Greece, the test of time


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Sep 6, 2007

As I play in diety, I realize that so many stories can be written like this, a greek tale of survival. Note that this game is played on diety. A nice level with lots of thrills in your empire including barbarian attacks. The greeks hosted intelligent persons including aristotle but.......... will it stand the test of time? Will it's glory will be revived? Find out in "Greece, the test of time'.

I didn't set this game to custom because computer generated choices are much better if you want the thrill. Okay, I'll provide save files now and then but don't blow up the surprise!

Many people aren't as brave as those who play in diety. As far as I can tell you, barbarians will attack greece every now and then. So this begins......

"Mother?" Pericles shouted.

"Son, is that you.......... they are coming............ run now..........." she whispered.

"Who did this mom?" Pericles angrily whispered.

"Your......... f-......... ahhhh........" with that last words, she died. Pericles wiped the tears in his eyes and prodly shouted "Mom, I'll avenge you!"

He sob for days, praying to their god, Zeus, as paganism was widespread in their country.

"Why god....... Why? Give me an answer........" Pericles sobs at the altar in their house.

"Because you are the chosen one, Pericles." A voice replied to him. "Accompany me to the sacred mountain and there, you'll get your answer." an old man said and suddenly, he dissapeared.

Pericles was puzzled. He didn't believed what he himself saw. Sitting on his wooden chair, he , thinks if he should follow the old man or stay there.

He choose to go. Bringing a pack of cooked nuts and and a leather sack full of water, he journeyed to the sacred mountains alone.

At last, he reached it.

There he encountered the old man with a smile on his face.

"At last prodigy, you came to me. As a reward for this, let me give you the divine power of immortality. Face the sun, my boy and it will bestow to you your power." he happy said.

After he followed the instructions of the old man, a light came from the sun path towards his body. A knifelike pain creep into his body. As this pain slowly pass by, he was now immortal.

"Thank you, gods, for giving me this." he said smiling.

"Now go son, carve your destiny in the known." the old man said waving as he ran away.

He returned home only to find out that his father was assasinated by their neighbor, Alexander. He angrily entered his house and shouted "I hate you! You Alexander!!!!" and thus, in the game's history, recorded this famous shout as "the rise of Pericles".

He ran far away from his home even ending up in the forests seeking solitude for the tragic memories he still remember. He talk to squirrels and ants sharing his opinions and crying in front of them. Can someone still understand him?

Suddenly the old man appeared again and scolded him. "Don't sob like a girl! The road to success is hard to traverse. Many dangers lurk at your sides. Beware of your close friends." the old man again dissapeared.

He ran home to his town and noticed a protest in the townsquare.

"People of Greece! We shouldn't tolerate our despot so he can only follow his dreams. Think about yourselves! Are you slaves or free people? You are free. Now I ask you to rise in arms! For our democracy!" Alexander shouted.

Pericles was offended by what he said. He shouted "Hey idiot! Shut up and go down the stage. You mother******! You killed my father! Who are you to stand there and shout about democracy?"

The crowd was stunned. He take a leave at the townsquare.
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