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Great Library

My normal strategy depends on the Great Library. Therefore, I've gotten pretty good at building it.

Industrious civs start with masonry, allowing you to "store" shields by starting on the Pyramids long before you have literature, and switching later on.

Being Industrious isn't essential, however. Usually by the time I'm ready to start Wonder building (normally after my capitol has built the intial exploring warriors, 3 settlers, and a temple), the AI is willing to sell me masonry for a reasonable amount of gold. I good tip on when to start pre-building the G.Library is when you start seeing the popup messages "The so-and-so's have begun building the Pyramids."

I play Normal Maps/Continents/8 civs/Monarch.

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Commercial civ is a good one for getting the Great Library because you start with Alphabet. Now add on Industrious (for the fast workers improving the wonder building city) and you see the French are a good choice for the GL.

your quote from matt johnson - is that the one and only The The? i bought soul mining when it came out, and i still play it now 20 years later.

or maybe i've got the wrong matt johnson and you have no idea what i'm babbling on about :crazyeyes

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