GOTM64 Final Spoiler

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    GOTM 64 Final Spoiler

    This is a little overdue. If there are any chapters left, please finish the story of your English Empire.

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  2. PrinceMyshkin

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    Jan 26, 2007
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    1782AD Diplomatic Victory

    We entered the IA in 840AD at war with the Vikings. I captured their capital and my first iron resource around 980AD and made a short peace getting MT in the deal. Resumed the war and eliminated them ~1040AD. I built a factory and coal plant when I captured the Vikings coal in London and started a prebuild for ToE with US. I was first to steam and industrialization and then Scientific Method. I researched replacable parts while it finished, even though it was known, as I was planning an immediate war with the backward Iroquois when I got rubber. Unfortunately, there was none in my territory and the Iroquois traded to RP.

    After getting the tech lead and entering my GA, I signed the world to war with the strong Americans, and researched to amphibious war. This war lasted at least 500 years, but early on I managed to capture their luxuries and rubber, as well as some horses and coal. It was very costly to get luxuries and other resources, until I connected the American gems and silks. Low happiness and war weariness really hampered my growth and research.

    Eventually America was defeated when I got tanks and several leaders with my marines. I rushed the palace and an airport in Boston and America fell quickly. The English were the first to fission, computers and miniaturization while the French got rocketry. I built the UN and got India's vote, but it turned out inconclusive. I was building my culture and had all resources and the tech leader when the next vote came. I was on target to win 100K ~1890 by rushing culture buildings and wasn't sure if France and Iroquois would both be canditates again when I called the vote. It ended 3-1 in favor of Elizabeth of the English in 1782AD with Firaxis score 3626 and Jason Score 5259. I would like to cut out my mistakes and go after resources more aggressively in future games.
  3. ionimplant

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    Jan 23, 2005
    Ann Arbor, MI
    Software Version: PtW 1.27f for Windows
    Entry class: Open
    Game status: Domination Victory for England
    Game date: 1280 AD
    Firaxis score: 6021
    Jason score: 8761
    Time played: 09:12:09

    ancient age was not very difficult as i was a successful tech broker. started to fall behind once all AI knew each other right before the middle age.

    started war on france and Iraquois to get Iron. progress was very slow. finally dominated the game, with america being the other power.

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