GOTM - a suggestion!

Dec 5, 2001
Would it perhaps be possible - for those with combat troubles - to do a seperate GOTM ranking with a modified .bic???

The only change I have in mind would be a trippling of HP (conscript=6, regular=9, veteran=12, elite=15; bombardment factors also x3).

This seems to get strange results down to a good level - i.e. you have to expect them every once in a while so you can`t just count units and then fight it out with knowing the results beforehand, but it also doesn`t let the warfaring turn into a farce.

What do you all think???
I just started GOTM4 and my 4 veteran warriors were incapalbe to kill that barbarian warrior so he plundered my capital! I don`t think I now have a realistic chance in the game anymore...... I reloaded with my .bic (see above) and the third warrior killed the invader with 1 HP left!
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