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GOTM118 - First Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of the Month' started by civ_steve, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. civ_steve

    civ_steve Chieftain Retired Moderator GOTM Staff

    Mar 25, 2002
    formerly Santa Clarita, California

    GOTM 118 - First spoiler, Rome, the Ancient Age

    Reading Requirements:

    1. Must be able to research a Middle Ages Technology.

    Posting restrictions

    1. Feel free to discuss distant contacts and trades, but be discreet about locations or directions of any AI.
    2. No discussion of middle-ages (or later) including resource locations.
    3. AS ALWAYS, do not post Spoiler information for ANY other 'X'OTM contest.

    I had a little fun with the map setup for the game - did you find it, what did you do about it (if anything) and did it cause any problems (I can only hope! :cool: ) Otherwise, how about your other game details. Rome, vs Monarch civs, on Pangaea - should be about as much competition as the lions had in the Coliseum!
  2. Megalou

    Megalou Thez worlds are not enuf

    Jan 22, 2002
    Hi, Yes it was a rather neat twist to have barbs stream in from the mountains - potentially so, because I had little trouble with those barbs. A legionary on a mountain has a defence of 6 so two of them were enough to clear out the "indigenous" camps and the scum that were dwelling there. The barb risings were tough though and the pestering barb galleys. I'll be back with more when I can write from my game computer.
  3. donsig

    donsig Low level intermediary

    Mar 6, 2001
    Rochester, NY
    I cleared out the mountain peninsula with archers and a spear. No sign of barb risings. I used Rome to build settlers and archer which handled the barbs nicely. Used my Golden Age to enter the middle ages. Declared war on the Celts then got some extra war happiness when Babylon and the Arabs declared war on me after I refused their extortionate demands. The Golden Age is still active at 10 AD and I'm using the extra hammers to build courthouses and markets.
  4. Quintillus

    Quintillus Civ III Forum Resident Supporter

    Mar 17, 2007
    I expanded south initially, towards the fertile land across the desert (but ignoring the desert), and that ultimately proved to be a bad idea when the barbarians started an uprising both from the desert and from the mountains. I'd just connected my Iron and built a couple legions, but it was quickly disconnected, and I was left with about 7 legions (most being built) and a scraggly bunch or Spearmen plus a Horseman to fight the barbarians. The sacking of Rome cost me the Great Library, and Neapolis was sent back to the Dark Ages. However, Neapolis also absorbed most of the barbarians, which allowed me to get some Legions onto the mountains. In retrospect, I probably should have made getting a Spearman there a priority, but early on the number of barbarians didn't seem suspiciously bad for Raging.
  5. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    Predator class
    Conquest target

    I found the starting location quite inviting and founded Rome in
    place. I was rewarded by the possibility of a 6 x 10 combo six-turn
    settler factory. I started by researching Pottery and then on towards
    The Republic. I built one Warrior before the Granary. The Granary was
    finished in 3000 BC at the perfect population of 4.6 for the factory,
    but the first three cycles were 4, 6 and 8 turns, respectively,
    featuring an early Settler. From the third cycle onwards, 3 x 10
    shields were available for unit builds, the first being used for a
    Barracks and a Warrior. The two regular Warriors from before the
    Barracks served as military police in the capital and were later

    4000 BC Found Rome
    2670 BC Found Veii
    2470 BC Found Antium
    2150 BC Found Cumae
    1910 BC Found Neapolis
    1675 BC Found Pompeii
    1650 BC Connect Silks
    1525 BC Found Pisae
    1350 BC Found Ravenna
    1150 BC Found Hispalis
    1150 BC Connect Ivory
    1075 BC Found Viroconium
    1025 BC Connect Horses
    _975 BC Found Lutetia
    _900 BC Found Byzantium​

    This part of the game was about fast expansion and self-research. I
    met the Celts pretty early in 3250 BC and realised we were fairly
    disconnected from the rest. I had more space for expansion than I had
    Settlers and, prefering to expand to the north on the Grasslands, used
    a Slave-built Colony to connect Ivory in the southwest.

    City placement was RCP4 around the capital and then also RCP4 around
    the designated Forbidden Palace city of Antium to the north-west by
    the Cattle. I counted on having to hang on to Rome for quite some time
    given the distances. All the RCP4 cities would be on rank 1.

    I sent Archers towards the Barbarians in the north thinking this was
    the connection to the other side and earned a few elite promotions. As
    I saw that it was a dead end, I started training elite troops more
    systematically, but eventually all the mountain camps were gone.

    4000 BC Discover Alphabet
    3450 BC Discover Pottery
    3250 BC Learn Warrior Code
    3250 BC Learn Ceremonial Burial
    2390 BC Discover Writing
    2350 BC Learn Mysticism
    2350 BC Learn Bronze Working
    1910 BC Discover Philosophy​

    Lacking contacts I had to rely on my own research, which went quite
    well. I sent Warriors south and then south-east and eventually met
    (they traded contacts and met me) the lot, which was rather advanced
    at the time.

    3250 BC Meet Celts
    1425 BC Meet Greece
    1425 BC Meet Babylon
    1225 BC Meet Ottomans
    1225 BC Meet Mongols
    1225 BC Meet Korea
    1225 BC Meet China
    1225 BC Meet Aztecs
    1225 BC Meet Arabia​

    This led to a new set of traded technologies and I could buy three
    World Maps giving me a fairly complete picture. I continued research
    towards The Republic.

    1425 BC Learn The Wheel
    1425 BC Learn Masonry
    1375 BC Learn Map Making
    1225 BC Learn Iron Working
    1225 BC Learn Horseback Riding
    1000 BC Discover The Republic
    1000 BC Learn Polytheism
    1000 BC Learn Literature​

    At this stage I had amassed some wealth from trading and started
    establishing embassies in preparation for phony wars once in
    Republic. I had kept the Goody Hut on the Iron Mountain until research
    was completed and got Literature from it. This technology was already
    known to some AI's. I got two turns of Anarchy.

    1050 BC Embassy Ottomans
    1050 BC Embassy Greece
    1050 BC Embassy Celts
    1050 BC Embassy Babylon
    1050 BC Embassy Aztecs
    1050 BC Embassy Arabia
    1025 BC Embassy Mongols
    1000 BC Pop Hut Technology
    1000 BC Establish Anarchy
    1000 BC Embassy Korea
    1000 BC Embassy China
    _950 BC Establish Republic
    _900 BC War Mongols
    _900 BC War Arabia
    _900 BC PT/A Ottomans v. Arabia
    _900 BC PT/A China v. Mongols​

    The Quick Start Challenge statistics were the following:

    10 Cities
    25 Citizens
    _2 Settlers
    11 Workers
    15 Warriors
    _5 Archers
    _2 Galleys
    _4 Barracks
    _2 Granaries
    _9 Contacts​

    I was missing monarcy, mathematics, construction and currency and had
    connected Horses, Ivory and Silks.

    Now, at this time I still hadn't connected Iron, mainly because the
    land to the north wasn't too attractive and Worker turns were dear. I
    also produced Warriors for upgrade, realizing I wouldn't be able to
    afford setting 9 Workers aside for re-connection until later. The next
    phase was the run-up to the War.

    850 BC Build Forbidden Palace in Antium
    750 BC Found Brundisium
    630 BC Found Syracuse
    630 BC Connect Gems
    590 BC Connect Iron
    550 BC Found Palmyra
    470 BC Found Jerusalem​

    Once I had connected Iron and upgraded my Warriors I noted that I paid
    only two gold per shield. Isn't it normally three?

    I turned off research after The Republic and relied on trading,
    reaching the Middle Ages in 470 BC. The AI entered before me on this
    turn triggering massive uprisings, one landing on the mountainous
    peninsula. I could start training elites again! I was able to trade
    for Engineering (for cash) and prolonged my two peace/alliance

    690 BC Learn Mathematics
    470 BC Learn Currency
    470 BC Learn Construction
    470 BC Learn Engineering
    470 BC Learn Monarchy
    470 BC PT/A Ottomans v. Arabia
    470 BC PT/A China v. Mongols
    470 BC Enter Middle Ages​

    All was set for the conquest of the world.
  6. tR1cKy

    tR1cKy taking over the world

    Oct 29, 2003
    Perusia, Roman Empire

    goal is conquest

    The start location was perfect for playing the settler gambit. I founded Rome on the spot and produced a settler immediately. With no 4-turners in sight, i decided to go for a min run on Writing and save the money for later use. Meanwhile, the worker irrigates and roads the moo, then roads and mine a BG and the settler is complete just in time for Rome to reach size 3.

    My initial idea was to build at RCP 4, but after spotting the 2nd moo on the fog i changed my plan and built Veii at RCP 3, in a position where it can exploit both the moos and a silk forest, for a clean 4-turner. At this point the lack of Pottery was a potential problem, but meeting the Celts in 3100 bc solved it in advance.

    City 3 (Antium) was built south and west. By exploiting the two flood plains it became a 5-turns worker factory for the whole AA.

    The Greeks were met in 2150bc. Next turn, Writing is complete as a monopoly tech, allowing me to rake all contacts, tech parity and a good amount of cash. Part of the money is spent on embassies, the rest is saved for upgrading warriors. Research goes on with a max run on Map Making first and Code of Laws after. Meanwhile, it's business as usual in my lands: the 4-turner gets its granary, a RCP is set up, terrain is improved, barracks are built and the military buildup begins.

    After full maps are obtained, i realize that, in spite of being in a Pangea, a good navy and the Great Lighthouse will be a great asset here. Moreover, a precise strategy comes to my mind: leave alone the Celts for the moment, go for Greece and Babylon with the help of a good naval support, hand-build the FP in a core city and then move the capital in the Greek/Babylonian landmass.

    The barbs to the northern mountains provided a useful training ground for my legionaries. After the area was cleared, i had three elite units at my avail. The area was left unguarded to have more barbs pop up and, possibly, more free promotions later :D

    After completing Code of Laws i buy Philosophy from some AS then go full speed to Republic. In 1000 bc the tech is known. I revolt immediately and, with 4 turns of anarchy, decide not to reroll.

    The QSC mark is hit with 13 cities, 35 population units and all the techs except for Currency, Construction and Monarchy. Our unit count reports 13 workers, 2 purchased slaves, 6 warriors, 5 galleys and 15 legionaries. There's a granary in Veii, a harbor in Rome, a few barracks around and nothing else.

    In 950 bc, the first expedition force sets the sails for Greece. In 925 bc Republic is established. Research is stopped to rake money and try to carve a tech from a goody hut in babylonian area that was (inexplicably) left alone till then. The hut only gives 50 gold, so research is resumed at full speed toward Currency.

    In 825 bc, 12 legionaries are landed outside Athens. A settler+warrior pair and a pikeman+warrior pair are found outside. Amazingly, the pikeman did not return to the city but moved away from it, still in killing range. Stupid AS. At the same time, Construction is purchased from the Ottomans. Now only Currency remains to make it into the MA.

    In 800 bc, Athens is captured but my invasion force is miniaturized to 7 legionaries :( On the bright side, three slaves are captured and three more veteran units are now at elite status. A bad SOUR in battle but very favourable outcomes on the promotion side. In the long run, those 3 promotions may be more than enough to compensate for the heavy losses, but for now my fleet must struggle back home to bring in reinforcements. The greek campaign won't be the expected easy walk.

    With golden age now in effect, Currency is due in only 1 turn. Therefore i hit the Middle Ages in 775 bc, an unusually early date for me.

    Tech log:

    4000bc: Alphabet (prerequisite)
    3100bc: Pottery (trade, Celts)
    2150bc: Writing (research); Bronze Working, War Code, Ceremonial Burial, Masonry (Babylon); Wheel (Mongols); Iron Working (Celts); Mysticism (China)
    1750bc: Horse Riding (trade, Celts)
    1625bc: Map Making (research);
    1475bc: Mathematics (Ottomans); Literature (Mongolia);
    1400bc: Code of Laws (research); Philosophy (trade, Mongolia);
    1350bc: Polytheism (trade, Aztecs);
    1000bc: Republic (research);
    _825bc: Construction (trade, Ottomans);
    _775bc: Currency (research);

    Cities until QSC:

    4000bc: Rome
    3350bc: Veii
    2590bc: Antium
    1950bc: Cumae (hooked silks)
    1870bc: Neapolis
    1675bc: Pompeii (hooked gems)
    1600bc: Pisae
    1525bc: Ravenna
    1400bc: Hispalis
    1300bc: Viroconium
    1200bc: Lutetia
    1100bc: Byzantium
    1000bc: Brundisium


    3100bc: Celts
    2190bc: Greece
    2150bc: all the rest

    Here's a shot of my landmass in 1000 bc. Veii, in the center, is the designated FP city.

    This is a shot of the greek/babylonian land at the dawn of the middle ages. Sparta is the designated future capital, sitting in the middle of a RCP 5. Three cities (Athens, Thermopylae, Corinth) will be kept. Delphi will be razed to make room for a harbor city. Uruk will be relocated on the coast and, of course, Ellipi will have to go.


    Attached Files:

  7. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    Wow. Going for high score?
  8. tR1cKy

    tR1cKy taking over the world

    Oct 29, 2003
    Perusia, Roman Empire
    High scores are always welcome :D BTW, i think it's the 4-turner that made the difference here - and, to a lesser extent, the harbor in Rome.

    I'm not paying much attention to score actually. I was more concerned with filling up the homeland ASAP and having some unit support capability for when in republic.
  9. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    Apart from the core strategy, our games are eerily similar.
  10. Megalou

    Megalou Thez worlds are not enuf

    Jan 22, 2002
    Predator/SS effort
    Like Più Freddo, I settled Veii by the second cow at RCP 4, the reason being that I thought it would take quite a long time to move the palace. Tricky's RCP3 and settler factory seems very competent, though, especially since he is going for a military victory. But RCP4 allowed for two towns on the river to the SW, where Tricky had his worker factory. Then again, I was short on workers, perhaps too anxious to make my towns grow.

    Tricky chose Greece for his future second core, while I chose the Celts as my first victim. I imagine that this was because Greece had a better strategic position for quick conquests, while the Celts were effectively closer.

    Some dates:
    3250 - Met my first contact, Greece.
    2700 (c) - Met Celts.
    1350 - Learned Literature
    1325 - Rome built Colossus
    1300 - Happiness war with Aztecs.
    950 - Learned Republic, 3t anarchy
    850 - Entered Middle Ages with only 6 towns(!), with 12 wariors, 8 workers and a settler.
  11. Garvarg

    Garvarg Playing with fire

    Sep 30, 2002
    Toronto, Ontario,Canada
    What the heck, lets try for 20K again, see if anyone beats me by one or two turns again.

    Settle in place.
    I don't usually try 20K games by the water because I like more land for more shields later, but this is probably what kills me in the end, so, lets see how it goes this time.

    Early days
    Palace 4000
    Temple 3050
    Colossus 1625
    Oracle 1000
    Great Library 410
    Library being built

    Have already lost the Pyramids and Great Lighthouse, both were built in 630BC.

    At 410BC I turned off research to see where that took me, and it took me into the Middle ages, barely.
    Still no Republic, and know that I see some nearby iron, its time to build some warriors to upgrade later, and build some more towns to afford them.
    Rome is size 11, should have added a worker.

    Stuck a couple of warriors and a spear up on the mountains to slow the onslaught of barbs.

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