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GOTM72 - Second Spoiler


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GOTM 72 - second spoiler, The Middle Ages

Reading Requirements:

  1. Must have contact with All remaining Civs.
  2. Must be able to research an Industrial Age Technology.

Posting restrictions

  1. No maps showing Industrial or Modern resources.
  2. No discussion of Industrial Age (or later).
  3. Absolutely NO Discussion of any other active 'X'OTM contest!

I assume you have made contact with all remaining AI by the end of the Middle Ages :) So, how much has the AI developed by this time? Are they putting up much of a fight at this low difficulty level, or are you in complete charge (if not already done)?
Nobody here, yet?! Apparently everyone else abandoned this lousy game after finishing the "Galley Challenge"... :lol:

Hurray, for once I'll be able to take second place in a GOTM (after Klarius, who of course will already have conquered half of Alpha by the time the rest of us manages to send over their first settler...)

What a shame: finally reached the IA in 1450AD. Had to apply the same strategy as in GOTM71: Lone Scientist for most of the time and do tech trading to barely keep up the "pace" of the AIs. On Warlord, incredible! Normally we should finish the Spaceship by the time the AI reaches the Middleages...

Ok, I established a good core on Gamma with the FP in its center and also settled Beta with a "perfect" RCP. Jumping the Palace to Beta will still take a while, because I need to build like 30 garrison units to avoid jumping to Gamma... I guess it was a big mistake to build the FP on Gamma instead of jumping the Palace, but somehow I never was able to bring myself to abandoning the capital as long as the Lighthouse was still in effect...

Here's a screenshot, though I don't think there'll be much use in those for this GOTM...:

No idea, yet, what victory condition this is going to be, but slowly I'm getting ahead of most of the AIs now.
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