GRAPHICS: JFK Animated Leaderhead


Dec 19, 2001
This modification replaces Abraham Lincoln with John F. Kennedy as the leader of America. Only the PCX and FLC files have been changed. If you desire to use this modification, you will have to edit the civ3mod.bic yourself to change the American leader's name to John F. Kennedy. The facial expression changes are very subtle, but are accurate reflections of the leader's mood. I also opted to not make modifications to the images to represent the four different time periods in the game (this will come later if I become more motivated).

Please back up your files before using this. If you blow up your machine after installing this, don't blame me (as you were advised to back up your files). To use, simply extract and copy the contents of the archived folders into the corresponding folders in the Civilization III\Art directory (i.e. Kennedy\Advisors\AB_all.pcx to ...\Civilization III\Art\Advisors) and say "Yes" to overwrite the existing files.




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can someone just upload this into a zip, and make it easier for the world (mainly me)
Moderator Action: This is not the place to discuss the qualities of compression programs. Ace, Rar, and Zip are all good programs in their own ways. Zip is the most commonly used, but I will not insist that anyone be forced to use it. (Ace is even one of the "known" file types on the file server. ;) )
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