GOTM file


Apr 24, 2002
southern Illinois
Can someone help me out? I downloaded the GOTM, and the file is in the saved games file with all the others. When I try to load it, it says "Not a valid save." Can someone lhelp me out? I'm a CivIII newbie, but I'm an experienced Sims player. I've dowloaded all kinds of stuff for that game without any trouble. I have the 1.21 patch installed.
i seem to have the same problem, i downloaded all of them many times, they run at about 60kb, but they all say it is not a valid save file
First, be sure to download the current savegame from the Rules page, not the Archive page.

Then I suggest to reinstall the patch again, download it, too. Sometimes the only solution is reinstall Civ3 and the apply the v1.21 patch again.

If you have a foreign language version of the game (i.e. not English), that might cause some problems loading English savegames.
Sometimes without realizing it I have called it something like:


When attempting to load, I get the same responce you did.
You might check you filenames. If you have a file like the one above, just rename it so it ends with only one .sav
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