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GPIT 1800AD, Monday 24 SEP 2007 1200 GMT


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Nov 25, 2003
Designated Player: Hyronymus
Format: Online, 10 turns

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Backups: Any DP in the pool may play as backup, with precedence in the order listed in the DP pool thread.
Research Railroads - Economics -Corporation - Scientific Method

Enjoy the TC :)

Disband warriors and archers, and move other defensible units into their place (This will save us 5 gold per turn, and none of these are promoted).

Otherwise, move all highly promoted units and catapults to the future naval city on the West Side of our continent.
In allmost all cities is growing the first priority and so in all (without Xanadu) put city automation on with priority food and commerce.

taoist monastery is ready, then taoist missionary

after worker build observatory then wealth

here not the automation on
X. build Oxford and has momentary 3 angry citizens.
without the angry citizens take all hill mines like at the picture below.
After Oxford build grocery.

Change hillmine (WSW) to irrigate grassland (NEN)
After missio build wealth

After observatory build workers for railroads of lumbermills.

here is the change to automation important
after granary, lighhouse, bib.
With bib ready change specialist from citizen to scientist

Build lumbermills and roads on forests and with railroad build this. There is no extra order in this turn.


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NotB - Builds: market, grocer.

NotA - Builds: aqueduct, research.
WF: engineer to E.

EA - Builds: wealth.

Ainu - Builds: grocer, jail.
WF: (next pop) to grow.

Clam Cove - Builds: forge, courthouse.
WF: (next pop) to grow.

City #1 (IF it belongs to SE) - Builds: granary, forge.
WF: to cows when possible,i.e. 6 turns.

Workers: priorize jungle clearing, roads and cottages to ALL jungles in
Ainu radius, please.

All the remaining as you, DP, see fit.

Good luck!
Begining labor distributions:

Move one scientist to the farmed grassland tile by the river

Build Ques:

Cumae: Finish worker, begin grocer, should time allow build some missionaries

Neapolis: Finish the observatory, begin a university, and if time allows a grocer

Arpinum: Finish the courthouse, begin a library, and if time allows a university

Pisae: Finish the market, build a harbor, build a grocer

Marseilles: Continue on observatory, if time allows start a market

Cities in revolt are left to your discretion

Worker Orders
These orders apply to the two stacks of workers near Pisae
Irrigate these tiles, as the top priority

Spoiler :

Also mine the coal near Marseilles, and replace the windmill SW of Arpinum with a mine.

When railroad finishes and other tasks are complete build a railroad up the line of hills on the west coast from Marseilles to Arpinum.
These orders apply to all other workers

There are two workers currently outside of Cumae, when they finish what they are doing build a cottage on the remaining grassland tile near Cumae, and begin building lumbermills on the available forests
I'm terribly sorry to inform that I won't be able to host a GPIT this afternoon. Real life prevent me from being near a PC this afternoon. My next best offer is to host an online GPIT this wedensday (september 26th) at 1200 GMT.

I want to stress that I couldn't have informed you earlier about this.
No problem for me, those things happen. I came to the thread to apologize for not having posted instructions because I went to bed thinking it was scheduled for noon my time instead of GMT. :blush:
Foreign Affairs:
Refuse all demands.

DP may make trades which are in our favor that don't give away monopoly techs.

Revolution after Railroads, to these changes. Other civics stay the same.
Free Speech
Free Religion

If anyone declares war on us.
If any new boats with settlers appear on our shores.
So where is the future naval city to the west? I haven't got time to read up on the forums so I hope I can get a clearer instruction before the TC starts.
The GPIT has started.
1820 AD Endsave
GPIT log

This was my last online session. From now on I will only host offline sessions, due to the fact that I've been talking to myself today too. Interested people are welcome to visit such offline sessions in The Hague though. Coffee, beer or other beverages will be served.


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lol, well, I guess the time you're usually playing at is in the middle of the night for people in the US, and in the middle of the working day for people in Europe.
When we had 50 people in the game it was easier to have others online. For me it was 5am and I don't usually get up till 7:30. When I play before bed at 10pm my time it's 5-7am for Europe.
Monte's at war with Huayna by the way. Interesting
we can get gems from tokugawa and deer from huayna
We can but then we have to offer luxuries to them. I personally don't want them to get too happy. Healthy is fine, happy isn't.
I have a generally instruction, if we build wealth in a city, please then change the specialists from engineer etc to merchant or scientist.
lol, well, I guess the time you're usually playing at is in the middle of the night for people in the US, and in the middle of the working day for people in Europe.

8:00am is when those of us in the east coast are just leaving for work. For others, it's early morning.

Back in the day :old: , we had turnchats at 6-7pm EDT. Many of the players were form the US, too.
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