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GOTW 35 Arabs DEITY (PS3)

Discussion in 'CivRev - Game of the Week' started by Raw Power, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Raw Power

    Raw Power Chieftain

    Feb 19, 2003
    Since the score sheet is terribly bugged for PS3, i wondered what the best date for different victory conditions are this week for DEITY

    Time of win: 1710 AD
    Type of win: Cultural
    Fastest possible win: Domination

    Brief walk through:
    Settled in starting spot
    Researched HBR
    Rushed Indians
    Rushed Greeks
    Peace with Egypt
    Peace with Mongols
    War with Egypt (capturing a settler and a city)
    Up to 6 cities (Mongols have 3 and Egypt 1)
    Discover Relic that gives free temples/cathedrals (capital had rushed temple)
    Great Artist used to flip smaller Mongol city
    Spies used to get Great Artist from Egypt and used to flip Mongol city.
    Both AI have only their capitol left (maybe island cities)
    Flipped newly built Egyptian city with new artist
    Egypt being a nuisance so after getting tanks, and modern infantry + LW = war and took the capitol. (settled for peace, Egypt had island city)
    Left Mongols alone, just controlled my borders.
    Prebuild wonder(hollywood) in production city (5 mountain, + 1 hill with coal and a couple of forest spots with mine, factory and workshop)
    Met victory condition for cultural win and swapped to united nations.

    Worth to mention:
    I didn't set out for a cultural win, I was actually going for a space win :p.
    The discovering of the Culture Relic + Good economic income (could have won economic victory about 10-15 turns earlier) made me rush cathedrals, and wonders in the late game to get a cultural win. (Economic and domination is too easy to get fast, space and culture needs more planning).
    I have no doubt people will beat my time and score, but I feel quite happy with the end result.

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