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  1. civoholic

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    Jul 2, 2008
    Hey, its Civo here, and im doing another review, this time of the greeks

    Now, this civ is the definition of ''turtling''. This civ is great in free for alls because of there starting bonus of democracy
    This bonus is a double whammy, 2 bonuses in 1
    1. 50% science and gold, very good bonus, but defininatly isn't as good as #2
    2. pikeman, its like getting knights at the start, its HUGE, once you make that pikeman army, you probubly won't have to worry about defence for a long time, so they can work to get the technologies to make them powerful
    another reason there really sneaky in MP

    next bonus is the free courthouse, which doesn't matter early in the game, but matters alot a little later, good for micromanagers

    next bonus, more great people, i'm not exactly sure what that means, but i think it lowers the amount of culture points you need to get a great person, it makes this civ less 1 dimensional

    1/2 cost libraries is next, worst bonus, it's too late in the game, i think if it were 1/2 cost universities, it would be alot better

    last one, it very good for technology, +1 food from sea regions, really will help your island cities that are surrounded by water

    At first, i didn't like this civ, but it's not that bad, its a good civ. You have to stop them from getting too far ahead in technology, maybe camp in their resources

    Strategy: turtle, be under the radar, technology

    rating: 8 out of 10
  2. pileofnuts

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    Jun 22, 2008
    The free courthouse is pretty great. This allows you more freedom in where to place your capitol since you will surely get enough food, production, and trade regions wherever you place it. I would suggest moving the settler at least one square so that you might get a resource in the big cross.

    The courthouse will also allow you to better specialize the capital from the beginning since you will have access to more regions and probably can put all workers on one city asset type.

    The Greeks are also great for the one city achievement because of the free courthouse. Find a good spot with several resources and you will be able to stay ahead in tech for most if not the whole game.
  3. Chinese American

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    Aug 23, 2001
    Chinatown, USA
    They're not that good for OCC. You really need special resources--preferably more than one; still you need the right techs to take advantage of them. Pikeman cost too much for early defense. Their other traits are underwhelming. For OCC I suggest Aztecs or Romans.

    I haven't played them in a regular game yet. But whenever I face the AI Greeks they're usually ahead in techs. Since they don't have any military trait, the obvious paths to victory are culture and tech.

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