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GOTM201 spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Jokemaster, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Hey all, just letting you know that I won`t be posting for GOTM201. My original intention was to EC after a spell in early Republic. Unfortunately, my Chinese destroyed the Romans and Indians, which stole my EL options (no key civ) and my Greeks built Sun Tzu in the late BCs (which screwed up my EC plans) I was planning on doing trade with Chinese, which had Colossus, to catch back up: but I got a Navigation hut at the worst time. My cities were almost all size2 when that happened, in the early ADs. Decided to call it quits right then. Wouldn`t have had fun playing it.

    Should have played OCC. It`s a seaborne location, connected to the ocean... oh well.
  2. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    Pfff, 2 weeks later I got into the AD years, finally clicked into this thread, just to read about your misfortune! Sorry about that! I had been in the same position in previous GOTMs, Ali had said there would still be fun and challenge in turning such a game around, didn't convince me though.

    My game went a lot better, I didn't have any clear plan in the beginning (except for not doing OCC) and didn't bother with black-clicking either. I just kept Ali's remark in mind about the 4-special-site nearby, which might be suitable for SSC. I once again encountered the pyramids-dilemma: By the time you could build them, you don't need them since happiness wonders are more important. By the time you could need them, you cannot build them because someone else already has! Not sure if it is worth to try conquering them now...

    Log until 1050 BC (forgot to make saves at the usual breakpoints, stats and plan were added later on):
    -4000 Move SE
    -3950 Babylon founded, warrior for exploration first, then size1-settler
    -3900 Research laws (obviously)
    -3750 Warrior uncovers whale, change of plans for doubled science, no s1, another warrior to explore north
    -3600 Laws->Monarchy
    -3550 50g from hut
    -3200 25g
    -3100 settler built
    -3050 Monarchy (hm, surprise, but highly welcome; rev.+est.)->Writing
    -3000 Nomads from mountain hut, sweet! Will work on terrain
    -2750 Ur founded at 4-special-site
    -2500 Writing->Bronze
    -2300 Nineveh founded
    -2050 Ashur founded; WC from hut

    Stats at 1950BC:
    pop.: 80k; Cities: 4; techs: 6; gold: 48; Gov.: Mon; wonders: -; TR: 0D/0F
    units: 2 settler, 2 warrior
    Goals: expand & explore; Marco's

    -1700 Ellipi founded
    -1450 Mapmaking->Currency
    -1400 Explore island 16, not worth founding a city there
    (Greek horse approaches, they demand 50g, denied, war)
    -1300 Bribe Greek horse for 52
    -1250 None-horse from hut (warrior near Thebes); Hail Greeks, sign peace for Mapmaking, no interest in tech exchange
    -1200 Archer from hut (None, near Canton)
    -1150 Currency from hut
    -1100 Research Trade

    Stats at 1050BC:
    pop.: 130k; Cities: 5; techs: 6; gold: 49; Gov.: Mon; wonders: -; TR: 0D/0F
    units: 4 settler, 5 warrior, 1 phalanx, 1 archer, 2 horse, 2 boats, 2 dip
    Goals: expand & explore; Marco's
  3. Giftless

    Giftless Warlord

    Aug 22, 2013
    Might as well add the progress of my game; I don't keep such detailed records but covering the highlights can't hurt.

    - My first four goodie huts picked up a Legion, a NONE settler, Currency, and Bronze Working
    - Similar tech path with Code of Laws --> Monarchy. Game allowed for an instant government switch at the time of revolution.
    - Three Cities at 2250 B.C., built directly on the corn and the buffalo, plus a hill redoubt to the SE to acquire the whale. My placement is a little jacked, but I'm currently researching Masonry and have an early start on wonder construction in buffalo-land (The Colossus will switch over to The Pyramids)

    Pop: 70k, Techs: 6, Gold: 24

    You seem to be a little ahead of me on the Settler curve and in terms of cash, it's going to be interesting to see if I can bounce back from that.
  4. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    Hi Giftless, welcome! Have you ever been playing one of the GOTMs before? I do not think I can remember.

    Keeping a log is not mandatory, but I think it is a great way to keep track on what is happening to compare our games. And also to focus on the game (I think top chess players always write down their turns), and to take a break every now and then and re-think: Where am I going with this? What should my eventual goal? What should be my goal for the next period?

    Yeah, I kind of started missing the pyramids later on (right now close to 1000 AD), but I had prioritized other stuff first, and if the AI builds it first (and also is your ally and most important trading partner) there is not much you can do about it at the moment.
  5. Giftless

    Giftless Warlord

    Aug 22, 2013
    Hey Major, I don't believe I've played a GOTM to completion before? I'm usually not big on the one-city challenges or arctic maps, but I do like games with interesting geography where I end up with about 40 cities.

    Yes, it's very chess-like to record your moves! I especially like to consider the special resources in the early game when shaping a strategy.

    Oh, and speaking of different playstyles, is Marco's your first priority for Wonders? That's curious-- I'm so used to playing on Gold edition with the unfriendly A.I. it seems better just to live in a permanent state of war (or no treaties) and use diplomats to steal techs.

    Generally for me I go with a Super Communism approach, so I'll go for Pyramids and SSC Wonders first (such as Colossus, and Hanging Gardens ain't bad since it can kick your capital into celebrations). IMO the main value of Marco is in trading maps with the A.I., so picking it up a little later gives them more time to explore.

    That's rough if you're already locked into an alliance, if you want to really get ahead of the game I'd say capture or bribe the Wonder Cities of the top dogs and only trade with the A.I.'s that are in last place. I've noticed in past games that sending too many caravans to strong opponents will cause them to rubberband and gain a tech lead in the modern age.
  6. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    Hi, I like to play different styles every now and then, inlcuding OCC, huge games, conquests and EL. Usually it ends up in mostly peaceful expansion, a little bit of conquests and launching the biggest spaceship as early as possible.

    Yes, Marco's is usually one of the top priorities, to get some techs and to research the ones the AI do not have and most likely will not have soon. Later on, I can gift them techs they are researching, so they can start researching somehting I do not have. Of course, this is a lot easier to do if you do not have to deal the hostile AI-attitude in the gold-version. With this, you always need to gift some techs first, just to have a normal negotiation. There are patches to remove this hostility.
    Communism isn't bad to work with, it is a nice middle-path, but I think you are most liklely better off with one of the extremes: Demo or Fundamentalism. And yes, trading maps is also the top priority once Marco's is built: To know where to send your units! Either caravans for trade or army for conquest.
    Well, that shouldn't be. If you have set up a nice shipchain and organized a constant flow of vans, you should easily be able to achieve a new tech discovery evere turn (mostly through trade), so your tech-lead shoud grow each turn.
  7. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    Log until 1 AD:

    -1000 Hail Greeks, they offer Masonry, we gamble and pick wheel over masonry and HBR, Pottery from hut
    -975 HBR from hut, not good, will delay trade even further, 50g
    -950 Akkad founded
    -925 Uruk founded
    -900 Barb legion on continent 3, bribed for 82(none), run into Romans, sign peace, to tech exchange
    -875 Trade->Literacy
    (Barb archer near Ellippi)
    -850 Warrior kills barb
    -825 Myst. from hut
    -775 Hail Romans, they offer Lit.! Take it (only choice)
    -725 Eridu founded on island 13
    -675 50g from hut; dip runs into chinese warrior, sign peace
    (Dip teleported back to Babylon)
    -625 HG built in Ur
    (German chariot approaches, we sign peace, obviously they are at war with Greece)
    -575 Marco Polo built in Babylon: Hail Germans, get construction, exchange maps; get IW from Greece, exchange maps; get roman map; peace with Egypt, exchange maps; get chinese map; peace with India, exchange maps
    -550 Samarra, Lagash founded
    -525 Kish founded
    -500 Nippur founded (1st city on cont. 3)

    Stats at 500BC:
    pop.: 380k; Cities: 12; techs: 17; gold: 43; Gov.: Mon; wonders: HG, Marco; TR: 0D/0F
    units: 2 settler, 5 warrior, 2 phalanx, 1 archer, 1 legion, 2 horse, 2 boats, 2 dip
    Goals: expand & explore;

    (China republic)
    -475 China unwilling to exchange because of Pyramids
    (Romans republic! Plan was to get it from China and pass on...)
    -450 Indian horse blocks our settling spot @74,46...
    -425 Get Math from Egypt, Republic from Rome
    -400 Shuruppak founded
    (Greeks feud.)
    -375 Zariqum founded
    -325 Philo->Astro->Poly
    -300 drop off van in china
    -275 Nomads from polar hut; sign alliance with China for declaring war to Greece, their warriors are block the passage
    (Indians capture Königsberg, not really indian-like)
    -250 Poly from hut
    (China builds pyramids)
    -225 Research Mono; Sippar, Izibia founded
    (China Banking)
    -200 Colossus built in Ur, riots in Babylon; Larsa founded
    -150 1st delivery: beads(d)>Shanghai for 264; Nimrud founded, elephant from hut, Zamua founded on island 16
    -100 Next delivery for 116
    -75 Mono->Medicine; Khorsabad founded
    (Germans Feud., Egyptians Seafaring)
    -25 Get Seafaring from Egypt, pass on to Romans, demand tribute, get none, also to China, ask for gift, get none either; demand tribute from Germany, get 150g

    Stats at 1AD:
    pop.: 130k; Cities: 20; techs: 25; gold: 352; Gov.: Mon; wonders: HG, Col, Marco; TR: 0D/2F
    units: 11 settler, 10 warrior, 3 phalanx, 1 archer, 1 legion, 2 horse, 1 elephant, 3 boats, 3 dip, 6 van
    Goals: expand; republic+Michelangelo in 60AD
  8. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    So, I just got my spaceship launched. Not really early, I kept on celebrating and doing 2 techs each turn with 40% Lux and 50 % science, as well as expanding and some conquest. Spaceshup parts were built by cities who had nothing else to do.
    But one thing was remarkable about this game: The chinese capital (Peking in my game, probably Beijing in yours) had an isatiable demand for gold! And we had a lot of gold producing cities, so got cashed in ~5-8 demanded gold deliveries each and every turn! I cannot recall ever having such a gold recipient before!
  9. Giftless

    Giftless Warlord

    Aug 22, 2013
    That's wild, what year did you launch your ship? I jumped over to finishing up an old modern age game of mine and it's real logistical challenge to get the Communist cities to celebrate (i.e. you really have to pay attention to the special resources in the city radii and the arrows received from trade, then you need to put up the Stock Exchanges, finally the Super Highways so the Luxury percentage can be scaled back).

    How do you run Fundamentalism early on? Solid gov, but I usually don't mess with it until I've blown out the tech tree. Maybe it would be good to pick up after building the Seti Program?
  10. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    The launch or the finish date should by custom not be revealed until the deadline. ;)

    Fundy is not for science, even SETI would be futile. I use it to raise gold (3 or 4 per city with Michelangelo, 6 with Bach on top, and then there are still taxes to collect). This requires a fairly large empire plus wonders (for happiness AND Lady Liberty to allow Fundy), so Fundamentalism is most likely not early. The gold earned is used to rushbuy units for war (no unhappiness, 10 free units that will not need shields for upkeep). After the war is over (the AI only has the cities left they are supposed to have) it should be back to Demo. However, you can still run Fundy and get 1 advance per turn, if you can manage to get enough vans delivered to fill the beaker box. In such a situation, cities should be celebrating for even more trade arrows.
    So I do not really see your point in using celebratings communism. The only advantage I see is the production as in Demo, which could as well achieved in Fundy, which would generate a whole lot more of gold. The great thing about Demo and celebrations is that your cities will grow each turn as long as there is food surplus, so I would say, once the civilization is big enough, it should be either Fundy for war and gold or Demo for growth, science and gold.
  11. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    I tried for a BC conquest and was successful, but I had the most ridiculous string of Nomads I have ever seen: two in a row, and then another four in a row. I have never seen anything like that before.

    GOTM 201 August 2018 Babylonians
    Emperor level. Alphabet, CB, Restarts OFF
    Unshielded Grass NW is 4-special.

    Restarts OFF means conquest! I will try for a BC finish

    Do I even need an SSC? If so, it goes on the 4-special.
    Terrain looks terrible. That suggests Pyramids

    The old Smash plan is to conquer with Knights
    CoL, Mon, WC, HB, Feud, Chiv
    Maps as convenient

    SO: Tech plan would be Col , Mon, and then:
    WC, Feud, HB Chiv, MM, xxx,
    8 techs

    I don’t like the no Trade part. Maybe I can get it from the AI.
    For 6 civs I probably need 12 boats and 24 Knights. Start with 2/4 and take out the nearest Civ.
    Sun Tzu would be nice too, but vet status is usually not necessary.
    A good-sized Civ, but not huge. Should have opportunities to send task forces out.
    After Chiv, build order Knight/Trireme/Knight for happiness and exploration
    Maybe one city should start a wonder by hand, like Smash always did.

    OK, I’ll try it

    4000 Found on the site. Work Ocean for fast science.
    3950 Res CoL.
    3750 CoL => Mon. start shield building.
    3650* Warrior. Goes north.
    3500 hut: Horsemen. RB first Settler row. Work one ocean for 2 science.
    3400 Hut: Nomads. Outstanding.
    3350 Ur. Monarchy 11/22. No way to get it in 2 turns. Prepare for 3050.
    3050* Monarchy => WC. gov: Monarchy
    I think this is the first time I have actually researched WC on purpose!
    3000 I am breaking my rule and roading the square south of Babylon.

    Status 3000 BC
    2c, 1 Sett 4 Techs res WC
    1 Warr, 1 Horse

    2950 Hut: Nomads. This is very good.
    2900 Nineveh Canal.
    2850* Ashur (4). I see good sites for 5 more cities.
    2700 WC => Feud (1/40) Hut: Writing. Hmm – I hope the tech tree will still be OK. Feud now 1/60
    2600 Probably need to do a round of warriors before Feud.
    2450* Ellipi (5) Hut: Nomads. Unbelievable. Now this is going to be fun.
    2400 Akkad (6)
    2350 Feud => MM. Uruk (7) at 4-special.
    2300 Hut: Nomad. This is ridiculous.
    2200 Eridu (8)
    2150 Mountain hut: nomads. I have never seen anything like this before.
    2100 Samarra, Lagash
    2050* MM => HB

    Status 2000 BC
    10C 1 Sett 8 Techs res HB
    6 Warr, 1 Horse

    1900 Hut: nomads. Is there a tab set somewhere in the game to always give nomads? I’m going to do a lot of roading soon.
    1850* HB => BW no Chiv.
    1800 Kish
    1750 Nippur (12)
    1700 Shrupppak (13) That’s it for cities. Hut 50g. The string is broken! Greeks: peace, 50g triboute.
    1600 BW => Chiv (0/126) First trireme finds a whale.
    1500 Ur size 3 in disorder. I need to start a wonder somewhere.

    Status 1500BC
    13C, 4 Sett 10 Techs res Chiv
    6 Warr, 5 pike, 1 Horse
    3 Trireme

    Plan for 1000:
    Chiv, then Curr and Trade.
    Start a Wonder the hard way. For HG or MPE
    Send 2 task forces out.

    1450* Ellipi starts LH.
    1350 Chiv => Curr. Keep science high until Trade. Spam Knights.
    1250* exploring warrior finds a Greek city.
    1150 Curr => Trade. Germans: peace, 100g. Greeks: WAR.

    Status 1000BC
    13C, 4 Sett 10 Techs res Chiv
    6 Warr, 11 pike, 1 Horse 5 Knights
    5 Trireme

    2 Knights are near a Greek city. It might be enough.
    Goal for 750: 15 Knights, 10 Trireme.
    Trade in 2 turns.
    Build MPE then HG in SSC.
    975 found another civ. Egyptians: give Mon, Curr, CB. Get their map. They should be an early kill. Knight near Greeks kills Phalanx, becomes vet. Find Athens.
    950 Trade => Pots. Turn Science down for money. Leipzig (German) found. Greek unit wounds vet Knight. Athens captured (Masonry). Chinese: Pots, IW. No maps.
  12. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Trade to MC (if necessary)

    925* res Myst. Germans: WAR. Chinese: WAR.
    900 Indians: Peace, get Myst, trade maps, tribute 150g. RB all 2nd rows. Egypt: WAR.
    875 res Seaf. Beijing captured.
    850 Chinese: 108g for peace. Leipzig captured (Wheel) one Knight lost. Thebes captured (Literacy).
    825* Germans: peace, give lots of tech. get their map. Hut: barbs.
    800 Hut: Legion (Leipzig) Egypt: WAR.

    Status 750BC
    18C, 4 Sett 19 Techs res Seaf
    6 Warr, 16 pike, 1 Horse 8 Knights, 1 Dip
    6 Trireme, 2 van (for trading)

    HG next turn. MPE very soon.
    Germans and Egypt down to one city. Not much energy needed there. Indians are far away. Need boats from Chinese cities. Romans not yet found. We will trade maps if possible after MPE.

    Plan for 500:
    HG, MPE (Maybe Pyr and LH)
    Finish Egypt and Germany
    Find Greeks and bribe
    Bribe Shanghai and build triremes from there and Beijing
    Find Romans
    Deliver trade vans
    Make task force for Romans and Indians.

    725* SSC builds HG. Shanghai emptied and bribed. Chinese destroyed.
    700 Hmm – need a city in the north of China in order to get to the Indians.
    675 Berlin captured.
    Ellipi builds MPE.
    Romans 3C, 165g, Despo - res CoL
    Germans 1C 8g Mon - res CoL
    Egypt 2c 20g Mon - res Math
    Greeks 2C 107g Despo - res Map Making
    Indians 3C 188g Despo - res Poly

    Greeks: get peace and 100g. Get their maps. Will need another Knight and Dip.
    Romans: get 150g and maps.
    Need energetic task force from Home area. 2 boats, 3 knights, 1 dip.

    Akkad Copper to SSC (d, 40) It doesn't look like domestic trade will be a factor.

    650 Science back up to 70
    625* Memphis emptied and bribed
    600 Seaf => Phil

    500 Zariqim (21) on north China coast. Indians: WAR

    Status 500BC
    21C, 8 Sett HG, MPE 20 Techs res Phil
    6 Warr, 1 Legion 18 pike, 1 Horse 13 Knights, 3 Dip
    10 Trireme, 2 van (for trading)

    Trading vans are near the Romans
    Task force to Romans in 2 turns
    City north of China established. Need to rush a trireme and some dips.

    Goal for 250: win game (ambitious)
    Need another Knight in Athens – Sparta should be out soon
    Need to find Hamburg.
    Egypt will be out soon.
    Indians need 2 dips. There are already 5 Knights.
    Romans are coming well.

    475 Romans: 25g tribute
    425* Sippar Canal. Izibia Canal.
    400 Heliopolis emptied and bribed. Egyptians destroyed. Hut: Knights. Romans: 25g.
    375 Barb leader captured 50g. Northern dip sets sail. Romans: WAR.
    350 Romans kill our caravan. Samarra Wine to Beijing (d, 80) Delhi captured. Antium bribed.
    325* Indians: 200g for peace. SSC builds Pyr. Greeks: Mathematics.
    300 Greeks: WAR (Finally). Sparta bribed. Nineveh Salt to Thermopylae (d, 36).
    275 Phil. Republic => Mono. Rome captured. Indians: WAR
    250 Thermopylae emptied and bribed. Greeks destroyed. Madras razed.

    Status 250BC
    32C, 8 Sett HG, MPE, Pyr 24 Techs res Mono
    6 Warr, 2 Phalanx, 1 Legion 20 pike, 1 Horse 13 Knights, 2 Dip
    11 Trireme, 2 van

    Indians (2c), Romans, (1C0\), and Germans are still in the game.

    Goal: Finish them!.

    225* Veii emptied and bribed. Romans destroyed. Hamburg emptied and bribed. Germans destroyed.

    I finished soon after.

    This was a new style for me, but I can't evaluate its effectiveness because of the wacky nomad luck.

    It sure was fun, though!
  13. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    Another past game just for fun. Given the starting techs Monarchy over Republic is looking like an easy decision.

    4000, 3950, 3900 Wander towards 4 special site and hoping to build a size one settler.
    3850: hut - none horse.
    3800: settler to 4 special site, one of which is still in the black and the other unmined as it will likely remain. The horse in hut possibly made the 5 turn walk worth it.
    3750: Build capitol and plan for a size one settler utilizing the bull.
    3700: > Code. Mountain hut - 100 gold. Rush settler production from 3 to 10. Gold 85 of 105 needed to complete settler.
    3650: Gold 85 of needed 90.
    3600 Rush size one settler for 76 gold. Treasury now 9 gold.
    3550: Settler built
    3450: Build 02 2 steps away, unshielded grass @ 64/60, not a particularly exceptional city.
    3300? Code > Monarchy
    3200 02 builds warrior
    3100: Horse finds hilltop hut in the nw and resists the temptation to open it, opting instead to protect his valuable fast paced self.

    3000 status: 2 cities, 0 settlers, 1 horse, 1 warrior. Monarchy will finish in oedo 2850 unless the beaker cost changes. Treasury: 8 gold.

    2950 City 02 builds 2nd warrior
    2900: Horse locates 2nd hilltop hut in the nw and refrains from opening it.
    2850: Monarchy > Map Making. Chose this tech because of the shape of land land and lack of rivers... and boats will be of immense help in gettingt the settlers to the whales and other optimal city sites as fast as possible. Horse finds mountain hut and with triple defense will risk opening it.
    2800: Cap builds settler. Walks towards the visible whale just south and east. Mountain hut: weeds. Status: 2 cities, 1 settler, 1 horse, 2 warriors.
    2750: 4th special is not the whale i had so hoped for, but a fish.
    2600: Difficult choice but decided to expend two turns laying road on the wheat directly en route to building the whale city. Horse opens 51/41 hut in plains, Tribe for 03 which to my added surprise has a whale and oil.
    2500: 02 settler completes. Road on wheat completes.

    2500 status: Monarchy, 3 cities, 2 settlers, 1 horse, 2 warriors, 24 gold, 1 road.

    2450: Build 67/64 grass/whale city 04. Warrior avoids hut in south for now to mitigate risk, will very soon build a city close to it first.
    2250: Map Making > Horseback (Again given the land, hoping with boats and horses to meet other civs and possibly barter for such techs as bronze, currency, masonry, and/or pottery.
    2200: First boat emerges to transport the one settler
    2100: Meet greece in the far west and north. They demanded map making and i refused and they declared war. I wanted to gift it to them, but not give it as tribute and did not anticipate this outcome :).
    2050: Horse > Bronze. Science to 30% for now. Boat transported settler builds 05 at whale/ox 53/65. Greek still insists upon a tribute, so we are still at war. I really want his maps : ).
    2000: Settler completes. Greece situation unchanged.

    2000 status: Monarchy, 5 cities, 1 settler, 1 boat, 1 horse, 3 warriors. 20 shields, 122k sq. miles exploration.

    1900: One settler and one boat complete. Build 06, 49/45 dry grass city with oil access. 6 cities, 1 settler, 2 boats.
    1850: 2nd settler completes and both settlers hop in boat. 6 cities, 2 settlers, 2 boats.
    1800: 6 cities, 2 settlers, 2 boats, 1 horse, 3 warriors, 7 gold reserves.
    1750: Boat transported settler builds 07 at 62/70, dry grass/whale city. 7 cities, 1 settler.
    1600: Settler completes, Warrior opens hilltop hut - Nomad. Warrior locates nice river for the nomad who needs to walk about 5 or 6 steps. 7 cities, 3 settlers, 55 gold.
    1550: Settler and horse complete. Nearing completion of bronze, decide to give greece what it wants in the hope of being able to trade for bronze and hopefully other desired techs and maps. Peace, gifting and significant map trade with the Greeks. They apparently have no tech for me or if they do, they don't want to share it. 3rd road. - grass/shield. 7 cities, 4 settlers, 2 boats, 2 horse, 3 warriors.
    1500: Bronze > Currency. Horse opens a now safe hilltop hut near 06 and a supported Legion pops out. Completion of 4th road.

    1500 status: Monarchy, 7 cities, 4 settlers, 2 boats, 2 horse, 1 Legion, 3 warriors. 21 Gold. 26 shields, 196k sq mi, 37 gold reserves, 4 roads, 0 irrigation.

    1450: Settler completes. Build 08 at boat-transported dry plain, 2-whale island city @ 75/73 . 8 cities, 4 settlers.
    1400: Settler completes. 8 cities, 5 settlers, 65 gold.
    1350: Settler completes. Nomad from several turns back after walking about 6 steps to big river builds unshielded grass/river city 09 @ 38/66. 9 cities, 5 settlers.
    1300: Boat transported settler builds plain/river-end city 10 with ore access @ 44/70 . Teamwork between horse and legion to open a risky hut. Horse will open with one movement remaining while legion is standing by on a hill top for support. Hut releases 3 barbarian horses which was completely unexpected and i was only prepared for one. My horse in the plains kills one with its 2nd movement point... Hilltop legion kills a 2nd. horse of 3.... Story continues next turn... 10th city triggers an unhappy size two city near the horse and legion.
    1300 Status: 10 cities, 4 Settlers.
    1250: Story of 3 barb horses from hut continues... Final barbarian horse easily kills my horse in the plains then attacks my hilltop legion and almost kills that unit too, but legion survives and becomes a vet. Frontier horse completes. Settler with 3 turns of stored work while awaiting transportation works to irrigate an island forest at 68/48 that access a whale. There was no better square upon which to build to capture the whale. Had expected to irrigate a grass/shield, but this works out extremely well.
    1200: 1 settler and one horse complete. Irrigation of original wheat completes. Irrigation of island forest city square that accesses whale completes. Hut-supported horse. Status: 10 cities, 5 settlers, 3 roads, 2 irrigation.
    1150: Settler completes. Build grass/whale/fish city 11 @ 55/47. Build island whale city 12 on what is now a plain, 68/48.
    1150 status: 12 cities, 4 settlers. 2 boats, 4 horse, 1 legion, 3 warriors.
    1100: Currency > Trade. Still at 70% gold / 30% science. Settler completes. Boat spots Chinese on an island about 11 steps north of my cap, but unable to meet them as yet. 12 cities, 5 settlers.
    1050: 2 settlers complete. In the absence of HG or Republic, needing more warriors to quell unrest. 12/7.

    1000 status: Monarchy, 12 cities, 7 settlers, 3 boats, 4 horse, 4 warrior, 1 legion. 8 techs, Trade is about 1/3 of the way done. 35 shields, 25 gold income, 12 science. 62 gold in treasury.
  14. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    975: Locate India. 2nd whale i was chasing for my settler that turns out to be occupied by an adversary. Dropped settler onto mountain next to Bangalore. to engage them.. Tributed map making to them, traded for Masonry and pottery which is a dream come true, gifted them to worshipful, traded maps and found their map to be quite a substantial amount of land. Science to 70% to complete trade. Will deter unhappiness with warriors and opt for Pyramids before HG. Status: 12 cities, 7 settlers.
    950: With stored work of 4 turns and one turn while awaiting transportation, two settlers irrigate and road the plain at 68/72 for the near future grass city site. and this city will allow the hut to finally be opened. Will likely complete Trade before opening it. Build 13 grass whale city @ 50/50. 13 cities, 6 settlers, 4 boats, 5 horse, 7 warriors, 1 legion.
    925: Trade > Seafaring. Science to 30%, Tax 70%. Build grass city 14 at 70/72. with an irrigated roaded plain as its next best square. Safely open the adjacent hut which is Construction. Warrior pops south pole hut in that region: Nomad. Warrior opens hill top hut: Nomad. Will walk 5 steps through inadaquate land to reach river. 14 cities, 7 settlers.
    900: Hut 50 gold. 14 cities, 7 settlers.
    875: Settler transported to island and builds city 16, 62/54 on a grass square that accesses a whale. 16 cities, 6 settlers.
    850: First cara built towards Pyramids in this spawled out empire. Built 17 unshielded grass/river @ 39/69. 17 cities, 5 settlers, 1 caravan.
    825: 17 cities, 6 settlers, 2 cara. Safe hut near newly built city - supported horse.
    800: Settler and 4th caravan completed. Build 18, unshielded grass river @ 36/64. 18 cities, 6 settlers, 4 caravans. 4 boats, 6 horse, 11 warriors, 1 legion.
    775: 2 more caras built. 4 Caras arrive in cap and fill 200 shields for Pyramids. 9 roads, 5 irrigation.
    750: Completion of Pyramids. , Complete a settler. build 19 on grass river 41/71. 19 cities, 6 Settlers, 2 caravans.
    725: Build 20 @ 50/60, unshielded grass city with access to wheat and fish. Build 21 @ 38/72 unshielded grass/river. Took a chance and picked up unwanted mysticism from Greeks.
    675: 4 Caras fill 200 shields for HG. War then peace with India. Traded with them and picked up Writing.
    675 Status: Monarchy, 21 cities, 4 Settlers, 4 boats, 7 Horse, 1 legion, 18 warriors. 4 caras in progress for Marcos.
    650: Completion of HG , Seafaring > Lit
    625: Build island city 22 @ 85/63, grass with whale and bird. 22 cities, 3 settlers, 2 cara.
    600: 4 caras fill 200 shields for Marcos. Status: 22 cities, 4 settlers, 5 boats, 7 horse, 17 warriors, 1 legion. 10 roads, 7 irrigation.
    575 Completion of Marcos. Rome has Lit and has Republic in progress,,, and the fastest possibly Republic is my foremost goal with several cities at or near size three and ready to celebrate. Traded maps with Rome and with the Chinese. Have 4 of 5 maps. Need only Egypt's map now, but i made war with them for the time being in the hopes of control/alt/deleting their icy attitude which is likely related to my multi gold version in which the AI is significantly more hostile. Greeks tributed me 200 g and three of the other civs including Egypt were not having it and made war with me when i demanded tribute of them in spite of my 30 military units. This too is likely related to the hostile AI gold version which does not allow for realistic and relatively consistent diplomacy. Rome is building GL and will not barter for Literacy, so i will have to steal it from them as my most pressing priority among others... and my island closest to Rome has a rushed dip ready for next turn and a boat already in position so i can be where needed in 3 turns to make the steal. I would then plan to finish Republic myself in 425 Oedo timing unless Rome gets it first in which case i would make peace with them and barter for it... or else possibly steal that too if they are opposed to trading it. In either case, i plan to be in Republic in 425 beginning to celebrate half or more of my current 22 cities. Until i have republic, i will hold back on bartering for all other available techs within all civs which currently are Warrior code, Iron working, math and the wheel -, in addition to Lit - at which point i will barter for every tech before landing any caravans so that trade values are maximized. Contemplated building Lighthouse in this specific situation and decided that i will. Still 22/4. One explorer.
    550: 2 explorers and one dip now. 22 cities, 4 settlers, 0 caravans.
    525: 3 settlers built... 7 now Greeks aquire Lit. i approach them in the hopes of reconciliation and trading for lit and they proclaim that they are going to rid the world of me. Will be able to steal lit from rome next turn. Hut, supported chariot. Hut 50g.
    500: Chinese somehow managed to pick up Lit from Rome, i was able to make peace with this Chinese nation and trade a tech for Lit. This saves me the trouble of having to steal it and it saves me from expending a dip. If Rep is not offered, i will choose warrior code since 4 other civs have it and i can barter for it and one way or another i should be able to work it all out for a 425bc Republic. If in the unlikely case neither Rep or warrior code were offered, only the Greeks have all of the other completed techs as listed above and i would choose one of them. 2 Additional settlers built in cities that will be right back to size 3 in the next turn or two. two or three additional explorers and another boat.

    500 Bc Status: Monarchy (anticipating Republic in 3 turns), Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Marcos, 22 cities (6 of which are in the large fertile river to the west and south), 9 settlers , 6 Triremes, 1 Cara (of 4 towards LH) , 5 explorers, 1 dip, 7 horse, 1 chariot, 1 Legion, 17 warriors, 14 roads, 11 irrigation, 44 beaker income (high science this turn just in case it is needed), 22 gold income, 92 shields, 50 heads, 11 gold in treasury, 550,000 sq mi land area, 14 of 22 cities are size 3 or will be by 425.

    475: Lit > Republic. 3 Caras, 4th next turn. Peace with Egypt and got their map which was the final one i needed. Makes the remainder of my exploration a lot easier. Convenient separate land location to send trades and Thebes demands Hides. Got Greece's map early on and would like to get an update since there is likely a lot of extra black they have uncovered... Will plan to do so in 425 as well as getting every tech they have after first getting warrior code from someone else. Very close to completing Republic. Sci back to 30%.
    425: Republic > Philosophy. Requiring and choosing 80% Lux needed to get 14 size 3 celebrations under way. In some cities even 70% was not enough. 4 caravans fill 200 shields for Lighthouse. Peace with Romans and trade for Warrior Code. Gifted the Greeks a tech in uncooperative and traded for Math while they were neutral before they left abruptly. Nowhere near being able to trade maps. They have 16 techs to my 19 so getting their map in the next couple of turns given their attitude is unlikely. Still wanting their other two techs. I would expect off shore demanded trades at this point to bring a return of about 204 and after i have those other two techs, maybe 250 or 300. Depending upon how things go, it might become necessary to make the two steals. After i disband all of my warriors this turn i anticipate the ai despising me even more. 22 cities, 12 settlers many of which are helping to facilitate celebration growth by roading and irrigating.
    400 Completion of Lighthouse. Celebration underway. 14 size 3s will be size 4s next turn.
  15. Frankincense

    Frankincense Chieftain

    Aug 17, 2010
    OCC. Just average finish year, but not that bad for a spot with only 2 trade specials I guess. A peaceful game overall.

    3850 BC - 25g hut.
    3550 BC - Babylon found, 1 wheat, 1 buffalo. //Road on buffalo first.
    3350 BC - Warriors.
    3150 BC - Nomad hut. //I swear I've never gotten one in a deity game.
    3050 BC - Code of Laws.
    2650 BC - Settlers. //1 size settler, 2 to 3 next turn.
    2450 BC - Monarchy. Gov switched.
    2300 BC - Legion hut.
    2100 BC - Map Making.
    2000 BC - Trireme. Fish revealed. 50g hut. //Prebuilt with settlers.
    1950 BC - Babylon celebrating.
    1900 BC - Germans contacted. Peace.
    1750 BC - Germans alliance.
    1700 BC - Germans requested war against Greek. Accepted.
    1650 BC - Wheat turned to Silk.
    1600 BC - Bronze Working. Barb hut.
    1250 BC - Currency.
    950 BC - Silk uncovered.
    925 BC - Writing.
    750 BC - Trade.
    700 BC - Marco Polo's Embassy.

    Mysticism from Germans.

    Alliance with Romans. Seafaring.

    Alliance with Indians. Mathematics.

    675 BC - Temple. Pottery from Germans.

    Alliance with Chinese.

    Alliance with Egyptians.

    625 BC - Library.
    500 BC - Beads van.
    450 BC - Salt van. Literacy from Romans.
    400 BC - The Republic.
    350 BC - Hides to Shanghai. Horseback Riding from Chinese. Masonry from Germans.
    325 BC - Gov switched.
    300 BC - Philosophy. Astronomy. Hides van. Babylon celebrating. Construction from Egyptians.
    275 BC - Beads to Canton.
    225 BC - Wine van.
    200 BC - Food van. University.
    150 BC - University.
    100 BC - Wine to Beijing. Iron Working form Greek.
    75 BC - The Wheel. Hides van. Peace with Greek.
    AD 1 - Hides van. Banking from Chinese.
    AD 40 - Hides van.
    AD 80 - Hides van.
    AD 100 - Copernicus' Observatory.
    AD 120 - Medicine. Hides to Cumae.
    AD 140 - Beads van.
    AD 160 - Engineering.
    AD 180 - Bridge Building from Greek.
    AD 200 - Food van.
    AD 220 - Food van.
    AD 240 - Food van.
    AD 260 - Colossus.
    AD 280 - Sanitation. Food van.
    AD 300 - Food van.
    AD 340 - Food van.
    AD 380 - Food van. Economics.
    AD 420 - Food van.
    AD 440 - Shakespeare's Theatre.
    AD 460 - Babylon celebrating.
    AD 480 - Theory of Gravity. Beads to Rome. Physics and Navigation from Chinese. Aqueduct.
    AD 520 - Chemistry. Warrior Code from Romans. Harbor.
    AD 560 - Sewer System.
    AD 580 - Magnetism from Romans.
    AD 600 - Marketplace.
    AD 640 - Food van. Invention.
    AD 660 - Bank.
    AD 700 - Democracy. Gov switched. Food van.
    AD 740 - Food van.
    AD 760 - Gunpowder.
    AD 780 - Food van.
    AD 800 - Steam Engine.
    AD 820 - Food van.
    AD 840 - Railroad.
    AD 860 - Food van.
    AD 880 - Industrialization.
    AD 900 - Food van.
    AD 920 - Isaac Newton's College. Metallurgy.
    AD 940 - Diplomat.
    AD 960 - The Corporation.
    AD 980 - Feudalism from Chinese. Oil freight.
    AD 1000 - Explosive.
    AD 1020 - Communism from Chinese. Salt freight.
    AD 1040 - Refining. Transport.
    AD 1080 - Electricity. Engineers. 50g hut.
    AD 1100 - 100g hut.
    AD 1120 - Steel. Engineers.
    AD 1160 - Food freight.
    AD 1180 - Combustion.
    AD 1200 - Food freight.
    AD 1220 - Automobile.
    AD 1240 - Superhighways.
    AD 1260 - Electronics. Salt to Rome.
    AD 1280 - Chivalry. Gem freight. Oil to Rome.
    AD 1300 - Leadership.
    AD 1320 - Cloth freight.
    AD 1340 - Mass Production.
    AD 1360 - Atomic Theory from Chinese. Factory.
    AD 1380 - Conscription. Cloth to Shanghai.
    AD 1400 - Food freight.
    AD 1420 - Tactics. Polytheism from Indian. Gem to Hangchow.
    AD 1440 - Machine Tools. Food freight.
    AD 1480 - Miniaturization. Food freight. 100g hut.
    AD 1510 - Computers.
    AD 1520 - Research Lab.
    AD 1530 - Flight.
    AD 1540 - Oil freight.
    AD 1550 - Radio.
    AD 1560 - Food freight.
    AD 1570 - Advanced Flight. Offshore Platform.
    AD 1570 - Power Plant.
    AD 1590 - Mobile Warfare.
    AD 1600 - Darwin's Voyage. Rocketry. Space Flight.
    AD 1610 - Plastics. Oil to Xinjian.
    AD 1620 - Apollo Program.
    AD 1630 - Nuclear Fission. SS Structural.
    AD 1640 - SS Structural.
    AD 1650 - SS Structural.
    AD 1660 - Nuclear Power. SS Structural.
    AD 1670 - SS Structural.
    AD 1680 - SS Structural. Genetic Engineering from Chinese. //To avoid tech hiding.
    AD 1690 - SS Structural.
    AD 1700 - Superconductor. SS Structural.
    AD 1710 - SS Structural.
    AD 1720 - Fusion Power. SS Structural.
    AD 1730 - SS Structural.
    AD 1740 - SS Structural.
    AD 1750 - SS Structural.
    AD 1752 - SS Structural.
    AD 1754 - SS Structural.
    AD 1756 - SS Component.
    AD 1758 - SS Component.
    AD 1760 - SS Component.
    AD 1762 - SS Component.
    AD 1764 - SS Component.
    AD 1766 - SS Component.
    AD 1768 - SS Module.
    AD 1772 - SS Module.
    AD 1774 - SS Module. Launch.


    AD 1789 - SS arrived.

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