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Great People as Governors

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Josephias, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Josephias

    Josephias Emperor

    May 8, 2007
    Wanted to put this idea up before the GS civ with an Unique Governor shows up. As it might be either the Ottomans (whith Mimar Sinan) and Sweden (whith Oxenstierna) are firm candidates, and Sweden seems coming next week (if we figure how to build it, that's it), this means it had to be posted today or tomorrow.

    When thinking about a potential, named, Real-Life unique governor, it come to my mind the questions: ¿why not others?. ¿And why not use the mechanic already present in the game for remarkable men and women - this is, the Great People recruiting?.

    The idea is easy: you start with the generic set of governors (Magnus, Amani, Liang, & the rest of the gang), but certain (or all, to be checked) Great People could have its ability changed (or an extra "retirement" ability), allowing to replace them.

    A GP promoted to governor would show up in your governor's screen with its unique caricature (ehem, portrait), and either a full skill tree of its own or (probably the most simple option), the same skill tree of the governor it replaces, with some of its abilities changed or enhanced. If you hadn't that governor active by the time, it would be come online. If you had the governor active, the GP-governor Will start already with all the titles the replaced governor had, +1 free governor title to be assigned.

    From that moment on, you will have a governor unique to your civ, showing in your city bars, that anyone in that game can copy, and you will be benefiting from the additional perks it provides.

    Some examples:

    Great Merchants (likely to replace Reyna or Amani)

    Marcus Licinius Crassus - Replaces Reyna - Land Acquisition improved. Besides its normal effect, city gains +0,5 gold for each owned tile.

    Irene of Athens - Replaces Reyna - Foreign Exchange is replaced by the ability to "copy" the luxury resources present in the begining/end of a route that passes trough the city (or starts/ends in it) it you had not them already. Additional "copies" grant +1 gold.

    Giovanni de' Medici- Replaces Reyna (R&F example) - Along its normal effect, Curator Will allow you to Generate Great Artist Points out of the Market and Bank in the city. If the Bank has two work of art slots (as per "active" ability of GdM), it can be themed.

    Marco Polo - Replaces Amani - Messenger modified as following: if you are in a City State, gain 1 envoy for each of the trade routes you have with it. If you are in one of your cities, gain 1 envoy in each City State this city has a trade route with.

    Sarah Breedlove - Replaces Amani - Promoter also provides +1 Amenity to cities in 9-tile range.

    Great Scientists (likely to replace Pingala, with some others)

    Hypatia - Replaces Pingala - Grants can be achieved without pre-requisites, and provides an additional +50% GPP to writers and scientists (150% for these GP, 100% for the others).

    Hildegard of Bingen - Replaces Moskha - Once Laying On Of Hands title is achieved, gain science equal to the faith adjacency bonus for the holy site of the city where the governor is.

    Great Engineers (likely to replace Liang or Magnus, albeit some exceptions below)

    Gustave Eiffel - Replaces Amani - Emissary and Prestige provide +1 additional loyalty pressure for each wonder in the city.

    you get the idea... It's late here, so I leave you the fun to get some others ;)
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