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Nov 21, 2003
This thread is intended to help come up with some patch ideas for the Firaxis folks who read this forum, since the suggestions forum is currently down.
Here are a few to start it off. Some are my own and some I got from reading other posts...

1. Cultural Flip Shouldn't Convert Units to the Enemy.

Problem: This is one of the more silly and frustrating parts of CIV3. You need to put your military units in a city to prevent a cultural flip but then you risk losing all those military units if it does flip. Its like gambling, but without the fun.

Suggestion: When a Cultural Flip occurs, all occupying military units should be EJECTED from the city and placed on the border or nearest city. They should all be significantly damaged. Artillery/Cannons should remain in city or have a 40-60% chance of ejection or go over to the other side. If this is implemented you can also make cultural Flips more likely, knowing that it won't kill the civ that gets ejected.
This solves the problem by making it difficult to hold cities, but not exorbitantly punitive if you fail. It justs makes sense. I can see an army getting run out of town, but not flipping to the other side.
Firaxis should be able to get this done since they have managed to implement the ejection of units from another civ's territory just fine.

2. Tech Trading AIs run away with game.

Problem: At high levels the AI can get a lead in Technology and keep it for the entire game due to their now excessive use of Tech trading. While it is fun to be challenged, when 7 other civs (all more powerful than you) start to team up, it gets ridiculous. Its made all the more frustrating by the fact that they don't offer trades to you! This means you always have to check each and every civ each turn to see if they have a new tech to trade if you want to stay in the pack... tiresome.

Suggestion: I think a Civilization that has JUST ACQUIRED a technology should NOT be able to trade it right away. There should be a 5-10 round "acquisition period". After all, they need to learn it fully before they can teach it. This will prevent the cascading of technology that tends to allow the AI to run-away with the game on higher levels.
Also, I think the human player needs to have the option of being informed whenever an AI gets a new TECH. That way we will know to trade if we want to, and we won't have to keep checking with each civ individually each turn.

3. SGLs only go to the tech leaders, who don't need it.

Problem: Getting an SGL is only possible if you are on the crest of technology, but if you are in that position you don't really need an SGL. You need the SGL when you are behind! Those of us who want a challenge tend to play at a level (Demi-God and up) where you are going to be behind in tech most of the game. I have no real incentive to choose a scientific civ, since one of their chief benefits will not help me.

Suggestion: Every Technological discovery should have a chance of giving an SGL. If you are the first to research a technology you should get twice the chance of getting an SGL. If you trade or steal technology then no chance of an SGL.
This encourages research and will help those who are behind catch up. It also punishes those who trade to get a Tech since they will have no chance of getting an SGL for that Tech and so this creates BALANCE. Civilizations that don't do their own research won't get any SGLs. If you do the research, but are behind in tech, you have some chance, but less than those who spent more money. Maybe the chance of getting an SGL could be tied directly to the amount of money spent on the technology?
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