Gotta Love them Zulu, they built a city FOR us!!!!


Nov 14, 2001
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:lol: ANd the AI is already recognizing our dominance!

They sacraficed a city in our honor. Now all we have to do is take it!!!! It was build just where I wanted.

Perhaps the Miltiary advisor can hold a poll about wether we should declare war... But we can discuss it here first.

Originally posted by Ohwell
[BThey sacraficed a city in our honor. Now all we have to do is take it!!!! It was build just where I wanted.[/B]

Actually it's not in the spot that was voted for in the poll. We voted for the spot southeast of the Zulu city, Mpondo. If we take Mpondo and keep it, its radius will overlap with that of Spycatcher. I think we should first find out what the Zulus have, and if they don't appear too powerful then maybe destroy the city and place our own in the spot we voted on.
Originally posted by Apollo

We voted for the spot southeast of the Zulu city, Mpondo.

What do you mean "we". I voted right on Mpondo, because it would be a good isthmus.

But I still say we should bribe or attack it immediately, whichever comes first.
I like the idea. IMO, this is the time to start building crusaders, since most of our cities are finishing marketplaces. We have sufficient settlers for infra-structure and temples in most important cities.

However, I'm not very sure since it's been a while that I checked the game (600 A.D. and we're way past 960 A.D.). Besides that, we already have a war with the romans (declared upon meeting). Anyway, I think we should start building mil. units, wether for the romans or zulus.
The phrase "building military units" will always sit well with the War Church. :D

I say we shld start pumping out more troops and take the fight to the enemy wherever they're. And also develop at the same time. ;)
I aint vey good updated on our current strenth neither ,so i won't propose anything yet concerning this city.AoA was our last president so he's pretty well informed onto the state of our nation ,so ill go by his advice.
But if it is possible can someone of the current goverment post the millitary ,trade ,domestic and science advisor screenshot's? These are quite informative.
I say that we buy the city. I can't remember exactly where Mpondo is in the list of Zulu cities, but I don't reckon it's one of the first five. Maybe sixth. It isn't too far from our capital so the price shouldn't be extortionate. Also, knowing the Zulus, then the city will no doubt have good quality defenders that we can simply buy from them. It is a little strange that they already have size 2 but hadn't yet explored the rest of the island. We should also get a tech from them. :) Dip purchase is definitely the way to go. :goodjob:
If we do take Mpondo which it looks like we should at the moment, will rename the city or keep its original name? I think we shouldn't rename any cities we capture because then we can see where our enemies once were...
Agree. It is fun to be able to see the results of your own conquest. :D
Should this be the time for the Diplo Leader to post a poll on how we should handle the Zulus? From there, I'd think it would lead to the Military Leader as I would guess that most of Fanatica would just assume remove the Zulu "threat" sooner rather than later. We all know that the Zulus will find a way to sneak attack at some point.

Don't know how the funds are, but I'd probably lean toward a diplo buy. From there, I would actually prefer to settler-starve the city and build further away from Spycatcher (after relocating units in Spycatcher of course). I STILL think that there's a good chance to find another special off-shore. If we have to take them by military, I don't think that they'd be so advanced as to have feudalism, so even a single crusader can likely take the city over a few turns. Even if they did, I'd still attack with crusaders!!

This is a great time militarily speaking, and I think that we should really press the advantage. Mounted units like (hopefully some verteran) crusaders (and BOY if we could get dragoons) are just great to take out almost all pre-gunpowder units - including pikemen. Unless a vet pikemen is fortified behind city walls, they'll win a huge percentage of the battles - and can even take out those pikes fairly often.

I would make contact with the Zulus first and play nice to get their map!! This will likely show us what is off-shore without having to send a trireme and will also let us know where the Zulus have set up. Gift them a useless tech or two and they'll be only too happy to swap maps. Then stab 'em!

So let's get these polls up and start the process!!!
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