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Feb 9, 2002
This is a spoiler thread where you can discuss the GOTM and how you've played the game. My gameplay so far has been luck on capturing Opposing civs cities. (seriously a Chariot always winning against a Phlanax unheard of infact I just produced my first knight in 1220 AD after conquering The Romans. I now have the most powerfulk early game wonder IMHO the Pyramids even though I have all governments except for Communism the no wait will help me form a warring democracy as soon as I get my foreign cities happy. Anyhow I'll tell you how I played my game so far.

Well guys after over 5000 years of peace and prosperity the world declared war on me literally. Yes I mean every single civ declared war on me. Simply put I mean first the Babylonains declared war because I refused to pay them 1000 gold. Then after meeting the Germans they declared war on me for not paying 350 gold the romans the same turn declared war for not paying them 500 gold. So with lots of luck I took Carthage from Rome. I immediately Built a Phlanax fopr protection. then sent my vetrean Chariot farther east and found Caesara and my Knight beat it's one militia and captured it. Next came the German capital which was 3 squares southeast of caesara. After taking the German capital they wish for more money I said no still war. The egyptians land on my main land demanding 1200 gold I refuse war my homeland chariots wipe out their leigions and settlers. The egyptians still use insinkable triemies . and if you want to know how the computer cheats well I was one turn away from the Magellans Exploration and the turn I would of had it built it was built in Babylon. Also I took rome a few turns later as it beat 2 militia behind a city wall (yes my sole veteran war chariot conquered the roman empire in turn. ) (ok I had backups stocked in Carthage) but it's no big deal. The Germans immediately sue for peace I have them declare war on Babylon and they have yet to attack a Babylonianese unit so my war chariots and Knights are about to start a stunning Campaign on Germany and then Babylon. It seems to me all the Comp civs except egypt started on this big island northeast of our starting point. As The Babylonians atleast captured a city there (either that or colonized) It seems our computer friends love attacking and defending with militia this time. I'm now into about 1300 ad and my Republic of China is basically in peace on our mainland. but in unrest in our roman provinces and our german province. But our home troops seem to wish to fight a war as the avent of Bach's cathedral is really maintaining peace it's almost time to celebrate we love the Consul day in the mainland.
as of 200 ad china was pretty much living in peace and had completely terraformed and irrigated into useful land. For the early game I played with an army of settlers. irrigating making roads when the job was done I kept 3 settlers out and the diplomat stronghold near shanghai is a use to block enemies from entering our fortresses for now. The trade between peking and tsintiago has been growing rapidly. Infact this is the first time I've ever played a terraforming game on civ 1. If I knew how to attach a picture I'd show you the empire in 200 AD from my game. Infact if you compare it between 1 ad and 200 ad you see alot of changes as I basically had a load of settlers made between 1ad and 200 ad to terraform the rest.
Now in more detail I'll explain the Conquest of Rome.

it started in 1000 AD when we discovered Rome and Germany after taking out a german catupult near carthage we took carhage within 2 turns. Then we found caesara and took it within 3 turns. then berlin fail in a turn. Then The Chariot with back support from another chariot nmarched into rome north of Carthage. Then the germans begged for peace, and now that's where I am now.
Infact My empire never moved until 600-700 ad. when the first sail was built sent with a chariot and settler to find new lands. Instead as stated it ran into germany and rome.

Oppinion is should the Chinese Republic continue it's war with the world or shall it resolve peace. infact this time I'm playing this game alot like I play civ 2 games and yes it has shown superb growth. but my cities are near their max growth on the mainland so we must colonize outward. That's my game so far. This is what awhile of play can do. As awhile ago I was at 200 AD.
If I knew how to attach a picture I'd picture out what my empire looks like (of course that might be too big of a spoiler. so maybe I won't add it.

The mainland of Babylon is about to fall and Their phlanxes seem to be doing nothing except outside of their cities. Germany fell to a subversion from a friendly diplomat. anyhow the romans must of had Phlanxes at one time but sure didn't by time I got there. (I checked my losses etc) The war on Babylon is about to end as they are falling slowly. also I've noticed something strange the computer cities don't have a city wall around them but as soon as I capture them they seem to have a city wall. it also seems there's never any happiness improvements. It makes me wonder if computer cities ever have disorder. (I know they do but why do they never have any improvements to help happiness.) As soon as I find Egypt I have a plan to get them to one city then sign a Treaty. even if it does cost me gold. Then I shall continually trade with that city until I reach the stars. Babylon seems to have the most cities on various islands. Well I hope to finish my game in about 2-3 days.
and I sorta found this a challenge because it's been awhile since I've played on King. Hmmm and it's been alot longer since I've played on emperor. I'm starting to get the old feel for civ again.
Good luck Genghis, you'll need it.;)

Although I had a million other things to do I found some time to play GOTM2. Really nice game but still not very hard to win, just a pleasant game I would like to call it.:D

This time I decided to do something else than the usual. I decided to build up a nice homecontinent and then I would conquer the world. I first founded seven cities on that tiny island we started on and build worked the land. I discovered navigation and the weel quite late as I was busy developing the homecontinent and didn't need them just yet. When the homecontinent was well on its way I started producing sails and chariots and picked my prime target: the Egyptians. They weren't very well defended but had developed their continent nicely so I was happy to just take all their cities in a few turns and put them all to work to produce chariots. The chariots used to take Egypt were put on sails again and went on to eplore the world, soon Akkad was in sight, in fact I liked the city that much that I took it right away! Not long after that I found the homecontinent of the Babylonians and looking at it I decided it would be a great idea to take the whole continent. Unfortunately I lost quite a lot of chariots pretty soon and decided I would fortify in the two cities I had already taken and wait for more troops to arrive from the former Egyptian lands. The chariots produced on my homecontinent wer used to visit the Romans and Germans. They were really tiny: Romans had three cities and the Germans only one. I decided to get rid of them right away, however the Romans were pretty sneaky: when I was destroying their empire they took a city from the Babylonians (sure kill eachother, less to do for me:( ). A lonely sail carrying two chariots discovered one tiny city where some Aztec people were living and I felt kind of sorry for them. They were just there all alone and well, I just thought they would feel much happier when they would belong to a great empire, MY EMPIRE! :p So I took their city.... Then I felt it was time to punish the Romans, trying to evade me and in the process of doing so attacking those innocent Babylonians. So I took their city and destroyed their pathetic little empire. Then there were those brave Babylonians, still demanding money from me. Being a Dutchman I don't like it when people try to reach for my wallet so I decided to capture one of their cities and that left one city for me to add to my empire. And yes you have guessed it, we are nearing the end of this little story, the last city: Babylon. Surrounded by my troops and then.....the last attack and the world belonged to me.
Me, the one, the only, CIV1-ADDICT!!!!
I actually ruined my score though :(
I launched my spaceship way tooo soon. and the Babylonians ruined my peace points. anyhow my Spaceship left in the year 1938 and arrived in Alpha Centauri in 1953. I'm now wishing I would of waited longer as I could of been up to more future techs and I possibly could of had over 100,000,000 people but I wasn't thinking, I just wanted to finish this nightmare, I swear I had to terraform to much land I really wish there were engineers in Civ1. Infact on the last turn I more or less rushed the last settlers I had into cities. infact I more or less made 4 islands yes 4 into completely irrigated and Railroaded city I was even railroading oceans to add extra trade. In the last GOTM I wish I would of used a similar strat to the one I used this time it would of helped increase my pop. I more or less rush built my spaceship, and on the last turn or so I rush built Manhattan Project so I would have all the wonders. I would of had a few more points if Babylon didn't attack my transports in 1945 or so. Also incase you were wondering for some reason after the fall of Babylon the Babylonians stayed in a state disorder for I'd say near 500 years or so which really racked me ahead of them in technol0ogy.
I would of of course conquered Babylon if their phlanx didn't get lucky and defeat a battleship. (hence it wasn't even behind a city wall)
I sure hope others beside me and civ1-addict played this GOTM, oif course it is still early and way from the deadline. Overall this was a pretty good game for me I didn't quite get a size 30 city though :(. This map was a bit small which made it so easy for me to find time to play, (I didn't even explore the whole world.) (Everyone stares) yes I missed exploring the two northern continents I never knew about (mainly small islands otherwise I had cities almost everywhere) I didn't even bother Terraforming my last two real cities. Infact 2 turns before My spaceship landed I was trying to find ways to bosst my score and building cities with my last settlers was that. (I believe added 6 points or so to my score. I have to say I did spend almost 15 hours playing this game though. Not because of long wars infact I had short wars, but because I was trying to terraform and that involved alot of settlers infact settlers were almost my only units. I had my army of settlers Colonize the world, and then we arrived in alpha centauri and began role over a new world.

I may have a slight chance of finishing pretty high up this time. I really hope more people play the civ 1 GOTM. Maybe we can make it more popular than civ2 and civ 3 gotm. (lol ok it's wishful thinking) but the nostalgia gots me)

My Rating
Duration: 10/10
Funness 10/10
World: It was a very nice world map similar to what I'm use to playing on.
Starting Spot: Would of been better if it was a few squares down or closer to where I built shanghai.
Difficulty: 7/10
Replayabilty of Map: I'll very much enjoy playing on this map again if I can ever get civnet to run.
Toughest Part: Dealing with the AI basically Magically moving their ships. (Yep after I took one of the Babylonian Cities Sails and Triemes appeared out of thin air in almost every ocean square of that cities radius.)
Overall: 10/10 as I said this was a very nice map and challenging and ahs really got me the feel for civ 1 and got me back into my rhythym. Infact I am very confident I could of conquered the whole world if I wanted to at anytime if the Babs pissed me off. which they did after I sent my spaceship. Infact I am actually currently playing the game all over again (yes I have already submitted my game so for fun I can replay the GOTM right) I'm sure glad Gonzo_For_Civ invented this great GOTM for civ1. hmmm as long as more people than me and civ1-fnatic plays it. I know Khanh will when he gets time. I already told him about me hitting myself for launching my spaceship to soon. Oh well Happy civving everyone that plays this monthes game of the month.
Originally posted by Arek:
I was even railroading oceans to add extra trade.

Did you have a vote to decide if this was legal or not, as it strikes me as being very similar to the use of airbases in the Civ 2 GOTM?
Glad to see that the GOTMs are going so well! I started on Amiga Civ 1 in 1991 and I'm proud to see that our revered ancestor is being well cared for. :goodjob:
I have no clue if it's legal or not But I played it much like I play a normal civ 1 game after I get my main land railraoded irrigated mined etc I start railroading around the ocean mainly in my monster science center and ended up around the little contienet. If It's illegal I guess I'll have to withdraw my game for this month then. (You can also railroad oceans in civ 2 if it's not illegal in civ 2 to railroad ocean I'll guess it's not legal in civ1) Infact the only way I've found to support enough trade without Democracy is to use the railroad bug but since I was playing in democracy I guess I was trying to exploit as much science as I possibly could.
We didn't decide beforehand that it would be illegal in GOTM to do this. Therefore it would be unfair in this game to disqualify you. You are taking advantage of a widely known bug and are honestly advertising the fact. So fair play for this game.

However, if this upsets anyone, we should have a discussion about railroading oceans BEFORE we play GOTM III and decide one way or the other. But whatever we decide it would only affect future games.

As a notice to all GOTMers, I am going to be posting the next GOTM in a few days. I will be minorly changing the scoring and submission as well as typing out a defined set of rules including bug usage. I should also have complete results lists from the first two GOTMs.
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