[GRAPHICS] Founding Fathers Screens improvement


Sep 26, 2010
I have been considering some changes in the FF screen since it really needs some improvement, it is not clear at all what FF will be the next, how many points you need, etc.

For me clear is Tech Screen in Civ 4, and obviously FF screens are far from that concept... useful means you get all with just a look, some Col Screens fail at that point.

So I have been reading more threads and here is the idea I like most. Note there are also some other things that can be improved. This is just a new screen which fulfill all the negative aspects of the other screens. We could simply improve the actual screens... so these are only very basic ideas.

Anyway, here it is:


I don't like the current FF screen because I keep failing to retain overview of what's going on with all these different points, and the horizontal scrolling along with the huge heads doesn't help much. I'd love to have an overview screen, summarizing all five point bars and focussing on information, not big heads.

Let's start with the obvious: there are all five bars on one screen, scaled down in x direction so no scrolling is necessary. They are filled according to the points already obtained and contain a brighter colored area that indicates the increase for the next round. Obviously, this only works for predictable points that are built in a city, but that's better than nothing. Along the bars there are the numbers required for founding fathers, which might have a small emblem next to them if they are already taken (the red/blue squared in the image).

When hovering over any of these numbers (my example "screenshot" hovers over the religion 600 guy), the lower left area shows the information about the respective FF, just what you see on the detail screens. The overview section to the right indicates the cost (the red numbers) and the hypothetical new point value for the next round (if any are < 0, the FF is not obtainable). As a bonus, a line could be drawn at the political point bar when hovering over any FF that's not political based, giving a better visual feedback of how many points are missing.

Not so much, I'm currently working in the DLL optimization and some animations. Just the graphics for ex.

I plan to do this after the next release.
There are currently some aspects which require more attention right now.
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