA ( 2 ) at 18.72, road built ( <) Warriors
    Four Warriors-
    Two Exploring Continent-Two Defending Cities-
    Hut at 14.68 = Horse Back
    1 Horse Exploring Continent-

    Analizing Map - A ) If Visible Special at 16.66 is part of NW pattern, then Specials may be at
    16.66-( fish) , 18.60( Pheasant) ,24.62(unexplored),26.66(grassland),24.72(ocean ),18.70(grassland ) ,20.64(grassland ) and 22.68( grassland )-

    B) If Visible Special at 16.66 is Part of NE pattern, then specials will be at 16.66 ( Fish ), 18.60( Pheasant ), 22.58( Unexplored),28.60( Unexplored-Ocean ),26.66( grassland ) ,
    22.68( Grassland ),20.64( grassland ) and 24.62(unexplored)

    Visible Specials - Fish ( 16.66) Pheasant ( 18.60) plus Hut 14.68 , indicates that a special may be hidden 4 tiles to the right ( 22.68 ? )

    Horseman finds hut at 28.64= Advance tribe THERMOPHILAE ( 3),Hut location dictates a special at 20.64 (? ) or 36.64.

    Hut at 15.51 = None Chariot-
    Hut at 17.45 -= None Archers
    Warriors Discover a Special ( Fish ) at 15.47

    Correct resolution is A- Northwest Seed

    All that indicates that is a 4 Special location at 19.67 and at 23.65

    Warriors encounter French ( 20.46 )

    2800-2000 BC

    Using " Seed / Hut Map " to localize all specials and Huts in the game.
    Build CORINTH al 19.67 ( 4 special Location . 16.66 -Fish- 20.64,22.68 and 18.70 need to be mined ).
    French attack Warrior ( Fortified ) warrior survives attack-
    At War with French-
    French Build ORLEANS-

    ATHENS-SPARTA and THEROPYLAE building Settlers-
    Advances = 20 turns
    Techs= 5 - Bronze Works- Ceremonial Burial( traded with french ) - Horseback-
    Currency ( hut 34.66 ) - The Wheel
    Researching -Alphabet

    2000- 1500 BC

    Attacked French , with None archer, none Chariot .
    Warriors take Paris (21.47) - Paris Destroyed.
    PHARSALOS # 5 ( 22.66 , 4 Special location ) DELPHI # 6 ( 17.61 -Port Location near CORINTH )
    Settlers build roads connecting ATHENS-SPARTA and CORINTH

    CORINTH , because of optimal location ( Port, 5 Ocean Tiles and 4 Specials ) will be my Science City- Building COLOSSUS-
    All other cities buiding Settlers-
    Researching ALPHABET- Discoveries= 13 Turns

    1550-Barbarian Year- Like the olympics and the World Cup....Barbarians appear in 2 turns before or after OEDO years.... Barbarians appear near east, near Thermopylae ( defended by Phalanx ).


    1500 BC- 575 BC

    Barbarians Attack THERMOPYLAE- Phalanx and Horse defenders win the encounter
    Settlers Mine 18.70 ( Silk ), 20.64 ( Silk ), 22.68 ( Pheasant ), CORINTH has now 4 Specials-
    Roads Connect all 6 cities-
    Researching Trade-
    KNOSSOS built at 39.65 ( 4 special location -East Port )
    THERMOPYLAE- CORINTH and PHARSALOS all building COLOSSUS , as soon as Masonry, Trade and Pottery are discovered will change to Pyramids, Marco Polo or Hanging Gardens.
    Spanish and Japanese at War-

    575-350 BC

    PERSIANS almost finish with COLOSSUS-
    Need to dismantle units in CORINTH, plus use all GOLD to rush Wonder.
    Phalanx and Warrior units moved to CORINTH- Units disbanded - 164 Gold Used to rush WONDER-
    TRADE- Researching Map Making
    COLOSSUS Built at CORINTH- Riots start in many cities.
    PHRSALOS and THERMOPYLAE switch to build Marco Polo wonder
    ARGOS ( #8 ) Port City built at 18.54
    PERSIANS turn to built LIGHTHOUSE-
    Settlers Mine 26.66 ( silk ).
    DEMOGRAPHICS- 4th in approval - 2nd in Population-

    350 BC- 1 AD.

    RESEARCHING- Monarchy - Advances 9 Turns -
    12 Cities- 8 TECHS-

    HERAKLEIA-( 24.60, Port ) MYCENAE ( 21.47 , Port , Original location of Paris ) EPHESOS (32.66- Port , Ithsmus, Startegic location, allows Triremes to cross continent ).
    Another ithsmus city will be build at 15.69 to move naval units thru Continent.



    JAPANESE- 1 city ( Kyoto) at War with Spanish and Persians- 7 Techs- ( 4 White )
    would love to trade with them .......lost cities to Spanish ( EDO and OSAKA )

    FRENCH- 1 City - ORLEANS- will keep them alive- No reason for them to respawn , will build cities around Orleans and assure they do not expand or get Masonry

    SPANISH- 6 cities-At war with Japanese, Took Edo and Osaka from Japanese-
    Peace with Indians
    10 Techs- 6 White-
    Building Hanging Gardens- They could be my option to conquest first and bring White CIV into the game-

    PERSIANS- 5 cities - At War with Japanese-
    8 techs, 2 White, building Oracle-They discovered Map Making.

    INDIANS- 6 Cities , at peace with Spanish.
    10 Techs , 6 white.

    All civs are Hostile or uncooperative-
    WHITE Civ is Missing-
    SPANISH have an equal approval , we are both # 1,( 47 % )-
    PERSIANS more population-we are # 4 -

    Gifted Indians with the Wheel- INDIANS are Neutral.

    TESSALONICA (# 13 ) built at startegic location ( 15.69)

    1 AD- 160 AD

    Japanese destroyed, respawn as Babilonians-( Cordial )
    Gifted Persians and Indians - both are Cordial -
    SPANISH are hostile and are # 1 -
    Need to exchange Maps with Persians and Indians, since they seem to know where the
    Spanish are located.

    160- 600 AD

    17 TECHS- Researching ASTRONOMY-
    CORINTH ( Science City ) building KINGS RICHARD-
    Eventually I will build Shakespeare there and be able to move to Republic and Support all my naval and attacking units.
    All other cities Building Caravans, have 9 active and 8 in production- all moving to Corinth

    None Units exploring Continents 21 ( Southeast ) and 26 ( South )

    THERMPPYLAE builds Pyramids-
    Traded techs with Persians, Indians and Babylonians-
    Traded maps with Indians , Babylonians and Persians-
    Babylonians located at SE of the Map ( Continent 33 )
    Indians, Persians and Spanish are to the East in Mega Continent # 3
    Spanish are located in between the two and are ranked # 1-
    MADRID is located at 107.61, my closest port is located at 39.65.
    Map shows that I could sail from our Continent and arrive to MADRID in 20 TURNS!! OUCH!...but Taking Madrid will bring back WHITE ...and will give me a beach head in the Mega continent....

    Time to take a Break....

    9/28- 9 AM - 11 AM-

    600-680 AD-

    18 Techs- Discoveries 7 Turns-
    CORINTH-Renamed Science City -Library- Temple- COLOSSUS - KRICHARD-COPERNICUS- Population 5 - 14 Shields per turn-

    Persians build Great Wall

    680-880 AD-

    Monarchy- Researching Theory of Gravity-
    22 TECHS-
    Science City - Population 6 - SHAKESPEARE almost finished-
    Most cities building Caravans for trade with Persians-
    Port Cities near Science City building Triremes, they will be relocated to SC.

    880-1020 ( ooooooops forgot my 1000 save !! )

    Traded Invention with Babylonians, I am lucky they are so far away and have no contact with any other CIV.
    2 Cities Building LEO's Workshop- Science City will change to Newton .

    Science City- Built Shakespeare- all triremes relocated-

    Building Chariots in most cities- They will be loaded into Triremes, after LEO is finished will trade for Polytheism and they will turn into Elephants.


    24 Techs-MONARCHY
    SC builds NEWTON , working on University-Population 8

    Pharsalos working on LEO's-

    Triremes and 6 Chariots ready to sail towards Madrid


    Monarchy- Discoveries 10 turns- 28 Techs
    Sailing Triremes approach Madrid-
    LEO does his magic , turning Chariots into Elephants-
    SC size 9 , supporting 10 units and still has 10 shields to spare.
    All cities building Caravans-


    SC size 10-Discoveries 7 turns- 30 TECHS

    The moment of Truth-

    Navigation is discovered, turning all triremes to Caravels-
    Caravels , with 6 Elephants attack MADRID-

    MADRID falls...and when the dust settles....the ROMANS appear !!

    ROMANS - 6 cities- 24 Techs- Capital SALAMANCA
    SPANISH-7 Cities -Capital relocated to SEVILLE

    We rank now # 1 - I am really happy....!


    32 Techs-
    SC size 11-Harbor built-Working on Sewer System.
    Took CORDOBA from Spanish , have a great foot hold in the Continent.
    White CIV speeds discoveries to 6 Turns-

    Researching Monotheism.
    Time to take a break again-
  4. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Prince

    Feb 6, 2007
    I finally finished, forgot how long landing games can take. I kept a brief log, didn't have time for a fuller one.

    This was a difficult GOTM, but a very interesting one. The french were very near and I had to make a decision to try and take them out or to live with them. I chose to attack and succeeded. Barbs were a problem, although not as big a poblem as other people have had. I underestimated (again) how much cash I would need at the end to rush build the spaceship parts, and I bribed Japanese cities that I shouldn't have, this cost me a few turns and some growth as I was not able to buy aquaducts and Sewers quickly enough.

    4000bc - 2000bc 4 cities fairly spread apart, meet french they seem very near - may have to attack them, decide to defend cities with warriors.
    2000bc to 1000bc 9 cities (still despot), french hostile wuith units everywhere, I decide to attack but first build triremes & go for polytheism before trade
    1000bc to 500bc discovered monarchy about 950bc, french sneak attack me, discover polytheism, start trade
    500bc to 225bc capture Rheims 300bc, french offer 100g for cease fire, I refuse,orleans captured 250bc
    225bc french offer 200 for ceasefire, i sign it
    125bc, I broke treaty, paris taken
    100bc trade -> writing, Lyon captured, French Destroyed
    1ad 15 cities
    100 ad Marco Polo's
    WE have a purple Civ (indians) - japanese strongest
    give indians 3 techs, share maps - another barb city
    Persians give 2 techs, swap maps - Persop is barb city
    Japs give 4 techs,s wap maps
    Vikings give 2 techs, share maps
    140 writing -> literacy,
    180 Indians recapture delhi off barbs
    360 Literacy -> Republic, vans 24g + 16g, give indians techs
    460 hut = nomads,
    480 republic -> philosophy
    520 van 152g,
    540 REpublic
    580 swap republic with japs for masonry
    600 spanish destroyed by indians
    620 philosophy->mono->seafaring
    760 rhodes captured by barbs, van 184+260
    780 seafaring->maths, swap maths with indians
    800 start astro, Michaelangelos built
    820 rhodes revolted 52g, van 184+284
    880 troy captured by barbs
    920 astro->navig, troy revolted back
    1000 van 380
    1020 navig->construct, van 225
    1040 van 188
    1060 van 102
    1100 Magellans, swap techs,get construction
    1120 start engineering, learn engineer->invention
    1140 vans 184,120+192
    1160 van 217
    1180 get banking off japs
    1220 phocaea taken by barbs, van 244
    1240 invention->physics,van 255+498+134 swap invention for physics (indians get as well), subvert sidon 248 (persians still without capital)
    1260 start & learn democracy,learn univ, bribed barb legion
    1280 van 320+128
    1300 van 238+140, phocaea revolted back,
    1340 Democracy, barbs near issus, Leos, bribe barbs
    1360 univ->magnetism, vans 156+156+128, gordion subverted persians have 5 cities left,
    1380 van 240+260,
    1400 Magnetism->economics, tyre subverted
    1440 van 372,swap bridge for univ indians,
    1480 economics->gunpowder,van 558, Susa subverted
    1510 gunpowder->steam engine, pasagarde subverted
    1530 steam eng->medicene
    1540 medicene->chemistry, tarsus subverted
    1550 antios subverted, persians destroyed
    1570 chemistry->explosives
    1580 persop captured from barbs
    1590 explosices->sanita
    1600 sanit->tog
    1620 tog->metallurgy
    1640 metallurgy->railroad
    1650 settlers produced to populate n.e. island (for van deliveries)
    1660 railroad->atom theory
    1680 atom -> theology
    1720 theo->elec
    1740 elec->conscrip, Isaacs built
    1752 conscrip->indust, techbomb indians
    1758 indust -> corp, vikings capture knossus
    1760 Corp->electronics, Darwins, Electronics->refining ->combustion,
    1762 combust->chiv
    1764 barbs land near athens,bribed
    1766 chiv->refridge
    1768 refridge->steel
    1770 steel->flight
    1774 flight->radio
    1776 radio->automobile, japs sneak attack
    1778 bribe nagoya, peace
    1780 automob->leadership
    1782 leader->mass prod, izumo subverted, give indians 10 techs
    1784 mass prod->nuke fission,
    1786 japs sneak attack,
    1788 Nuke fission->tactics
    1790 tactics->amphib
    1794 amphib->machine tools
    1796 mach tools->adv flight, kyoto captured, forced cease fire,
    1798 asdv flight->miniture, osaka subverted, cordoba bribed
    1800 edo subverted
    1802 japs sneak attack,minuture->computer
    1804 computer->nuke power, satsuma bribed
    1806 barbs take sydney, kagoshima subverted
    1808 nuke power ->rocketry, sydney revolted back
    1810 rocketry->Space flight
    1812 space flight->plastics, rb apollo 1572g
    1814 japs attack, plastics->gen eng, APollo built
    1816 gen eng->laser
    1818 laser->super conduct
    1820 super->communsim, SETI, 4/1-0/0-0-0
    1822 communism->fusion 4/1-0/1-0-0
    1824 fusion->recycling 7/1-1/1-1-1
    1826 11/3-2/1-1-1
    1828 Indioans Steal Space Flight - NO war. REcylcing->environ 11/4-3/1-1-1
    1830 15/4-3/1-1-1
    1832 Enviro->FT1 26/4-4/1-1-1
    1834 Japs broke cease fire,33/7-6/1-1-1
    1836 Inidans sneak attack, FT1->FT2 33/8-8/1-1-1 Launched
    1838 Indians capture Izumo,
    1839 Izumo revolted back 463g+mobile warfare
    1840 Ft2->FT3, United NAtions, Nara & Yokohama revolted
    1841 Land

    105 cities, 74million pop, 19 wonders
  5. LordValuna

    LordValuna High Lord

    Apr 14, 2002
    Hamilton Ontario Canada
    I had originally planned to stay on just the one continent to make it easier to save time as Im busy this month. Still dont know if I'll get done by the 18th, but as there wasn't a gotm 93 posted I'm guessing extensions will be easy to come by :).

    Well the Persians were ahead of me for quite a while, so decided they need to be taken care of.

    meanwhile the French showed up on our continent in horrid terrain. I set up adjacent to Paris with 1 phalanx & 6 crusaders (also 3 other crusaders within range) French had no offensive capabiilty but was researching Math. So what happens the discover Math, build a catapult instantly and take out my stack. Sloppy on my part, I could have placed my men in an other spot but thought they were save. rebuilt the army plus 6 dips to take care of the city walls.
    Captured Paris and bought the rest of his cities cheap . The Germans replaced the French in very good terrain, but very far away, I suspect it would have been a better game if the French had started there, but the computer seems to like to place the AI close to you

    Wonders are going pretty good. missed out on Lighthouse. Got Col, MP. PYR (barely), Mich, Cop, Issac Newton, JSB

    Everyone (but the Japanese) have built city walls. I don't have enough of a tech lead so I am resorting to using dips to take out the walls. have taken 2 Persian cities this way and a third shortly
  6. LordValuna

    LordValuna High Lord

    Apr 14, 2002
    Hamilton Ontario Canada
    oh I switched to republic 1020

    Captured Persian capital and bought the remaining 5 cities and the light blue didnt respawn, maybe there is some hope for conquest. Youd think on a large map they would find somewhere to put the AI
    (edit) i realized after I'm past 1500ad so no more restarts

    I brought an extra diplomat along to buy the last Persian city. I ended up bying a small Spanish city that was originally Japanese. My government fell from the incident, fortunately(not planned, an OEDO year was next turn). Oh and the city had hanging gardens in it (again not planned) sometimes its better to be lucky
  7. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    I will not finish this GOTM.... last two weeks I had no free time at all due to work....next month I hope I have more time. To bad because I started well...
  8. LordValuna

    LordValuna High Lord

    Apr 14, 2002
    Hamilton Ontario Canada
    Ok its 1770 and I captured Madrid, only 2 dips required to destroy the wall(it has been averaging 6) but the capital moved to Vakkadolid a most inconvienent walled city, I had forgotten about this possibility. I doubt i could have gotten Spainish treasury below 100, they had 1395 gold
    I have tactics, so my 9 crusaders have been upgraded to Calvary

    My reputation is Atrocious, I'm lucky if the AI takes 2 turns to sneak attack, no one will sign a peace treaty
    Sioux get a catapult adjacent to a colony(size1) with a rifleman. The catapult takes out the city

    As an aside, I haven't had significant Barbarian problem. They also haven't taken any AI cities
  9. LordValuna

    LordValuna High Lord

    Apr 14, 2002
    Hamilton Ontario Canada
    1778 take down new Spanish capital with loss of 1 calvary
    1780 the senate makes a cease fire with Spanish while there are several juicy cities revolting just waiting to be bribed. So I buy city and the gov't falls, no big deal as i have statue of liberty
    4 cities in all bought , 3 had city walls
  10. LordValuna

    LordValuna High Lord

    Apr 14, 2002
    Hamilton Ontario Canada
    switch to fundamentalism, turns are just plain taken too long under democracy
    (edit) oh i almost forgot I lost a city to Barbs it was size 1, bought it back a few turns later
    1798 buy last Spanish city
  11. LordValuna

    LordValuna High Lord

    Apr 14, 2002
    Hamilton Ontario Canada
    its 1820 and have taken every city but the Soiux and German capitals(edit)using diplomats bought them all
    and just got espionage, so all my dips are now spys(/edit)
    I lost a city to the Barbs it was defended by a riflle & cannon(edit) size 2 city destroyed(/edit)
    Down by the Captured Liepzeg there was an Barbarian infestation which i took care of but lost a calvary attacking a fortified dragoon in a fort in a forest

    URUWASHI Warlord

    Jan 26, 2005
    West Coast
    Here is the rest of my game....

    REPUBLIC- 35 Techs- Researching GUNPOWDER-
    Discoveries 6 Turns-
    18 Warriors will turn into Musketeers as soon as Tech is discovered.
    Cheat &#8220; Hut/ seed map&#8221; help me get several NONE units from Huts.

    Troy (67.47)-Strategic City- founded at Ithsmus location, will allow my ships to navigate faster towards Northern Persia and Mongol Mainland. Deliver Caravans and eventually be my pass in an eventual attack.

    Science City- Size 14 &#8211;MICHELANGELO &#8211;( Building Marketplace-)
    25 Shields- Supports 12 units and has 13 to keep building infrastructure-
    Persians working on Gunpowder, this will be a setback, since they also have the Great Wall And Sun Tzu War Academy

    Eastern Army took Seville ( Spanish Capital )- Spaniards have no Capital city-

    Researching DEMOCRACY &#8211;Discoveries 5 Turns &#8211; 36 Techs
    Caravels sailing towards Persepolis, Arbela and Pasargadae with needed Caravans ( gold and copper )

    LEO Turns all my 10 shield Warriors into Musketeers ( 38 )

    SC size 18-

    Reports for 1700- 11Wonders built &#8211; Pyramids- HG- ( from Madrid )- Colossus- KRichard-Michelangelo-Copernicus- Marco Polo-Magellan &#8211;Shakespeare- Newton- Leonardo-
    Cordial with Persians &#8211; 28 Techs-10 Cities
    Cordial with Indians- 27 Techs &#8211; 13 Cities
    Neutral with Babilonians- 22 Techs &#8211; 4 Cities- Isolated ,luckly I am the Only contact ( thru Marco )
    Uncooperative with Romans- 27 Techs- 8 Cities
    Cease Fire with Spaniards &#8211; 24 Techs &#8211; 5 Cities ( No capital )
    Peace with French- 3 Techs- 2 Cities, still researching Alphabet.

    Population 5.600.000- 18 Cities- 36 Techs-
    Approval rating # 1 &#8211;

    Having split the Spanish civilization, gives me an strategic advantage, since I can control the center of the Megacontinent, then again it will make it easier for other civs to steal technologies-
    Indian Armies crossing ithsmus, attacking Saragossa ( Spanish 111.57 ),if they set a beach head in the old continent I will be in trouble.
    Decided to built a city in crucial location 112.60 or 113.61, this will stop the advance of Indians, since they only have 2 Port Cities on Mediterranean Sea.

    DEMOCRACY-Will play in Democracy rest of the game
    Discoveries 3 Turns-
    Delivery of several Caravans
    SC size 23- Pollution it may be a problem, but I will have 3 Settlers nearby-
    Persians Discovered Gunpowder and traded with Indians-
    PANAMA built at 113.61-Rushed City Walls- Veteran None Musketeers and Veteran None Crusaders defending. Indian army retreats.

    Discovered 2 advance tribes on continent 28- ( Pergamon and Marathon ) Barbarians conquer Marathon ( undefended ).
    Barbarians Conquer UR ( Babylonian ) and take Great Library, that&#8217;s a breather, since stop Babylonians from getting more techs.
    Indians declare War attack Panama as expected.

    42 Techs- 21 Cities-
    5 Units lost in the entire Game-
    Persians and Romans declare War.
    Madrid, Cordoba, Toledo and Seville beefing up with Musketeers.
    Panama is holding Indians at Bay.

    Time to reconsider the game.
    Attacking Spanish, Romans and Indians ( all have Musketeers ) with Fighters will be a long war, and I dislike losing units. Attacking Persians, nonsene sice they also have STWA&#8230;

    I will take the Romans first ( they have 5 cities between us and the Persians ), will try to subvert or conquer last 3 Spanish cities.


    Building Statue of Liberty-
    Researching Economics- 44 Techs-
    Discoveries 3 Turns-
    Taxes 10-70-20
    7 Units lost so far&#8230;
    Took Bilbao and Saragossa from Spanish.
    Using &#8220; Cheat &#8220; Hut Map, in Continent 28 , returns several Barbarian Horses , Barbarian Archers appear , bribed, all turn into NONE Rifleman, and None Knights.
    Science City rushes 3 Caravans- Hides-Beads and Dye&#8230;all delivered , return 32 trading arrows.

    1780- 1800
    47 Techs- 26 Cities
    Military loses &#8211; 10
    Building BACH-
    Researching Railroad-
    At War with all Civilizations-
    Conquer Edo , Osaka ( Roman ), Cadiz ( Spanish ).

    Discoveries 2 Turns &#8211; Need industrialization- Polluted tiles appear often near Science City ( population 28 &#8211; 36 Shileds )
    49 Techs-
    Let Barbarians take Pergamon ( Advanced Tribe- 34.92) Since most Barbarian Units bribed nearby , were re-homed to that city, and units had to be dismanteled.


    Researching RADIO-
    55 Techs-
    Discoveries 3 Turns-
    12 Units Lost &#8211;
    Fighters Being Built, will act as Scout Patrols over Persian and Indian Civs.
    Several cities building Coastal Fortresses, as soon as Radio is dicovered, will change it to Airports.
    Science City- Size 32- Rushed Dye and Hides Caravans to be deliver to Babylonias after Transport sailing towards Babylonian Mainland with Diplomat will subvert UR from Barbarians- None Rifleman and Knight Units on Board.
    Will built an Airport on UR ASAP, and start massive delivery of Freights.

    Pamplona ( Spanish ) taken , Spanish Eliminated.
    Valladolid ( Roman ) 87.59 - Prime strategic location Bribed &#8211; City has Sewer System and City Walls &#8211; 5 Musketeers that LEO will convert to Rifleman.

    59 Techs-
    Discoveries 3 Turns-
    Researching MACHINE TOOLS.
    29 Cities- Population 17.000.000..( my goal is to finish with 100.000.000 &#8230;.a Massive SS, All 28 Wonders and lose less than 50 units &#8230;.).

    Indians keep attacking PANAMA, 3 Veteran Riflemen and Cavalry doing their job.
    So far Indians have lost 35 knights and 14 Catapults !!

    UR Bribed from Barbarians- ( Great Library )&#8230;lucky Barbarians don&#8217;t get to use the Benefits&#8230;.imagine Barbarians with Destroyers and Airplanes !
    None Units dismanteled in UR , Rushing Airport.
    5 Airports Built- Cordoba, Valladolid and Osaka &#8211; ( Mega Continent ), and Delphi and Science City in our Continent.
    Troy ( 67.47 ) Strategic Location north of Persians Building Airport, will be build another 2 near Indian Mainland so Bomber Units can get 100 % after attacking.

    62 Techs-
    Discoveries 3 Turns-
    7 Airports-
    13 Units Lost &#8211;
    Persians built Darwin, Woman Suffrage and EIFFEL, my favorite&#8230;.since I use it to build my SS Parts&#8230;.oh well !!
    Babylonians Demand Hides and Dye&#8230;Science City produces both&#8230;Bombers being built ( Goal = 16, 8 will attack Persians , and 8 will attack Indians ).

    Discoveries &#8211; 3 Turns.
    65 Techs-
    31 Cities- Population 19.000.000
    9 Bombers Ready &#8211; 7 in Production-
    Bombers attack Bactra and Granada ( Persian ), cities taken .
    Bombers stop in TROY ( Airport ) they will be at a 100 % the next turn and will start attacking PERSEPOLIS.
    Hides Caravan from Science City arrives To Babylon 944 Gold.
    Pharsalos builts ADAM SMITH.

    Researching Miniturization-
    Discoveries 3 Turns-
    18 Military units Lost.
    Science City Rush Producing Hide Freights to be deliver to Babylon.
    Indians Built United Nations-
    Spy Reports 6 Defending Units In Persepolis-
    Bombers Attack Persepolis- Transport with Marines and Cavalry Take the City.
    GREAT WALL and Woman Suffrage.
    Bombers Attacking Salamanca ( Roman Capital ).


    68 Techs-
    Population 30.000.000
    Researching Rocketry
    Salamanca and Barcelona ( Roman ) conquered.
    Tyre, Pasargadae( LIGHTHOUSE and DARWIN ), Susa (STWA ) and Sardis
    ( Persian ) Conquered.
    LIGHTHOUSE- STWA-and DARWIN in our power.
    Bombers attack and Conquer KOLHAPUR-
    Bombers return to Panama ( Airport ) to be repaired.

    51 Cities-
    72 Techs
    10 Airports-
    Gold 4971.
    30 Military units lost.
    Discoveries 2 Turns- Researching Mass Production
    Population 46.900.000
    Oil Freight from Science City to Babylon pays 1600&#8230;.
    Sidon, Samaria, Gordium, Arbela, Tarsus( Eiffel ) , ( Persian ), Conquered
    PERSIANS eliminated.
    Chittagong, Jaipur, Lahore, Bangalore and Madras, Hayderabad ( UNITED NATIONS ) ( Indian ) Conquered.
    Malaga Bribed from Romans ( Island 25 )

    Romans &#8211; 6 Cities-
    Babylonians &#8211; 5 Cities
    French &#8211; 2 Cities , still researching Alphabet&#8230;.
    Indians &#8211; 9 cities

    Apollo Built.
    Karachi, Dehli , Bombay , Calcutta ( Indian ) conquered.

    About 30 Barbarians appear near Calcutta ( 135.49 ), I never seen tha many...had to divert my fighters, built a City Wall ( I usually sell them at this point ...) and beef up the
    defending units....was considering let the Barbarians take the City and get about 20 " Free " Fanatics" that can be used to built Caravans.....but it was too late in the game....

    24 Wonders in our power.
    Cities Built in several continents, to allow Bombers to attack far away Babylonians and Romans.

    Freights rushing to built Cure for Cancer in 12 cities, when shields approach 300 or more will turn them into SS Modules.

    1901 and Beyond.
    Romans , French and Babylonians Eliminated.
    All Bombers and fighters, dismanteled.
    32 Military units lost . ( Indians lost 230 )
    All 28 Wonders in our control.
    Indians &#8211; 1 City &#8211; ( Dacca )
    97 Cities- Population 121. 540.000
    Massive SS ( 39- 16- 12 ) reaches Alpha Centaury.
  13. LordValuna

    LordValuna High Lord

    Apr 14, 2002
    Hamilton Ontario Canada
    I have to amend my earliear comments about Barbarian activity.
    after finishing I used the cheat mode to reveal the map and there was a Barbarian city named Delhi! It must have been captured fairly early on and I didnt notice
    I checked my saves and it was captured before 2000bc and with it the nice pacifist Indians
  14. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    After losing in the first game to barbs capturing my cap when i had 2 cities and one tech, i tried again as a One City Challenge.

    Did anybody else do a one city?

    Though i created quite an elaborate log, i'm just going to stick to the most important basics here.

    The brief summary is that i built apollo, built the first many space ship parts and Launched a 24 part, 15 year ship first... in 1954. However, EVERY civ entered the space race and some turns built up to 10 parts to build a larger, faster ship. In 1959, India launched a 40 part, 8 year ship and beat me to our nearest star by 2 years. To add more insult, the Persians launched a 46 part, 6.7 year ship which arrived a year before mine. I beat spain's 58 part, 5.9 year ship by one year as Japan and France remained in the building stages.

    So... the log

    3850bc, built grass tip cap with whale on 22/72. > Alphabet > start building warrior for huts.

    then 2nd warrior for defense, then started barracks to be switched to Library.

    about 3600bc, alpha>writing, Barracks>Library.
    3050bc, writing > bronze.
    2450bc-Completion of Library.
    2350bc Bronze>Code. Switched/halved 8 shields to Colossus production.
    1950bc: Code > Lit.
    1400bc, Lit > Republic. Settler finishes final city project... all roaded and irrigated now. Begin road project to extremities for eventual trade missions.
    850bc: met the french. they refused to trade. They demanded Lit and i caved :lol:
    825bc, slowed completion of beloved Republic to this oedo year and stepped in. Rep > Pottery.
    800bc: 50% lux and 2 elvis gets the first celebration under way.
    775bc: 4>5 and celebration is done :lol:. 80% lux and any combo falls short in bringing "Beijing" to 6.
    600bc: Pottery>currency
    450bc: warned persians nearly completed hg. wanting both hg and colossus, i rushed HG here and set myself up for next celebration....
    400bc: 5>6,
    375bc: 6>7,
    350bc: 7>8.
    250bc: Currency > Trade
    125bc: warned that Indians have nearly completed Colossus, a race i know i can't win :blush:.
    100bc, they complete it. Trade > Map making
    25bc: complete 1st caravan of 4 for Marcos.
    160ad, 4th caravan emerges, 200 shields for Marcos.
    180ad: With Marcos, spent money down, approached each civ strategically, gave into every demand and got all the tech and maps i could... which ended up being ceremonial, monarchy, MAP MAKING, Seafaring, Mysticism, horseback, CONSTRUCTION, iron working, the wheel, 9 in all and though worshipful with some civs, they refused maps and i got only one. Switched 30 shields of production towards a boat (and next will be an Aquaduct for sprint to size 12).
    280ad: First Greek sea vessel. No more specials out there and no pattern to mine a 4th. Boat>Aquaduct. Next tech costs 735 beakers.
    360ad: created celebration and rushed aquaduct
    380ad: 8>9, Aquaduct > Temple. Elephant in nearby hut puts celebration on hold for 3 turns.
    460ad, 9-10. Expected continued growth without it, but needed temple to be completed.
    520ad: 10-11,
    540ad: 11>12.
    skip to 860ad status: Size 12, 6 tons (last place), HG, Marcos, 2 trade caras.
    1100ad: First trade of game arrives, Demanded beads to the Persian city of Tarsus, size 12 to size 8 for 592.
    1120ad: 2nd trade, no demand out there, salt to Tarsus for 256. Several more trades like these two throughout remainder of game, won't list each one.
    1280ad: 7 active trade caras, 728 gold in treasury.
    1380ad: rushed sewer and began next celebration.
    1400ad - 1520ad: 12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20.
    By 1550ad, most turns having built a "nil" salt caravan per turn, have 12 trade caras now.
    1660ad-1700ad: now with a cathedral, 20-21-22-23-24-25
    1690ad: finished Theory of gravity. Having avoided Invention and Navigation for as long as i could, this turn offers only these two choices. Wanting leos if for no other reason than to upgrade 20 or so caras to freights later, chose invention.
    1700: landed another of many salt trades to Persian Parsagadae for 332. Treasury: 3403. One ally, 4 wars.
    1720ad: Special trade so i'll list it, demanded precarious Gem trade through war torn persia to Susa for 814. Minor miracle that it made it.
    1730: Great year in the world for technological development. French finish Physics, Indians finish Gunpowder, Persians finish Banking. Landed 2 final pre-navi, pre-invention non halved trades and then picked up both techs by dealing. Pretty sure I built Leo's this turn.
    1760ad: decided to rush Isaac's before it was gone.
    1762: since it will be of double value now, rushed a University. Treasury now down to 623 gold.
    1770ad: A couple more examples to represent many unlisted trades, 2 undemanded salts to distant size 6 Edo from my size 25 for 306+306.
    1806ad: With 19 Trade Caras stockpiled and en route, landed demanded Gems to Kyoto for 888.
    1812ad: 3 undemanded salt trades to size 14 Spanish Salamanca for 450+450+450.
    1814ad: Refrig>steam engine.
    1820ad: Aggressive evil Indians sink a 4 caravan galleon as the fine greek people mourn the terrible loss.
    ... 1856ad: Amphibious>Corporation for 20 instant Freights.
    1858: Communism renders my Marcos obsolete. Soon to Espionage and free embassies all around.
    1867: Steel > Communism. Vet Cruisers make strong escorts for my trade, Greeks ahead of the world in naval tech.
    1868ad: 828 demanded gold to Persian size 12 Gordium.
    1869-1888, uneventful, no trades. Greek period known as the Great Depression. Actually awaiting new veteran Cruiser escorts to safely deliver Treasures to flourishing cities in distant lands.
    1889: 532+532+532, undemanded salts to size 21 Salamanca.
    1890: Combustion>Automobile. 532+532+532+532 Salts to Salamanca.
    1891: Auto>Mobile Warfare. 532+532+1628 for Demanded Gems to Indian Madras (16).
    1892: Mobile>Machine Tools, 2 vet cruisers sunk by my foremost naval adversary, the indians with purple submarines. Overall Status: Treasury: 6386, 10 Freights, 2 vet transports, 2 vet cruisers, 3 vet marines, 2 spies, 1 engineer.
    1900ad: 1404 demanded gold to size 14 Gordium.
    1901-1910: Uneventful Recessionary years for the Greek economy.
    1911: 873 undemanded salt to Salamanca.
    1912:-1915, no trades, but 3 steals from evil Spain.
    1916: Miniaturization> Nuclear Power. Salt 873+873+873 to Salamanca.
    1917: Nuclear Power > Computers, 873+873+873 Salt to Salamanca via shortcut through completed Railroad through Japan. Keeps precious cargo a lot safer as the Japanese navy is rather benign. Both Spanish and Indian Fleets are are a bit dangerous and somewhat formidible vs. my strong but limited navy made up only of escort vessels.
    1917 Summary: 8825 gold in Treasury, 11 Freights, 7 vet battleships, 4 transports, 3 vet marines, 2 spies, 1 engineer.
    1918: computers > Laser. (avoiding flight for as long as i can, will bargain for it, or steal it soon enough). 873+873+873 to Salamanca. Rushed research lab.
    1919: laser>flight (forced to choose it in my superconductor/fusion path). Stole flight and radio from persians.
    1920 choose advanced flight.
    1921: Flight penalty drops Salamancan trades to 582+582+582+582, a full 33% penalty. Sure i have an airport, but will they? :lol:
    1922-1925: Adv. Flight > Rocketry. no trades, but about 424 science per turn.
    1926: Demanded Gems to Madras (20) yields 1878.
    1927: Rocketry > Space Flight
    1928: 582+582+582+582, undemanded salt to Salamanca. 14,455 gold in treasury, 7 freight, 7 battleships, 4 transports.
    1929: Space Flight > Plastics , Rushed Apollo.
    1930: 602+602+602 to Saragossa (18). Rushed first structure 9 turns before India enters the space race. Greeks rush a structure here and one each turn over the next 23 leading to launch. Spaceship to be: 15+3+3+1+1+1
    1932: Plastics > Super Conductor.
    1935: French allies steal Space flight and trade it to the world :lol:.
    1936: Superconductor > Nuclear Fusion
    1939: India enters Space race with 2 components. I have 9.
    1941: Persia enters Space race with 1 component. Greece: 11, India: 4, Persia: 1.
    1944: Spain enters race, 15:5:1:1. Greece lands final 2 freights, 604+604 to Saragossa.
    1948: Greece 18 of 24, India: 7, Persia: 6, Japan: 6, Spain: 3
    1954: Greece Launches ship to land in 15 years, 1969.
    1957: India builds 10 components (now has 18), Japan 9 (now has 26), Persia 5 (now has 18).
    1959: India Launches ship to land in 1967, 2 years before Greek ship.
    1967: Game over and i receive the dubious 2nd place prize :king:.
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  15. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    One city game 10.5 years later built on same spot and in same build year. Unlike 10.5 years ago, will not build "nil" trade caravans since i feel it should be disallowed and will build only commodities that become available.

    I hope others will play this excellent old map as a one city game to provide comparison ideas and strategies.

    3850bc, built grass tip cap with whale on 22/72. Without a gold hut and with no forest, i don't see how to build a size one settler in this situation, a much beloved tactic :). To give myself something highly valuable to build right away, i will actually research bronze first towards either Colossus or Marcos. Planning the path directly to Trade, then likely towards Republic (unless forced off path towards Ceremonial/Monarchy).

    3800 > Bronze (12). > Settler to become Phalanx.
    3550: Bronze > Alphabet.
    3500 :1st Phalanx > 2nd.
    3300: 1 > 2.
    3200: 2nd Phalanx > 3rd.
    3050: Appearance of 1st barb Chariot.
    2950: 3rd Phalanx > Colossus. Have found 2 huts and have chosen to not open them at this stage.
    2900: Alphabet > Currency (Code not offered).
    2550: 2 > 3.
    2150: Currency > Code of Laws.
    1550: 3 > 4. Income: 6 net and gross shields, 4 science, 2 gold. Wonder progress: 127 Shields (11 turns away).
    1400: Code of Laws > Trade.
    1200: French Chariot appears, pay them 50 tribute so they won't kill my none settler. Took a chance and traded them for Ceremonial.
    925: :wavey: Colossus :wavey:. Celebration (primarily for 4 extra food via irrigated grass, and also brings science from 5 to 6). > Settler (to become a wonder caravan).
    825 (approx year) 4 > 5, lose celebration.
    775: Trade > Monarchy. > 1st wonder caravan. L20 / T60 / S20
    725: 1st Wonder caravan > 2nd. 2nd grass/no shield square mined to forest.
    650: Persia builds HG.
    600: 2nd Wonder caravan > 3rd.
    525: Persia builds Lighthouse... couple turns later the French build Pyramids.
    475: 3rd Wonder caravan > Marco's (to complete in 6 turns).
    375: Completion of 3rd forest from grass/no shield.
    325: :wavey: Marco's :wavey:.

    Analysis: Nobody has Republic, Lit or even Writing, nor Monarchy. Since i am researching Monarchy with about 45/105, my plan is to complete monarchy within 12 turns for Oedo 25bc before making my tech more expensive by trading techs. Will not interact with the ai until then.

    200: Temple > Marketplace.
    100: Pre-Oedo Monarchy > Mapmaking. Able to trade and gift techs now and hopefully get every map.

    Traded Indians for Writing, Map Making, Wheel and map trade.
    Traded Japan for Iron, Horse, Pottery, Warrior Code and maps.
    Tributed hostile french 2 techs before trading them for Construction, Seafaring, Masonry. tributed them a 3rd tech to cordial and traded maps.
    Gifted Spain techs and traded maps.
    Gifted Persia techs and traded maps.

    Summation: Gained 10 techs (7 > 17) and all maps. Off shore and fairly nearby and reachable persia looks like the ideal initial trade partner.

    75: Marketplace > 1st Trade Caravan. (map making) > Literacy (396).
    50: Revolution
    25 Step into Monarchy. T70 / S30.
    1ad: Hostile Spanish develop Myst and i incite war with them.

    1ad Summary: Size 5 Monarchy, 17 techs, Wonders: Colossus, Marco's. Buildings: Temple, Marketplace. Units: 1 Settler (none), 3 Phalanx. Treasury: 35 gold. 5 of 5 ai's are Hostile.

    20: Spain with 9 cities eliminates Japan and Babylon is birthed.
    40: Completion of 1st trade caravan of game (Bead) > 2nd.
    100: 5 > 6. 2nd Trade Caravan > 1st Trireme.
    140: Traded Babylon for Bridge Building (18), gifted them and traded for maps. Traded Spain for Mysticism (19).
    220: 3rd Trade caravan (Salt) > 4th (Gold).
    300: 4th Trade Caravan > 1st Diplomat. (no available commodities at this time).
    340: 2 trades land adjacent their destinations. Lux to 60%. 1st Diplomat > 2nd.
    360: Celebration to Republic numbers. Demanded beads to Gordium: 384 Undemanded Gem to Parsagade: 196. Triggers availability of Hides.
    380: Hide. India completes Great Library and i am able to trade them for Literacy.
    400: > Republic. 2nd trireme.
    420: Tributed hostile persia for cease fire, traded them for Polytheism.
    540: Hostile friench exceedingly uncooperative, won't trade Republic so i had to steal it. One turn late for Oedo.
    560: > Philosophy (840). Traded Babylon for Mathematics. Celebration into Republic numbers. 3rd trade of game and 3rd route, undemanded salt to Persepolis: 276. Sadly my hide supply disappears.
    580: Philosophy > Medicine > Engineering. Holding back next trade until reaching size 12.
    600: Revolution.
    620: Step into Republic. 2nd trireme away prevents celebration for now, will need to drop a caravan to what seems like a relatively safe desolate place and disband one of the triremes.
    640: Dropped Gold caravan to a fairly safe place and disbanded a Trireme. Lux to 40%.
    660: Celebration.
    680: 6 > 7. Harbor.
    700: 7 > 8. Forted
    strategically located grassland 3 steps north of my city to keep France bottled up and to set up potential bribes. Also will mine the grass to forest.
    720: 8 > 9. Diplomat.
    740: 9 > 10. 1st wonder caravan. Had to pay the persians 150 gold tribute so his elephant would spare my trade caravan that is worth about 400 gold and 400 science.
    760: 10 > 11.
    780: 11 > 12. 2 undemanded hides to persepolis: 420 + 420

    800: Traded Babylon for Engineering. -62 City science. Bribe of a none barb legion to the west and i will lose the diplomat to two other legions that were hidden in the black.
    > Sanitation (999)
    840: Sanitation > Astronomy (1036). Celebration
    860: 12 > 13. End of celebration for now. Undemanded Gold to persepolis: 444. 3 food caravans and 600 gold fill 300 shields. Treasury: 2 gold.
    880: :wavey: Shakespeare's :wavey:. 13 > 14. Completion of forest in fort 3 steps north of my city.
    900: 14 > 15.
    Spanish develop astronomy and change from GW to Copernicus. Desperate Race for Copernicus here. I took a big risk by building Shakes first.
    920: 1st Wonder caravan. 15 > 16.
    940: 16 > 17.
    960: 2nd Wonder Caravan: 17 > 18. 3rd Forest becomes plain and now every square in city is a trade square.
    980: 18 > 19.
    1000: 19 > 20. 3rd Wonder Caravan.

    1000 Summary: Size 20 Republic (and 21 next turn). 27 techs and Astronomy in progress. Wonders: Colossus, Marco's, Shakespeare's. Buildings: Temple, Marketplace, Colosseum, Aquaduct, Harbor, Sewer. Units: 1 Trade Caravan, 3 Food caravans, 1 Settler (none), 1 Trireme, 2 dips, 2 Legion, 2 Phalanx. Treasury: 60 gold. 4 of 5 ai's are Hostile and the other is Enraged.

    1020: 4th Wonder Caravan. 20 > 21. End of celebration for now. T80 / S20. Undemanded Bead to Arbela: 436.
    1040: Library. Astronomy > University (1110). Receive warning that Spain is close to completing Copernies. 4 Caravans plus 400 gold fills 300 shields.
    1060: :wavey: Copernicus :wavey:. Traded Indians for Banking. Madrid completes King Rick's and would have had Copernies this turn had i not raced there first upon being warned.
    1100: Bead. Bribe of French Chariot (none) for 97 gold.
    1120: Cloth. Persians develop invention and change wonders to Leo's. This is likely a race i will lose although persia is fairly local to steal from if that made the difference.
    1160: Bank. Gold income per turn becomes 188. French complete Invention too and the Indians get it thru GL. Spanish aquire Invention from the persians. Bribe of french dip for 85 gold.
    1180: 1st Wonder Caravan.
    1200: 2nd Wonder Caravan. Persians have Leo's nearly completed and i am not in a position to win it from them. Primarily i will be wanting Isaac's and if i can get Magellan's too that would be nice.
    1220: 3rd wonder Caravan . Persepolis completes Leos.
    1240: 4th
    1260: 5th
    1280: 6th. Spanish develop Navi and begin Magellan's. 3rd plain irrigated.
    1300: 7th.
    1320: 8th
    1340: 9th. University > Theory of Gravity. Undemanded Bead and Cloth to Persepolis: 576 + 576.
    1360: Cloth. Theory of Gravity > Navigation (to hopefully snatch Magellan's which unlike with Leo's i am in a good position to do). 8 food caravans fill 400 shields. End of turn treasury: 1381 gold.
    1380: :wavey: Isaac's :wavey:. With Isaac's, i built every one city wonder that i consider to be the most essential (Marco's, Colossus, Shakespeare's, Copernicus, Isaac's). Others are highly valuable as well including Leo's and Magellans where possible. Sometimes Lighthouse is relatively essential, but not in this situation.
    1400: Granary. Lux to 20%.
    1420: Gem. 21 > 22 (via food growth). Celebration. Sale of Granary.
    1440: 22 > 23.
    2nd Wonder caravan.
    1460: Navigation > Economics.
    1480: :wavey: Magellan's :wavey:.
    Traded India for Invention.

    1500 Summary: Size 23 Republic, 33 techs Wonders: Colossus, Marco's, Shakespeare's, Copernicus, Isaac's, Magellan's. Buildings: Temple, Marketplace, Colosseum, Aquaduct, Harbor, Sewer, Bank, Library, University, Granary (sold). Units: 2 Trade Caravans, 0 Food caravans, 1 Settler (none), 1 Trireme (and 1 caravel next turn), 4 dips, 3 Legion, 3 Phalanx. Treasury: 71 gold. 3 of 5 ai's are Hostile and the other two are Enraged.

    1510: University (building).
    1520: 1st Caravel.
    1530: 7th Diplomat.
    1540: 2nd Caravel.
    Traded Babylon for Monotheism. Transitioning into heavy exploration and hut popping. Hut: Supported musket. Hut: 2 barb horses, bribed both, both are supported and net shields becomes zero. Hut: 2 barb horses. Bribed one (none unit). Didn't have a 2nd dip to bribe the other.
    1560: 8th Dip.
    1570: 9th Dip. Disb. supported horse.
    1580: Economics > Physics. 4 Ai's have Physics and likely i will be able to pick it up from one of them before completing it in the hopes of more quickly completing Magnetism which gives me Galleons. 10th Dip. Disb. supported horse. Treasury: 84 gold.
    1590: Stock Exchange. New gold income at 80% is 250 per turn. Hut: 50 gold.
    1600: 10th dip. Bribe 11th dip. Spain has nearly completed Sun Tzu's and i won't be able to stop them.
    1610: 12th dip.
    1620: 13th dip. Hut: supported crusader. Hut: 100 gold.
    1630: 14th dip. Hut: 100 gold.
    1640: 15th dip. Bribe of 16th dip from the French for 105 gold. Hut: supported Musketeer.
    1650: 17th dip. Spanish complete physics and persians and indians end up with it and with me 2/3 of the way there with a 20% science rate. Persia and india are likely pretty close to completing whatever is next. Paid spanish 300 tribute for cease fire to allow me to trade them for Physics which is worth closer to 1400 and was also able to make peace with them. I gifted babylon their in progress tech which was physics.
    1660: (Physics) > Magnetism.
    1670: Magnetism > Steam Engine (hoping to pick it up from the Persians) Persia develops Steam Engine. Traded persia for Steam Engine and Gunpowder. Undemanded Gem and Cloth to Valencia: 434 + 434.
    1680: (Steam Engine) > Metallurgy (1600) -546 SSC. need 186 . 1st Galleon. Hut: None Musket.
    1690: Metallurgy > Railroad (1640). 564 x 3. Hut: 2 barb knights and couldn't bribe either without losing the dip so the dip hopped back in boat until next turn.
    1700: 2nd Galleon. Bribe of the 2 barb knights from last turn, both none units.
    1720: Ralroad > Electricity (towards Refrig). 1st wonder caravan (for Darwins eventually). hut: barbarian that did not appear.
    1730: hut: 4 tribes then a none crusader.
    1740: 20th dip (for this huge map).. Babylonians develop Democracy. Oedo is 1756 and i plan to trade for it before then, but first will complete electricity and disable Great library. Hut: barb knight (none unit) bribed. Hut: 2 tribes and then 100 gold.
    1750: Electricity > Democracy (which i will get from the Babylonians presently). Bribe of barb elephant (none). Traded Babylon for Democracy. Hut: 200 gold. Hut: 50 gold.
    1752: (Democracy) > Refrigeration. 2nd wonder caravan. Stole Feudalism from Leon (Spain) which gives me every tech all other civs have.
    1754: REVOLUTION. Turned two cease fires into war. Bribe of a French none settler for 312 gold to help with the forthcoming farmlands and rails (with Explosives still a ways off still needing current tech, Chem, explosives and any off paths as needed. Gem and Cloth become available to build.
    1756: Step into Democracy. Gem. 5 units away which is about 3 too many to be able to celebrate. Had begun the homecoming of all 5 two or 3 turns ago.
    1758: Refrigeration > Conscription (636 x 3). (industrialization not offered). Spain at this point has 20 cities and will be the team to beat. Likely i will plan to invade their lands once i have something to attack them with to slow them down. 2nd place has 9 cities.
    1760: Cloth.
    1762: 3rd Galleon. Departs with 2 trade caravans towards Distant Spain or even more distant India.
    1764: Conscription > Industrialization. India develops Chemistry and i trade them for it, gifted them another tech and got an updated map trade. 3 of 5 away units arrive home and Lux 20 will initiate a celebration next turn. Emergency situation in protecting my galleon carrying 2 trades and 2 dips prompts me to pay too much to bribe a spanish iron clad (none unit) in wartime for 468 gold and which can now escort the galleon.
    1766: Supermarket. Celebration. Final 2 units away arrive home (Caravel and Trireme), both are disbandable units.
    1768: 23 > 24. Hut: 100 gold.
    1770: 24 > 25. 3rd Wonder Caravan. Hut: none rifleman.
    1772: Indusrialization > Chivalry. 25 > 26. End of celebration for now. 4th Wonder Caravan. Completed Industrialization the same turn as the persians which was poor timing since i would have held back and traded with them for it or stolen it. Bribed another Spanish (none) Iron clad this one for 517 gold and located another one that i can't afford with a treasury of 341. The Spanish are indeed formidible and it won't be easy reaching them to land trades.
    1776: 5th Wonder Caravan.
    1778: Vetted one Iron Clad of two by killing Spanish vet crusaders. Spain has Sun Tzu's.
    1780: Celebration. 6th Wonder caravan.
    1782: 26 > 27. End of food surplus and celebration for now.
    1784: 7th wonder caravan. Enraged Spanish develop Chivalry and we steal it from Granada. 7 caravans and 200 gold fill 400 shields. Ending Treasury: 792 gold.
    1786: :wavey: Darwin's :wavey:. Steel > Corporation > Refining. Waited for Spain to complete my tech in progress before building this. Also had to build it pretty soon to be safe due to competing civs also building it. Exciting to get steel because Spain is so strong and this will give me a chance to destroy them in the sea. 2nd Iron Clad of 2 narrowly survives attack by Spanish Frigate and becomes a vet. Has been too dangerous to land my demanded gem to inland Salamanca and now i have a chance to pick up a vet Rifle to aid me in this endeavor. Hut: none Rifle. Peace with the French forced upon me, gifted them a tech to cordial to get an updated map.
    1790: Factory. Refining > Explosives. Disbanding of supported crusader into city.
    1792: 1st Cruiser. Hostile Persians complete Communism, Marco's is neutered and war is incited with them. Disband a Caravel into city. Hut: None Rifle.
    1794: 2nd Cruiser. Trade Persians for Communism. Disbanding of Caravel into city.
    1796: 1st Transport. (in preparation for hopefully newly triggered Trade freights after the two i have land this turn). Finally fought my way through war torn Spain to land this demanded Gem to Cordoba: 908. Hut: none musket.
    1798. - 810 SSC. Undemanded cloth to size 13 Madrid: 358. Triggers ability to build a Gem freight. Hut: 100 gold.
    1800: Gem. Explosives > Combustion.
    1802: Vetting of a Cruiser at the expense of a vet spanish musket.
    1804: Barracks. Hut: 100 gold.
    1806: Combustion > Espionage. (Automobile not offered). Hut: 100 gold.
    1808: 1st Engineer (Vet). 27 > 26. Planning to transform 3 plains to grasslands and become a size 28. Hut: 50 gold.
    1810: Revolution.
    1812: Step into Communism in anticipation of building some Vet Spies. 2nd Transport. Lux to 30% to initiate celebration to get Democracy trade numbers.
    1814: Celebration. Lux to 20% to sustain celebration.
    1816: Espionage > Automobile. Disbanded supported (bribed) frigate. Demanded Gem to size 12 Barcelona: 1446. Hut: none Rifle.
    1818: 1st spy (Vet). Departs towards Persia/Spain/India and will meet up with a Cruiser escort. Hut: 2 barb knights, both bribed, both are none units.
    1820: Automobile > Electronics. 2nd Spy (Vet). In first leg of a 3 legged adventure, 1st Spy establishes embassy in Persia. 2nd Spy establishes embassy in France and prepares to board Transport to Babylon. Hut: 50 gold.
    1822: Superhighways.
    1824: 3rd Spy (Vet). Hut: Tribe 6 times and then 2 barb knights, both bribed and both none units.
    1826: 4th Spy (Vet). Persia obtains Leadership and i incite war with them. Hut: 100 gold. Embassy with Spain the team to beat.

    1826 summary: Size 26 celebrating Communism. 59 Techs. Spain has 50. Persia: 51. France: 33. Other two no embassies as yet.

    1828: 5th Spy (Vet). Electronics > Leadership (which i will trade for or steal). Traded Persia for Leadership.
    1830: 6th Spy (Vet). (Leadership) > Fundamentalism. (Chosen because i was sent off path and Spain is researching this so i will seek to let them finish it and get it from them). Exploration is at about 90%. Disband diplomat into city.
    1832: 7th Spy (Vet). Disband diplomat into city. Embassy with Babylon who has only one city like me :).
    1834: 8th Spy (Vet). Hut: 100 gold.
    1836: (accidentally didn't rush a unit) this turn). Beakers for fundamentalism are nearly filled and science is set to zero, hoping the Spanish will complete theirs relatively soon. In the meantime i will build up the fairly meager treasury through having only a small number of available trades throughout the game. Current treasury is 1592 gold. Vetted my 2nd Cruiser of 2.
    1838: 9th Spy (Vet). Enraged Spanish enemy develop Fundy and i plan to steal it next turn. Hut: 100 gold. Bribe of barb knight (none).
    1840: 10th Spy (Vet). Vet spy steals fundamentalism from the Spanish and escapes.
    1842: (Fundamentalism) > Tactics. 11th Spy (Vet). With 11 Vet Spies, Revolution.
    1844: Back into Democracy. Power Plant (Game not allowing me to build Hydro Plant even though i have Electronics). Too many units away to celebrate. Hut: 100 gold.
    1846: Tactics > Atomic Theory (chose this because India has it). Incited war with hostile india. With only 3 net shields, i want machine tools/miniaturization. 1848: 3rd Cruiser. Traded Indians for Atomic Theory. Hut: 2 barb knights, both bribed, both none units. Hut: 100 gold.
    1850: (Atomic Theory) > Machine Tools. 4th Cruiser. Gold freight becomes available and is demanded : ). Treasury: 1051.
    1851: Gold Freight. Return of 2 units away allow for city to celebration. Lux to 20.
    1852: Machine Tools > Mobile Warfare. (Miniaturization not offered) 1st Food Freight for Apollo. Zero net shields for now. Celebration.
    1853: 26 > 27. Police Station.
    End of celebration for now.
    1854: 2nd Food caravan due to having only 1 net shield. Really needing Miniaturization. Hut: 100 gold.
    1856: Mobile Warfare > Miniaturization. Importantly renders Sun Tzu's obsolete in the 21 city global superpower with 7000+ gold (Spain). 3rd wonder caravan (only building these because i am limited to only 1 net shield until offshore platform). Hut: 100 gold. Hut: 50 gold.
    1857: Barracks. Giant demanded Gold freight to Toledo: 2042.
    1858: Miniaturization > Amphibious Warfare (3168) (chased off path and this one is being researched by Spain). Celebration. Completion of final transformation from plain to grass and we now have the max possible food supply. Hut: 100 gold.
    1859: 27 > 28. End of celebration, likely for the game. 29 would be the Max possible size ever with no supported engineers.
    Offshore Platform. Net shields increase from 1 > 28 !!! Hut: 100 gold.
    1861: 1st Armor (Vet). Spanish develop my in progress tech Amphibious Warfare just in time and vet spy steals it and escapes. Hut: 50 gold.
    1862: (Amphibious Warfare) > Mass Production. Port Facility.
    1863: Mass Production > Computers. 5th Cruiser (Vet). Seeking on the Spanish shores to vet up the remaining 2 non vets. Spain without steel is researching combustion which would provide them with a serious threat against my current domination in the sea. Spain with 21 cities vs my 1, Sun Tzu's (only recently expired), Tactics and nearly with Combustion.. and 7500 gold, has the most formidible fighting force of an ai opponent in recent memory. Not a threat to my shores, but as a defensive unit. I have Vet Cruisers and vet Armor, but even still they have masses of very decent and strong vet defenders, including even their multitude of fortified vet rifles that in most instances are not wise for me to attack even with my superior units. They also have these vet defenders within lots of forts throughout their civ. I would actually need Battleships and/or Howitzers to make attacking these fortified vet defenders worth my while. But what i do intend to do is keep a lot of pressure on them to slow their growth, killing the easy targets, the Cavalry, Cannons, Destroyers, Iron Clads , transports and the subs when they arise, and most especially the tinier new cities where possible.
    1864: 2nd Armor (Vet). Remembered to sell another no longer needed building, in this case the Sewer. Also need to sell Colosseum, Aquaduct, Granary. and Police station (which helped me to release non vet cruisers to go and vet themselves up while still needing to celebrate from 26 > 28 and newly transformed grasslands began to permit).
    1865: 3rd Armor (Vet). My initially landed Vet Armor into a Spanish forted silk square has defeated about 7 units so far, both offensively and defensively and is down to a red color and about 15% strength and is desperately in need of the reinforcements which arrived this turn. Reinforcements include another Vet armor that was able to reach the silk fort and a vetted none rifle in another nearby fort as well as some none knights and crusaders that will have a chance to vet themselves up against canons of which there appear to be an unending supply. Also i brought an engineer and a none settler to help support the war effort. There is no bribing the exceedingly wealthy spanish, a typical Cavalry is priced at about 1500 gold, settlers are 2000 and even 10 shield vet fanatics are about 500 gold. Persian and Indian units are cost prohibitive as well, though not to as great an extreme. France and Babylon are in Democracy and thus immune to bribery.
    1866: 4th Armor (Vet). Gold Freight becomes available to build.
    1867: Gold Freight. Computers > Nuclear Fission.
    1868: Research Lab. Spanish complete Combustion and for the first time are capable of sinking my cruisers and i have to exercise far greater caution. Tech is 3000 + beakers, Trade freights are few and there is no key civ to gift to decrease this cost.
    1869: 5th Armor (Vet).
    1870: 6th Cruiser (Vet). Nuclear Fission > Robotics (in 3 before my Gold freight reaches its destination).
    1871: 7th Cruiser (Vet). Spanish develop flight and cancel the effects of my Colossus, but the building still stands : ). Vet spy steals Flight and safely escapes.
    1872: 8th Cruiser (Vet). Rocketry and Aegis is still a bit far away so i want to continue to maintain a safe and healthy dominence in the sea with more Vet cruisers. 5 Vet Armor now nestled and firmly dug into Spanish soil and Engineer just completed another strategic fort in a forest river. Lots of kamikazi activity amongst the spanish military attacking my well fortified and forted vet Armor and losing every time.
    1873: 4th Transport (Vet). Dipping beneath 20 net shields for the moment, decided to build another much needed Transport rather than paying 60 extra gold to get from 60 shields to 80.

    1873 Summary of units: 8 Cruisers (6 are vet), 5 Vet armor, 4 Transports, 3 galleons, 1 ironclad (vet and none), 1 engineer, (supported) 2 settlers (both none), 11 Spies all vet, 9 diplomats (mostly still stranded away from home and eventually usable for disbanding towards one turn units), 1 Gold freight, 3 food freights (for apollo), 5 riflemen (all none), 10 knights (all none), 2 musketeers (one is none), 4 crusaders (all none), 3 Legion (all none), 6 other obsolete none units in the waters heading home for disbanding.

    1874: 5th Transport (Vet). Robotics > Nuclear Power. Treasury after rushing MFG Plant and pre and post demanded gold trade of 1128: 1068 gold/ 2196 gold. Finally have a nice ship chain to and from Spain in place. Spain finally broke and upgraded attitude from enrraged to uncooperative which suggests that they are open to forcing a peace.
    1876: Manufacturing Plant. Net shields increase from 17 > 28. Spanish sub sinks strategic galleon placed in a separate blocked sea that takes many turns to get to going around a cumbersome shaped land and which just delivered the gold freight. Also lost in the tragedy was a spy. Separately, lost a vet iron clad to a spanish destroyer which was likely itself a vet.
    1876: 1st Howitzer (Vet).
    1877: Nuclear Power > Radio (Spain is researching radio and i will let them complete it and steal it from them). 2nd Howitzer (Vet).

    72 techs now vs. 61 for the Spanish and 58 for the Persians.

    With an 11 tech lead, dominating the seas, safely and dominently occupying the lands of my strongest opposition and killing most every unit in sight and now with vet howitzer to open up additional opportunities, i feel this game is under control and won and i am going to leave it here.

    If i am to estimate the landing year, i will anticipate awaiting to steal Radio and completing 3 techs including Space flight over 12-16 turns, depending upon how long i have to build up gold stores waiting for Spain to complete radio so i can steal it. if forced off path i can choose and steal guerilla warfare. if by chance i needed another off path tech before Space flight, this would be 16-20 turns of researching. 16 - 20 turns to complete space flight, 25 turns to build apollo and 24 parts and 15 turns of space travel.

    Estimated landing year is: 1933 - 1937.
  16. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    Next one city comparison game with same build location and year. Multi-gold hostile AI version, single player mode.

    3850: Build @ 22/72. (Actually think i accidentally built this one turn early in 3900 this game).
    3800: > Bronze.
    3600: Bronze > Alphabet.
    3550: 1st Phalanx.
    3250: 2nd Phalanx.
    3000: 3rd Phalanx > Colossus. Alphabet > Currency. (Was thinking Trade then Monarchy, but next time i would go for Monarchy then Trade)
    2200: Currency
    > Code of Laws.
    2050: Exploring phalanx encounters French warrior. Took a chance and traded for Ceremonial.
    1300: Code > Masonry. Neither Trade nor Monarchy were offered so i chose Mason since the French have it. Only problem is that the french are Hostile an, they demanded 50g and i said no and they made war. Also, French build city that overlaps me and i decide that after building colossus i will make a priority of destroying that city lest it torment me all game long.
    1000: :wavey: Colossus :wavey:. Celebration (primarily to take advantage of +4 Food as well as +1 science (but all at the cost of 3 gold).
    975: Rush Marketplace from 6 to 40. Spent gold to below 50 and approached the French to end the war and to trade them for Masonry.
    950: > Monarchy. Between Trade and Monarchy, given my specific circumstances, decided to choose Monarchy.
    900 (aprox year) 4 > 5 and lose celebration.
    825: Marketplace > Temple. Celebration.
    800: French complete writing.
    675: Temple > Barracks.
    625: :king: Monarchy :king: > Trade.
    525: Barracks > Settler to become Wonder Caravan. French incite war with me again.
    400: Trade > Writing (135). Settler switches to Caravan. T 70 / L 30. Completed road to my overlapping enemy while he didn't have any tech to kill me with and so that when i have a good attacker i will be poised to hopefully Fort the roaded square adjacent him and destroy his city.
    350: 1st wonder caravan > 2nd.
    300: French kindly attack my forested phalanx with its warrior and vets me. now 2 of 3 phalanx's are vet and the third one is now positioned on the same forest.
    200: 2nd wonder caravan > 3rd.
    25: 4th wonder caravan > Marco's. French warrior vets my final remaining phalanx and now 3 of 3 are vet.
    1ad: :wavey: Marco's :wavey:. 6 > 7. Noticing that the French overlapping city now has walls which is disappointing. Even vet elephants do no want to attack that city now. Tech trading contemplations (while sleepy): Nobody has Lit, Republic, Construction or Seafaring I would like to get the other civs Monarchy so they can research faster and give them their techs in progress where possible so they can be more focused on new unchartered techs.

    Traded with India and obtained Map Making, Iron Working, Warrior Code, Horseback and their maps.
    Traded with Japan for Mysticism, Polytheism and the wheel (sub-cordial attitude prevents map trade).
    Persia and Spain have no techs which i don't already have. they demanded tribute which i refused and wars were incited. I plan to approach them again with less than 50 gold to gift them hopefully monarchy and their in progress techs and to hopefully trade for maps.
    Already at war with my French neighbor who has a city which overlaps mine. Need to spend my gold down beneath 50 and approach them to get writing and pottery as well as a hopeful map trade.

    40: 1st Trade Caravan.
    80: 2nd Trade Caravan
    120: 1st Trireme. Departs with 2 trades. All 5 foreign civs have demanded gold tribute and are at war with me.
    140: Gold finally depleted to below 50. Approached India, tributed them tech, gifted them their in progress tech and made an updated map trade. French refuse to trade tech with me.
    180: 3rd trade caravan. (commodity availability is at this point depleted).
    220: 2nd Trireme and departs with the one trade.
    300: 1st Elephant (Vet). Elephant kills a French settler.
    320: Demanded beads to Arbela: 213.
    340: 2nd Elephant (Vet).
    Now that i have a more significant military, the french finally wanted peace and they were finally willing to trade tech. So i picked up Literacy, Writing and Pottery, but they ran off before i had a chance to trade maps. This catches me up on having every tech the ai has.
    360: > Philosophy. Undemanded cloth to Persepolis: 228
    380: Philosophy > Construction (Oedo Republic not offered)
    > Republic. Salt caravan.
    420: Colosseum. Emptied Marsaille and captured/destroyed the empty size 1 city.
    They sought peace and i gave it to them and i gave them their in progress tech Construction in the hopes they would soon complete something else i need.
    440: French select Republic as their next project. Will see who finishes it first. Undemanded Gold to Persepolis establishes 3rd route: 228
    460: 3rd Elephant (Vet). (3rd trade did not activate a commodity and with Republic only 1/3 complete, not ready to benefit from an aquaduct for now). More elephants will help me to futther weaken my friesh continent mates including the possibility that i will be able to destroy their grassland pyramids and capotal city (Rheims) if i can accomplish this destruction before they build walls. Finally able to get Spain's map.
    500: 4th Elephant (Vet). Road completes on forest adjacent size 5 Rehims (Pyramid city) and 4 Vet elephants join the one vet fortified phalanx. (note that France does not have polytheism as yet and i specifically kept if from them)

    500 ad Summary: Size 7 monarchy with 3 trade routes. 20 techs. (feels like it's going pretty slowly). Wonders: Colossus and Marco's. Buildings: Marketplace, Temple, Barracks, Colosseum. Units: 1 settler (none). 2 Triremes, 1 Trade caravan, 4 Elephants (All vets), 3 Phalanx's (all vets).

    520: 1st Diplomat (as Barb boat just arrived next to me last turn and i would like the chance at some bribing). Killed two units in Rheims size 5 > 3 and it is now empty so i have to hold back. Really need fort on that forest to be extra safe, but it will take 4 turns (i believe). Gifted India their in progress (Constr) and others first and got an updated map trade.
    540: Bribe of Barb Trireme and legion both supported. Traded Japanese for Mathematics and still unable to get their map. gifted persia Math and other preceding techs and got an updated map trade.
    580: French develop Rep. Beat size 3 rheims down to size 1 and step inside the empty size one city, destroying it and capturing Republic for a year 600 revolution. France tributed me 50 gold for cease fire and zero for peace. Gifted the other 3 civs of 4 Republic.
    600: Revolution. Aquaduct.
    620: :hatsoff:Step into Republic :hatsoff: . All excess units away are back home. Lux to 20.
    640: Celebration. and food fills (which was a mistake in planning which at this point couldn't be prevented). Traded Persia for Medicine.
    660: 7 > 9
    680: 9 > 10. With limited funds, bribed a none French settler for 180 gold.
    700: 10 > 11. Without seafaring and with 2 forests, not enough food to grow further. T 80 / L 20
    740: bribe none warrior for 23 gold. With trade ready to land, science to 10%.
    760: > Astronomy (which 2 other civs are researching) Undemanded salt to distant Kyoto: 476. Ability to build a bead and dye open up. 1st Food Cara.
    780: Dye. Good value on a none French trireme for 93 gold.
    800: Bead.
    820: Traded France for Banking.
    840: Bank. 96 sci to go or more if others get astron for me. Treasury: 40 gold.
    960: 4th wonder caravan. Challenging decision. With 2 ai's researching Astronomy which is my own research project and which is 85% complete... and where i was hoping for one of them to complete it first, with 2 demanded trades positioned to land this turn, with no library and tight gold and with my two caravans on the lands of the Hostile persians in cease fire which is an unsafe and unpredictable position to be in, i will likely land one of the trades next turn to complete Astronomy and gift both civs in the hopes that they get something new and useful for me.. and to then land the 2nd trade the following turn. Expecting to see a bonus of at least 500 for each of the two trades. I don't remember if Dye has an extra bonus and if so, then quite a bit more than 500 for that one. Demanded Bead to Arbela receives the max possible bonus: 533. Triggers availability of a salt caravan. Sci to 10%.
    980: Astronomy > Seafaring. Salt. Incited war with hostile Indian's who have Seafaring. Demanded dye to Persepolis (max possible bonus): 572. This triggers availability of a bead. Free peace with Japan and Persia and gifted their in progress tech of Astronomy to both.
    1000: Bead. Free peace with India and traded for Seafaring. Barbs land nearby and i need to protect my none settler. Bribed 2 none horses, each of which killed another barb. Trade road towards Persia and all the east has 12 completed segments of 14. 5 wonder caravans and 200 gold fill 300 shields.

    1000 ad Summary: Size 11 Republic (and now with Seafaring and a couple of nearby triremes that have to come home, soon size 12). 26 Techs. Wonders: Colossus, Marco's. (Shakespeare's next turn and then likely Copernicus soon thereafter, especially if a race ensues which so far is not the case). Buildings: Marketplace, Temple, Barracks, Colosseum, Aquaduct, Bank, very soon Harbor. Units: 2 settlers (both none units). 4 Triremes 1 of them is a none unit), 2 Trade caravans, 0 wonder caravans (had 5 at beginning of turn), 2 diplomats, 4 Elephants (All vets), 2 Phalanx's (all vets, had to disband 1 of 3 upon Republic to free up one net shield), 1 Legion, 2 horses (both none units), 1 warrior (none unit which might one day become a none rifle).

    1020: :wavey: Shakespeare's :wavey:. Celebration (with 3 supported units away). 4th consecutive turn of seeking to incite war with France who built another city close to me and which forced me out of my fort.
    1040: Harbor. 11 > 12. End of celebration for now. T80 / S to 20. Bribe of persian none trireme for 112. French develop engineering.
    1060: > Engineering. 1st Wonder caravan. Waiting an extra turn before trading the French for engineering it to see what they choose next.
    1080: 2nd wonder caravan. French chooses Sani which i hope to be choosing as well. Trade French for Engineering. Hostile Persians undertake Copernies, also complete University and i incite war with them hoping to trade them for Uni upon reconciliation.
    1100: > Sanitation. 3rd Wonder Caravan. Traded persia for University.
    1120: 4th Wonder Caravan. Bribe of Spanish (none) Trireme for 112 (have 6 triremes now).
    1140: 5th Wonder Caravan. Bribe of 2 none barb legions. Undemanded salt to persian Tarsus: 372. Lux to 20%. Laying shields for wonder triggers available salt that wasn't there beforehand.
    1160: :wavey: Copernicus :wavey:. Sanitation > Economics. Celebration. Treasury at end of turn: 30 gold. T 80 / L 20. Gifted Spain their in progress tech for peace and then 2 more for map trade.
    1180: 12 > 13. Sewer. Sale of Temple which provides barely enough gold to rush a salt with 3 gold left over.
    1200: 13 > 14. Salt. Disbanded supported legion to prepare for 2 irrigated forests and to provide enough coin to rush a wonder caravan. Treas: 18.
    1220: 14 > 15. 1st Wonder caravan. Demanded Bead to Arbela: 700.
    1240: 15 > 16. Library.
    1260: 16 > 17. 2nd Wonder Caravan.
    1280: 17 > 18. 3rd Wonder Caravan Undemanded Salt to Arbela: 500. Both roaded forests become plains.
    1300: 18 > 19. Economics > Theory of Gravity. 4th Wonder Caravan.
    1320: 19 > 20. Stock Exchange.
    1340: 20 > 21. 5th Wonder Caravan. End of celeb. Persians complete Chemistry and when approached they incite war saving me the trouble. T 80 / S 20. 235 gold income per turn.
    1360: University. Traded persia for Chemistry. 20% Sci yields a tech every 12 turns. Uncooperative french complete Bridge Building and i trade them for it. As well i insult them for approximately the 15th consecutive turn by insisting they withdraw troops that are not on my lands, but they they wisely refrain from declaring a war they can't win. 5 caravans and 200 gold fill 300 shields and the remaining treasury is 767 gold. Indians develop chivalry and in approaching the indians, they incite war with me saving me the trouble.
    1380: :wavey: King Richards :wavey:. Please note that in many situations i would not build this wonder, including situations of intense competion for other more important wonders as well as in an unlimited hide supply game due to Industrialization coming much quicker in that situation, but in this case i feel it will pay for itself and i also feel that i was able to build this while not sacrificing any of the other more important wonders i also want including Isaac's, Leos and Magellan's. As well with trade caravan availability being quite limited, i feel it's a long enough way to industrialization as to allow the 20 extra shelds per turn to provide more than double the investment. Will now save 50 gold per turn in most turns which will provide me with extra wonder gold for later. Building the wonder seems to have triggered the availability of 2 more commodity caravans.
    1400: Salt. Traded the Indians for Chivalry.
    1420: Cloth. 6 chained Triremes advance the two trades 19 steps towards their Persian destination.
    1440: 1st wonder caravan.
    1460: 3rd diplomat. and bribed a barb explorer for a 4th. need to gift bridge to spain and check india and incite war with french.
    1480: 5th diplomat. Gifted the indians several techs to get them their in progress of medicine and so deeply invested i gifted one more to get them to cordial so i could finally trade for their map. Undemanded cloth to Arbela: 536
    1500: Theory of Gravity > Monotheism (least undesirable choice among 3). Two other civs are researching Mono and i am hopeful that at least one of them complete it before me. 2nd Wonder Caravan. Undemanded Salt to Arbela: 536. One wonder caravan and 1400 gold fill 400 shields and laying these shields triggers availability of 2 trade commodities.

    1500 ad Summary: Size 21 Republic, 34 Techs. Wonders: Colossus, Marco's, Shakespeare's, Copernicus, King Richards (and Isaac's next turn). Buildings: Marketplace, Temple (sold), Barracks, Colosseum, Aquaduct, Bank, Harbor, Sewer, Library, Stock Exchange, University. Units: 2 settlers (both none units). 6 Triremes 3 of which are none units), 0 Trade caravans, 2 wonder caravans, 5 diplomats, 4 Elephants (All vets), 2 Legion, 2 horses (both none units), 1 Phalanx's (vet), 1 warrior (none unit which might one day become a none rifle). End of turn Treasury: 1369.

    1510: :wavey: Isaac's :wavey:.
    1520: Salt
    1530: Cloth. 6 chained triremes advance these two trades 19 steps towards their Persian destination.
    1540: 7th Trireme.
    1550: 8th Trireme. Japanese and persians develop Monotheism and neither would trade for it, the japanese because they also have feudalism which i don't have and they are building Sun Tzu's. As a result, i had to pay tribute to Spain to be able to trade them for Feudalism so i could trade the Japanese for Monotheism which i am ready to complete in one turn. Now with Feudalism, i was able to trade the Japanese for Monotheism. French develop Invention and they are willing to trade it, but i hold back on it for now, especially with 2 trades ready to land. 1 wonder caravan and 1000 gold fill 300 shields to build another wonder of lesser importance that i would not build if i was in tight races for other more important wonders, but in this situation i am confident that i will also get Leos and Magellan's. Completion of forest on a key fort 3 steps from my city. Treasury at end of turn: 934.
    1560: > Navigation. :wavey: Sun Tzu's :wavey:. Much less important wonder in a one city game, but it is especially useful in combination with Leo's in providing the opporttunity to easily vet every military unit and war ship. 2 trades are on pause for a couple turns as the next chosen tech will complete without them. With Navi able to finish itself next turn without trades, i decided to land 2 final double value gold only trades to help finance the upcoming wonders. Undemanded Salt and Cloth to Arbela: 528 + 528. For the first time all game, free reign on huts: 1st hut of Game: Theology. Traded the French for Invention and gifted it to the Indians as their tech in progress. About 1680 gold fills 400 shields and leaves a balance of 523.
    1580: :wavey: Leo's :wavey:. Navigation > Democracy (which will get me to size 24). Upgrades: 8 triremes > Caravels. 4 elephants > Crusaders. 2 horses > knights. 1 phalanx + 1 warrior > 2 pikemen. Not enough gold to rush Magellan's quite yet. 3 ai's are researching Navigation but until i have Magellan's locked in, i will keep it to myself. Disbanded a supported crusader inside city to make room to bribe a barb trireme and to maintain 20 net shields.
    1590: 1st Wonder Caravan.
    1600: 2nd Wonder Caravan.
    1610: :wavey: Magellan's :wavey:. With Every super science wonder as well as Leo's, Magellan's, Sun Tzu's and King Richard's, and with the strongest ai civ having only 11 cities and no wonders (as compared to about 20 cities and some good wonders last game), with all of the challenge gone, i hereby declare myself the winner and decide to stop here.
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