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GOTM 99 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Peaster, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. Peaster

    Peaster Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2004
    GOTM 99: Sioux, Diety, 5 civs, Restarts ON, Large Map.

    This GOTM was as much fun as I remembered. I played it mainly for practice and didn't take very careful notes. Also, I played the first 100 turns, or so, while on a road trip. I was aiming for Early Conquest, but didn't finish very fast. Maybe I'm rusty, or maybe it was the settings. My luck seemed OK.

    2500BC (approx): monarchy
    2000BC: 5 cities with 3 settlers (my growth seems a bit slow, but OK).
    1800BC: 7 cities, we are at war with France. For some reason, my borrowed laptop crashes whenever I type "b" to found a new city, so I have to use the menu method instead. Also, I didn't realize the dang thing had a mouse until about 1500BC ! So, I couldn't blackclick, etc (and I didn't peek at the map even though it was legal).
    1300BC: 10 cities. Start a barracks and a road to Paris.
    1000BC: 13 cities. I need pottery for HG soon.
    approx 875BC: Marco's, and I soon get all 4 maps - and pottery from Spain. It's not in my notes, but I must have signed a cease fire with France about this time.
    525BC: France declares war again and I raze Paris with 2 chariots. I have just gotten polytheism and haven't trained any elephants yet.
    400BC: Cels build GL.
    250BC: France goes down. Blue resurfaces as the Germans at <188,32>. I begin my patented "Anti-Respawn Plan", to encourage all future respawns to pop up in this same region, where my mounted minions will be waiting....
    1AD: 33 cities. Pop 1.1m, Mfg 125, 23adv, approx 45 units. As I recall, my WoWs were MPE, HG and LH. At war with Carthage (after much good tribute).
    200AD: It took me so long to reach Berlin that it was size 4 before I could attack it. I had to capture it [or play some clever games that I just didn't think of in time] rather than raze it. Blue respawns as Vikings in the distant SW corner of the map, against my great plan. But after this setback, the plan works well.
    360AD: Feudalism from a hut. This was another setback, making rushbuys more expensive and increasing the odds that I'll face enemy pikemen later on. But it did allow SunTzu, of course, so I'll save money/time on barracks.
    500AD: I'm having a hard time getting to Carthage (the capital) because of the weird map (pls recall I didn't peek or blackclick). But I am picking off some of their small towns and I took 400g for a cease fire.
    620BC: Mike's
    640BC: Navigation from a hut. Third and last setback. I was making good money off Hides trade with Valencia and this tech cuts trade bonuses badly. Of course, it does allow caravels and Magellan's. Carthage is holding out quite nicely, with walls behind rough terrain (and a river IIRC). I'll make a small posse of diplomats to take the walls down, while gathering crux to finish the job.
    760AD: I got tired of the Spanish, who just refused to declare war, so I sneaked them and razed Madrid. I took 4 of their 11 cities this turn. Also got Invention from a hut - good (since I already have Nav, and can now build Leo's).
    780AD: "Spanish capital moved to Valencia" Huh!!?? I thought this required the AI to have 1000 gold (and Spain had only 600 or so). Well maybe I have forgotten the rule, or maybe Spain was already building a new capital (???). This is not really so bad, since I have a ship chain to Valencia already, and the Sioux trade to it has not been very profitable after Nav. I built Mag's this turn.
    800AD: Leo's... yes - 2 WoWs in 2 turns. After a while (in EC games) one's homeland has not much better to do than build vans for WoWs. I take Valencia and Spain is down to 5 cities.
    860AD: Capture Pyr's from Celts. I probably messed around a bit too long with them, not attacking the capital directly, because it was size 9 with walls. But my respawn plan also took some time to set up [eg getting to the Vikings, disbanding Berlin, setting the trap...] so I'm not sure I could have finished much earlier.

    880AD: BIG TURN

    Berlin self-destructs by building a 2nd Settler. I could have done this a bit faster, but somehow a worker wandered onto a food tile for a few turns and the city grew once by mistake. No real problem though. Now the original respawn zone is empty again and I've started sending all spare crux there to await victims.

    Also this turn, Carthage finally drops its walls and falls to the Sioux.

    AND I finally found the Vikings and razed Trondhiem (a capture would also have been OK, but I'd prefer to control TWO respawn zones, reducing the odds that a respawn might arise in a totally new location). Unfortunately the Vikngs have built a 2nd city, which I still must find. I'm reluctant to trade maps too often, because making/breaking peace hurts rep, which could cost time later. The other civs also have some undiscovered cities, but I got rather lucky with "nearest city info" and with an unexplained white city tile, and found most of them with no real loss of time.

    AND Spain goes down. Yellow returns as the Aztecs, almost exactly as planned, a little north of the ruins of Berlin.

    900AD: Aztecs destroyed, return as Egyptians. Egyptians destroyed, return as Egyptians.
    920AD: Egyptians destroyed, return as Aztecs. Aztecs destroyed (no more Yellow).
    This is how the Anti-Respawn plan is supposed to work... lots of crusaders and boats waiting to kill off fresh victims in 1-2 turns each.

    I think that I am not supposed to reveal the conquest date, so I'll just say that Carthage went down in a few more turns, and then the Celts. I had to trade maps with the Celts because I had absolutely no clue where to look for one of their last cities (it was far from the Celt homeland, and just a few tiles from my main ship chain. Total surprise - I never looked for "nearest city" info in that area). There were about 3 or 4 respawns each, of Orange and White, like Yellow, but these did not prolong the game more than 1-2 turns.

    Well, I don't know if this was a decent EC game or not. A 1000AD-ish finish seems pretty slow, IIRC, but it was quite a large flat map, and Diety, with restarts and ... well, I hope someone else will post a log and we can compare.
  2. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Chieftain

    Feb 6, 2007
    I went for conquest and didn't do very well at all. I took the french quite easily, after loosing an early city to them, but by the time I got to the spanish they had great wall, and I messed up the attack. I ended up giving up, the turns had rapidly ticked by and I got nowhere. I would have needed dragoons for the carthags as most of them had city walls on rivers, or a lot of dips. It was a hard map for early conquest.
  3. Peaster

    Peaster Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2004
    I had the same feeling about the map. My fading Civ2 memory is that one should be able to conquer a typical large map in Diety by 600AD, adding another 200 years for restarts. Missed that by a couple of centuries. I was more-or-less playing for the green star, but wouldn't be too surpised if someone wins that by spaceship this time.

    Too bad about the Great Wall. The best antidote is usally bribery, if it's possible. Otherwise, you need a pretty big invasion, or maybe the tech that negates the Wall. Neither method is very fast, though.
  4. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    I just found out I forgot to post a log of this game.....so here it is. It's been a while so I don't know how hard it was playing on this map.

    turn year
    1 4000 BC Little Bighorn
    2 3950 BC start learning Code of Laws
    3 3900 BC
    4 3850 BC
    5 3800 BC
    6 3750 BC
    7 3700 BC
    8 3650 BC Code of Laws->Monarchy
    9 3600 BC Wounded Knee
    10 3550 BC
    11 3500 BC
    12 3450 BC
    13 3400 BC
    14 3350 BC
    15 3300 BC
    16 3250 BC
    17 3200 BC Monarchy->Currency
    18 3150 BC
    19 3100 BC Cedar Creek
    20 3050 BC MONARCHY
    21 3000 BC
    22 2950 BC
    23 2900 BC
    24 2850 BC
    25 2800 BC
    26 2750 BC
    27 2700 BC
    28 2650 BC Currency->Trade
    29 2600 BC
    30 2550 BC Slim Buttes
    31 2500 BC
    32 2450 BC
    33 2400 BC
    34 2350 BC
    35 2300 BC >0,1M
    36 2250 BC
    37 2200 BC
    38 2150 BC Trade->Polytheism / Three Forks + Stony Lake
    39 2100 BC
    40 2050 BC
    41 2000 BC
    42 1950 BC
    43 1900 BC
    44 1850 BC Killdeer
    45 1800 BC
    46 1750 BC
    47 1700 BC Polytheism->Mysticism / Bear Paw
    48 1650 BC >0,2M
    49 1600 BC
    50 1550 BC hut->Mysticism
    51 1500 BC >Pottery / Big Mound
    52 1450 BC
    53 1400 BC Wood Lake
    54 1350 BC Pottery
    55 1300 BC
    56 1250 BC
    57 1200 BC Dead Buffalo
    58 1150 BC >0,3M
    59 1100 BC Point of Rocks
    60 1050 BC
    61 1000 BC
    62 975 BC Raging Brook
    63 950 BC >0,4M
    64 925 BC
    65 900 BC
    66 875 BC Running Bear
    67 850 BC Marco Polo build / got Map Making, Writing, Literacy
    68 825 BC >Philosophy / >0,5M
    69 800 BC
    70 775 BC
    71 750 BC
    72 725 BC
    73 700 BC Silver Moon
    74 675 BC Wildcat Valley
    75 650 BC Philosophy->Monotheism->Seafaring / hut->Masonry
    76 625 BC Hanging Gardens build
    77 600 BC
    78 575 BC
    79 550 BC Lighthouse build
    80 525 BC
    81 500 BC
    82 475 BC >0,5M
    83 450 BC
    84 425 BC
    85 400 BC hut->Mathematics
    86 375 BC
    87 350 BC capture Lyon (36g+Seafaring)
    88 325 BC caputure Orleans (37g+Republic)
    89 300 BC >0,9M
    90 275 BC Great River + Seven Brothers
    91 250 BC >1M / capture Parish (Pyramids + 110g) / French destroyed->germans new civ
    92 225 BC Snake Canyon
    93 200 BC First Wind
    94 175 BC
    95 150 BC
    96 125 BC Yellowtree
    97 100 BC
    98 75 BC
    99 50 BC destroyed Berlin/ germans destroyed->no new civ
    100 25 BC
    101 1 AD got Iron Working and Warrior Code from Celts
    102 20 AD
    103 40 AD hut->Astronomy
    104 60 AD
    105 80 AD hut->Feudalism
    106 100 AD Chief's Crag
    107 120 AD
    108 140 AD
    109 160 AD
    110 180 AD
    111 200 AD >2M
    112 220 AD destroyed Rusucurru (20g+chivalry)
    113 240 AD
    114 260 AD
    115 280 AD
    116 300 AD
    117 320 AD
    118 340 AD
    119 360 AD
    120 380 AD captured Barcalona
    121 400 AD
    122 420 AD captured Madrid (with Oracle)
    123 440 AD
    124 460 AD
    125 480 AD Michelangelo's build
    126 500 AD bribed Caralis and
    127 520 AD
    128 540 AD
    129 560 AD Copernicus build / bribed Granada+Toledo (Colossus)
    130 580 AD >3M / bribed Seville
    131 600 AD
    132 620 AD captured Valencia
    133 640 AD captured Malaga + Salamanca
    134 660 AD bribed Russicade
    135 680 AD
    136 700 AD captured Saragossa
    137 720 AD bribed Leptis Parva
    138 740 AD >4M
    139 760 AD bribed Cadiz / Spanish destroyed
    140 780 AD bribed Girba + Valladolid
    141 800 AD
    142 820 AD bribed Caerphilly+Leptis Magna
    143 840 AD
    144 860 AD
    145 880 AD bribed Cartenna
    146 900 AD
    147 920 AD
    148 940 AD
    149 960 AD
    150 980 AD >5M / bribed Gades
    151 1000 AD
    152 1020 AD
    153 1040 AD hut->Theology
    154 1060 AD Bach build / captured Thebes / Egyptians destroyed
    155 1080 AD
    156 1100 AD
    157 1120 AD
    158 1140 AD >6M
    159 1160 AD
    160 1180 AD
    161 1200 AD Captured Cardiff (Great Wall) / bribed Cork + Caernafon+Rhymney+Tintagel
    162 1220 AD >7M / hut->bridge building
    163 1240 AD Aztec destroyed
    164 1260 AD captured Kells (Great Library)
    165 1280 AD bribed Iona+Carmarthen
    166 1300 AD captured Armhag / Celts destroyed
    167 1320 AD >8M / destroyed Tlatelolco / Aztec destroyed
    168 1340 AD
    169 1360 AD
    170 1380 AD
    171 1400 AD
    172 1420 AD Rome destroyed / no more white civ / Tenochtitlan destroyed
    173 1440 AD >9M / bribed Utica (Navigation)
    174 1460 AD
    175 1480 AD >10M
    176 1500 AD
    177 1510 AD Engineering / hut->Invention
    178 1520 AD Magalan's build / capture Panormus / destroyed Aztec city-> no more yellow
    179 1530 AD
    180 1540 AD Shakespeare build
    181 1550 AD >11M
    182 1560 AD captured Carthage (Sun Tzu) and Oea

  5. Peaster

    Peaster Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2004
    As I recall, this map was not only large, but also twisted. It was hard to find short sea routes from the homeland to the far corners. This + restarts made EC pretty challenging. No complaints, though, it was fun.
  6. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    Yes know I remember. It took ages to reach the nortwest corner of the map. And I had some restarts on parts of the world were no unit of me was close to.

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