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[GS] Great Person Request: Karl Marx

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Requests & Ideas' started by Mani2, May 8, 2020.

  1. Mani2

    Mani2 Chieftain

    May 8, 2020
    I had an idea for a great person but I've never modded before and I don't know how to make my idea. I'm down to make my idea but I don't even know where to start, if someone else wants to work on it, then it would be cool too.

    I was inspired by Sukitrakt's Robespierre mod and I had the idea of creating an industrial era Great Person: Karl Marx
    Even though he was not this is real life, I want him to be a great engineer. The reason is is that Industrial Zones get you great engineer points and Marx was an Industrial Era philosopher concerned with the 19th Century working-class. I feel that in-game this flavor makes sense that if you have a bunch of factories, then Marx is more likely to come to your civilization.

    Functionally though, I would like him to act more like a Great Writer in that he gives you Great Works of Writing. I think he should only be able to activate on an Industrial Zone with a Factory and he should create two Great Works slots for writings in the factory. Unlike other Great Works of Writing, I don't want these Great Works of Writing to give you tourism bonuses, I think there is some really fun stuff that can happen surrounding these given the flavor of the historical figure.

    Karl Marx should create two Great Works of Writing:
    The Communist Manifesto
    Das Kapital

    For the Communist Manifesto I think there are some interesting flavors that can happen with it. I think as soon as Marx writes the Communist Manifesto it should give you the boost for Class Struggle but bigger than the one you get for three factories, and for all cities for all civilizations in the game it should instantly give them -70 loyalty. Then the Communist Manifesto should have a passive ability that it give -5 loyalty per turn to all cities within 30 tiles whose government type isn't Communism or Tier 4 Government (maybe it can also give additional negative loyalty to cities with an industrial zone and stack negative loyalty for each building in the industrial zone for civs who aren't using communism or tier 4 government. Maybe the penalties get cut in half for the other tier 3 govs). If your civilization has Communism (or tier 4) as its government, then it should give you tourism (more than the typical Great Work of Writing). I think it could be fun (and quite the troll move) to have the game erupt into revolution on the publication of this text, which is what happened in Europe after the real Communist Manifesto was published.

    The text for the Manifesto when it it is published should say: "The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have world to win. WORKERS OF ALL LANDS UNITE!"

    Das Kapital should provide a production bonus to all Commercial Hubs equal to half of their gold output within 9 tiles of the Industrial Zone it is housed in and tourism if your government type is Communism. When it is published, its quote should be "Let us imagine, for a change, an association of free men working with the means of production held in common."

    Is this mod doable? I think it would be really fun

    Is this kind of mod doable? I think it would be fun!
    Last edited: May 8, 2020
  2. Naeshar

    Naeshar Warlord

    Oct 22, 2016
    I just checked on these Ideas forum yesterday, searching for an idea, and thought about this a little.

    I will try to describe based on my little knowledge and research:
    1) Its a good idea to have him be GE. Probably possible to have both an ability and create great works. I dont know of any special second boosts, why not have just the default one?
    2) The Communist Manifesto isnt really an artistic work, but rather a philosophic pamphlet. I would let it be a special great work class and have a special great work slot.
    3) The Capital on the other hand could be simply inserted into a Great Writing slot.

    Problems in detail:
    1) The ability would be very much like Medici, building buildings and adding great work slots. Simple.
    2) The loyalty malus could be inspired by the circus and bread project, which gives a burst of pressure. However single time pressure often fails to achieve anything. The permanent effect could be added to all cities like beliefs are, but I cannot find a reference effect. Perhaps change it to negative amenities, since that represents unhappiness and can result in riots, but not revolting cities... Not sure how it can be connected to government (since nothing else in game is), but if it was possible, then a condition of Communism would be amazing.
    3) The yields and tourism are great work-specific, so they can be set to 0, but not sure if conditionally, based on government.
    4) The texts are prime choice. Definitely taking them.

    The testing will be a tough nut for me :-D.

    But it is definitely doable and fun!
    Ill try soon (TM).
  3. Naeshar

    Naeshar Warlord

    Oct 22, 2016
    Hi again @Mani2 , I finished the works! Happy comrades rejoice!

    I had to adjust the properties a little to what is possible in the game, but the result is quite good.
    The mod:
    *Adds Karl Marx as Great Engineer producing two works of writing;
    *The Communist Manifesto as book without tourism
    *The Capital as ordinary book with gold yield
    *Gives a modifier on getting Marx to all players causing revolts (-5 Amenities) in cities with an Industrial Zone
    *Adjusts Communism government to grant additional Amenities to Workshops and Factories to counter the revolution
    *Removes Ada Lovelace

    Some of the issues I had:
    It doesnt seem to be possible to have a great person have both active effect and works of art. I had to get rid of the Factory great work slot idea.
    Amenities are good for base game compatibility, unlike Loyalty. Loyalty could have a lesser effect, causing cities to break out, not just rebel. Now the yields are reduced unless you yield and become Communist.
    I cant limit the effect added to Communism to Marx presence in the game.
    Great Works can only have base yields or tourism, as set in the game tables and cannot have any modifier attached. They are really only a rudimentary system.

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