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GOTM results in your Hall of Fame


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Oct 28, 2000
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I've edited the Hall of Fame file so that the results of the currently played GOTM's are in there. If you take a look yourself at the file HighScores.cv3 you'll find out it's very easy to modify the Hall of Fame.

Just replace your current HighScores.cv3 with this zipped one and you can see the results of the GOTM in the Hall of Fame on your computer. Just make sure you make a backup of your own Hall of Fame. ;)

Note by the way that only the top 10 players of every GOTM are in this list, since it doesn't show more people.
Originally posted by Taé Shala
:D :D Matrix ? ...:crazyeye:

lol... don't forget to release a new version, Matrix. :D (I'll download it this time ;))
Here it is again.

Rename HighScores.cv3 and replace it with the GOTMHighScores.cv3 in this zip file. :)
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