GOTM VI is here!


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Oct 28, 2000
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Since we started last month on an almost impossible position, we have a warm, wet and old world this time. In addition we also play at Warlord so this will probably be a kill 'n attack game for many of you.

Here are the detailed Game Parameters:
Civilization: Indians
Leader: Mahatma Gandhi
Difficulty Level: Warlord
Land Form: Pangaea
Land mass: normal
Map Size: Large
Rivals: 7 Random Rivals
Climate: Wet
Temperature: Warm
Earth: 5 billion
Barbarians: Roaming
Victory Conditions: All

Proceed to the rules page and download the GOTM VI.

Have fun playing the GOTM and good luck!


Have I made it up with the map of GOTM V? :p
Sounds like a nice change of pace from last months map. :)

I think it would be good to have the change in victory conditions posted here, in case anyone missed the threads in which they were discussed. That way everyone knows specifically what to shoot for. Good Luck all!

Awards for GOTM VI

Gold Medal
Silver Medal
Bronze Medal

Highest Diplomacy Score
Fastest Conquest Victory
Fastest Domination Victory
Fastest Cultural Victory
Fastest Spaceship Victory
Good of you to say so! I nearly forgot because of all the stress and distraction I had the last couple of months. ;)
i'm haveing a ton of fun with this one. after much deliberation i've decided that the one way to win (in my game) is the UN. but it's definatly a great game. much easier than the last one.;) :)
There is no longer any histograph prize!?!?!, ie: Highest histograph score:mad:
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