GOTM II for Civ1


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Oct 6, 2001
Here are the specs.

- China
- Warm
- Wet
- 3 billion
- King level :eek:
- 5 civs

Look at this:

And this:

Stormerne should make and post a CivI GOTM2 for Dos with these specs soon. I ask that no one else posts here until stormerne has his post so that the two posts can be together.

Here are the rules:

- No restarting
- Only Spaceships and conquests and retirements are accepted as wins.
- You cannot retire early and submit.
- Send all submissions to or
- All other rules used in the CivII GOTM still apply here.
- Make sure you send me an e-mail with the saves and your score. Make sure you include your forum name when you submit to me so I know who you are. I will post results on the 10th or 11th of next month. Thanks, good luck, and have fun:)
This is the DOS version of the second Civ1 GOTM. It is not the same game as the WinCiv version above but it does have the same basic parameters. Please note that the starting year is 3980 BC - 1 turn in - as it is not possible to save the starting year in Civ1 without building a city or moving the settler. I have simply hit the space bar for no orders and saved.

Difficulty: King
Tribe: Chinese
Year: 3980 BC
Settlers: 1
Map: Warm, wet, 3 billion years
Civilizations: 5
Extra techs: Bronze Working, Ceremonial Burial

Unzip the attachment into your Civ directory. It will overwrite any existing CIVIL0.SVE and CIVIL0.MAP files (so make sure you save those two first if you want to play them again some day!).

Good Luck!
And this is where you start from...


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Looks good! :goodjob:
I´ll probably try to play this one, too.

And when will you have the results for GOTM1 ready? I´m eagerly waiting!!!
And when will you have the results for GOTM1 ready? I´m eagerly waiting!!!

I just have a few more things to sort through. They'll be up today or tomorrow. Not many people submitted though :( If you download, please try to submit this month. Don't worry, even if we don't get many submissions, it'll keep going as long as more people than just me are playing.
Gonzo for Civ: You should post the map for Civnet for this GOTM. It would be the same map with a different starting position. If you want me to, or you haven't got Civnet yet I could post it and try not to see any of the map in the map editor when I convert it.;)

[Edit: Spelling & Grammar]
Ok, elibb, go ahead. And dont look at the map ;)
I'm newbie and can i ask u something?
what is this GOTM all about?
is GOTM - game of the month?
or is this just some competition?
GOTM = Game of the month.
There is a .sav file which you can download and in the title screen of Civ1 you can choose to start a new game or to load a saved game. You choose this last option and begin the gotm file. You play the game, save at 0 AD and one turn before ending the game and you send these two files to gonzo and at the end he will publish who got the highest score.
I guess I better get to downloading it (praying I have time to grow this time) so my goal doesn't become destroy everything in my path again. Oh well my luck The Russians or some one will start right near me and in 2 turns I'll be destroyed. (has happened before when I played the Chinese) (that's why I usually keep from playing China) lol But I shall download later today.
lol what did you elibb place the chinese on the biggest continent and the other civs on the artic and antartic squares? all I can say is I hope gotm for dos has a better land mass than the windows one. (sigh my dream of expansion is again shattered :( )
Here is the save for Civnet. It is on the same map as the Winciv one but you start at a different spot.

Here are the specs (again:D )

- China
- Same map
- King level
- 5 civs

Edit from post 1:
Oops! I deleted the attachment by accident.:mad:
Here is a fixed one where you are purple instead of yellow and you start almost at the same spot as you do normally.(I think;) )
Sorry to be so persistent! :p

But what about the results of Civ1 GOTM1?
Haven´t you posted them yet, gonzo, or did I overlook them???
Yea Gonzo where are the results, We're all awaiting, hmm you know instead of gotm this civ 1 gotm seems like the civ 1 goe15d
(game of every 15 days) hehehe. So when shall we see the results. Maybe I'll start a spoiler thread later for this gotm.
Sorry about the results. I didn't gt home until 12:30 in the morning and had to go to sleep because of work constraints today. I'll post the reults in a new thread by the day's end.

Edit: My schedule has been more than busy lately. This weekend shouldn't be too bad so I will be able to finish compiling the scores.
okee dokee I'll be sure to include my name this time.
of course I did name my saves after my forum name lol. No hurry. I too barely have had any time I'm only up to 200 ad right now. unless I play rush like I did last time I'll submit to you at the very last second this time. (unless I take school off again and have time to play* To tell the truth this is the only gotm I play mainly so fae you've atleast kept it at my level of play. Thanx for the more user friendly GOTM. :) Believe me I suck at Civ, (ok I have a 45% chance of winning on emperor) atleast having the game on King I have near 100% chance of winning or atleast make it to the retirement year.
I have been working on the results for the Civ I GOTM. My only problem was how to award early finishes. I found a way. Scores will not be posted for a day or so but I will post who won and how everyone ranked because I can tell just be looking at them. Look for that in a few hours.
All this sounds nice, but...
why not the Emperor level?! - It's usually not too difficult to survive it, if not to make a good score - and than it's a real challenge!

This Civ of yours is a counterpart of what version? (e.g. 474.5 or what - I mean the number showing in the beginning)
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