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Green policy makers and dirty consumption

sidenote about toddlers, since you can't seem to unscrew this individualization of the structure from what's happening here. which is, again, the subject of the thread.
Thank you. But it's not can't, it's won't. Conservation is the term I think (nearly first) in, as I watch Americans sprawl and sterilize and destroy the "nothing/empty/unused" I value. If she isn't walking the walk with the bigass soapbox and far more abundant resources, she has nothing of value to offer my reading. She's still toddling. I might read a professor or something. At least they're just "subject matter experts" or whatnot and not (kindasorta) priests. Gotta remember, I'm the one that actually argues that the economy need to restructure to put people living and loving in the production areas, doing it, or they'll never value it enough to pay for it. (Around here)Only the hunters actually show up to reseed wetlands for birds to live in, and they shoot the suckers.

Thank you for the answer, btw. I like the conversation.
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I don't necessarily object to people taking an airplane so long as it's economical for everyone involved. Does this Theresa Scavenius person fly economy class or does she have her own jet? As someone else said, did she consider a train? Maybe she can look into that...

In the broader sense, I think little decisions we make will add up to big ones...I remember seeing a podcast with Neil Degrasse Tyson where one guest quite clearly said that individual choices won't affect climate change at all; only policy will change anything!! Now I found that to be very disconcerting. If people don't adopt the same attitude themselves that they would like from their leaders, then change (as far as climate changes goes) won't happen. Even if it means eating less meat, driving less, recycling more, etc. If you're going to say none of this matters then you're not creating in people the incentive to develop good moral character overall.
Does this Theresa Scavenius person ... have her own jet?
This is what it comes down to for me. If she chartered a private plane, then sure, call out the hypocrisy. But if she just hopped on a plane that was going where she wanted to go regardless of her presence on it, then... meh. Her not buying a ticket wouldn't have stopped the plane from flying. May as well hitch a ride.
to clear that out, no, she does not have her own jet. she couldn't get one if she wanted, she doesn't have that kind of money.

she flies with the presently available airlines, and the vast majority of them have been work activity for her university, under directive from her employer. i'm not sure if it's called business trips if it's done through her employer when her employer is a university. but yea,
Business trips are getting a pass because oil executives do it, if I follow right, rite?
she just got contacted by a reporter over her usage of cabs.

so yea it's not about plane use, it's about identifying any form of hypocrisy for the sake of dismissal; then that way, nothing can change
Well, and runkick ball players get asked about politics. There is always a bridge too far(but Americans do get crap about their cars, and it's not like there are cabs here(so how far should I discount that one(she's important and not a schlub, right?))). I'm less concerned about random reporter and more concerned about you.
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