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GOTM114 - Final Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of the Month' started by civ_steve, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. civ_steve

    civ_steve Deity Retired Moderator GOTM Staff

    Mar 25, 2002
    formerly Santa Clarita, California

    GOTM 114 Final Spoiler - Ottomans, Game Submitted

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    1. You have completed and submitted your game.

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    [*]Absolutely NO Discussion of any other active 'X'OTM contest!

    Me and the family just got back from a week out on a cruise - past time to get some spoilers out. (Vacation's are fun, but man - there is so much to do to get ready for them!) Bring this one in - how did your Ottomans do?
  2. Raliuven

    Raliuven Emperor

    Jun 21, 2010
    Acheived Launch in 1715AD.
    Firaxis: 4829
    Jason: 7138

    It was a pretty brutal game just in terms of length. The spread of luxuries made happiness difficult to deal with. The AI did some of the lifting during the middle ages; no help in the Industrial Age - the Russians even got the same free tech as me so I couldn't even trade a tech off of gifting them into the IA. The only required tech picked up in the MA was Ecology, which Russia got for free. The AI was too busy back filling the tech tree to be any help to me.

    I didn't pull a GL until 1435AD so my second core went up very late. My plan to withhold my GA for when my 2nd core was developing completley flopped and was a huge waste of time. As it turned out, my GA ended the round before my FP was rushed by my first GL. :mad:

    By the end of the game only the French and Russians were left alive to witness my launch. I had hoped one of them would pull at least 1 tech while I was working my way through the MA; alass, it was not to be. The IA was painfully slow; by comparison the MA went by at a nice clip. IA was 1080AD-1490AD, MA 1495AD-1715AD.

    Log 1080AD - 1715AD
    Spoiler :

    1080 AD – Start building banks. Don’t need more military. Pull medicine as my free tech. Start Steam due in 9t. Trade Russia Mag for WM, 5gpt & 20gp. Give spain physics for WM, 5gpt & 20gp.
    Battle for Vasteras – 5/5 knight vs 3/3 spear – win, -1hp. 4/4 MI vs 3/3 spear – flawless victory, Vasteras is captured.
    5/5 sword vs 3/3 archer in the open – win, redline.
    At the moment I’ve got LOTS of happiness.
    Give Russia Banking for 3gp to put them in the IA. Russia got Medicine too. That sucks.
    1100 AD – 5/5 knight vs 3/3 horse – win, -1hp.
    IBT – I missed a landing by a Viking archer – it loses to a MI but it is close. I almost lost Jonkoping.
    1110 AD stage elites for attack on Vikings.
    IBT – a Viking archer steps out into the open. Thanks!
    1120 AD – Battle for ??? – 5/5 MI vs 3/3 spear – win, -3hp. 4/4 knight vs 3/3 spear – win, redline. 4/4 knight vs 3/3 spear – win, -2hp. Malmo falls; capture city. Darn. I was hoping for another archer for my elite. 5/5 sword vs 3/3 archer in the open – win, -1hp. Start routing some MI back south.
    Give Arabia Theo for WM, 5gpt & 8gp. Give Russia Iron for WM, 28gpt & 100gp.
    Start upgrading galleys to Galleons. Change some builds for frigates.
    1130 AD – continue to upgrade navy. Almost broke. Move army towards DaveMcWorgbog.
    IBT – Vikings land an archer by my 3/3 MI in Jonkoping
    1140 AD - Defense of Jonkoping – 3/3 MI vs 3/3 archer – win but redline.
    1150 – pull in steam, start electricity. Make peace with France straight up. Trade Russia Steam for Navigation, WM, 110gp & 65gpt. Give France Steam for WM & spices.
    1160 AD – the people put a dome on my cave. It’s good to be king.
    Laying rails.
    IBT – Zulu land Cav by Jonkoping.
    1170 AD – 4/4 knight vs 4/4 cav – flawlessly loss. Of course. Offer Zulu peace if they give me 29gp & 6gpt. I also import 3 sipahi to take care of the cav if needed. Offer the Zulu Medicine and wine for ivory.
    1180 AD – Battle for DaveMcWorgborg – 5/5 knight vs 3/3 spear – win, -2hp. 5/5 sword vs 3/3 spear – win, -3hp. Capture city & 2 slaves. 5/5 sword vs 3/3 archer in the open – win, -1hp.
    Make peace with the Vikings until I can get all my elites back in place.
    1190 AD – give Vikings Theo for MW, 3gp & 3gpt.
    1220 AD – electricity comes in, start SM, due in 4t @ -40gpt. France will offer all they have – WM, 19gpt, 42gp for electricity. Ah, nope. You’ve already played that game once. I’ll wait until you have something concrete to offer. Start prebuilds for ToE & Hoovers.
    Need to fish for leaders so DOW on Arabia. I have elites nearby to attack advancing units.
    1230 AD – abandon Emanopidu into a worker.
    1240 AD – Give spain Metal & Nav for Furs, 15gp & WM.
    1255 AD – Battle for Bukhara – 5/5 MI vs 3/3 spear – win, -1hp. 5/5 MI vs 3/3 spear – win, -1hp. Raze city. +1 slave.
    Demand the zulu leave immediately. They decline and DOW. 5/5 knight vs 4/4 cav – win, -3hp.
    1260 AD – Trade Russia Coal for 20gpt.
    1275 AD – Battle for Basra – 5/5 MI vs 4/4 spear – lose -2hp. 5/5 MI vs 3/3 spear – win, -2hp. 5/5 MI vs 2/4 spear – win, capture Basra. Arabs are no more.
    1280 AD – Zulu invade with 2 MI – 4/4 knight vs 4/4 MI – win, -2hp. 4/4 knight vs /4 MI – flawless retreat. 4/4 MI vs 4/4 MI – win, -2hp.
    Trade Russia Industrialization for WM, 26gpt, 68gp. Trade France Industrialization for 101gp & WM.
    1300 AD – pull in corp, start replaceable parts.
    Trade corp to France for spices, WM, 45gpt, 70gp. Russia gives up WM, 19gpt, 13gp. Give Spain ToG for WM, 18gpt, 40gp.
    1315 AD – give Spain Mag for WM, 3gpt, 20gp.
    1320 AD – build Magellan’s Voyage.
    1325 AD – replaceable parts => refining. Trade France Electricity for Nationalism, WM, 42gpt, 160gp. Turn off research – ToE due in 4t. Set for AT.
    IBT – Give Spain Nationalism & Medicine for Democracy, 26gp, WM. Zulu drop a cav, knight & MI.
    1330 A D- 4/4 knight vs 4/4 knight – win, -1hp. 5/5 sword vs 4/4 MI – lose, -2hp. 5/5 knight vs 3/5 MI – win, -3hp. 5/5 sword vs 2/4 Cav – win -1hp. Give Russia Democracy for WM, 3gpt, 18gp.
    1340 AD – DOW on Vikings. Land 8 units next to last city.
    1345 AD – Build ToE –and it starts my GA. Hmmm. Pick up AT & Electronics.
    Battle for Snagarst: 5/5 knight vs 3/3 spear – flawless win. 5/5 MI vs 3/3 spear – win, -2hp.
    Give Spain Steam for WM, 19gpt, 20gp.
    IBT – archer suicides against 5/5 musket.
    1350 AD – 2nd Battle for Snagarst – 5/5 knight vs 3/3 spear – win, -1hp. 5/5 horse vs 3/3 spear – flawless loss. 5/5 sword vs 3/3 spear – win, -2hp. Capture city. The Vikings are gone.
    1365 AD – Give Russia electricity for WM, 36gpt, 50gp. France receives SM for WM, 35gpt, 50gp.
    1370 AD – US builds.
    1385 AD – Give France AT for WM, 77gpt, 120gp.
    1395 AD – invade Zulu with 12 units.
    1400 AD – Give France Electronics for Spices, WM, 78gpt, 20gp. Give Russia SM for 11gpt, 10gp. Zulu pound on my landing party infantry but I take no losses, so far. 4/4 Sipahi vs 3/3 rifle – win, redline. 4/4 Sipahi vs 3/3 rifle – win, -1hp. 4/4 Sipahi vs 2/2 rifle – win, redline. 4/4 Sipahi vs 4/4 cav – flawless win. Raze Intombe. +4 slaves. Settle New Bingol, disband slave, rush walls. 5/5 knight vs 1/4 cav – flawless loss. Whatever. 4/4 knight vs 1/4 cav – flawless win, of course.
    IBT – lose 1 infantry & 1 knight to Cav attacks.
    1405 AD - Need to get reinforcements on site. Walls build, disband worker, rush barracks. 4/4 Sipahi vs 3/4 cav – win, -2hp. 5/5 MI vs 4/4 MI – win, -1hp. 3/3 Sipahi vs 2/5 cav – win, redline. No GL, no promotions.
    Give Spain Electricity for WM, 6gpt, 20gp.
    IBT – Infantry have a much easier time behind walls.
    1410 AD – Barracks build. Start harbor. Disband slave & rush. That will bring in Ivory. 4/4 Sipahi vs 4/4 MI – send ships full of 12 fresh reinforcements towards the Zulu.
    IBT – No counterattack.
    1415 AD – Harbor builds, set to library.
    IBT – invaded by a pike and a warrior of all things.
    1420 AD – Hoovers builds. 4/4 Sipahi vs 4/4 pike – win, redline.
    Spain has economics and Sanitation – buy both for atomic theory. Sell Russia AT for WM, 34gpt, 40gp. Swap Sogut over to smiths, due in 8t.
    1425 AD – second wave lands. Upgrade galleons to transports. Sipahi raid and destroy Holbane. Need to destroy Ulundi as well to relieve cultural pressure. 5/5 MI vs 3/3 warrior – flawless win.
    I’ve lots of units in the open. Cross my fingers and press enter . . .
    IBT – nothing. I guess the Zulu are about out of steam. Oddly, my Galleon loaded with troops does not get a boot order from Russia.
    1430 AD – Now that I’ve got enough units at the Zulu landing, my plan is to decrease the cultural pressure and then hold tight. I don’t want to destroy the Zulu, I want to leader fish. Next I will establish a beachhead in spain and do the same there.
    Give France Refining for Communism & 18gp. Give Russia Refining for WM, 14gpt & 20gp.
    IBT – 4/4 cav redlines against Infantry behind walls.
    1435 AD – 5/5 sipahi vs 1/4 cav – flawless win and . . .GL! Rush him towards old Viking homeland and prepared 2nd core. Establish New Riza on Zulu lands.
    1440 AD – Battle for Ngome – 4/4 Sipahi vs 4/4 rifle – retreat, 1hp. 4/4 Sipahi vs 3/3 rifle – win, -1hp. 4/4 Sipahi vs 3/4 rifle – lose, -1hp. 4/4 Sipahi vs 2/2 rifle – lose, -1hp, promotes. 4/4 Sipahi vs 3/4 rifle – flawless win. 4/4 Sipahi vs 2/2 rifle – flawless retreat. What is with these odds? 4/4 Sipahi vs 2/4 rifle – win, -1hp. 3/3 Sipahi vs 4/4 cav – win, -2hp, promotes. Raze Ngome. +3 slaves. Rush market at New Sogut.
    IBT – zzz
    1445 AD – GA ends – just in time for my 2nd core to build. Great timing. Rush FP in New Sogut – 2nd core. Battle for Ulundi – 4/4 Sipahi vs 3/3 Rifle – win, redline. 4/4 Sipahi vs 3/3 rifle – flawless retreat. 5/5* Sipahi vs 3/3 rifle – win, -3hp. 4/4 sipahi vs 3/3 rifle – lose, -1hp, promotes. 4/4 Sipahi vs 3/4 rifle – lose, -2hp. 4/4 Sipahi vs 2/2 rifle – win, -2hp. 4/4 sipahi vs 1/4 rifle – win, -1hp. Capture Ulundi and Sistines. Consider razing it but capture instead. For now.
    1450 AD – second core is building. Flight in 4t @ -29gpt. 6224gp in the bank. Tanks are now building. Collecting old units to disband in 2nd core to hurry builds. Looks like Spain might be thinking about staging an attack.
    IBT – Russia finally gives me the boot. Too late, though. Nothing short of a serious flip can endanger the landing now.
    1455 AD – Shuffle units. Consider destroy the Zulu. Could destroy them and hand the land to France for a trading partner? Also looks like Spain is planning an invasion, which is crazy.
    After consideration, see that Zulu still does not have RP. Decide to put an end to them. France and Russia will be my trading partners.
    Sipahi go on the attack at Zimbabwe – 4/4 Sipahi vs 4/4 rifle – lose but redline rifle. 4/4 sipahi vs 4/4 rifle – flawless retreat. 4/4 sipahi vs 4/4 rifle – retreat, -2hp. 4/4 sipahi vs 3/3 rifle – win, -1hp. 4/4 Sipahi vs 3/3 rifle – lose, -2hp, promote. 4/4 sipahi vs 3/3 rifle – win, -3hp. 4/4 sipahi vs 3/3 rifle – win, -1hp. Reveal wounded rifle. That’s good. 4/4 sipahi vs 2/4 rifle – win, redline. 4/4 sipahi vs 2/4 rifle – win, -2hp. 3/3 sipahi vs 4/4 cav – lose, -2hp, promote. 3/3 sipahi vs 3/5 cav – flawless win. 4/4 sipahi vs 1/4 rifle – win, redline. Zimbabwe falls. Raze the city – and the oracle, colossus and GLB. +5 slaves.
    Send 3/3 sipahi to pillage horses. Not really necessary but I don’t need them.
    Hurry library at New Bingol to (hopefully) reduce cultural pressure on my main port city.
    IBT – French start building Shakespeare. Really, the decided to research Free Artistry? Umm, best of luck? Spain invades my territory. Zulu sends a galley out of new capital. Settler on a boat?
    1460 AD – Give Spain the boot. They agree but don’t leave. Send 3 newly formed tank divisions to 2nd core to prevent any funny Spanish ideas from forming.
    IBT – Spain invades with 1 MI. Now that it the biggest example of optimism I’ve seen in a long time.
    1465 AD – pick up smiths. Maintenance is WAY down. People add a skyway to my palaces’ east wing. First battleship rolls out of drydock. The sea belongs to the Ottomans. Tell Spain to leave. I give them the boot but don’t get a declare message. That darn MI is just standing there! Miss a few riots.
    IBT – Spanish MI takes a walk in my lands.
    1470 AD – build some temples for cathedrals to control happiness now that I have Sistines. Tell Spain to GET OUT! Naturally they DOW. Crazy. To illustrate that point - 4/4 battleship vs 4/4 galley – flawless win. Send Battleship to cover transport from mainland to Spain. Arty redlines invading MI. 5/5 MI vs 1/4 MI – flawless win.
    Land 2 infantry, 5 tanks, 4 sipahi and 1 combat settler in Spain by Zaragoza. I see a worker and pike/LB combination standing around.
    IBT – There is no Spainish Counterattack
    1475 AD – build New Karabuk for my invasion point.
    Battle for Zaragoza – 4/4 tank vs 4/4 rifle – flawless retreat. Yep, that makes sense. 4/4 tank vs 4/4 rifle – flawless win. 4/4 tank vs 3/3 pike – flawless win. 4/4 tank vs 3/3 spear (gulp) – flawless win. Raze Zaragoza. 4/4 sipahi vs 3/3 pike in the open – win, -2hp. Disband slave in New Karabuk, rush harbor. I don’t think walls or barracks will be necessary.
    Battle for Bapedi – 4/4 sipahi vs 4/4 rifle – lose, -2hp, promotes. 5/5* sipahi vs 3/3 rifle – win, redline. 4/4 sipahi vs 3/5 rifle – flawless win. 4/4 sipahi vs 2/2 rifle – flawless win. 4/4 sipahi vs 4/4 LB – win, -1hp. Raze Bapedi. +2 slaves.
    Give Russia Electronics for Free Artistry, WM, 15tp & worker. Give France Steel for WM, 15gpt & 49gp. Join a worker to Uskudar.
    IBT – a 5/5 MI attacks a 4/4 tank – actually manages to redline it before dying – but tank promotes to elite from battle.
    1480 AD – Defense of New Karabuk – 4/4 sipahi vs 3/3 pike – win, -2hp. 4/4 sipahi vs 3/3 MI – flawless win. 3/3 sipahi vs 3/3 LB – flawless win. 4/4 tank vs 4/4 MI – flawless win. 4/4 tank vs 3/3 spear – flawless win, promote elite. 4/4 tank vs 3/3 MI – win, -2hp. See a 3/3 musket covering a 4/4 MI. Drop reinforcements – 3 tanks, 2 sipahi and a combat settler. 4/4 sipahi vs 3/3 musket – flawless win. 4/4 sipahi vs 4/4 MI – win, -1hp. Send two tanks towards Salamanca.
    On the Zulu front – send sipahi towards Isandhlwana and its dyes. Also send scouts towards Mpondo. The uncleared woods are slowing me down. Send more sipahi just healed from the last battle to assist with the Mpondo scouts (scouts are 3/3 sipahi).
    IBT – a zulu LB attacks a 4/4 sipahi – loses, -2hp. A spainish LB attacks a 4/4 tanks – loses but redlines the tank.
    1485 AD – Battlefield Medicine builds. Battle for Isandhlwana – 4/4 sipahi vs 3/3 rifle – retreat, -1hp. 4/4 sipahi vs 3/3 rifle – lose, -2hp. 4/4 sipahi vs 2/3 rifle – win, redline. 4/4 sipahi vs 1/3 rifle – win, -1hp. Capture Isandhlwana. Scouting tank rolls up on Salamanca and finds a 3/3 infantry. Things just got a little harder. Change my mind about barracks in New Karabuk, rush barracks.
    Trade France Steel for WM, 157gpt, 90gp even though it looks like France might stage an attack on me. Stupid Joan.
    IBT – Zulu drop a 4/4 cav behind my lines.
    1490 AD – turn a sipahi around to confront the Zulu cav – 4/4 sipahi vs 4/4 cav – flawless victory. Battle for Mpondo – 4/4 sipahi vs 4/4 rifle – cannon hits sipahi, retreat, -2hp. 4/4 sipahi vs 3/3 rifle – win, redline. 4/4 sipahi vs 2/4 rifle – win, -1hp. Capture cannon. Raze the city. Battle for ??? – 4/4 sipahi vs 4/4 rifle – lose, -2hp. 4/4 sipahi vs 3/3 rifle – flawless retreat. 5/5* sipahi vs 3/3 rifle – win, -2hp. 4/4 sipahi vs 2/4 rifle – win, -1hp. 3/3 sipahi vs 4/4 LB – flawless win. Raze the city. +1 slave. The Zulu are gone.
    Send more tanks towards Salamanca. 4/4 sipahi vs 4/4 MI in the open – flawless win.
    France has espionage.
    IBT – Spanish conquistador kills a sipahi in the open. If Spain hasn’t had a GA, they’re getting it now. Too I’ll be reducing their core to rubble in a moment.


    1495 AD – enter the modern era. Draw computers as my free tech – perfect! Start Miniaturization but even at 100% research it is still 7t away. People love me so they build a walkway above my west wing walkway, just in case I don’t want to walk down the stairs to cross from each level of my cave.
    Settle New Iskenderum to complete my internal lines of the old Zulu lands. Russia can have the rest. I’ve captured all the luxuries and the oil/rubber resources.
    Battle for Salamanca – 4/4 tank vs 3/3 infantry – win, -2hp. 4/4 tank vs 3/3 infantry –win, -2hp. 4/4 tank vs 3/3 infantry – win -2hp, promote. Raze Salamanca. +6 slaves. 5/5 tank vs 1/4 conquistador – flawless win. Send sipahi w/tank escorts deeper into Spanish lands. Drop reinforcements in Spain – 5 tanks & 1 sipahi.
    Set a prebuild for the internet – palace due in 14t.
    IBT – Spain wants peace now. No thanks. Need my source of furs. France has landed a settler in old Spanish lands already. That settler on a boat must have been just sailing around waiting for an opportunity.
    1500 AD – give France combustion for Espionage, WM, 87gp & 20gpt. Give Russia Steel for WM. France offers 134gpt for Flight. I back it off to 130gpt to give her some room. Build an embassy with France – how is possible I haven’t done that yet? Costs 73gp. Pocket change. Start building the intelligence agency.
    Build New Tunceli to capture fur and rubber. Start walls. 5/5 tank vs 3/4 conquistador in the open – win, -1hp. Send units towards Valencia. Land 4 more tanks as reinforcements. Current attacking force is comprised of 9 tanks and 5 sipahi.

    IBT – Spanish cav suicides against a 4/4 tank – flawless loss, tank goes elite. French settler/knight pair wander away – will found a city between my two cities. I’m already preparing libraries.
    1505 AD – people love me; the complete my cave by putting some trimming up around the doors and windows. Upgrade infantry to mechs. By running at 100% Science I shaved the research time from 7t to 6t. Miniaturization now due in 4t.
    Battle for Valencia – 4/4 tank vs 4/4 rifle – retreat, -1hp. 4/4 tank vs 3/4 rifle – flawless win. 4/4 tank vs 3/3 spear – flawless win, promote elite. 4/4 tank vs 3/3 spear – flawless win. Raze city. +4 slaves.
    Split my attack force and send the tanks after Seville and the sipahi for Ciudad de la Luna.
    IBT – Spanish cav dies attacking sipahi; Infantry retreats a sipahi.
    1510 AD – Battle for Seville – 4/4 tank vs 3/3 rifle – flawless win. 5/5 tank vs 3/3 pike – flawless win. 4/4 tank vs 3/3 spear – win, -1hp. Raze Seville. +4 slaves. Retreat remaining sipahi – don’t think they have the power to carry the attack with infantry roaming around. Drop reinforcements – 5 tanks, 1 sipahi. Sipahi will be relegated to border patrol and defense. Main tank columns are advancing through Spanish lands – Ciudad de la Luna’s placement makes it hard to get to. It will be a few rounds before both that and Madrid are managed.
    Barb camp surfaces in old Zulu lands. Sipahi make short work of the barbs and barb camp. Collect 25gp for free.
    IBT – lose a tank to two attacking infantry.
    1515 AD – Battle for Ciudad de la Luna – 4/4 tank vs 4/4 infantry – flawless loss. 4/4 tank vs 4/4 infantry – win, redline. 4/4 tank vs 4/4 rifle – retreat, -2hp. 4/4 tank vs 2/4 rifle – win, -1hp. 5/5 tank vs 3/3 pike – flawless win. 3/4 tank vs 3/3 pike – flawless win, promote elite. Raze the city. +3 slaves. 5/5 tank vs 2/4 infantry in the open – flawless win. Pillage salt for the heck of it.
    Battle for Madrid – 4/4 tank vs 4/4 rifle – win, -2hp. 4/4 tank vs 4/4 rifle – lose, -3hp, promote. 4/4 tank vs 4/4 rifle – win, -2hp. 4/4 tank vs 3/3 rifle – flawless win. 5/5 tank vs 2/5 rifle – flawless win, GL (will save for UN build/denial). Madrid razed. +7 slaves. Spain’s heart was just crushed. 4/4 tank vs 2/4 infantry in the open – flawless win. Land reinforcements and move GL back to 1st core. Move 6 tanks against Toledo.
    Time to get the AI into the modern era. Give France Mass Production for WM, 11gpt & 30gp. Russia receives combustion for WM & 1gpt. Russia is gifted everything else and pulls ecology. Great! Gift France into the Modern Era as well. Hope that they make some headway into other techs.
    IBT – barbs attack from old Zulu lands.
    1525 AD – use GL to rush the Internet. Will use old Internet prebuild for UN. SETI due in 6t. Start a new intelligence agency build.
    Battle for Toledo – 4/4 tank vs 4/4 infantry – flawless win. 4/4 tank vs 3/3 rifle – win, -2hp. 4/4 tank vs 2/2 infantry – flawless win. 5/5 tank vs 3/3 pike – win, -1hp. 5/5 tank vs 3/3 spear – win, -2hp. Raze Toledo. +5 slaves. Route tanks towards Barcelona.
    Hunt down barb camp and - wow- there are nine barbs in there. Barb uprising anyone? Send a few tanks and Sipahi to clear them out. Also see that the barbs have killed a Russian settler protected by a horseman (really, protected by a horse when we are all in the Modern Age?). Change my mind; I’ll leave the barbs. Not like they are a threat to my mech infantry.
    Send 6 tanks towards Barcelona, 4 tanks covered by a mech make their way through the forest of Murcia.
    IBT – barbs attack one of my tanks in old Zulu, kill 5 horsemen, tank is 3/5.
    1530 AD – battle for Barcelona – 4/4 tank vs 3/3 rifle – win, -2hp. 4/4 tank vs 3/3 rifle – win, redline. 4/4 tank vs 2/2 infantry – flawless win. Raze Barcelona. +3 slaves. 4/4 battleship vs 4/4 IC – flawless win, promote elite.
    Land a mech, 4 tanks & 1 sipahi by Pamplona. Top defender is a 3/3 spear. Overkill? Maybe. Just a little.
    IBT – barb run for new Russian city.
    1535 AD – Battle for Pamplona – 4/4 tank vs 3/3 spear – flawless win. 4/4 tank vs 3/3 spear – flawless win. Capture city.
    Battle for Murcia – 4/4 tank vs 3/3 pike – win, -2hp. 4/4 tank vs 3/3 spear – flawless win. Raze city. +2 slaves.
    Units converge on Santiago. Destroy barb camp and pick up 25gp. 5/5 tank vs 4/4 conquistador invading by sea at New Tunceli – win -2hp.
    IBT – barb move.
    1540 AD – Battle for Santiago – 4/4 tank vs 4/4 rifle – lose, -2hp. 4/4 tank vs 2/4 rifle – flawless win. 5/5 tank vs 3/3 spear – flawless win. Raze Santiago. Spain is destroyed. +1 slave.
    1555 AD – SETI builds.
    1560 AD – UN & Intelligence Agency build. Do not call a vote at the UN.
    1565 AD – Give Russia fission & espionage for ecology. Give France Fission for Amphibious War.
    1575 AD – try to plant a spy on Russia and they DOW. Immediately move on their source of coal – the island city of Qitaijorg – the city I took from the Vikings. Aside from this, I don’t plan to destroy any other cities. I’ll fight a defensive war only. I want them back as a trading partner later. I am hoping they will pick up synthetic fibers for me maybe Rocketry.
    1580 AD – Battle for Qitaimjorg – 5/5 tank vs 3/3 spear – flawless win. Raze city.
    1585 AD – successful plant a spy on the Russians.
    1590 AD – Russia is using bombers – send a few fighters for air superiority. Lasers come in, start Robotics.
    1595 AD – set 2 fighters to air superiority- 3 more arrive on base.
    1600 AD – Give France Ecology for spices, WM & 118gpt. Intercept one bomber. 1 fighter on base. 2 more fighters set to air superiority.
    1610 AD – Gain robotics, start rocketry.
    1615 AD – make peace with the Russians. Trade Russians computers for incense, WM & 16gp. Don’t really need the lux. Give France Wine & Silk for 37gpt. Give wine & silk to Russia.
    1620 AD – Give France Computers for WM, 58gpt, 230gp & a worker.
    1650 AD – pick up space flight. Start Apollo. Satellites in 4t.
    1665 AD – Start building many tactical nukes as prebuilds for space parts.
    1670 AD – Pick up satellites. Start Superconductors. Disband Pamplona to ensure I don’t trip the domination limit. Swap nukes for ICBMs.
    Computer crashes because of stupid spaceship screen. Reload. This is the end of the game, so taking the same steps is easy. Crash occurred on the 1685 AD city cycling. Reload from 1680 AD auto-save.
    1680 AD – change builds to SS parts. Keep ICBM builds going. Swap one city to Palace to pick up the exterior casing in 1t when SF is researched.
    1685 AD – use escape this time to immediately close all spaceship windows.
    1690 AD – Superconductor arrives, SF in 4t.
    1700 AD – Give France Miniaturization for spices, WM, 90gpt, 40gp. Offer the same to Russia for WM, 2gpt, 220gp.Build and ICBM. That should keep the French and Russians in line.
    1705 AD – Build a 2nd ICBM.
    1710 AD – SF researched. Stop research. Convert Palace prebuild to casing, ICBM to Storage/Supply. Both due next turn.
    1715 AD – Launch.

    I am Osman the magnificent.
    Firaxis: 4829
    Jason: 7138
  3. TheOverseer714

    TheOverseer714 Overseer

    Feb 12, 2007
    I was going for space too, but went for Diplo when the opportunity arose. I wonder if I could have beat your launch date, as our timetables were very similar.
    Here are my scoring details:

    Game date:1635 AD
    Firaxis score:4143
    Jason score:6679
  4. Raliuven

    Raliuven Emperor

    Jun 21, 2010
    I was pretty locked into a space victory - the AI HATED me - I razed way too many cities in my quest for space. :D

    Somehow I always manage to kill the AI's ability to research in the late game and I end up researching most of the middle ages, and almost all of the Industrial and Modern Age. Even when I gift them into the next age they either stagnate or backfill the tech tree. If I'm lucky I get a tech trade from a science AI's free tech. All I can think is that I am killing them with gpt trades. At a certain point I decide the AI is worthless for research and I take them for every gpt I can get to fuel my own 4t/tech pace.

    One frustration is that I didn't get my GL until way late in the game. I ended up wasting my GA anyway; I should have kicked it off immediately and used my sipahi to fish for leaders. My first sipahi to go elite also pulled a GL from its first elite battle.
  5. Garvarg

    Garvarg Playing with fire

    Sep 30, 2002
    Toronto, Ontario,Canada
    As you guessed I built my 20K city in the capital, and followed my plan.
    Out of all possible wonders, I only missed two. (Col, Glight, and Mags not available)

    BC Build Dates
    4000 Palace
    2390 Temple
    925 Oracle
    850 Library
    370 Pyramid

    AD Build Dates
    150 Great Library
    260 Great Wall
    280 Colosseum
    370 Hanging Gardens
    400 Cathedral
    830 Sistine Chapel
    850 University
    940 Heroic Epic
    1030 Bach Cathedral
    1100 Copernicus's Observatory
    1190 Newtons University
    1290 Universal Suffrage
    1330 Shakespeare's Theater
    1380 Smiths Trading
    1440 Theory of Evolution
    1495 Hoovers Dam
    1530 Battlefield Medicine
    1550 Wall Street
    1580 Military Academy
    1695 The Pentagon
    1740 Manhattan Project
    1770 United Nations
    1780 SETI Program
    1794 Intelligence Agency
    1788 One leader sitting there waiting....

    1800 20,031 129 per turn
    Firaxis score: 4653
    Jason score: 6401

    Points of Interest

    I was waiting forever until I got my first leader in 920AD. Built an army so I could build the Heroic Epic.

    1000 Leader 2
    1060 Leader 3
    1110 Leader 4 (3 leaders in 11 turns)
    1265 Leader 5
    Then a big wait again
    1778 Leader 6
    1788 Leader 7 who I could not use, cause I had nothing to build.

    Research Republic all by myself. I only knew two civs, and traded lots of stuff to get map making to find others while the Glib was being finished.

    Tech leader and strongest AI by then was the French so I got everyone on board for a war against them. Just before declaring peace I brought forces over to take over one french town to have a beachhead for my next war.

    Finished off the french and went for the Zulu.
    Finished off the Zulu and went for the Scandinavians.
    I took my time on these two wars, fought solo, and hoped for more leaders... oh well.
    Got my FP built brick by brick .... 1760 in old Paris. Dumb.

    Peace and Love.

    About 25 turns to the end, I turned off research, (I had enough to build and everyone had Mutual Protections deals with everyone else). Then the Arabs attacked me on the ill protected land once owned by the Vikings. Every one declares, and I finish off the Arabs. Had I expected this war I would have kept research going so I could have used my last leader.
  6. PaperBeetle

    PaperBeetle Emperor

    Aug 23, 2004
    :blush: Sincere apologies, Garvarg.

    The Ancient Age
    I settle in the +5fpt location, and send my first settler down to the coast to found my 20k town, Istanbul. Monty shows up pretty soon, as do the barbs. Both give me trouble, but the Aztecs are for sure the worse of the pair. Monty dows in 1500bc, taking my capital, leaving me with just two towns, one of them half way through Colossus. I put on my best poker face and finish up Colossus before slowly grinding out a military advantage on the Aztecs. I retake Sogut in 590bc, but am forced to call peace while I build more forces. 20 turns later, the war is back on, though it is still slow going without the support of Istanbul, which is trying to catch up on culture builds it skipped while churning out archers. Most of the ancient wonders are already gone though. Moronically, Monty sells my contact details to Abu in 90bc, and through him I get to meet most of the remaining AIs. In 130ad, I trade my way into the medieval, drawing free Feudalism.

    War and Peace
    I buy Monotheism from the Russians and start up the top branch of the tech tree. Istanbul finishes Glib in 260ad, in time for it to earn me a single free tech, Monarchy. Better than paying for it, I suppose, and Gardens is my next wonder, kicking off my golden age. At the same time, I also restart the war with the Aztecs, having given them peace during the end-of-ancient-age trade deals. In 470ad, my third elite win throws a leader, so I form an army, quickly get a victorious battle with it, and give Monty peace again in 470ad. The Great Wall of Tenochtitlan is really causing me pain.

    Research and Trade
    By now, the other AI have woken up and started helping my cause; Abu by dowing me, while the French and Russians are actually managing to research a bit, so I get to trade up the bottom branch of the tech tree as far as Guns. Of course, in a way this is just getting me caught up part of the way to where I would expect to be, had the Aztecs not distracted me early on, but it is welcome nonetheless. Cath also manages to complete Metallurgy just before me, so I buy it from her, bring us both into the industrial, in 990ad. She gets Medicine, I get Steam.

    Montezuma and Revenge
    Abu buys Monty onto his side in our war in 700ad, so I resume the slow trudge through Aztec towns. This must be one of the most drawn out, piecemeal wars I ever fought. The end finally starts to come into view when I claim Tenoch in 1140ad. I jump the palace up there with a leader; Istanbul has been the capital ever since the fall of Sogut, though it was always my plan to do a second-city-20k. Istanbul finally gets to build FP in 1210ad. Without the Wall to back them up, the Aztecs are much less of a slog, and I finally sweep them from the game in 1255ad. Quite a relief for my chronically unhappy populace.

    Pacts and Progress
    I've been fighting to claim my continent for almost 3000 years (and even now there remains a well-developed French town in the northeastern peninsula), but it is not until 1375ad that I finally start to make my presence known overseas. I realise this because one of my ships bombs an Arab vessel in enemy waters for the first time, triggering an MPP Abu has with Shaka. The Zulu will get his turn, but first I send my (by now fully industrialised) army over to Arabia, taking the small tundra island on the way. I arrive on the Arabian mainland in 1445ad with an infantry army, and start piling in artillery under its cover. My first overseas campaign, and I'm almost in the modern era: Radio is done in 1475ad, and I get Fission free, while Cath tries to be difficult by drawing Ecology.

    Enemies and Traitors
    As usual, fighting an artillery war against rifles and strong culture is a slow business, even when the tanks and mechs start reaching Arabia. Slow, but inexorable. I am done with Abu in 1565ad, and ship everyone north to make good on Shaka's earlier dow. Being Shaka, he is lagging in tech so this war is a little easier. By 1665ad he is out, and I am lining up the obvious move; south overland into Russia. But Joan tries to make things interesting by sneak attacking, taking Ngome. Now, this is the kind of war I really like in Civ, despite some trepidation; she is the strongest AI in the game, and modern. I have been feeding her tech and lux for a long time, in exchange for her gpt keeping my economy in the black. Spies report that France fields 70 infantries, 10 guerillas, 7 tanks, 9 ironclads, 4 battleships, 6 fighters, 11 bombers and a jet, amongst other scraps. This is going to be fun.

    Planes and Trains and Missiles
    Okay, maybe that's not enough of a force for the AI to put up a real fight. Joan spends quite a lot of effort on air superiority, keeping my own bombers and jets on the hop, and her fine rail network forces me to spare some thought to protecting my gains from opportunist cavalries. But there isn't much she can do to stop my land forces, especially as I have about half a dozen armies in the field, thanks to a combination of spare construction capacity in Istanbul and spectacular luck with leaders. I have France under control by 1760ad, though not before Joan manages to bomb my first modern armour with a cruise missile! It's not every day I get to experience that match-up.

    Domination (almost) and Conquest (nearly)
    I'm dancing around the dom limit now, so everything else is just mopping up for the sake of it. I dow Cath in 1762ad (triggering an MPP with Bella also) and spies discover a surprisingly thin army. It takes only five turns to destroy Russia with one task force, while the other branch of my army heads west from France to deal with the Spanish. Bella is gone in 1786ad, and I move over to the Vikings, attacking from north, south and west. I don't quite manage to reduce Ragnar to a single town before the game ends: Istanbul hits 20k in 1798ad. I score a lowly 3311 Firaxis points, for 5213 Jasons. A fun game though.

    Spoiler 20k Dates :

    -2710: Istanbul founded
    -1500: palace (due to capture of Sogut)
    -1175: Colossus
    -0550: library
    -0390: temple
    -0050: revolt (3 turns) for republic
    0260: Great Library
    0290: cathedral
    0310: colosseum
    0430: Gardens (golden age starts)
    0450: university
    0630: Michelangelo (golden age ends)
    0720: Epic
    0730: Copernicus (rushed)
    0930: Shakespeare
    0940: Bach (rushed)
    1090: Newton
    1100: Suffrage (rushed)
    1130: factory
    1150: hospital
    1170: coal plant, loses palace
    1210: Forbidden Palace
    1255: Academy
    1285: Darwin
    1290: Hoover (rushed)
    1320: Smith
    1345: Wall Street
    1370: Red Cross
    1420: Pentagon
    1475: UN
    1515: The Bomb
    1520: SETI (rushed)
    1570: Internet (+lab)
    1585: The Cure (rushed)
    1620: Apollo
    1625: Longevity (rushed)
    1640: nuclear plant
    1660: CIA
    1740: robo plant
    1772: Star Wars

    Spoiler Tech Dates :

    Key: Researched, Traded, Free
    -4000: Masonry
    -3350: Pots, Burial
    -2470: Alphabet, Bronze
    -1830: Writing, Ironwork
    -1225: Literature
    -1075: War Code
    -0710: Laws
    -0590: Mysticism
    -0530: Philosophy
    -0090: Wheel, Mapping, Maths, Riding
    -0050: Republic
    0130: Currency, Polytheism, Construction, Feudalism, Monotheism
    0300: Theology
    0340: Monarchy
    0450: Education
    0530: Astronomy
    0570: Printing, Engineering
    0620: Banking
    0640: Invention, Chivalry
    0690: Democracy
    0740: Artistry, Guns
    0790: Chemistry
    0840: Physics
    0870: Music
    0900: Magnetism
    0950: Navigation
    0960: Gravity
    0990: Metallurgy, Steam, Medicine
    1070: Industry
    1130: Sanitation
    1200: Electricity
    1210: Mil Trad
    1250: Scientific Method
    1270: Economics
    1285: Replaceable Parts, Atomic, Electronics
    1305: Corporation
    1330: Steel
    1355: Refining
    1380: Combustion
    1395: Nationalism, Communism
    1400: Mass Production
    1420: Motors
    1445: Flight
    1475: Radio, Fission
    1510: Computers
    1550: Miniatures
    1580: Genetics
    1605: Ecology
    1640: Amphibious
    1600-1796: Rockets, Space, Nuclear, Espionage, Lasers, Satellites, Superconductor, Robots, Synthetics, Smarts, Integration, Recycling, Stealth and Advanced Flight, all but one on 4-turn research.

    Spoiler Leaders :

    0470: 1 after 3 e.wins; army
    0650: 1 after 2 e.wins; rush Copernicus
    0720: Epic completed
    0930: 1 after 15 e.wins; rush Bach
    1080: 1 after 13 e.wins; rush Suffrage
    1170: 1 after 11 e.wins; jump palace to Tenoch
    1230: 1 after 4 e.wins; rush Hoover
    1490: 1 after 32 e.wins; rush SETI
    1560: 1 after 14 e.wins; rush The Cure
    1620: 1 after 9 e.wins; rush Longevity
    1725: 1 after 18 e.wins; army
    1730: 1 after 3.5 e.wins; army
    1735: 1 after 2 e.wins; jump palace to Lyons
    1780: 1 after 39 e.wins; army
    1784: 2 after 12 e.wins; armies
    1786: 1 after 4 e.wins; army
    1794: 1 after 7 e.wins; army
    1796: 1 after 10 e.wins; army
    So 2 leaders in 5 elite wins pre-Epic, and 16 in 193.5 elite wins post-Epic. In fact, the post-Epic stats aren't quite as spectacular as it felt at the time, but the 2-in-5 before 720ad is a huge bonus.

    Attached Files:

  7. Garvarg

    Garvarg Playing with fire

    Sep 30, 2002
    Toronto, Ontario,Canada
  8. CKS

    CKS Deity

    Feb 9, 2004
    Gee, whiz. I went 20 K in the capital, finishing in 1822, with a whopping 4 GL. (I think, though it might have been only 3.) The last came during modern times and rushed the Internet. That was a lot of help. (Actually, it did knock one turn off my finish time, because I ended with 20,008 cp.) I spent a lot of time at war; I had a lot of elite victories, though I didn't track them (or anything else, really). I've either got to get on better terms with the RNG or give up on fast 20Ks.
  9. Lanzelot

    Lanzelot Moderator Moderator

    Jun 25, 2007
    Holy cow, that must have been quite a difficult game!! I had looked at the start screenshot, when the game came out, and I said to myself "Two wheat and lot's of hills, that looks like a nice 20K game! Monarch shouldn't be that difficult either, perhaps a 1600 date is possible?!"
    Never expected it would take all of you until 1800! :eek: (Even with 18 MGLs -- more than I got in my entire life... :D) But I guess having Monty as a neighbor spoiled everything... No way to keep him happy with little gifts, embassy and RoP, until you have your defenses up?
  10. Raliuven

    Raliuven Emperor

    Jun 21, 2010
    I think the spread of luxuries - and deficiency thereof - was made it really difficult. Because of the land placement it was impossible to trade until sea/ocean squares were available and by the time reliable routes were available, there wre no luxuries for sale amongst the AI. I was going to do a tech for lux trade and be peaceful, but that ended up being untenable.

    Of course my position was not helped by the fact that my first major invasion was the viking island with NO luxuries at all or that even conquering the Arabs with their 2 luxuries didn't bring relief until Astro. I should have beelined straight to Astro rather than MT and life would have been easier. My idea had been to go MT and trade up to Astro; that didn't go so well.
  11. JonathanValjean

    JonathanValjean Porschephile

    Oct 26, 2002
    Charlottesville, VA, USA
    Greetings to my fellow GOTM players!

    Well, after spending a great deal of my already almost non-existent Civ-playing time on the C3C India Deity game, I almost waited too long to tackle the the challenge of playing the Ottomans with their fearsome Sips. In fact, because the game was archipelago, I almost forewent it altogether; however, because commanding Sips can be so much fun and because I hadn't done so in such a long time, I decided to give it a whirl. As I started the game with less than 48 hours left on the clock, the result is a very hastily played game--after a full day of work on Friday and on five hours sleep, I played feverishly for six hours to submit the game in time. So, although perhaps my military strategizing should not be emulated (;)), my campaign for world domination did prove successful. Gotta love those Sips! :goodjob:

    Because I played the game in a such rushed manner, I didn't take many (errhmm... any) notes, but the order of my "conquests" were as follows:

    1) Aztecs (With Swords and Archers)
    2) Arabs (With Medieval Infantry and Longbows)
    3) Russia (With Medieval Infantry and Longbows)
    4) Vikings (With Sips)
    5) Spain (With Sips)
    6) Zula (With Sips) (In progress at the end of the game)
    7) France (With Sips) (Had just begun the invasion when domination criteria were reached)

    I was lucky enough to get three great leaders, and with those leaders, I rushed the FP in my new core (unfortunately, it was fairly late, around 1230AD or so), built a Sip army (that I used only once, for it was very late in the game and I was unable to transport it before the game was over), and rushed Newton's University. I also built a couple of wonders brick by brick: Leanardo's Workshop (to make upgrading horsemen-->sips a much less expensive endeavour) and Magellan's Voyage (to make seafaring a bit quicker).

    Anyway, without further ado, here are the stats:

    Game status: Domination Victory for Ottomans

    Game date: 1405 AD

    Firaxis score: 4329

    Jason score: 7519

    Time played: 12:36:31

    I'm getting married next weekend, but I hope to still participate... some day! :D
  12. Megalou

    Megalou Thez worlds are not enuf

    Jan 22, 2002

    I made an attempt at diplo and I would have made the deadline but...

    Settled a ring at RCP 4 which meant that about half of the core towns would reach size 12 and the others about 9-11.

    I kept a minimum of troops for financial reasons, eradicating the Aztecs in the ancient age and early middle ages with an average of 9-11 swordsmen. Actually only one town produced military. No leader, which keeps me convinced that horsemen are much more effective in producing leaders, but I didn't have the resources to connect horses early on.

    The free techs after gifting Russia were monotheism and engineering. The lack of luxuries remained a problem through a big part of the middle ages. But after theology, education, astronomy, banking and feudalism I made 4 turn research, as I recall. Especially annoying was the fact that France didn't build a single harbour until about 900 AD! Perhaps they had too much other stupid things to build since I singled them out for tech partners and gifted them up all the time. But at least Zululand and Arabia provided ivory, dyes and silks.

    With the surviving veterans of the Aztec war I snatched furs from Spain. The FP was overdue then and there was no town on the starting continent worthy of a palace flip.

    At the very end of the middle ages I used Newton's Academy to kick off a Golden Age for the first, expensive IA techs. Russia or France then reseached Chivalry (not MT, even though they could) for me and I immediately invaded the Vikings. I got one leader and FP was built in Nidaros. Workers were brought over and a small research boost was achieved by the time the GA drew to an end. Then I made sure that the furious Spaniards and the furious Vikings were no more. This marked the end of my military ambitions for sure.

    The IA was characterized by a lot of 5 turn research, as it turned out. It was 5 turns during the golden age and 5 turns during the FP period (excepting a few light weight techs like Scientific Method, of course.) I decided to take a chance and use the two free techs from Darwin for Atomic Theory and Electronics, and NOT for Radio and Fission. (It seems annoying to me that unless you try this you have no use for the scientific trait in the modern era when you go for diplo.)

    Russia being scientific, I had a 7/16 chance of getting Fission. But there is another problem too: Unless you have a leader tucked away and DON'T get Fission you can have one UN prebuild at almost 1000 shields (palace) and one at less than 800 shields (Hoover Dam.) So if you don't get Fission for free and if you haven't micromanaged the 1000 shield prebuild carefully, you will lose many turns. Well, I didn't, I hadn't and I did. I had to build SETI program and start a new palace prebuild.

    Disilliusioned, I continued into the 1100s AD. When UN completion was near at hand, I was distracted by some Zulu forces landing in my territory. I forgot to switch the prebuild, and built PALACE. I'd had enough. Gah. But perhaps this attempt will be an incitement to play a few more GOTMs in the months to come.
  13. PaperBeetle

    PaperBeetle Emperor

    Aug 23, 2004
    I don't quite get what happened here, though of course I'm familiar with the general problem. If you have both a 1000-shield palace build and an 800-shield backup build, what's the need for micro? You'd take SETI with the palace and UN with the backup build as soon as Fission reasearch completed, wouldn't you?
    If you haven't got a backup build, but do still have a 600 or 800 shield wonder available, you can use that to dump some shields from your palace prebuild, e.g. switch the build to Smith then switch it back to palace, during the interturn when you go modern.
  14. Megalou

    Megalou Thez worlds are not enuf

    Jan 22, 2002
    The extent of my sloppiness goes beyond the scope of the conscientious C3 player: I had already built Hoover Dam and Economics was unknown. The problem was my carelessness and ultimately my lack of playing time at decent hours.
  15. Lanzelot

    Lanzelot Moderator Moderator

    Jun 25, 2007

    (Sorry, Megalou, I know I am very mean.... :devil: But that really made me laugh... ;))

    Kind of like in one of my 20K games when I finally got an MGL, sent it to the 20K city in order to rush a wonder -- and then accidentally clicked the "Build Army" button... [pissed] (I already had the HE...))
  16. Megalou

    Megalou Thez worlds are not enuf

    Jan 22, 2002
    Yes, Dear Sir Knight, I recognize doing that as well. But all the more sizu for GOTM 115. Hm, I wonder when it will be up...

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