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GOTM151 - Germany Deity - Final spoiler - Game submitted

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of the Month' started by Più Freddo, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    This is the thread where you tell us how you did - win, lose or retire.

    Only read or post in this thread when your game is ended and successfully submitted.
  2. templar_x

    templar_x usually walks his talks

    Jun 15, 2008
    on a learning curve
    850 through my first harbour, i can already trade with the AI… for once they decided to build harbours themselves!
    See the English landed a settler on my land 
    750 Republic in, immediately revolt. First roll gives 4 turns, i stay with that.
    730 Con and Curr around but no Poly… a rare situation.
    Since I want everyone´s free tech I risk not to trade yet, waiting for Poly still.
    690/670 enter Republic
    630 self-research of Poly -> trades!
    All three scientifics draw Eng *grrr*
    I draw Feud
    Research on Inv
    See a tundra tile on the equator 

    I develop the plan that I could take the GLib as a SCI wonder, which stands in Persian Susa, in the turn when I finish Leo´s. This will trigger my GA, even before I reach MT! All the AIs are 2 techs away from Leo´s when I start it. Will it suffice? I hope.
    Re the FP I plan to set it up in France. We´ll see how this plan works out.

    330 AIs have Feud
    310 GP in, i see we have salt
    130 another one has reached Inv :eek: and immediately traded it to everyone. 7 turns to Leo´s, now it´s a run.
    IBT: only now i realize we do not only have Angela Merkel but also „We love the Mutti“-Days! 
    10 my 11 horses attack the GLib town… losing only 1 horse and with some retreats, i kill 3 pikes and take the town.
    IBT Leo´s completes, GA starts!

    Destroy GLib town.
    50 MET in
    70 IBT: my expeditionary force gets annihilated 
    Game crashes 
    150 MT in
    190 fully prepared war against France starts
    210 take Paris with Pyras, losses quite high + France had reached musketeers and GA
    IBT: Russia declares after i refuse MT… what a pity, they owed me over 100gpt for many more turns
    230 harbour connects Nova Germania
    4 cavs in a row lose against reg spears :crazy:
    260 first MGL
    270 MGL rushed FP
    France reduced to 1 city
    310 France last town taken, but must have settler somewhere
    I sneak-attack England
    And also make some progress against Russia
    Instigate world war, except for India.
    320 GA over. Last figures were like 400spt and 900gpt
    I have no clue what to do with the 2nd MGL really… i decide to bring it back to the new 2nd core and rush some 100s-building with him.
    330 all luxes connected
    340 i sink one French ship, but they are still in the game
    350 last English town taken, but they also are still cruising in their ships
    430 last Russian and Persian towns taken too, but they also are still in the game.
    Take Minsk with Hanging Gardens
    Ignite war against Vikes and India
    450 again have all 8 luxes
    460 French destroyed
    470 English destroyed
    TGLight captured
    Reach 1000gpt
    490 Persia destroyed (now Russians as the 4th civ with settler on boats left, i already sank a few)
    520 with lots of new settlements, another short war against India, last pieces of progress against Ragnar and some culture IBT I should win this turn.
    IBT victory window
    I wanted to go through all of the towns for a last time but accidentally hit space :wallbash:

    A great Deity game, definitely played out far from perfect by me, but I liked it!

    E vics
    IIIII IIIII II 1st MGL in 260ad
    IIIII IIIII I 2nd MGL in 320ad
    IIIII I 3rd MGL in 350ad
    IIIII IIIII IIIII III 4th MGL in 390ad
    IIII 5th MGL in 400ad
    IIIII III 6th MGL in 410ad
    IIII 7th MGL in 420ad
    IIII 510ad
    I 510ad

    So many MGLs and so little to do with them 

  3. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    They're getting ever scarcer, I hear. Glad you liked the game!
  4. denyd

    denyd Emperor

    Oct 31, 2001
    Chino Hills, CA
    That was a grinder ... over 80 hours of play time with a Spaceship victory. I probably could have shortened that by trying for a UN vote, but I had been at war with 4 of the remaining 7 AI and wasn't convinced that a vote would go my way. I then thought about going to Conquest but after spending the last week killing France, decided it was better to just finish. A turn that involves 30 Artillery, 30+ Bombers and then a 50+ MA stack attack to kill just one city was what changed my mind on victory condition. While this was a Diety game, thanks to the designer I actually had a chance to win. Getting time to build a core, then being able to kill off Russia (getting an MGL along the way to rush the FP in Moscow) and then the Vikings. Persia was next thanks to a ROP & MA with England, though she got most of the cities.

    All in all, a very enjoyable game. Thanks to the designer & the administrators for a fun time and all of their hard work.
  5. Megalou

    Megalou Thez worlds are not enuf

    Jan 22, 2002
    A very inspiring game, for the most part!

    Nothing dramatic happened in the AA. I had decided on RCP4 and 7. I don't regret that choice, knowing also that there would eventually be room for more uncorrupted cities around the FP. (I am usually too soft for palace flips, unless I am dealing with a really awful starting location.)

    Writing 1750 BC. Traded to my only contacts Russia and Vikings. The fact that they couldn’t subsequently trade Polytheism from someone else told me that we are probably 3 civs on this landmass, not more. Now, looking at templar_x's spoiler, it seems like Polytheism was also very unpopular in this game. But I was finally able to trade it for Currency with the strong French, to enter MA in 610 BC. The French remained a powerful trading partner but unfortunately their long standing ambition to crush India was to divert them from their research ambitons for a large part of the Medieval and Industrial ages.

    The barbarian uprising caused little problems, for once, since the nearest barb camp was situated pretty far from my core. I just made sure that my tech trade revenues were invested in rushed libraries (mainly) so that the barbs only got peanuts, or rather, only the lees of the delicious Rieslings and Spätburgunders that my rural provinces had produced.

    As stated in the first spoiler, I was lucky enough to get all three first tier techs of the ancient age. I then beelined for Military Tradition, in order to eventually achieve a comfortable conquest of England. It was a tough decision to go all the way to Military Tradition even though I was going for a scientific victory. It is true that I got to trade both Theology and Education, but that happened pretty late which meant that universities were available quite late.

    Also, the fact that a task force of just 10-12 cavalry (compensatory builds, accounting for rare losses, put the total number of cavalries built at around 20) could tear down England completely, makes me believe that it would have been quite possible and more profitable to use knights instead, at an earlier stage.

    That said, it took a long time to completely wipe out England (they being a seafaring nation at heart, apparently) which was something I wanted to do to avoid flips in cities like London. (I had founded an FP town by getting and saving a MGL very close to London.) So England was around until the early 500s AD.

    380 AD – Industrial Age. I get Nationalism and am able to trade Medicine, but I must self-research Steam Power.

    420 AD – Newton’s and Golden Age! This was sorely needed since I was nowhere near a 4 turn tech pace in the early Industrial age.

    450 AD - Aggressive movements from Persia. I buy up their cash and prepare to destroy their rep. by signing an MPP. They declare war next turn, of course. I hurry and scramble up troops but there is still English resistance. The 460 AD turn reveals a huge number of Persian knights which they really kept me in the dark about during their initial trespassing!

    490 AD – The northern parts of my second, fledgling core is being overrun by the Persians. On the bright side, they decide to sack London, which gives me one extra chance to defend my FP town New Leipzig - see pic. below. If they had decided to capture London instead, it would have come with the territory needed to reach my FP town and annihilate my FP which would have been really troublesome.

    After the unfortunate-fortunate sacking of London, the tide turns and we regain control of the northern English core area. But we don't have the resources to attack the Persian core.

    540 AD – Peace with Persia. We have won area-wise, but mainly by gaining useless or half-useless towns.

    550 AD – England finally destroyed. I feared flips and so never made peace. Instead, London was destroyed by Persia largely because of the slow development of the core and the low troops per town ratio in the captured English area.

    No more wars in this game until the very end, when in 1070 AD I ally everyone against Persia and get them all up to gracious, scoring a diplomatic win. This was preceded by some frustration, as I had problems reaching a 4 turn pace through the entire Industrial age, was too unfocused to break the 1000 AD victory date and then a little unlucky not to get Fission even though there were still four scientific civs around.

    RCP4 and 7 was a powerful setup, but corruption at the deity level seemed so high that the RCP7 towns were pretty weak until late in the game.

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  6. hth

    hth Warlord

    Oct 13, 2009
    bc 3300 second city
    3200 develop Pot
    2950 delay granary prod due chopping misstep :(
    2670 granary produced
    2430 factory operational
    2350 3 & 4 cities founded
    2270 develop Alf
    1830 first horsebarb appear & attack city - these 'roaming' barbs look very scary
    1725 Rus warr appears
    1675 meet Vik warr too
    1650 develop Wri
    trade it for Irw+Whl+Hrs
    1625 1st world wonder - PYR completed in Paris // what a speed! :o
    1375 start prebuild in Cologne with very small chance of success
    1125 surprise contact with FRA by simply walking to the shore... :o
    trade contacts for Map+Phi+CoL+Mys + comm_Ind + maps & gold
    1100 on sample of Hamburg learn about fresh water requirment for proper 4-turner
    1025 1st galley produced in Cologne (no GLt, certainly)
    1000 QSC: 17twn 41pop 1stl 10wrk 13war3arc1spr2hrs 14tch $=887
    RCP 3,6
    925 Eng galley appears
    surprisingly English quite advanced
    850 that galley has sanked by barbs, haha!
    800 give comm_Eng for comm_Per + Mat+Pol+Lit + $, $=1646
    750 found New Konigsberg at 1ne from wines on isthmus between Ind & Fra lands
    expeditionary galley sunked by barbs after unloading
    710 meet Kor: backward isolated civ
    650 develop Rep & revolt
    forget assign clowns (unrest in largest cties) & forget again how reroll trick works
    but get quite lucky 4t
    630 Rus demands spices... and gets it.
    570 REPUBLIC est.
    530 GrL completed by Eng
    530 first war planned with Eng
    370 Fra+Eng gets Rep
    // from this point and up to IndAge AIs do a lot unfitting to me research actions :(
    310 at least slowpokes gets Cur...
    get it for Rep
    == MIDLLE AGE ==
    get Eng as bonus, but Rus gets it too... :(
    make embassies, $= 2392
    290 Per enters MA, get Eng too and traded it to all AIs exc backward Kor :(
    190 these deity bastards able to develop Feu for 7t, much faster than me :(
    170 develop Feu by own & stop research
    connect iron, 33war11spr waiting for upgrade, but only 2gal available
    Berlin start prebuild for LeW, but chances are small
    bc 50 DoW Eng, get Per to alliance as is // doubtful move
    top AIs gets Inv
    5pik6med1arc landed to mountains at Newcastle
    ad 30 pillage Eng iron & buy Rus alliance (because Rus main and only iron exporter)
    ad 50 Per capture GLb in Nottingham // only wonder with sci trait until NwU
    70 get Chi+Inv from AIs for relatively cheap price (1lux+23gpt)
    but no much gold left for costly knight upgrades, $=443
    90 London captured
    110 top AIs gets GPw // terrific speed :o
    130 capture York (GrW) before Per do it :)
    270 buy GPw+Teo for 2lux
    280 throw away reckless plan of capturing GLb from Per and decide to wait NwU
    290 start pre for NwU
    310 LeW completed by Ind :(
    last centers of Eng resistance are supressed, so troops begins gather to London - Coventry line, for dealing with Per field army
    330 give Eng peace for Ast+Ban
    take Mus from Per
    350 Berlin completed JSB // better than Sis...
    360 DoW Per, eleminate their 6kni12imr2spr in field
    370 got 1st leader, (18ew) spent on FP in London
    430 economy is strong, making +213gpt at 9-0-1 (with -63 tribute and -64 army maint)
    450 capture Persepolis
    AIs not interested in ToG, getting crap like Ecn instead :(
    give Ind draconians 2lux+113gpt for Chm+Phy
    set 2-7-1 to ToG 377/8t -210gpt $=1220
    because Heidelburg in 5-6t from 400s prebuild
    530 NeW at least completed.
    == GA == // very costly GA, Ind are gained too much profit from it :(
    +456gpt at max
    Fra & Ind enters Industrial
    560 Per destroyed
    620 develop Mil in monopoly mode, but in same turn spot rifles in Fra :(
    650 DoW Fra
    buy all civs to alliance
    660 develop Mgn, get Ste as bonus
    no Coal in Ger+Eng+Per lands // quite evil, Piu... good thing Fra owns 2
    give Ind Ste for Nat
    got 2nd leader (33ew), hurry Smt
    +671gpt at max
    670 Rus gets Mgn and enters IndA, getting Med, traded it for Ste with Ind,
    and share only 1 roaded excess of coal with them!
    damn, still no RR for me
    Paris captured (Pyr, Hgr) with much blood (7cavs dead)
    720 capture Lyons (MgE) and at least I get COAL
    730 sell Mil for everyone for $ and Med
    800 Ind gets San // another pain for me
    820 Fra destroyed
    next target - superpowered Ind, but in next turn they signed MPP with Rus
    give Vik MPP for keeping 2lux trade
    850 army reached 24rfl 62cavs but nevertheless still average to Ind...
    give Rus 230gpt+MPP for Cmn (Dunno which MPP game choose, but i can try...)
    870 DoW Ind (breaking 120x5 THEIR tribute deal - no rep hit for me)
    got 3rd leader (28ew), make 1st cav army
    and after Ind "agression" to my cultural border Rus DoW them!
    // so no matter who signed MPP first
    Vik DoW Ind also because MPP
    buy Kor alliance for very cheap price
    900 Kor lands spr+med in my home island and refuse to leave, stupid fools...
    they be next target after Ind
    920 4rd leader (16ew) (to 2nd cav army)
    940 5rd leader (2ew!) (3rd cav army)
    1010 6th leader (17ew), spent on USf
    numbers in which USf reduce WW points are PATHETIC imho
    1020 7th leader (<10ew)
    1080 Ind destroyed, WW reset
    1100 invasion to Kor begin
    1130 develop ScM, hurry ToE
    got 8th leader (no matter)
    1140 discover RpP, Crp by ToE
    sell Crp for $ for Rus & Vik
    1150 Kor destroyed
    initially I aimed for conquest, but at this point I have nor time nor power to continue this game
    so I just sit and wait for cultural borders expand to dom lim
    1180 (in addition to capturing of two last Eng cities)

    P.S. Despite my final tiredness I still consider this map as very good for GotM. It hard to be lost fast and hard to be win fast. But may be for 1st game on deity level it will be better for me to military lose on some pangea map...

    My 9 second ring cities at 6 distance producing quite good, losing less than 1/3 shields and commerce (under celebration). But 2nd ring cities around FP in London at distance 9 was corrupted on 95% at least.

    Look at your save - seen a complete mess in your 2nd core around FP. 2,3,4 distances... but nevertheless, they all produce with very low corruption! And even ones at 7,8 produce quite something... Perhaps I should re-read articles about RCP carefully.
  7. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    @hth: Cities surrounding the FP are compared with the city closest to the Palace, so placing them at different distances smaller than this is just fine.
  8. hth

    hth Warlord

    Oct 13, 2009
    Thanks! So for the case of tight home core it is always worth consider PJ.
  9. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    I think the most efficient scheme is this: A home core at RCP3, in which the FP is built early brick by brick in the one of the inner cities which is most central to good lands. Most of this ring, including the original Capital, is then within five tiles from the FP city. Then use a Leader to create a RCP5 (or more!) second core, which can often be acquired from an AI tribe as is. The setbacks are that the second ring of the first core is limited by the FP city and its free-space needs, that the good part of this second ring gets corrupt after the jump and that RCP5-placed cities on the backside of the FP city are corrupt before the jump takes place.
  10. denyd

    denyd Emperor

    Oct 31, 2001
    Chino Hills, CA
    My normal plan for PTW get a warrior/scout out early to open up the local map and then decide between a first circle of 3-4-5 and then get that settled while deciding on the next level which almost always is 8-9. For my second core, I like to wait a bit until I find a neighbor with a nice location for my FP. I attack and raze all their cities (giving me a free work force) then settle my new FP city (I might use the old neighbors capital if that have a Wonder) and use a GL to hurry the FP. Then begin settling cites using the same logic as for the capital. I find that Dianthus' CRP Rings program very helpful for planning my city placement to maximize city count and when possible locating on fresh water to allow me to skip building aqueducts. There used to be an article on the forum on how to settle in rings, I think by SirPleib. That's the source of all of my wisdom.
  11. hth

    hth Warlord

    Oct 13, 2009
    Più Freddo, quite complex technique. Can you supply some examples from GotM database?

    denyd - I know only about [URL="http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=57026]this[/URL] article, it is no SirPleb's definitely, but in War Academy section. Btw itself it is contain only bare basics.
  12. denyd

    denyd Emperor

    Oct 31, 2001
    Chino Hills, CA
  13. hth

    hth Warlord

    Oct 13, 2009
    So, it's the same )

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