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Graphics Work in Progress

Henrik, I'll think about what to do about those jungles.

In the meantime, here's some mountains. (same base filler as the hills/highlands)


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Here's my demo comp-


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Good artwork!!!!:)

I'm trying to recreate feudal duchies and/or abbeys for my War for Austrian Succession scenario, so i sacrificed standard tundra and glacier... messeri, W.A.S. Terrain1.gif.


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Henrik, about those mountains. I made them to fit better in with the highland hills, so I think you will get a good result if you mix them a little in the andes, and perhaps add in a few snowcapped ones. I've made some snowcapped mountains for special cases (I use them as barb units too).

Also you can manipulate a little with the last terrain square, to get a more flat look. The important thing is that you still cover the "greens" of the 2-3 squares behind the central square, if you use this idea. But you should be able to make it considerably more 'flat' if you wish, by lightening up the dark shades a bit. Alternatively, make the central square totally flat, and grey out the ones behind it.

BTW, I've made a new set of jungles. But I'm not sure I'm totally satisfied with it yet. The 'blocky' thing then comes primarily from the base sqare, which can then be changed, if one wishes.

Prometeus : looking good so far. I notice you've been looking deep in the civ3 art folders too. ;) I made an abbey terrain square once, but was not completely satisfied with it. Can you post a map shot with your terrains on it, along with the city graphics etc?
Wow! :eek:
Actually, I keep tweaking the appearance of those grapx, so here's another version of the rain forest, less 'carpeted'. I guess it is a matter of taste, really, if you like the units walking around 'on top' of the jungle like in an aerial shot, or 'between the trees'. I think I still prefer the latter.

BTW, do you need some exotic south american animals, Henrik, for your scen?


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Well Morten,

I'd really like to see some lighter versions of the Jungle since I am working on something that I truly need some "jungle variety".

And Prom, and anyone else who might have some good unique graphics for Vietnam or Asian facilities, cities, towns, animals, terrain, icons, etc. I am interested. Full credit to artists will of course be given. I prefer some new art and previously unused in any other scenario but any is helpful so by all means send it to me.

As usual, I'm always working on a million things...but hopefully I can tell you guys what this one is in about a month ;)


Hey Prom!

That's good stuff...I like the farms as a goody hut idea...You know I was thinking...do you have any other animals though?

And having lighter terrains is just so that I can a variety of them...not all of them light...

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