[BNW] Graphics are corrupt, Can't fix it.


Oct 25, 2017
Lately i have gotten an issue with Civilization 5 that i never had before.
This happens in DirectX9 (more info on this bellow.)

I did Not have this issue until around the start of the new year.
I was testing mods ect so there was a lot of starting and stopping and reloading.

yes i play with mods on, but this did not happen before when i played with those mods.
(and i have tested back and forth to see if one of the mods is the cause but i cant find it.)

The issue:
The Graphic get corrupt or wont load correctly, instead there is a lot of gray tiles that wont continue loading the tiles, I also get tiles that flicker through a bunch of random tiles.
Sometimes the Mini map gets corrupt and weird things happening on it, like the Land on the mini map disappearing, or black lines moving across it.
I can play fine for a few turns, then it happens and gets unplayable.
sometimes the game crashes just by moving near a loading tile.

Mini map corruption:

Spoiler :

UnModded i haven't played far enough to see if the glitch persists.
But the glitch happens with just 1 mod installed, before this i could play with tons of mods and not have this issue.
I don't think its the mods themselves because the issue happens even with mods that were unaffected before.
It seams more that it happens just because there's to much "stuff" in the game for it to handle.

(Edit: I'm having a hard time replicating the Mini map corruption, its very random, Some games are fine, other games it happens, and the severity of the glitch also variates.
It makes it impossible to play, since its like playing Russian roulette every time you want to play a game.
I just cant find the reason or mod that causes it, every time i think i'm onto something the glitch changes...
The mini map glitch does save, And will still be there every time you reload the game.)

Some notes:
-The PC is brand New, i bought it the month before Christmas. (more info bellow.)
-my Old PC could run ALL these mods fine with out this glitch (sure it had to run most things on LOW, but it never had THIS issue.)
-Yes i DO play on HUGE maps with MAX City states and 22 civs, But my OLD pc could handle that, so why not this one that's newer?
-I have Reinstalled the game.
-I have Validated the game files.
-I have Deleted cache.
-Nvidia Drivers are up to date.
-Direct X is up to date.
-Windows update is up to date.
-The Graphics card Temperature when running the game is lower than what my old pc was when it was IDLE.

System info:
Spoiler :
System Information
      Time of this report: 1/22/2018, 19:10:00
         Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 16299) (16299.rs3_release.170928-1534)
                 Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
      System Manufacturer: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.
             System Model: G11CD
                     BIOS: 0802
                Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.4GHz
                   Memory: 16384MB RAM
      Available OS Memory: 16314MB RAM
                Page File: 5896MB used, 12848MB available
              Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
          DirectX Version: DirectX 12
      DX Setup Parameters: Not found
         User DPI Setting: 119 DPI (123 percent)
       System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
          DWM DPI Scaling: Enabled
                 Miracast: Available, with HDCP
Microsoft Graphics Hybrid: Not Supported
           DxDiag Version: 10.00.16299.0015 64bit Unicode
           Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
        Manufacturer: NVIDIA
           Chip type: GeForce GTX 1080
            DAC type: Integrated RAMDAC
         Device Type: Full Device
 Device Problem Code: No Problem
 Driver Problem Code: Unknown
      Display Memory: 16235 MB
    Dedicated Memory: 8079 MB
       Shared Memory: 8156 MB
        Current Mode: 1920 x 1080 (32 bit) (60Hz)
         HDR Support: Not Supported
    Display Topology: Internal
 Display Color Space: DXGI_COLOR_SPACE_RGB_FULL_G22_NONE_P709
     Color Primaries: Red(0.650891,0.337414), Green(0.295422,0.605969), Blue(0.147961,0.075695), White Point(0.313000,0.329602)
   Display Luminance: Min Luminance = 0.500000, Max Luminance = 270.000000, MaxFullFrameLuminance = 270.000000
        Monitor Name: Generic PnP Monitor
       Monitor Model: SMBX2335
          Monitor Id: SAM0956
         Native Mode: 1920 x 1080(p) (60.000Hz)
         Output Type: DVI
Monitor Advanced Color Capabilities: None
         Driver Name: C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvaki.inf_amd64_055e1dc5d54d6d02\nvldumdx.dll,C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvaki.inf_amd64_055e1dc5d54d6d02\nvldumdx.dll,C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvaki.inf_amd64_055e1dc5d54d6d02\nvldumdx.dll,C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvaki.inf_amd64_055e1dc5d54d6d02\nvldumdx.dll
 Driver File Version: 23.21.0013.9065 (English)
      Driver Version:
         DDI Version: 12
      Feature Levels: 12_1,12_0,11_1,11_0,10_1,10_0,9_3,9_2,9_1
        Driver Model: WDDM 2.3
 Graphics Preemption: Pixel
  Compute Preemption: Dispatch
            Miracast: Not Supported by Graphics driver
 Hybrid Graphics GPU: Not Supported
      Power P-states: Not Supported
   Driver Attributes: Final Retail
    Driver Date/Size: 1/3/2018 1:00:00 AM, 931400 bytes
         WHQL Logo'd: Yes
     WHQL Date Stamp: Unknown

This issue does NOT happen in DirectX10/11 mode.
You might ask, "why don't i just play in that mode then?"

Well, i get another issue in DirectX10/11 mode:

In DX10/11 the tiles wont load correctly, sometimes roads & farms wont show up.
some tiles will load HALF normal graphics and half blurry graphics (no gray tiles though)
The tiles do show up after a while if i zoom back and forth and scroll around the map, But i have to do this a lot in order to get them to appear, and it really ruins the experience if i have to scroll across the whole map for 5 minutes every time i build a farm or something.
the tiles are just unresponsive.

And since the tiles just wont load correctly, i always chosed to play in DX9 where tiles DO load correctly, (or did until this issue.)

Spoiler :

And the tiles Stay like this for a very very long time.
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Oct 25, 2017
Here is a picture of the corruption:
Spoiler :

The gray tiles refuse to load, and Notice the LINE across the map, that line flickers around when i move around.


Jan 4, 2018
yes i play with mods on, but this did not happen before when i played with those mods.
(and i have tested back and forth to see if one of the mods is the cause but i cant find it.)
I'm sure it's because of the mods because I myself was experiencing this myself. It sounds like an out of memory issue. What is your list of mods?
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