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Governor Rework: Reyna

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by AntSou, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. AntSou

    AntSou Prince

    Jun 8, 2019

    Presently it seems there's hardly ever any reason to pick anyone other than Marcus or Pingala as your first choice, unless you're role-playing. I believe that by just having a third choice of governor early game, the experience regarding governors would improve considerably.

    The solution: tweak Reyna.

    Part 1 - Governor Categories

    I believe that governors' design, whether intentionally or not, fall into two categories: universal and circumstantial.

    Universal governors have bonuses that make them crucial in every game. Currently that's Marcus, largely due to free Settlers, and Pingala, due to the huge early bonuses to culture and science.

    Circumstantial governors are those who have abilities that make them potentially viable at specific points in the game. This includes Victor and Amani, but NOT Moksha (I'll explain in another thread).

    Part 2 - Reyna

    Reyna is the governor best positioned to compete with Marcus and Pingala, and if we want to improve early game choices, the solution is simple: make her powerful.

    Her design should be similar to Marcus and Pingala: the powerful abilities are unlocked in the first row of promotions.

    What I propose is a reordering and small tweak to some promotions:

    Default Title

    Land Acquisition - Acquire new tiles in the city faster. +2 Gold for each unimproved feature.

    A useful but not too powerful base title is a good start. Particularly useful in areas with marshes and +2/+2 forests.

    Level 1

    Harbormaster - No changes

    Foreign Exchange - +3 Gold to EVERY trade route TO AND FROM this City.

    THIS should be her thing. Being capable to amass gold early on and allow the player to build buildings and units quickly. Designing her this way also enhances Hubs and Harbors as competitors to Campuses and Theatre Squares, forcing the player to make harder choices early game.

    The importance of Gold early on is twofold:

    - Skip production and save turns;
    - Amass a larger army.

    I don't need a lot of production if I can just buy what I need, and it doesn't matter if you can build Settlers faster if the Cities you settle will shortly be mine. It is this kind of opportunity costs that the player should be weighing in the beginning.

    Level 2

    Tax Collector - +2 Gold for each Citizen in the City.

    A no nonsense boost, if not as useful as the previous two promotions.

    Level 3

    Contractor - Allows cities to purchase districts with Gold. (No changes)

    Renewable Subsidizer - No changes.



    The game currently offers two good governors as first choice, which represent two crucial aspects of the game: expansion and tech/culture growth. It needs a third choice.

    The third essential aspect - production (and therefore gold) - is not properly represented. Faster production, by circumventing production, should be Reyna's thing.

    Just like Pingala allows you to develop a proper cultural/science centre, so should Reyna allow you to develop a commercial/financial hub.
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  2. Pure24

    Pure24 Warlord

    Jun 24, 2019
    This is an excellent suggestion. Except... 'acquire new tiles faster' is too vague. I'd say let it be specific. The ideal boost for me would be 50%, so "aquire new tiles 50% faster".

    So a tile that would take 10 turns to be aquired would be acquired in 6-7 turns, and that makes so much sense for her. Also puts it clear, like the way Magnus has a concise boost.

    I'd imagine Magnus wouldn't be so popular if it just read 'bonus to plot harvests and feature removals'
  3. Sykes179

    Sykes179 Chieftain

    May 13, 2018
    What would make things really interesting if there was a governor whose usefulness increased gradually over time with the first ability improving depending on how many turns deployed. Remember the cottage to town dynamic in Civ 4. You then have to weigh up the initial hit of magnus with the long term advantage of having a very useful goverbnor in the later game.
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  4. Pure24

    Pure24 Warlord

    Jun 24, 2019
    That's an interesting idea. +% increase to the governor's bonus, just as an offhand example, for every x turns the governor is established in a city adds a great reason not to move a governor around.

    I can imagine wanting to chop for something in the capital and you want to use Magnus for the boost, but Pingala has been there since the first governor title and is now providing +75% science and culture or something like that.

    Quite interesting
  5. hr_oskar

    hr_oskar Deity

    Jun 21, 2002
    I feel like you're underestimating Amani here. I don't think she's circumstantial at all. Getting an early suzerainty on top of whatever else you're doing means an extra +1 diplo favor per turn, plus all the other benefits, which can then be sold to the AI for 14-15 gold each or even 1 gpt for 30 turns. That's a really quick way to secure gold early, to fund whatever strategy you're pursuing. Even with your changes to Reyna, Amani currently earns much more early gold to you through sales of diplo favor. Since she can be moved, in most games picking her essentially means one extra suzerainty throughout your game. It's arguably the best bang for buck of your early governor titles.

    That said, most of the time I wouldn't want to promote Amani further at all, while Pingala and Magnus are indeed worth promoting regardless of what victory you're pursuing. I agree that Reyna is weak. Magnus' baseline chop boost is overpowered and has a very annoying effect on gameplay - either you organize his grand tour of environmental devastation or you're left with a nagging feeling of not playing efficiently.

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