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GOTM151 - Germany Deity - 1st spoiler - End of ancient times

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of the Month' started by Più Freddo, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    This thread is for your reports of events and progress in GOTM 151 Germany Deity up to the date where you are able to research a Medieval tech.

    Do not read or post in this thread until you meet this condition. You may reveal Medieval bonus techs from the end of the last Ancient turn and discuss your plans for continuing the game.

    Please do not post information here relating to later dates, and please only post maps of your home area and no minimaps.
  2. denyd

    denyd Emperor

    Oct 31, 2001
    Chino Hills, CA
    4000 BC - Settler founds Berlin - Research Pottery
    3250 BC - Discover Pottery research Ceremonial Burial
    3100 BC - Settler founds Leipzig
    2750 BC - Discover Ceremonial Burial research Mysticism
    2550 BC - Settler founds Hamburg
    2190 BC - Russia met - Discover Mysticism research Polytheism
    1870 BC - Settler founds Konigsberg starts a Warrior
    1650 BC - Settler founds Frankfurt - Paris completes Pyramids
    1600 BC - Moscow builds the Oracle
    1575 BC - Settler founds Munich
    1525 BC - Settler founds Heidelburg starts a Barracks
    1500 BC - Persia builds Colossus
    1225 BC - Settler founds Nuremberg - Forbidden Palace message
    1175 BC - Vikings is met
    1150 BC - England is met
    1100 BC - Settler founds Hannover - Discover Polytheism research Monarchy - Trade Polytheism to England for The Wheel + Iron Working + Alphabet + WM - Trade Polytheism + Viking Communication to Persia for Horseback Riding + Writing - Trade Russian Contact + Viking Contact to England for Map Making + WM - Trade Russian Contact + WM to Persia for 60g + WM - Trade WM + Polytheism to Vikings for 307g - Trade WM + Polytheism to Russia for WM + 50g - Iron W of Nuremberg - Horses W of Berlin
    1075 BC - Settler founds Bremen starts a Harbor
    925 BC - France is met - Trade Polytheism to France for Code of Laws + Literature + 225g
    875 BC - Settler founds Bonn
    850 BC - India is met - Trade 110g to India for Philosophy
    730 BC - Korea is met
    710 BC - Settler founds Salzburg - Settler founds Dortmund
    630 BC - Settler founds Brandenburg
    610 BC - France builds Great Library
    590 BC - England builds Great Wall
    570 BC - Discover Monarchy research Mathematics - Trade Monarchy to England for Mathematics + Silks + Furs + WM + 450g - Trade Monarchy to Vikings for Construction + WM - Begin Revolution to Monarchy with 5 turns of Anarchy - Research Currency
    530 BC - Iron connected to Trade Network
    490 BC - Settler founds New Berlin
    470 BC - Revolt to Monarchy is complete
    430 BC - Trade Monarchy to Persia for Currency + WM + 145gand enter the Middle Ages getting Monotheism - Trade Monotheism + 375G + WM to Persia for Engineering - Research Theology

    Short term plans are to build a stack (20-30) Swords/MDI and smash southern Russia with luck getting a GL to allow for an Army. I realize the PTW armies are kind of wimpy, but the do serve a a solid deterrent for a stack of units. I looks like Moscow would make a nice site for my Forbidden Palace, so hoping to get a GL for that during the destruction of Russia. With luck I will have time to take out the Vikings before anyone else can get a couple of cities on the island. Already England has on NW of Berlin. Long term, not sure how I'm going to handle the rapid tech pace once everyone has met and swaps techs like crazy. Hoping pick the less desirable path (Theology, Education, Banking then Chemistry & Physics) to get get to the IA then get to SciMeth first and use ToE to get tradeable techs. If any of the AI goes wild (France & India are setup for that to happen) it will be very tough to keep up with them.
  3. templar_x

    templar_x usually walks his talks

    Jun 15, 2008
    on a learning curve
    Worker to cow, irrigate

    Early builds:
    Warrior, worker, granary

    4000 settle in place
    3700 warrior findes furs to the north
    3650 worker
    3500 expansion already shows first barb :eek:
    IBT: and he immediately enters culture!!!
    3450 I have to switch from gran-prebuild to warrior 
    IBT: barbs really step next to capital!
    3400 defender hardly wins, and the next barb is there!
    IBT this time a clear victory.
    3300 no more barbs visible ATM
    3250 POT in, switch to gran
    2900 gran in
    2750 first settler
    2710 just in time see the nice 2nd town location to the SW
    2670 combo factory operational (i had to rest it for 1 turn, not very elegant…)
    2630 found 3SW
    2550 more barbs from the west now 
    2510 barb plunders 2nd town for my last piece of gold
    2390 first barb horse already, by the capital again!
    Settle 3rd town by the wheat
    IBT: barb horse attacks and loses, still no promotion
    2310 Alpha in
    I decide to have 2 warriors and 2 workers from the cap in this shift
    2270 found 3NW: i need ships out. From Piu´s description i would have imagined there is some contact on our start land, however, it doesn´t seem like that by now.
    Arghhh, stupid me forgot we do have no curraghs…
    2070 great, a third barb nest in the north…
    See pink borders to the north
    1990 found 1N2NE
    1910 i lose my first unit to barbs
    1870 another town sacking
    But much worse than this, a :) :) :) :):) :) :) :):) :) :) :):) :) :) :)ing horse goes after my exploring warrior and kills it before he can make contact with France!!!!!
    2nd granary finished
    1750 found by the western cow
    1725 WF operational
    1700 plunder first barb camp, connect first lux
    Writing in
    1675 can reduce to 10% lux
    Another barb killed, still no promotion… ain´t we MIL? ;)
    1650 meet France, and this is quite the killer… no chance to trade anything.
    1600 India obviously bought contact with me, but no trade options either
    1525 first promotion
    1400 2nd lux connected
    1375 MM in
    Only when I start trading I see that Russia also bought contact with me.
    I get contact with the Vikes, CB, then realize that I must be on a landmass with the Vikes!!! Coz i can trade for a worker from them… strange. Plus lot of other techs, and gold, and maps.
    1350 continue with Lit.
    1250 meet English, trade for contact with Persia, otherwise nearly par
    1175 Lit in
    Seeing the path to the other half of my starting landmass, I also see ivory! Nice, even another lux ;)
    1150 buy last contact with Korea
    But damn, France and India have Maths and my assumed monopoly tech Lit…grrr.
    I continue with Philo.
    1075 Philo ready, I can trade for CoL and Maths, gift Maths around, now own all the money and techs in the world

    1000bc QSC stats:
    13 towns, 44 pop
    All contacts, all embassies
    1 settler, 20 workers, 14 warriors, 2 archers, 2 galleys
    3 grans, 4 libs, 3 rax
    663 gold, 177 land
    Research on Republic

    850 through my first harbour, i can already trade with the AI… for once they decided to build harbours themselves!
    See the English landed a settler on my land 
    750 Republic in, immediately revolt. First roll gives 4 turns, i stay with that.
    730 Con and Curr around but no Poly… rare situation.
    Since I want everyone´s free tech I risk not to trade yet, waiting for Poly still.
    690/670 enter Republic
    630 self-research of Poly -> trades!
    All three scientifics draw Eng *grrr*
    I draw Feud
    Research on Inv
    See a tundra tile on the equator 

    I want to rush to cavs and rule the world with them. GA will have to go through wonders then, no idea how to do that yet.

  4. hth

    hth Warlord

    Oct 13, 2009
    In my game it is near Kiev so I assume this is Tchernobyl. :)

    btw nice map
  5. Megalou

    Megalou Thez worlds are not enuf

    Jan 22, 2002
    It's fun to play a game of Civ3 again although I'm struggling to find the time. I've managed to avoid big mistakes and that half mistake, half bad luck move that is special for Civ, but I've made a big number of small mistakes. The line-up of civs spurred me towards a scientific effort, and I met those civs in the following years:

    English 825 BC
    Indians 1100 BC
    Vikings 2030BC
    Russians 2430BC. Traded Masonry for Alphabet
    French 1100 BC
    Koreans 1100 BC?
    Persians 825 BC

    Science route: pottery, alphabet, writing (1750, Traded around), literature (traded around).

    These are all the notes I took. I'm hoping for a lot of tech trades. My military ambitions stretch no farther than (drum roll) Poland..., er no, I mean someone else entirely, the goal being a second core.

    At the dawn of the second age I managed to bag all the three first tier techs.

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