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The Civ3 and Civ4 GOTM competitions are still going strong and we've just started our begining of the month competitions! Check out the latest Games, Results and Player Standings at the GOTM Main Page.

In the latest Civ3 competition, COTM53, you will play as Babylon on a Small, Emperor level map. You will need to play in Civ3 Conquests with the last patch (1.22), but no other mods are required.

Civilization: Babylon
Rivals: 6 pre-selected.
Barbarians: Restless
Difficulty: Emperor
Land Form: Pangaea, 70% ocean, Small map.
Geology:5 billion years old, Normal and Temperate.
AI Aggression: Varies by difficulty class :)

>> Visit the pre-game discussion thread
>> Go download the starting saves
>> Visit the Civ3 GOTM Forum

In the newest Civ4 competition, GOTM35 will be played as England with Elizabeth as the leader. This is the first CIV Map created by AlanH! :thumbsup: You must play in Vanilla CIV with the latest patch (1.74) and the lastest HOF mod (1.74.003).

Game settings:
Civilization: England (Leader: Elizabeth; Traits: Philosophical, Financial)
Rivals: 6
Difficulty: Monarch
Map: Fractal
Mapsize: Standard
Climate: Temperate
Water level: High
Starting Era: Ancient
Speed: Normal
Options: None
Victory Conditions: all enabled

>> Read the pre-game strategy discussion
>> Go download the starting saves
>> Visit the CIV GOTM Forum

There is also a Civ3 PTW Deity level game with 3 weeks left to play, and a Civ4 BTS game with 2 weeks left for the competition.

Good luck everyone!
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