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Graphical distortion


Jun 8, 2008
Washington, DC
The DX9 version runs fine, but with the DX10/11 version (which says "recommended") I get weird graphical distortions.

Spoiler :

I am running Vista (Sp2 I think) with a Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT.

Any solutions?
I get this exact same issue.
Vista 32, Directx11, Nvidia 8800 GT

The game works fine in Directx9 for me, but it should work in Directx11 IMO.
I tried updating graphics drivers and fiddling with a bunch of the graphics settings to no avail.

I have this issue also -- everything is fine on DX9, but when I play on DX11, the land textures are all messed up. Vista 64, 2 NVIDIA GT260s in SLI mode.
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