[GS] Governor Ability: Stealing Strategic Resources


Mar 7, 2017
For a civ i am working on i want to create a unique governor that can be placed in enemy capitals, like the ottoman governor. I got most of the abilities i want to work, but one thing i would like to do is the ability to "steal" some of the enemy strategic resources.

Something like: When placed in another civs capital, steals one of every strategic resource that player has.

Its not that important that it actually steals, just copying a resource ("gain one of every strategic resource that player has") would be fine to.

There is the modifier "MODIFIER_GOVERNOR_ADJUST_CITY_COPY_STRATEGICS_FOR_IMPORT" which is not used by the game, but similar to the one used to copy luxuries with Amani. Sadly, it only works if the governor is placed in city states, not when placed in another civs capital (and you cant limit it to one of every resource)

I thought about doing something similar to Hattusa, with one modifier for each strategic resource, but i dont know how the requirements/modifier setup would work there, since the modifier has to apply to the player that owns the governor, but the requirement has to apply to the player that owns the city. how does that work with COLLECTION_OWNER?

There might be a lua solution to this, but i have no idea how to deal with governors (check if city has the right governor, with the right promotion etc).

Anyone got any ideas how to make this ability (or something similar) work?
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