GOTM1 spoiler talks (WinCiv)


Nov 20, 2001
We want a real GOTM and with a real GOTM there comes spoiler talk!!!!!! First some spoiler space to prevent people from seeing spoiler talks who opened this thread by accident....

Should be enough:D
So I started and I encountered Germans very quickly. They were stupid because they didn't kill me, so I had to kill them ;) then I colonized the continent.
Then I went to the continent to the south and killed the babylonians (they were just so weak, I couldn't resist). The continent with aztecs and chinese followed and then the English. They were hard to conquer but not hard enough to withstand my flood of chariots and knights:p
Then I killed the French, the Zulus and the Americans (all easyly and swiftly dealt with.) Then I had to get rid of the greeks and......1450 AD all had to kneel for me!:king:
I got a cavalry unit from all three goodie huts. I killed the Germans, but then something funny happened- when I look at the top 5 cities Berlin is in 5th place at size 3. At the "Happiest civilization" thingy (or something like that) the Germans showed up in 2nd place after me. Shouldn't it be the French that reappear:confused: I retired just to see what the powergraph would show and it called the blue the French.
I´ve started the game, too, and I´m up to 1000AD already!:goodjob:

I didn´t take the early conquest route like addict did, but I expanded steadily and improved my empire nicely. My focus in this game was on science and wonder building, after not having played Civ1 for at least 5 years (!!!) I was a little more defensive in my style.:eek:
So the home continent was pretty soon mine, after letting the Germans live long enough to give me 3 or 4 techs. Then came the time of exploration, I discovered the Mongols to the south, the Chinese to the southeast and the English to the northeast.
I didn´t have any invasion force ready, nevertheless the English and Chinese declared war on me. They are nothing more than a nuisance since I´m far in the lead in science but I don´t have the will nor the units to take them out. They have both completely settled their home-continent and also have some outposts. In the early AD years I colonized and conquered a second continent to the west, where the English had an outpost and the Egyptians reincarnated.
I´m still not sure whether to mount an invasion, I´ll probably wait until my modern age.
My goal will be Alpha Centauri, haven´t seen the ending in a long time!:D

What I have noticed when playing Civ1 is that it has much more in common with Civ3 than Civ2.
I think that Sid took a lot from Civ1 for Civ3, even part of the AI!:scan:
The general feeling is more like in Civ3 than in Civ2.
The time has come for conquest! :tank:
I´m currently building my first tank, while the AI is still defending with Phalanxes, so I hope I´ll be able to eradicate most of them pretty soon.:D
But I have to admit that I made several mistakes while playing, I simply forgot some things.:o
The most important fact I forgot was that a chariot is able to beat my fortified veteran riflemen guarding my city, that was ANNOYING!!!
:mad: :mad: :mad:
But I´ll pay those Mongols back dearly, that´s for sure! :slay:
And my science rate is much too high :lol:, it´s hard to keep up with the improvements, unit building and terrain improvement.

AND COME ON PEOPLE, post some more stories of your games, that is the most important part of the GOTM!

Just finished mine. 90% with a 1280 AD finish. I might have a chance to place high up in this GOTM. I pretty much followed the early conquest methods with a little twist. I left the last city of every civ surrounded by tons of units until I was able to spread out my units evenly over the map. That was just respawn protection because you can never be too safe. Then, I spent several years irrigating a large empire to maximize points. Eventually I got bored so I just killed everyone.

P.S. I sent an e-mail to TF and he should be advertising for our GOTM on the front page!!!:eek:

Go to the main page at
We made the front page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's my name, and my comments:eek:
I'm just so flattered:blush:
To civ1addict: thanks for starting this spoiler thread!!!!!
Well gonzo, you beat me....on points and on finish. My hopes of finishing high lie shattered on the floor now:cry: :cry:

Anyway this has taught me a lesson that I shouldn't kill each civ that I encounter right away. I had to kill 10 civs to end this game:eek: they just kept on reincarnating on me.....

Very good strategy to keep one city of each civ and then surrounding it so it can't produce anything. Next GOTM I'm gonna do that too:D
And conquest is over!:D
The tanks really kick ass against Phalanxes. Although I thought that I would lose more against those fortified behind city walls. But NO, I had to lose against a horseman in a forest!:crazyeyes
Veteran tank has an attack of 15 and a (maybe) veteran horseman in a forest has just 2.25! This is insane!!! :mad:
But nevertheless my 4-5 tanks per remaining civ with battleship support took ´em all out!:slay:
Now with only London remaining I´m irrigating, mining and railroading hard to increase my pop. Switched to democracy, but I really miss the Civ2 Michelangelo´s Chapel, it´d help against those ungrateful, pesky citizens!:p
I´m currently building Apollo and Mfg. Plants so I hope to launch my ship pretty soon!

I´ll see you on Alpha Centauri!
YEAH! I´m finished! :yeah:
The Russian empire stretches around the whole world with just a small reserve for the backwards English. An interesting study object for our archeologists and anthropoligists, as they have recently just discovered Philosophy(!). :lol:
And after undertaking the great task of building the RSS Stalin it has finally landed on Alpha Centauri in the year 1847! :cool:
This will be the first step for Russian universe domination.
(A pity that these games end at this point.)

Anyway it was a nice game after not having played Civ1 for over 5 years! :p
Let´s see what you others can do against my skill. ;)
Big time to spoil

My campaign started slow until 3440 )or was it 3480) bc when I took out the Germans still no contact for awhile (I thought I'd get democracy right away but the darn chinese beat me to the Pyramids so I knew I had get the Great Lib as I was behind in technology to the chinese anywho I get the Great Lib by 1000 BC I finally take out the Babylonians. Then I live in peace for awhile. Now comes a very big campaign for about 12 knights (mighta been less or more) but we wipe the scum known as the Aztec and Chinese out in 1 turn) (670 or 690) somewhere in there then it becomes a wild goose chase. our ships pick up our knights and sail upon the english and another ship sailed upon the americans and egyptians (this one ship only carrying 2 knights being a sail finding america and the yet established egyptian empire so this was another double wipe out (and the other campaign had already almost wiped the english scum out) (since I destroyed the egyp[tians before they found a city it said barbarians destroyed them.) Since it took awhile to find the last english I came upon Napoleon and he wanted me to pay him 650 gold. and I refused so it was war right away. and the army which had helped invade england came forth and conquered the french in the 1300's. 60 years past (years not turns) and we come upon the last english strong hold I could of had them tyhere but no I push the wrong button and my frigate carry 2 vetera knights die to a lousy phlanx. so 30 more years past 6 knights have surrounded the english city of york and finally in 1440 we capture the english scum and russia rules the known world.

(only 2 islands (maybe 3 lie with no cities on)
if I had the chance to restart I wopuld of used the Tax Inflation method by starting with tax at 10 and no science or luxuries till I had enough money to rush build a pyramid after getting pottery. also I would of built granaries in every city asap. (Instead of waiting till late game) I would of let the Germans hang around a bit longer so they could of built a few cities so I could of stole more from them same goes for the babylonians. I wish I would of intially waited to 1000 AD so the chinese and Aztecs wouldn't of respawned as Americans and egyptians. Of course I doubt my army would o found the english and french as I was gonna go with a more scientific game if it would of just been me the french and english left. Also when I found the americans and Aztec I am very certain both had to start with republic (as ramses was Great Pharoh and Lincoln was President Lincoln. I was very glad feudalism did not ward pikemen in the first civ or else I would of been screwed but I was pissed when the french almost took back a city with a militia which I had defended with a musketeer. I wish I would of developed the railroad the first chance I got then Darwins would of been done. I finished up with 84% Which wasn';t to bad but not as good as I did on my last game (105% on Prince with the French) of course that game was played about 6 monthes ago.
I was sort of disappointed witth all the desert sqaures I believe that is what hurt me. or it could of been rust. I stilkl haven't reached the point I did on my one king game at 185% which I know is a terrible score compared to msot but I'm no expert at civ just a casual player ;)

I better play a few games of Civ on King just incase GOTM 2 is on King
(I have to get back my lost knowledge of civ)

Overall I rate this GOTM 8/10
difficulty: 6/10
ease of completion 9/10 (It gave me difficulty very early on so it wasn't exactly easy to win)

I'm gonna be preparing for the next GOTM.

I would like to congradulate Gonzo_For_Civ for the creation of the Civ 1 GOTM.
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