GOTM II Difficulty

What difficulty should GOTM II be played at?

  • Chieftain

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Warlord

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • Prince

    Votes: 2 20.0%
  • King

    Votes: 4 40.0%
  • Emporer

    Votes: 3 30.0%

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Chicken Walker
Retired Moderator
Oct 6, 2001
Ok, what difficulty would you guys like GOTM II to be at. I will be posting it in about 8 days i think so I need to know. Please vote.
I´ve voted first for Emperor because GOTM1 was just too easy.
I mean I attacked the AI phalanxes with my tanks! :lol:
But I´m not sure I´ll be able to play GOTM2. :(

gonzo, you should wait some more time before announcing the second GOTM.
I´m not even sure WHY you limited the time for GOTM1 to the 15th of February? :confused:
I voted king.
Prince was just too easy and emperor, well I only played it once and got hammered....:blush:

You might consider starting GOTM2 at march 1 because after the anouncement on the main site the number of downloads just exploded so you can expect some more entries in the near future I guess:) .
King's a good level. We want to encourage all sorts of people to play - to make it inclusive - not put people off. Prince is IMHO rather too easy. Emperor is too hard for some people. King will be a nice compromise.
I agree with postponing it a little, need some time to dig up the floppies.............

Voted for Emperor, yet King is OK for me. Have to get used to no Culture and those dirty smiling faces trying to get you in some sort of deal.......
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